Customer Reviews: Dreamgirls [Blu-ray]
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on August 21, 2007
This film belongs to Hudson and Murphy who are both far more talented than most ever expected.

I knew Jennifer Hudson could sing from her stint on American Ido, but I had no idea that was an actress too and I mean a top quality actress capable of pulling off an Academy Award in her very first film. It's my sincere hope that we will see much more of her in the future even if the roles don't include music. Hudson is simply an acting find and a visual delight to behold on the screen. She is a charming as she is talented.

Eddie Murphy's performance is as much high energy, flamboyant, and satrical as it is subtle, emotional and insightful. I was floored by his flawless performance in this film and found it a terrible shame that he followed this dynamic performance with the totally distasteful Norbit which was released just prior to the Academy Awards and in which some believe cost him the Oscar.

Members of the Academy are well-known for voting out an actor or actress based upon his or her personality as was the case with Madonna who gave an Oscar-caliber performance in Evita, but was shunned because she was . . . well . . . Madonna, and for voting out an actor or actress based upon a poor follow-up film released the same year and don't want to reward what they may consider a "fluke" performance as with Whoppie Goldberg in The Color Purple (thankfully she finally got her well-deserved Oscar for Ghost) years later.

I believe Murphy really blew his Oscar chances for this film because of "Norbit" and that isn't fair, but it was predictable based on past Academy voting tendencies. I generally believe in not holding things against a performer or a specific performance, but I have to admit that even I have moments of extreme bias, like anyone else, so I can understand how that happens. This may have been Murphy's only real good shot at an Oscar, but we can always hope that he will be given another juicy role like this one to strut his considerable talents.

Beyonce Knowles is no great actress, but she has terrific stage/screen presence that more than compensates for anything that she is lacking in genuine acting talent. To her credit, I actually had trouble recognizing her early in the film. I even asked my wife, "Where the hell is Beyonce? I thought she had a big role in this film." My wife then pointed her out and I was rather surprised at how well she disappeared into her role. However, the more I thought about it the more I thought she didn't just "disappear" in what started out as a supporting role, but was simply more out shined and out-acted by Jennifer Hudson. I don't mean that as an insult to Beyonce or her acting talent as she does have acting talent, but when surrounded by more genuine talent her limitations are clear no matter how beautiful she is, or how gifted she is as a singer, or how engaging she is generally as a stage performer.

Moving on to Jamie Foxx I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with his performance in the film. I can't pinpoint the problem, but I just feel that he felt somewhat out of his league amongst these great female performers. His performance was simply below what he is capable of delivering, but that doesn't mean he was awful or miscast; he just wasn't at his best.

Now, one might question that with all this talent in the film why so many on here haven't given it 5 stars. I think the problem with this film is with the director. The film seems disjointed somehow. The editing isn't very smooth, transitions are weak, and the lack of focus on just who the "stars" are in the film creates an uneven film that works better in clips. In other words, the sum of the parts don't equal the whole. That may explain why so many "liked" the film, but didn't "love" it. It goes down smooth enough, but it never became what it could have become and that feeling is usually the fault of the director.

Overall, this is a fun and entertaining musical with some strong, dynamic performances, but still somewhat weak for this genre.
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on August 14, 2013
The specials on the second disk of the Showstopper Edition are fantastic. Excellent interviews, behind the scenes looks, revealing footage. Not repetitious at all. This is the first time I enjoy the specials more than the film itself. The film has excellent vocal and acting performances, but lacks something that I cannot quite point out. Maybe focus, or pace, or storyline?
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on January 21, 2013
When I ordered this movie, there was nothing in the description to indicate that it had to be played on a HD DVD player, which I do not have. Also the cover of the DVD was not the same. On the DVD I received, at the very top of the cover, it says HD DVD VERSION which is not what the movie in the artwork for this advertisement says. Be very careful when ordering. I know I am probably one of the last people on the planet to not have a HD DVD player. I am just looking for a version of this movie that I can play on a regular DVD player that has the two-hour documentary and the rest of the special features. If anyone knows where I could get one, please let me know.
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on March 12, 2016
It wasn't what I expected. I expected good music and the previews looked really good. What I didn't realize was that it was a musical. Hearing dialogue or intense drama set to music doesn't appeal to me.
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on January 29, 2009
The Bottom Line:

When it's at its best Dreamgirls is an aggessive and engaging musical, but too often it slides into slow scenes and uninteresting songs (We are a family/like a shining tree) while focusing on characters like Curtis (played by a thoroughly bored looking Jamie Foxx) that the audience doesn't care as much about; Dreamgirls is a mixed bag but I suggest you pass.
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on July 13, 2007
I enjoyed this movie because it is based loosely on the story of one of my favorite Motown groups, the Supremes. But the downside is that there's not much bonus material (at least not on this edition). The #1 thing I look for on DVDs is commentary by directors, producers &/or actors; I found none here. So I'm glad I saved money & storage space by renting instead of buying.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2007
While the Oscar snub was certainly shocking I can't say that it wasn't justified (not that the lineup for 2006 impressed me in the least). `Dreamgirls', while probably one of the most entertaining films of the year, was far from the best.

It delivers in many ways. It's visually stunning, from the set pieces to the beautiful cast. It's very easy on the ears. The musical numbers (for the most part) are all brilliantly structured and add layers to the film. In fact, the films biggest and key emotional scenes are in fact musical numbers. Both `And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' and `Listen' are the most emotionally connected scenes in the film for through music they convey the very feelings of the singer. It also delivers, to an extent, in the acting department as well. Eddie Murphy is fantastic as James "Thunder" Early and delivers a career best performance. Beyonce Knowles shocked me with her delivery of Deena Jones and Anika Noni Rose beautifully captured the immaturity and naivety of Lorrel Robinson. In fact everyone delivers decently here except for Jamie Foxx who was, without a doubt, miscast.

Sadly, with all this delivery the film fails to deliver in the one area that matters the most; substance. By the time the credits begin to roll `Dreamgirls' is nothing more than a fun time. The characters, while superbly acted, lack any real depth and the film fails to evoke any real emotion in the audience. With all the hype surrounding this film you'd expect to be really moved, really taken-a-back by it's magnitude but in the end it doesn't really do any of that. One may be blinded by the glitz and glam upon a first viewing, as I was, but upon second and third viewings it becomes apparent that the film feels kind of empty, especially when the music has stopped.

The film tells the story of aspiring musical act `The Dreamettes' who finally get their big break after aspiring music manager Curtis Taylor Jr. sees them perform in a talent show. He persuades them to sing backup for R&B sensation James "Thunder" Early and thus their showbiz life begins. The group suffers from internal struggles when lead singer Effie is pushed aside so the slimmer, more socially termed `pretty girl' Deena can sing lead vocals. This seemingly small gesture drives a wedge in friendships and relationships, working and social, and creates a whirlwind of tragedy and in the end justice.

Now, I left off one key element to the film for a reason...and that is the fact that arguably there was no bigger star in 2006 than the beautiful and talented Jennifer Hudson. I don't necessarily agree with her Oscar win, but I was so happy for her because she delivered on all fronts and was so gracious with all the accolades she was receiving. She handled herself like a true star, and that is commendable. As Effie White she truly breathed life into this film and serves as one of the only actors here to actually flesh out her character. With all the `lack of depth' found in `Dreamgirls' it is refreshing to see Jennifer grab a hold of Effie and make her real and relatable to the audience. So I am here to tell you that Jennifer ain't goin nowhere, and that is a fact!

So, the film is, like I said, extremely entertaining and a truly fun filled time. Parts are corny (that whole "Steppin' to the Bad Side" part was dreadfully painful to watch) but as a whole it is just good ol' fun. But that is it. It is a fun film, but not a deep one and not one that deserved to win Oscars (aside from some technical, musical and acting recognition). So, do I feel that the Oscar snub was truly a `snub'? No, but I don't feel that that really takes away from the appeal and the good time that a film like `Dreamgirls' brings to the table.
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on October 11, 2007
I though this movie was mostly entertaining. I thought the music was exceptional. I did think some of the songs went on for way too long, like the one where Jennifer Hudson's character was being removed from the band.

I thought this movie was probably pretty close to what it was like for an African American to get introduced into the music industry. I also thought the acting was suberb.

I lower the rating by one because of the unneccesary placement of the F word from Beyonce's character (I can't stand movies that put it in there to make sure they get a PG13 rating) and another point because it was probably about 30 minutes too long and some of the characters weren't developed as much as they should, like Eddie Murphy's and the Dreamgirl that he was sleeping with.

Overally good but not great.
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on December 14, 2008
I've never seen the Broadway show of DREAMGIRLS but I know it's been around for a long time. Maybe if I'd followed this story's history better I could've navigated the movie a little better...but I was thrown by the insertion of conventional musical numbers into a really good dramatic film.

It's a story about music so there could've been plenty of songs but having the actors burst into song during some heavy dramatic scenes threw me off a little. It didn't have to lapse into that convention.

Everyone was excellent. Eddie Murphy was outstanding. It's a finely-crafted film that left me wondering just how far removed it was from the real-life story of Diana Ross and the Supremes.
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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2007
I am not a person who likes musicals. The sight of people breaking into song mid-sentence annoys me to no end, and the very idea that people would talk to each other in verse is ridiculous. That being said, I wanted to see this movie because I'm a Jennifer Hudson fan and I wanted to see what all the talk was about. I'm glad that I did. Dreamgirls isn't a cheesy musical. There is no moment when the people are doing something absolutely ridiculous but it's justified because they're singing at the same time. In fact, the singing supports the story rather than the story supporting the singing, which is the main problem I have with musicals. Dreamgirls was enjoyable from start to finish, and I'd encourage those who don't consider themselves musical fans to give it a go.
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