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on May 23, 2013
Some will call this film conjecture, but for me it filled in a lot of blanks and made perfect sense. I have done a lot of reading on Barack Obama since before he was elected. (He was my senator from IL.) I always felt we were being asked to vote for a pig in a poke because really so little was known about him. He hid his grades and college records, and there were lies and changing stories about his friendships, connections, etc. If you are transparent, you don't have to lie, hide things, or change your story. Plus, unlike most candidates, there were no friends, classmates, or people in his past who came out to talk about him. Some who attended college when he did, said they didn't even know or recall him. Strange. And it didn't add up. His books told us what HE wanted us to know, but there again, it just didn't all square. So people like Jerome Corsi and others started investigating and asking questions. Then the facts really weren't squaring. The birth certificate controversy was suspicious; although I finally concluded he'd probably been born in Hawaii and not Kenya, and that his mother had neglected to change his citizenship when she sent him to live with her parents in Hawaii. But then there was the deception with what many investigators say is a doctored certificate. Why would that be? Well, if you were born in Seattle, that would require a bogus birth certificate from Hawaii. It's a fact that his mother enrolled in college two weeks after he was born. While anything is possible, it is really quite a feat for a new, single mother to take a newborn from Hawaii to Washington State, where she supposedly knows no one, has no family, to start college in two weeks. It would make more sense if she were already there, living and somewhat established, to be able to start college two weeks after the birth of a baby. And what kind of a mom (Madelyn Dunham) would even hear of her daughter doing such a thing with a newborn, without at least going along to help out for a time? Some of the things we are asked to believe are just too much of a stretch. The nude pictures of his mother and Frank's sex rebel novel certainly make it plausible that there might have been an accidental pregnancy as a result of all that fooling around. Throw in Gramps working for the CIA, and that could account for the CT SS# that was assigned to Obama two years after he worked at an ice cream store in HI. (One of the few jobs he ever held in the private sector. And he's running the U.S. economy???????). If gramps wasn't working for the government, why was he pictured in an airport photo greeting Obama, Sr. and other Kenyan students arriving for the first time in Hawaii to attend school? Did he just drop by to give them a lei? (He wasn't the type.) Why did he move the family from one place to another in search of a better job as a furniture salesman??? (Probably because he WAS a "company man" and the furniture salesman job was his cover.)

There are several good books about Obama, but one of the best companion reads is, "The Communist", by Paul Kengor. For those who haven't done any reading or delving into Obama's background, this film may be a leap. For those like me who have been reading to find out the truth about this Manchurian Candidate president, this movie may answer questions, fill in some blanks, and tie things all together. Personally, I think it's not only plausible, it's pretty much on the mark.
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on October 31, 2013
I gave it 5 stars because it not only said something but backed it up up with facts and reasons why.
I can not understand why the American People have allowed the man to be President of out beloved country.
You have to see this movie, it is unbelievable what the truth is. The downfall of a great country the United States of America.

If you have watched the evolution of the US since he became President it's not hard to see that we have lost many of our freedoms and the Constitution is not being followed. History repeats it's self, look to the past of many socialist countries to see the future.

U.S. NAVY Veteran.
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on June 29, 2015
Here is why you liberals are so DANGEROUS!!!! I notice that you folks LOVE to throw the words: Racist and Fascist around.... In truth!!! Fascist are socialist Leftist...... Unlike what many of us were taught by our liberal education system, N@zis were socialists just like Obama and his bureaucratic minions as they continue expanding bankrupting centralized government power.

The name N@ZI means National Socialist. To be specific (for liberals in denial) it was the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party.

Welcome to our emerging Socialist police state... Conceived by bankers, administered by politicians and propagated by a controlled corporate liberal biased media. Bush helped the NWO cause, but Obama (with Leftist support) has accelerated the totalitarian agenda beyond imagination.
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on September 13, 2013
I know that within the past 6 years if you have anything to say which is negative towards our President you are either labeled a racist, a fascist, or a right-wing kook. There is nothing new to these assaults on freedom of speech. This has been going on long before Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of these United States, decades before he or I was born, and I am sure will continue as long as men have free will and speech in this great country of ours.

What is new is how did this man became president with so little known about his background with regard to his political philosophy, qualifications, and accomplishments to rise to the most powerful office in the land as President of the United States of America?

This is not a 'birther' film with regard to the issue of his legal status as an American citizen. Quite the contrary, the film supports his birth in Hawaii. However, what the film does do is an excellent treatise on Mr. Obama's background starting with his grandparents, his mother, his paternal influences, his 'family' in Africa, his young adult schooling, his Harvard years, his Chicago friends, and his very brief time in the Illinois and the United States Senates where he voted "present" for the majority of his decisions as a legislator.

The one complaint I have is that it is told in a first party 'cheesy' imitated voice of Mr. Obama himself. I feel this lends discredit to the information by the casual observer. However, if you stay the course, watch and listen carefully, the information presented will reward the viewer's patience with factual evidence and not political rhetoric or bloviated opinion.

I think this is a compelling expose' on Mr. Obama's background and provides distinctly different viewpoint than Dinesh D'Souza's film: "Obama's America". Albeit, some of the information presented in "Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception" overlaps a bit with "Obama's America"

I would recommend this film to anyone who wishes to 'connect the dots' with regard to the controversies and policies surrounding our current President and what he means when he has told us he wishes to "fundamentally transform America". Racial divisiveness is only but one of the tools in this man's kit to promulgate an agenda which has led to destructive polices for our freedoms and rights as American citizens. There is more than meets the eye with regard to Mr. Obama. Watch the film and you decide.
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2012
If the mainstream press had done even half of its job, covering this president objectively, as opposed to cheering him on and demeaning anyone who asked valid questions, Joel Gilbert would never have made this film. Frankly, the press demonstrated its own outright racism in failure to cover him like anyone else.

But from the New York Times and Washington Post to the Chicago Tribune and Times Picayune, no major mainstream daily newspaper in America has bothered to ask real questions and pursue real answers about the occupant of the White House, whose records all remain sealed and unavailable for public scrutiny. That in itself raises eyebrows, or should. What other president in history has gone to such great expense and legal lengths to hide his past?

Like others here, I don't care whether Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's "real" father or not.

I do care, however, that he lied about his origins. "Let's face it, a mixed kid from Hawaii born to a single mom is not likely to become President of the United States," Obama stated on Sept. 13, 2012, at a Golden, Colorado rally, according to his own campaign website.

Face it. Obama has admitted publicly that yes, his mother was a Single Mom at the time of his birth.

In other words, the press improperly heaped scorn on everyone questioning Obama's "long form" White House "birth certificate," since we now have the President's own circumstantial admission that his "long form" birth certificate was forged. By his own Sept. 13, 2012 admission, clearly Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. had not married Stanley Ann Dunham at the time he was born. It is not a leap, to then question whether he was even Obama's father.

Gilbert raises some questions of real interest, however. He combines facts we know for certain, with notions that, at minimum, seem plausible.

We know that Stanley Dunham lived in Lebanon, and that his daughter Stanley Ann attended Catholic school there. We know that he later moved his family to Washington state, and later still, to Hawaii. We know that Frank Marshall Davis lived in Hawaii, and that he spent years during Obama's adolescence mentoring the young man. We know that Obama was drawn to Marxists and Communists in college, and we know that Obama met and was friendly with Weather Underground bomber William Ayers long before he wants the U.S. public to believe.

The film adds all these facts, backed by solid documents, to information that seems to suggest Stanley Dunham was in fact a CIA "company" man, and was assigned to monitor communist cells first in Washington state and then in Hawaii, where he may have been specifically assigned to watch, or "cover," Frank Marshall Davis.

Was Dunham in fact a CIA agent? I have no idea, but this is certainly plausible --- and when taken with established events, including the President's late disclosure that Stanley Ann Dunham was in fact a single mom, we have great cause for concern.

Concern, moreover, should not limit itself to the "truth" about the man in the White House, whatever that may be. As noted many times before, I do not like Obama, did not vote for him in 2008 and have never trusted him.

But as a journalist, I greatly worry about the state of a domestic political press that so obviously and egregiously avoided investigating the man, before and during his presidency. If even half the questions raised about him had ever been raised about any Republican candidate, the press would have eaten that candidate alive and caused the public to discard him like so much garbage. That they have not done so, particularly those journalists assigned to campaign and White House beats, once again testifies to the Fourth Estate's gross abuse of public trust, and indeed, dereliction of public duty.

Gilbert's film, for its part, is interesting, but exceedingly irritating in several ways. Gilbert's use of black and white fictional film clips seriously detracts from the importance of the topic. The same can be said of Gilbert's creation of a "book" with "chapters" that were clearly not written by Obama --- and his use of a "fake" narrator sounding much like Obama to tell the story.

Another minor, but nevertheless very grating point. The sound track includes an atonal violin theme very difficult to take. One has to "tune out" the music to withstand the film.

Despite its flaws, however, the film raises serious questions that Americans should take seriously. Unfortunately, voters can no longer count on the "mainstream" press to investigate politicians and report what they find.

For good or for ill, we are therefore left to our own devices, and if the press does not like the questions raised and the conclusions drawn, they ought to blame themselves for ceding the work to others who, at least, ask the questions that need asking.

For starters, where ARE the records for the man in the White House, and why has he worked so copiously to hide them from our view? It looks suspicious, and no doubt it is.

[Update, 11/15/2012: On Nov. 7, 2012, Lord Christopher Monckton, an adviser to U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1982 through 1986, and a mathematics professor and expert on scientific frauds, issued an affidavit supporting the validity of these questions.

After examining "independent irregularities" identified by forensic investigators of the "long form" Obama birth certificate, Lord Monckton concluded, "the probability that the White House document is genuine is vanishingly different from zero..."

In an independent Nov. 12, 2012 affidavit, Louisiana State University mathematics professor Charles Neal Delzell corroborated Lord Monckton's method as a suitable use of probability theory, whose relevance to "examination of a suspect document apparently containing multiple irregularities is undeniable." Delzell further observed that any independent mathematician examining Lord Monckton's "explicit, transparent" method would be compelled to reach the same conclusion --- namely that the document in question "is near-certainly forged."]

--- Alyssa A. Lappen
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on December 29, 2012
To all of the critics of this film, I say, its a welcome breath of a President who has frozen all of his personal records, all of his academic records, and has more than flaunted multiple fake birth certificates. Regardless of your view of him, any thinking person can see he's a person hiding things, and then also hiding nothing. Its interesting to see how divided the reviews on this film are. They're almost half positive, half negative. The review status alone is almost a statement about this President in that he's no unifying voice. He's a divider and will continue to be. But he's also a myth maker. He has all of the myth believers deeply infatuated, and then those that see through the myth, deeply antagonized. Its like one half of the country took the blue pill, one the red. For those awake, I'm thankful for this film. And for me, as watcher, thinker, vs "believer," its not just about Obama, its about a long time deception being staged here in America through our White House and through many, many Presidents. In a way, this film in its timing, craft, focus, hour of release, represents an hour in America where more Americans are waking up to the charade of all politics, not just Obama's. Yet he is the leader in charge at this hour and thus, we must in this hour, in order to make change, examine and criticize openly. And for that reason, I'm thankful for this film and the books its based on. Unlike a book, its more difficult to make a film that can provide all of the facts or make them conjoin in a way only a written work can. Even so, I think Joel Gilbert did an excellent job of raising questions that are worthy in terms of what they point to as far as flaws in our election system, our media system, our critical thinking as Americans and much more.
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on July 13, 2015
Loved it really makes you think about the truth or should I say lie about Obama
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on July 15, 2015
So happy the truth came out about the current President and his ancestors it sure is reflected in his current disregard for the USA Constitution and veto power. He is not a King nor God
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on June 12, 2013
I've pursued the wealth of information that is printed and is available throughout the internet on the background and history of B. Obama. Prior to that pursuit I spent thirty years pursuing the JFK assassination kaleidoscope of colors. But honestly JFK research community, the B. Obama historical record in comparison to JFK is like basic arithmetic versus astrophysics. The sound of crickets from the JFK research world is absolutely astounding as far as the deep cover CIA history that shrouds B. Obama. That this has resulted in a hear, see, speak no evil response from voices that for 50 years cried and yelped like Tasmanian Devils on hot coals, as it concerned the duplicity and skullduggery in the CIA and US intelligence apparatus. Well, this response is beyond disappointing. Possibly someone has spoken out on B. Obama that I've missed. Someone enlighten me. Joel Gilbert's film is truly enlightening and deserves an equally concerned inquiry and definitely more than has been devoted by a research community that has often been negatively suspect (remember paranoia). Presently in my eyes you are tipping toward beyond suspect (collusion). Some of you are colluding and your anti war anti tyranny skirt is slipping off more and more each day. Pretty soon we'll all be wailing like the character portrayed by Marlon Brando in "Apocalypse Now", Kurtz: "the horror oh the horror". Not at averting our eyes from your bare bottoms, No, but by the blood and scars and devastation left in your wake due to your incongruous indifference. I wonder nowadays, who are the warmongers?
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on March 5, 2015
Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Anarchists. This well thought out documentary fully explains the rise of communism in the USA, backed by Soviet Agents from the Failed USSR. Viewing this brings understanding of why race baiting media agents like NBC promote riots and destruction to black families & the middle class. Even now, see how Islamic backed communists & ISIS supporters work toward revolution and violence to kill those who produce wealth and distribute the stolen money to their own supporters and pockets.
Understand how the FBI tracked the rise of communist control of the Democratic party. See as democrats promoted terrorist attacks against Americans by killing police & civilians.
Right up to date, Dreams of my Real Father shows how creative and connected people can exploit the weaknesses and fears of less fortunate families to strip them of their wealth, their jobs, and their homes.

But what do we do to create both Balance and Prosperity, innovation and social opportunities?

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