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on September 14, 2008
Season 7 takes place after the drool-worthy ending to the Cell games in which Gohan obliterates Cell with his one-handed Kamehameha wave.

Now a few years later Gohan is ready to start High School which means no more home school from Chi Chi.

However, directly before this Goku takes part in a filler martial arts tournament from beyond the grave and we get to see Frieza, King Cold, The Ginyu Force and even Cell again one more time. The final battle of the tournament is Goku (duh) vs. Pikkon under supervision of the Grand Kai. This part honestly has nothing to do with the overall plot of the series and was just a filler section before the next arc starts.

Back to Gohan (and the actual story). Gohan is on his way to school, sees a robbery, and transforms to a SSJ to beat his enemies in a flash.

Now the whole town is going on about the "Gold Fighter". So, in order to draw attention from his new superhero Gohan creates another superhero with a disguise so people won't know its him. He creates probably the most godawful yet super hilarious costume and character. He calls himself the "Great Saiyaman" and does little dances to intimidate the enemy.

If somebody who has never watched DBZ sees these episodes as their introduction into the series they probably would turn away immediately, but believe me this part is not THAT bad. I would honestly rather watch this part of the series 5 times in a row than sit through GT again.

Gohan goes to meet Videl, daughter of Hercule, at school and befriends her. She eventually discovers his true identity and in order to prevent blackmail Gohan teaches her how to fly. Goten and Trunks also achieve SSJ while training.

Season 7 might dwell into the World Martial Arts Tournament that takes place next, but probably not very far if it does. Basically mid way through the tournament is when the next Saga starts and we learn of the new deadly threat to the world. Majin Buu.

Season 7 is an essential part of the DBZ collection seeing as how it ties the end of the Cell Saga and beginning of the Buu saga together. The episodes may be most non-serious of the series, but they are there for a reason.

If you've been collecting from Season One be sure to pick up your copy when its released.
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on November 4, 2008
This isn't supposed to be released until next week as of my writing this but i stumbled across a copy that must have shipped early and made it to the shelves at my local walmart earlier tonight. I was one of the guys who grew into their adolescence watching this show and it filled the void that pokemon left when it became considered to juvenile after sixth grade.

This season contains the following 25 episodes:

195 Warriors of the Dead- Goku meets Grand Kai and runs into Cell & Frieza Again
196 Tournament Begins- Goku enters another world tournament
197 Water Fight- Other World Tournament plays out, quarter finals
198 Final Round- Other world tournament heats up, final round begins
200 Goku vs. Pikkon- Other world tournament ends, will Goku or Pikkon win
201 Gohan Goes to High School- 7 years after cell, Teen Gohan goes to high school
202 I Am Saiyaman- Gohan becomes a super hero
203 Gohan's First Date- Gohan is blackmailed into a date
204 Rescue Videl- Gohan must...rescue videl
205 Blackmail- Gohan is blackmailed into world tournament by Videl
206 I'll Fight Too!- Other Z fighters want in on world tournament
207 The Newest Super Saiyan- Trunks and Goten have secrets, Videl meets Chi-Chi
208 Take Flight, Videl- Gohan teaches Videl and Goten to fly
209 Gather for the Tournament- Everyone meets at the tournament, some old friends finally reunite
210 Camera Shy- Everyone is at tournament, prelims begin
211 The World Tournament- The world tournament junior division begins
212 Trunks .vs. Goten- World tournament juniors continue
213 Best of the Boys- Who will win Goten or Trunks?
214 Big Trouble, Little Trunks- Trunks fights Mr. Satan/Hercule, Goku is confronted by mystery men
215 Who Will Fight Who?- The important fighting order is decided, and manipulated
216 Forfeit of Piccolo- Everyone is stunned when Piccolo forfeits, what could be his reason?
217 A Dark and Secret Power- Videl fights a man stronger than expected
218 Videl is Crushed- Her opponent prolongs the match totorture Videl
219 Identities Revealed- Gohan takes the ring but blows his disguise
220 Energy Drain- Two mystery men have a surprise for Gohan which will lead us towards the Babadi, Majin Buu saga.

These episodes are mostly considered filler that lead into the final major villain of Dragon Ball Z and all the Majin Buu saga's. I however enjoy seeing Gohan just be Gohan for a bit before getting back into the action and the first few episodes are Goku entering a tournament in the after life which are at the least entertaining if not a repeat of what we've already seen. I remember liking how they take Videl's character from someone i didn't like at all and made her likeable as episodes went on with the interaction between she and Gohan, it reminds me of Dragon Ball's earlier episodes and Chi-Chi being reintroduced towards the end.

I personally enjoy these episodes but by far my favorite season will always be the cell games saga, maybe because of the time of my life they aired (i was the same age Gohan is at) or the subject's they covered and area's they ventured, they will always be my favorite and the sixth season set was the best out of all of them as far as the episodes go. it may be that after that season I began feeling too old for DBZ but I liked where that saga left off on a high point and in a good place.

However, I find the whole series enjoyable and these episodes are no different, actually I'm finding myself enjoying them now almost more than when they originally aired because the aniticipation that used to stay with me during episodes to see where they were going and when and what the next battle would be is gone now and i can actually pay attention to the slower parts focusing on other areas besides the fighting.

The box and set itself is the same as always with the booklet and obviously the controversial cropped image. The cropping doesn't bother me much and never has and after buying all the sets so far in I don't see a reason to buy them again without the cropping because for me it won't make that big a difference. I hope for some of you that it does matter that someday they release these in original format but they are more than good enough for me. Some shots you notice the cropping but admtittedly it does make others more cinematic or enhanced.

I always appreciate the preview of the next saga's on the last disc and hopefully the next season will come out as quickly as this one did so we can finish up this series and I can relive all my childhood memories before I get too old.
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I have to admit that I'm a bit biased towards the "Dragon Ball Z" anime series. I loved the series when it was first release in Japan and still passionate about it today.

The fact that FUNimation Entertainment releases these season box sets with plenty of episodes (25 in this box set) for under $30 is just awesome! Could you imagine that just several years ago, the series was released with only a few episodes per disc (and there are literally a few hundred episodes of DBZ) and were sold for under $20 at one time. So, the fact that you can watch all these episodes with digitally remastered video and revised audio is just great!

As for this box set, personally I enjoyed the Great Saiyaman arc. We watched little Gohan grow up and now he is a teenager and although he doesn't know it yet, he has met someone he cares about and willing to help her no matter what. The chemistry between Gohan and Bedil is just awesome and episodes just focusing on these two were just great.

Also, episodes featuring Goten and Trunks and seeing these two go against each other in the Junior Division of the World Tournament was fun to watch.

And of course, to see how everyone has changed. Especially Krillin who is now married to Android 18 and both have a daughter. Heck, Krillin now has hair!

But once you get to the third arc, you know that we are now heading towards the explosive final "Dragon Ball Z" villain arc of the coming of Majin Buu and with that being said, similar to the fifth season box set, season seven may leave people feeling cheated because there are only 25 episodes instead of the 30+ episodes.

In fact, discs 4-6 only contain three episodes each. Disappointing but at the same time, I understand why FUNimation had to do it, and that is to make sure that a TV season focuses on certain arcs. This season box set focuses on the Great Saiyaman but also the Underworld Martial Arts Tournament and the World Martial Arts Tournament.

It's easy to get spoiled since the first few seasons and even the last season, fans have been treated with more than 30 episodes. But still, considering how much these episodes were sold at one point and the fact is, you still get 25 episodes at under $30, that's still a great deal.

Also, if you are buying Season 7 of the the series, more than likely you have committed yourself in buying every season of "Dragon Ball Z".

All in all, another fun and enjoyable season of "Dragon Ball Z". Check it out!
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on December 31, 2015
Out of most of the Seasons in the Z arc this is one of the shorter ones. With 25 episodes Instead of thirty or so like the average DBZ season. But This box set is the Great Saiyman and the World Tournament sagas. So this is right after Cells defeat and features Goku's time in the other world tournament. Gohan's time as a "super hero", and the Strongest under the heavens tournament were Supreme Kai, and Kibito. This is one of the seasons that can be skipped but what fan would want to?

The Physical box set has some problems though. They no longer come with booklets to serve as a character/ Episode guide and that is a bummer. Also the thin plastic disc holders used can break easily. Over all I wish they had the booklet's still but its the best way to get the series.

Total run time is 565 minutes or 10.9 hours.

Also we see Videl for the first time and Vegeta punches his kid, so that's also worth mentioning.

A complete episode list is here

and a PDF of the season booklets are here on the DBZ official site.
They are labels as Season X insert at the bottom of the page.
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Issues with the widescreen? You bet. But they did a good job of not losing too much in chopping the top and bottom. Color palette is improved.

Great bonus though is the audio options:

Original Japanese w/ Japanese score
English dub w/ Japanese score
English dub w/ North American score

If you're a fan, this is one of the better versions available without having to pick up each individual DVD from the previous NA release. Until they release a completely true to original Blu-Ray, this is probably the best DBZ you're going to find.
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on January 27, 2016
There is a lot of filler episodes in this season, however it's still a lot of fun especially if you are already six seasons dedicated. If you're just getting into Dragon Ball Z, this is not the place to start. It's a nice little transition season between the Cell Games saga and the Babidi/Majin Buu sagas. The only thing that really irritated me is that this could definitely have been brought down to 4 discs, as the last 2 discs only have 3 episodes on each but for some reason or another (probably because Funimation wants to charge more) there are six discs. All of these season sets dont really have any sort of special features, unless you are interested in watching it in the original japanese.
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on July 6, 2014
It was certainly nice to have ALMOST a full season of calmness going on, though it's distantly the shortest season in the series.

As with all Funimation DBZ seasons, this is not good to watch in its English dub. Its voice actors seem very rushed and flaw-tolerant. I instinctively watched it in Japanese, but in curiosity, I switched it to English during Spopovitch's fight with Videl. I've never been more embarrassed while watching something, and by myself! Some anime yells and grunts are annoying, but I almost wet myself over Spopovitch's compulsive lack of yelling and surplus of through-teeth inhaling.

Aside the horrible sound or accuracy in the English dub, this is a great season to watch when you wanna see something involving latter Dragon Ball characters without harsh problems or action.

Some other reviews might say it's a great season to bond with the characters or something. Tryhards. There's hardly any of that. It's calm, but other than Videl, Gotten, and Trunks, you already have a full idea of everyone. In less than an episode, you figure all 3 of them out. The story moves on.

Another bother in the English dub is how different Gohan comes off. He doesn't seem at all like a shy, passive-unless-troubled kid trying to study. He seems more grown, confused, and overconfident. This carries on through the rest of Funimation's DBZ and DBGT dubs.

Still, this is easily one of the best Dragon Ball seasons. Leave the English dub alone, and you'll be fine.
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on March 3, 2016
This season is very funny, but short. The story takes place seven years after the events of the Cell Games, so it's pretty cool seeing how the different characters have changed during that time, and the new characters introduced are fun as well. Gohan as the Great Saiyaman is anime awkwardness at its finest. The end of this season leaves you very exited for the next one.
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on June 25, 2015
I bought this video series as a gift for my son for his birthday and christmas. He loves them and has enjoyed watching them. The packaging and quality are great and the playback is flawless. He is thrilled with them!
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on November 19, 2009
So DBZ is back and we flash forward in time seven years. Gohan is fully grown and off to high school handling problems a little different from fighting. There are two new additions to the DBZ gang in the hilarious tag team of Trunks and Goten and now that Cell is gone Mr. Satan hogs all the glory of being the greatest hero and saving the world.

This point of the DBZ series has possitives and negatives. The parts I like are the expansion of the Otherworld universe showing us that King Kai is not the only omnipitant being in the world beyond. In fact there are more powerful Kais that have even bigger roles to play in this story. Explaning the world of Dragon Ball Z outside of fighting is great to see because this show has a lot more to offer than just amazing fights. This season brings back the old comedic charm of Dragon Ball. The only negative I see is just the story once again grinds to a hault and it just moves so slow. So what do you do you bring back the World Martial Arts Tournament. Unfortunatly when the fighting is only for fun it just makes you crave another villian. Still, the interesting part is there is a villian among the heroes the question is who could it be?
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