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on October 17, 2013
The story read quick, full of intertwined storylines, and wonderful characters. I adored the cats, and dragons of course! The heroic little Tara, a tiny kitten with a big burden is one of my favorite characters. This tale shows the good and bad side to humanity as others may see it-something I like to see in my readings. Without giving this away, the author 's writing style is active, with no dragging in passive voice, and painted scenes with skill and beauty.
I look forward to book 2!
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on May 7, 2011
Big Dragons Don't Cry is a deeply moving portrayal of man's destructive attitude towards animals and nature which challenges our established notions of dealing with such issues. The author's greatest feat is to deliver this hard-hitting message without ever `preaching' to her reader. Instead, the author creates wonderful characters such as the water dragon Druid and the cat Tara, who form bonds of companionship that override prejudices and illuminate this story.

The author succeeds in interweaving several threads of plot; her deft handling of these different plots allows the story to conclude with a terrific climax. The combination of an important moral message with a swashbuckling sense of adventure reminds me of Avatar.

One of the book's greatest strengths is that it constantly grounds its humour and adventure with an important overriding message - which is one heck of a feat for any author to pull off. This allows the book to pull off its key emotional moments with dexterity and depth.

Read this book - you won't regret doing so.
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on February 3, 2013
Didn't really care for the story line. Felt that the dragon was not the main character and didn't feel that the characters were well-developed. Needed more background story to explain why people were like they were.
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on July 26, 2013
This story kept my interest as you never knew when the dragon was going to show up and how it was going to act. I liked the way everyone tried to say that the dragon was bad, but it turned out that it was just a baby.
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on July 2, 2011
Big Dragons Don't Cry is a delightful fantasy that offers imaginative characters--both human and animal--spectacular imagery, laugh-out-loud dialog, and a killer plot. It is also one fable where the lesson never overwhelms the story.

A few of my favorite characters include Druid, the water dragon, who has issues with his absentee parents; savvy cats that are reminiscent of all the cats that owned me; Phileas, the male lead, who is too smart for his own good; Serazina, the female lead, whose emotions touched my heart; and Malvern Snow, the malicious antagonist, who can best be described in the author's own words: "...Malvern moved closer, the smile of nightmares on his face."

The author's writing made me yearn for the possibilities that became a reality in this book, and I look forward to the sequel. In fact, her cinematic writing is perfect for the big screen, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Big Dragons Don't Cry will soon appear at a nearby theater.
BIG DRAGONS DON'T CRY - A Dragon's Guide to Destiny: Book I
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on January 5, 2012
"Big Dragons Don't Cry," by C.M. Barrett, is a cautionary tale concerning the destructive attitude of humans towards nature and animals; our arrogant assumption
that we are superior to every other living thing.
The story presents a moral, which the author deftly conveys without moralizing.
Instead, we readers are taken into a world of delightful fantasy and beautiful imagery. And the book is not without considerable humor.

Using a cast of charismatic characters, including humans, a charming water dragon (not to be confused with a fire dragon), named Druid, his parents, his swamp companions, and an array of wonderful and savvy cats, the book is about the unfortunate human limitation of viewing, understanding and interacting with the natural world and it's non human inhabitants. As we read on it becomes clear that these animal characters have something to teach those humans who are willing to listen and learn.

Clearly the author has an affinity with cats. If you love cats, this is the book for you. The antics of Orion, Emerald and Tara, to name but three, are perfectly described. It includes the delightful (and sometimes not so delightful), behavior of cats and the infinite possibilities of feline personalities.
It is also obvious the author speaks "cat." The language translation is impeccable.

I recommend this book for the young of mind and heart; for those who respect nature and animals, and for those who would enjoy a romp with a water dragon and an intelligent conversation with a cat.

This book begs for a sequel. This reader, for one, wants to meet these characters again.

J. Borrero
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on November 23, 2011
This is a very well written story, and I've read it twice, loving it both times. When I read a book twice, that means it's exceptionally good! Honestly, not many stories get that much attention from me, BUT this one is like a true friend, ranking right up there with many other books so deserving of a special niche on my bookshelf.

The characters, whether human or animal, have grown into well known friends of mine. They are well developed, each with special attributes and personalities that truly set them apart. The heroes are regular people (or animals), each with their own set of inner conflicts which need resolution. All this takes place in a fantasy world, threatened to be torn apart by mistaken assumptions and prejudices. The characters learn valuable lessons about their world, and one another, as they go on a first rate adventure, sorting out mysteries, seeking the correct answers to an assortment of problems, and finding the villain (a man anyone would love to hate).

I especially love the cats in this story. They talk like humans, but retain their cat-like characteristics and perspective. Try approaching a situation from a cat's viewpoint--it's fun and entertaining! The humor surrounding those cats brought me many chuckles.

Druid, the depressed water dragon, also holds a warm spot in my heart. He's so misunderstood, but very friendly, and a true hero. He will rise to the occasion in this delightful story, gaining the trust of the other characters, as they join together to save the wonderful world in which they live.

Be ready for a satisfying read. The beautiful surprise in the story is this: to learn moral truth and wisdom--as well as being wonderfully entertained. I highly recommend this book.
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on November 12, 2011
I love animals of all kinds and the animal characters in BIG DRAGONS DON'T CRY are the best ones I've ever read. Great story and characters in a setting that I've come to love with its different cultures and the belief systems. It's a story of change and accountability, of sacrifice and love.

The theme is a powerful one and is told with a sense of adventure and with humor. It's a fun and thrilling ride. I admit that while I love the human characters, the animals, especially Druid (the water dragon) and Tara (a unique kitten), are my favorites.

The story world and characters are ones I look forward to visiting again with the other books in the series.

Get your copy of this book and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in a story world like none other.
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on April 17, 2011
The author spins an interwoven story line with some of the best descriptive elements found.

There is a serious undertone to the moralistic message. But, this message is delivered in such a way that it just becomes the fundamental principle on which the story is based.

The characterization and personifications were well done and the characters come alive with intensity.

If you like to have your thoughts provoked then this is a great read for you.

This is a strong 4 star book and the author has delivered a work worthy of reading.
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on May 30, 2014
I am accustomed to reading about dragons either being evil fire-breathing monsters of destruction, or elusive and intelligent beings that are just waiting to be 'tamed' or having their eggs stolen and hatched for pet baby dragons. This book is none of the above. The dragon protagonist gives a compelling and emotional first-person (first-dragon) view of life from his end of the woods. His trials and triumphs are to be cherished by the reader. It is hoped that a sequel will be forthcoming.
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