Customer Reviews: Drawn Together - Season One (Uncensored)
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on September 21, 2005
The premise was simple: do the same thing as MTV's "The Real World," but instead of using real people, use Pikachu, Superman, Betty Boop, Link (from the Zelda games), a generic Disney princess, and so on, and parody everything from M.C. Escher to drug addiction to Chinese sweatshop labor along the way. Taking the idea behind the Joe Schmo Show ("a reality series that's not real") one step further, this show broke every rule and turned the television multiverse on its head. How can a show without one original idea possibly be this unique and fresh? Though it occasionally relied on cheap shock tactics instead of real humor, its willingness to go "too far" helped to make it both addictive and unfathomably funny. This is the completely untrue story of seven cartoon characters picked to live in a house, not work together, and have their lives scripted, to find out what happens when people stop being real... and start being... DRAWN TOGETHER!
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on February 14, 2006
What happens if you put a diverse group of cartoons together in a house with a million cameras? You get a setting that can parody just about anything it wants from facts of life books for kids all the way to The Apprentice. Nothing is sacred or safe.

The cast includes a good variety of cartoons. We have a Betty Boop type, a super hero, a Disney-style princess, a video game hero (looks like the star of Elf Quest), a Japanese Toy cartoon, an obscene internet download character, a mystery-solving musician (Josie and the Pussycats style), and a crazy wacky something or other. Together they manage to get on one another's nerves and reveal or discover truths about themselves.

I was a little put off by some of the things done to the Boop character right at the start but the first song had me seeing the real talent behind this parody. One can only guess how far this series can go. This is definitely not for children and gives South Park a run for language while the visuals go far beyond into what many would label as obscene. Still, there is real writing talent behind this show and it comes through bright and clear. They really understand their subject. If you are not easily offended you should check this one out.
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on May 3, 2006
There's a lot about this show that's great besides the jokes and situations. This show is a perfect example of how animation styles have varied over the years and across continents. Each character is representative of a type of genre/style, and they are not simply "drawn together" in the style of the animators or creators. Instead, each character stays true to his or her "origin". Ling-Ling, for example, always exhibits the slightly jerky movements so common in Anime. Foxy Brown even has the virtually undetailed eyes that so many cartoons in that genre did. Spanky also has those great thick outlines and super bright colors you'd expect from an internet flash cartoon.

Aside from the high quality and attention paid to (most likely unnoticed) detail, the jokes are hilarious. Sometimes they're predictable. Other times, they come out of left field. The whole thing is a beautiful satire on the sorry state of television (when in the world will the reality shows just go away?!) and just how addictive these poorly conceptualized shows can be for many people.

If you enjoy a good fart joke or two, then this is the show for you. If not, then steer clear, because fart jokes are about as tame as it gets with "Drawn Together".

This is definitely another one of Comedy Central's brilliant choices for their line-up. Keep up the great work!
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on November 6, 2006
There are so many animated comedies out there and a lot of them seem to follow the formula laid down so brilliantly in 'The Simpsons'. It was high time somebody came along and shook up the ideas a little bit and presented us with something fresh and alternatively funny.

'Drawn Together' is not the sort of show you would watch with a refined aunt or grandmother. Its humour is crude, offensive, grotesque and incredibly funny.

Eight characters from the cartoon world are living together in a 'Big Brother' style reality show. Some times they get on, sometimes they kill each other and occasionally the producers throw in a twist to stir things up. It's a great parody of the state of reality TV shows today.

This first season boxset (one originally intended first episode is held back for season two due to some rather unfortunate timing with real-life events) is seven episodes of shocking comedy which doesn't fall down at any moment.

The wonderful thing about non-politically correct humour is its sense of irony and post-modernism. Anyone who becomes offended through watching it is obviously missing the point. As mentioned in one of the commentaries, the racism portrayed in the show is mocking stupidity about race.

This is a two disc set of great humour with a smattering of special features including some clips of other Comedy Central shows.

Each episode is complete and uncut and there are karaoke and singalong versions of the songs too.

Despite loving this series, I have only given the set four stars because it falls down in one department; the commentaries are headache inducing! It doesn't seem that anyone is there as a moderator and everyone shouting at each other at once is awful to listen to.

Apart from that... a wonderful purchase.

Bring on season two!
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on December 20, 2005
In a world of terrible reality shows taking over the television with overused plots, it's hard to find a quality show these days. Now, Comedy Central's come up with something brilliant and put a twist on TV's load of garbage. DRAWN TOGETHER is television's first animated reality series. What could happen when eight crazy cartoon characters from all over the tooniverse are put in one house where they must live together? Why, the possibilities are endless! However, as we've learned from such shows as BIG BROTHER, when you make very different people live together, chaos will definitely ensue and the craziness won't stop.

DRAWN TOGETHER stars Captain Hero, Foxxy, Xandir, Ling-Ling, Spanky, Wooldoor, Toot, and Princess Clara. Each of them are parodies of cartoon characters, and you'll be sure to find at least one character from your favorite cartoon being parodied. While only the eight main characters appear in every episode, there are tons of guest-starring characters that you can find around every corner. While a cartoon lover will probably get the most out of everything that's spoofed, a cartoon hater will love it too. Are you someone who hates Pokemon? Well have no fear, because that show and many more are parodied.

Although there are tons of great characters, there are also fantastic plots. In one episode, Princess Clara holds her own version of "The Bachelorette" while another episode features Xandir falling in love with Aladdin's Genie. Making fun of reality shows and cartoons is the basic idea of DRAWN TOGETHER, and what could be funnier than that? Buying the first season on DVD has been a huge plus for me--not just because I get to watch the great episodes over and over again. But the special features are also amazing, featuring deleted scenes, a "Censored or Uncensored?" game, a karaoke game, and a lot more.

However, if you plan on buying the DVD, be cautious before buying. There's lots of censoring to these episodes when they're on TV, but when they're on DVD, absolutely everything is uncensored. So be prepared to see nudity and hear tons of unbleeped swears. Compared to an uncensored episode of DRAWN TOGETHER, SOUTH PARK will seem like a kiddie show. The swearing and nudity isn't overdone though, so don't worry about it--just don't show it to the kids. SOUTH PARK is my all-time favorite cartoon, and while this show may not be as clever, it comes very close. I'm glad to say that I am now a dedicated fan of DRAWN TOGETHER.
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on June 20, 2006
atlast an animated show for the grown-ups. i watched an episode on comedycentral sometime back and absolutely loved it. although show has lot of political incorrectness like most of the comedies but still enjoyable. i am one of those who like watching tv shows on dvd due to lame censorship on tv so i thought lets see on dvd. the dvd version is explicit and much more enjoyable than tv. i am looking forward to season 2 of this show.
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on October 30, 2005
We've all sit down and watched reality shows go from something small to the seemingly dominating genre of popular television shows over the last few years. From shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice, and The Real World and every one inbetween, we have all had the same thought: WHEN WILL IT STOP?!?!

Well, leave it to Comedy Central of all networks to come up with a show that takes the entire reality genre and gives it a swift and strong kick in the backside. Last year, Comedy Central took the entire reality world and threw it into a twist by creating an anti-reality reality show with Drawn Together, a reality show that took 8 animated characters based on popular real-life characters and threw them into a reality setting by putting them into a house with over a millions cameras watching their every move.

The characters include a cute but racially blind princess, a seriously annoying creature similar to Spongebob Squarepants, an overweight black and white 1920's screen sex symbol reminiscent of Betty Boop, a video game hero who is showing latent homosexual tendencies, a sexy mystery-solver/musician who apparently sleeps with anything with 2 legs and something between them, a dim-witted superhero, a creature that seems like the anti-Pikachu, and a crass Internet download.

Drawn Together: Season One shows the first 8 episodes of the series and is a lot more raunchier than when the episodes originally aired on Comedy Central due to the fact that each episode contains added scenes that were removed for time or just due to them being too raw for air and were saved exclusively for the DVD release. The gang deals with situations that in some aspects would and wouldn't happen in a regular reality show and takes jabs (or in some cases body blows) at not just the reality shows that it is intended to make fun of but other forms of entertainment as well, including a rather interesting potshot at the film Monster's Ball.

Recently, Comedy Central aired the 8th and final episode of the first season just as it airs on the DVD as part of the network's Saturday late night block Secret Stash, but one scene was omitted and blocked by a black screen due to one of the characters doing something you REALLY could not show on TV.

Additional features on the 2 disc set include commentaries on 6 of the show's episodes, deleted scenes, a Censored/Uncensored game where you have to guess if the line that the pictured character says was or was not edited from the original aired show, and a karaoke sing-along.

Now that season 2 of the show is underway, you might want to grab this to get caught up to see what the buzz is about ans get "drawn" into the fun of Drawn Together...
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on September 23, 2005
The best new toon out there. Purely adult but if you want your children brought up right, you'll make em' sit through it anyway. Something has to prepare them for the road ahead. They'll learn all the crap in school anyway. Why make em' wait? For the best in satire, filthy toilet humor, and just all around tastefully done bad taste, it's gotta be Drawn Together. Fun the whole family can enjoy.

"Why must I ruin everything beautiful?"
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on November 15, 2007
Like most people, I was first exposed to the animated comedy Drawn Together because it came on immediately after South Park every Wednesday and Thursday night. At first I wasn't sure what to expect. It LOOKED really good, and my first reaction was that it was just filler, and 30 minutes used to fill up space after South Park.

However, time can change opinions. Approaching this show with open arms and a willingness to accept the crude, disgusting humor, I was pleasantly surprised to find the show is actually really good. I can see why it's been hanging around for years now. There's something really appealing about the style of humor and the fun, wild animations.

I'd say the animations are only second to the Simpsons. In fact, the overall goofiness, bright colors, and clean, polished animation reminded me of the Simpsons immediately. Drawn Together is a really good show to watch. I love how unpredicable the storytelling is as well. You see, you have all sorts of characters, and they each have their own personality. Of course, you could say ALL comedy shows have characters with their own special personalities, but in this case, it's EXTREMELY true. Each character is totally different from the other ones. The characters are exciting overall.

I'm also a really big fan of the way the stories and jokes can veer off in a completely funny/strange direction in a split second. Each episode is filled with little bits of humor and you can't possibly get bored searching for all of it.

This is NOT a cartoon for children. Let me state that right now. The storylines feature WAY too many sexual and disgusting bits for anyone under the age of 12 to watch. The style of humor seems to be influenced from Family Guy, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the writers are big fans of Family Guy as well. However, the bright colorful animation is closer to the Simpsons.

I love this show and would recommend picking up this DVD set for your viewing pleasure. It's not for everyone, but anyone who admires unpredictable storytelling with plenty of adult humor should appreciate this.
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on January 21, 2009
At least Drawn Together season one is censored I havnt seen the others .I rented season 1 to see if i liked it and did.I decided to try VOD version for a 11 bucks,theres blurs and bleeps that wasnt on the DVD,so beware. Amazon should mention this since they advertise VOD with the Uncensored DVD version.
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