Customer Reviews: Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!
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on May 15, 2000
The board book verisions of Dr. Suess and other books from the beginning reader series are terrible abridged and watered down versions of the originals. Most of the fun of the rhymes is lost. They even changed some of the letters completely (including the pictures.) With as many as four letters of the alphabet crowded on a single page, it is too much and too detailed for an infant or toddler to focus on. Get the original and don't worry about a few ripped pages.
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on May 18, 2004
The original book is great, but this edition has been butchered beyond belief. All the original pictures have been preserved, but the text has been chopped up to fit into the size limits of the format. For example, P: "Painting Pink Pajamas, Policeman in a a Pail. Peter Pepper's puppy. And now Papa's in the pail." becomes "Painting some pajamas pink. P...p...P." Spend the money and get the full-sized version.
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Dr. Seuss takes his wild imagination and fun and turns it into one of the better alphabet books for kids. Every letter includes several appropriate items. They can range from the ordinary, left leg for "L", to the humorous. My family can still tell you exactly what begins with "Q", and we haven't reread this book in at least 15 years.
Parents tired of the standard "A" is for apple, "B" if for ball book will find a breath of fresh air here, too. They'll be laughing at some of the sentences and enjoying the meter used throughout.
This book bills itself as an "I Can Read" book. I hesitate slightly only because Dr. Seuss does throw a few of his trademark unusual characters into the mix. A parent will need to be close by to help their child sound out the harder words.
Dr. Seuss was a master at making picture books fun for all ages. This is a classic example parents will enjoy reading time and time again, even if their kids ask for it every night.
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on April 25, 2000
Actually, I did buy it, and was APPALLED by how horribly abridged it is. All the letters of the alphabet are rewritten into uniform, mind deadening rhythm, totally spoiling the charming surprises of the original. Buy the paper edition- maybe your kid will rip it up, but at least it's money well spent.
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on May 22, 2002
Welcome to the wonderful world of whimsical, wacky writing, and crazy, colorful caricatures - "Big Q, little q what begins with Q? The quick Queen of Quincy and her quacking quacker-oo." An excellent educational tool, "Dr. Seuss's ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book!" is an inspired introduction to the alphabet, both upper and lowercase letters, and also reinforces letter sounds through alliteration. The text, format, and images have been adapted to accommodate board book standards; yet, the phrasing and prose, in this particular volume still flow. See the following excerpts:
The original -
"BIG V, little v
Vera Violet Vinn
Is very, very, very awful on her violin."
Revised edition -
"BIG V, little v, what begins with V?
Verna Vera Vin and her violet violin."
I am flabbergasted by the lack of enthusiasm for the revised board book editions of Dr. Seuss's (and others) "Beginner Books" published by Random House. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to offer my infant son a CLASSIC narrative, by means of a board book, even in its ADAPTED form. These magical miniatures are delightfully entertaining for little babies, who enjoy the positive interaction of cooperative play through reading. The objectives of these small books are to appeal to newborns, and very young children with short attention spans who are not attentive enough for the full text versions, they are NOT meant to replace the originals. Moreover, these pocketsize gems are fashioned for effortless travel to the market, on a plane, in the car, or on a train. Hee, hee.
I own most of Dr. Seuss's first editions, in addition to a few of the board book volumes, and agree that the original "Beginner Books" are just that - ORIGINAL. They are more amusing, entertaining, and educational, but are in fact more appropriate for older children, 4 years and older. I believe introducing infants to creative works, such as these, only encourages listening and learning from an earlier age. In summary, if your child is three or older purchase an original version, otherwise think of introducing your infant to the shorter, travel-anywhere format, and procure the original at a later date. The marvelous, magical magician, who was Dr. Seuss is worth it! Birth and up.
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on October 18, 1999
My daughter has had this book since she was 6 months old (she's 15 months old now) and it is her favorite book, I have read it so many times that I have it memorized. She brings it to me to read at least 3 times a day. Her copy got so worn from all the hugs and taking it everywhere with her that I had to buy a new one. The longer version is great but board books are better when you have a small one.
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on October 24, 2004
My only complaint with this book is that it excludes much of the original story and therefore the rhymes in the board book version are awkward. My daughter learned to recognize her abc's (at least the capital ones) from this book by 18 months. Board books are great for babies, but little kids will handle paper books just fine, particularly if they love them. As a mom & a children's librarian, I just have to say how SAD I think it is that publishers are so desperate for a buck that they'd cut a marvelous story from a genius like SEUSS down - just to get us to buy 2 versions of it!
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on January 7, 2000
The board book is an abridged version of the original Dr. Seuss's ABC. The original is wonderful, my one-year-old's favorite book (and used to be one of mine), but the board book doesn't have the same great rhythm.
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Dr. Seuss's ABC Beginner Book is perhaps the best way I know to introduce your child to the alphabet. There's a lot of fun for young children in this book; the illustrations are wonderful and the use of the letters in making new words for children is excellent. It truly reflects well on Dr. Seuss that he wrote such a fine book for young child just beginning to learn how to read.

This book introduces young children to the alphabet by first showing them the letters of the alphabet in both upper case and lower case forms; and then (usually on the next page) the child sees a thing or a creature with a name that starts with the letter being introduced. This book also asks questions to make children think. For example, the book at one point asks "What begins with (the letter) B?" The answers in the book use as many words beginning with that letter as possible; and I think that's very good.

The book also encourages young children to go ahead and learn more with a sprinkling of pats on the back like "Hooray! Hooray!" This is a very good strategy.

The hardcover of the book is strong enough to resist any accidental damage your young child may want to do to it; and the quality of the paper is excellent.

Overall, Dr. Seuss's ABC is a fine book that remains one of the best ways for children to learn the alphabet even all these years later after it was first written and published. I highly recommend this book for children just beginning to learn the alphabet.
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on May 14, 2004
The original Seuss ABC is a lot of fun; good rhyme and meter. This one has been horribly hacked up to fit the board book format.
For example, the original entry for X is: "X is very useful if your name is Nixie Knox. It also comes in handy spelling ax and extra fox." Silly and bouncy. The board book version says: "X-ray and xylophone."
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