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5.0 out of 5 stars Best comic adaptation of 2012
First off, let me say that I am biased to this particular comic book character. I've been a fan since the late '80s and have wanted a film adaptation for a long time. I am not saying that I am pre-disposed to like this film. In fact, quite the contrary is true. I'm not only coming at this from the point of view of somebody who wants to see a good movie, but as...
Published on September 25, 2012 by A. Davies

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3.0 out of 5 stars Justice Served
The movie continues where the other movies left off - your basic carnage, cool weapon systems, and dumb criminals. Throw in a psychic, some corrupt judges, and a cool new drug and you have the recipe for a pretty good movie if you like this kind of violence and justice.
Published 8 months ago by fenx1200

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472 of 521 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best comic adaptation of 2012, September 25, 2012
First off, let me say that I am biased to this particular comic book character. I've been a fan since the late '80s and have wanted a film adaptation for a long time. I am not saying that I am pre-disposed to like this film. In fact, quite the contrary is true. I'm not only coming at this from the point of view of somebody who wants to see a good movie, but as somebody who will be judging this by its adherence to and respect for its source material.

I've been disappointed before. The Stallone version of the '90s failed this test on both counts. In fact, the only thing that movie got right was a few beautifully rendered hyper dense scenic shots of Mega City one. This film didn't have those shots. In fact, the scenic shots of the city didn't seem that dense at all...yeah there were tall building....but spaced far apart. It seemed almost like a quaint small city trying to be a big one at the edge of a dessert. That is...until we are taken inside the city.

This is one of the real coups the film pulls over on us. A few quick shots of the area around these mega blocks (big...REALLY big...More then twice the size of the Twin Towers big) reveal some familiar (especially if you are a New Yorker) buildings that frankly look like kids toys in comparison. When we are informed that the city has over 800 million people covering a land mass that stretches from Boston to DC, you have to intake air when you realize the true scale of the shots looking at the city from the dessert.

We are quickly given a day in a life type story focusing on two characters who have an importent yet oddly impotent job in the city. To maintain order. And it doesn't take too long until we realize how futile that task is in a city so enormous.

The plot details are somewhere along the lines of a Die Hard film from that point on, but the feelings this setting evokes in us are more akin to District 9. It's an all together beautiful and disturbing combination the filmmakers utilize quite adeptly.

At some point we are inside one of these big blocks, and the Judges (a hybrid cop/judge given powers to dispense instant justice) we are following through their sadly ordinary day had to shoot lots of people and utter caustic lines like "Defense noted" or "you have ten seconds to comply".

Did I mention lots of people get shot? Well... let me put it this way: LOTS of people get shot. And we are not spared one ounce of gore when this happens.

The film never really lets up, rather it moves at a brisk pace as our protagonists go about their job. The titular Judge Dredd is the experienced mentor, putting Judge Anderson through the ropes here. For those of us familiar with the comics, these are the two biggest characters in the world of Mega City one. While Anderson does go through changes, this film gives us a bit of her origins (placing this story actually BEFORE the comics really take place). While she goes from barely competent and wishy washy cadet to the beginnings of the kick ass PSI Judge we all know and love, Dredd himself never breaks a sweat. In fact, you get the sense that this particular day was no better or worse for him then the day before or the day after. His actions in the last scene of the film really hammer this home.

This characterization is what really makes the film work. The sense that this is the norm in this city informes us of the prevailing fatalism that must soak into every citizen. It is a very bleak dystopian view of the future, that sadly looks all too understandable and real. We are never told how the human race came to be in those cities, or why they still exist there. It's only that they ARE there. And it's left up to us to fill in the importance of that.
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5.0 out of 5 stars DREDD IS BACK!!!, September 10, 2012
This review is from: Dredd (DVD)

Excellent movie for the budget. The spirit of Dredd is here in spades. It is not perfect but bloody imaginative.

First the camera work is fantastic. This is really a film to see in 3D. Not because of fancy Hollywood CGI but because of brilliant artistic imagery.

MegaCity looks European in the visuals and vistas but maybe for Americans the vans and cars just look weird. So it works!

Pete Travis' direction is solid and Alex Garland's script is informed and funny. Would loved to have heard Dredd say "Drokk" just once!

Karl Urban is Dredd. He needs to be warmed too but he plays the part very well. Olivia Thirlby is also excellent as Anderson. Lena Headey is very convincing in her Motherly role.

I do hope this becomes a franchise. Dredd is as important as Bond. Show him some respect.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, January 8, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Dredd was a box office flop. It grossed roughly $31 million world wide. The budget was, according to typical Hollywood standards, a paltry at $50 million. By all rights, it was a box office flop.

But here's the problem - it's a brilliant film that deserves to be seen!

Forget Sylvester Stalone and love interests. This is Dredd as he is MEANT to be - violent, satirical and rough. And the Dredd movie captures this is spades.


No visual artifacts, no weird compression issues. There is some noise in the 2D version (and I've read the 3D version doesn't have this issue, but I have no 3D TV to test), but I didn't find it overly distracting.

AVC 1080p transfer in 2.4:1 aspect ratio, as originally shot.


WOW. They knock this out of the park, no question. The use of surround sound, in a way to enhance the film, is unquestionable. It's not just sound effects and ambient noise that makes the film, and the proper spatialization really contribute to the enjoyment of a film, and Dredd really does shine here.

My audio review is only for the 7.1 version of the DTS-MA mix. I don't have Neo:X compatible hardware, nor enough speakers, to use it. Even still, the sound is simply spot on.


For a film that tanked theatrically, I expected light extras. I was pleasantly surprised that they saw fit to add about 40 minutes or so worth of extras to the film, and I actually took the time to watch them all.

Mega-City Masters is a look at the origins of the source material, looking back at the 35+ years of Dredd. Does a good job introducing the character and the background of his creation.

Day of Chaos - is a look at the visual effects and how they were created. They look at how they composited and used limited sets to create an incredibly large platform for the film.

Dredd Featurette - promotional material

Dredd's Gear - quick look at the weapons and equipment of Judge Dredd

The Third Dimension - filmed in 3D, with a 3D intent, they take a look at the creation of the 3D effects of Dredd

Welcome to Peach Trees - quick look at how they created the Peach Tree building

Dredd Motion Comic Prequel - 3 minute motion comic that quickly covers the back story to the film. Nothing amazing, and doesn't use the original cast for voices, but worth a watch

Trailers - these don't really count as extras, do they?

Over all:

Dredd, the film, is gritty, violent and satirical. Karl Urban performs admirably as the venerable Judge Dredd and delivers the lines with believability and, honestly, when I think of Judge Dredd, it will be difficult to see him as anyone other than Urban. He fit the character and the styling perfectly. It helps that he seems to wear a perpetual frown, a bit of a requirement for anyone wanting to be Judge Dredd.

It's immensely disappointing that Dredd didn't perform better theatrically - it desperately deserves a sequel. At least we can say that what we received was treated with care and respect to the source material and is a worthy look at a film version of Judge Dredd. We may never see this again, which is a shame, but heck, at least we get something treated as it deserves in terms of presentation.

Highly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Destined to become a cult classic! It's "Die Hard" meets "Robocop!", October 3, 2012
It is an utter crime how this movie flopped at the box office. To be honest I had no idea what to expect when I entered the theater to see this movie. Initially i wanted to go see "Looper" but for some reason at the time I was in the mood for something less cerebral, so me and my buddy chose to see Dredd 3D after a class mate told me to check it out and that it was phenomenal. My God, I was completely blown away! I was so blown away that I went to see it again immediately the next day!

You can tell the director of this film really cared about the project. I felt his heart and soul within every composition and frame. Before this film I use to be anti-3D but after I saw this, it completely changed the game for me, yes even more than "avatar" did. This was the first time I felt that the only way to experience this film was in 3d. even though this film failed at the box office, i feel as if i was part of something special because i was one of the few who saw it in 3d at the theaters. All those people who are going to rent it or buy it on DVD/blu ray will be missing half the experience in my opinion. Too bad for you guys!! And if there ever was a movie that would consider me to covert my home theater into 3d, it is this one.

The way the film makers utilized slow motion was the best I have ever seen since the "Matrix", maybe even better. Lately I've hated the way recent films have used slow mo, just for the sake of it (Sherlock Holmes) but Dredd actually uses it to engross the audience further into the story. I loved the way the cinematography switched up during these scenes, making the drug scenes feel surreal and beautiful at the same time. That, accompanied with the amazing score, really made me feel like i was on a wild thrill ride. I haven't had this much fun at the movies in a while. This year has been a great year for movies. i loved "Prometheus", "Dark Knight Rises" and "Avengers" and even "Looper" but Dredd was the most fun and mind blowing of them all, despite it's simple down to earth story line. In fact I think it was the simplicity of the story that made it so great. It didn't try to have Dredd save the damn world. it was literally like watching John McClane in "Die Hard." It was all about survival!!

Karl Urban was great as Dredd. He really knew how to internalize all the angry emotions of the character and I commend his performance especially since we never got to see his eyes. He always retained a calm but ruthless demeanor. Lena Headey was chilling as Ma-Ma, I'm glad to see her still getting work after her underrated and beloved performance as Sarah Connor in the Terminator TV series (if you haven't seen that show, check it out, you won't regret it!). Olivia Thirlby did a decent job playing the rookie/dredd's side kick. At first I thought she was too young for the role but her character contrasted well with Dredd's character. At times I thought the made her appearance too pretty but she carried the role good enough to make me overlook that.

If you like films such as "Die Hard, Robocop, The Crow, or Darkman" YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS FILM OUT!! It's a true action film masterpiece that put's the Expendables to sleep! This is easily one of the best R rated films to come out in a long time. These days everything is PG-13 just so the studio can sell more tickets and it was like a breathe of fresh air to see all the action and gore done in a way that wasn't gratuitous but servicing to the story and suspenseful atmosphere the film was trying to create for the viewer. I haven't seen violence in an action film done this well since the 80's. Everything about this film is fresh and exciting. The only thing that I can nit pick about was some of the supporting characters (Ma-Ma's henchmen) acting was bit forced but what do you expect from a low budget film? This film is one of the best-low budget films ever made and proof that you don't need hundred's of millions to deliver the goods. i think the reason why people didn't check this out was because folks thought it was a remake of the the Stallone film. My god, how they were wrong! TOO BAD FOR THEM!! Even though in my opinion I feel that a non 3D version of this film won't be as good as the 3D one I'd still recommend it to anyone, whether 3D or 2D. I'm definitely purchasing this when it comes out!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Hidden Gem Of 2012, November 29, 2012
I didn't see one trailer for this movie in the theater. I didn't see one commercial on tv either. This movie was not advertised at all. The only reason I gave this movie a chance, was because of yahoo user reviews. I cannot wait to own this on blu ray. Plenty of other more detailed reviews here, but know this...I loved the Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. This movie did not have the budget those movies did, not even close. The story is not as epic as those movies either. But I had more fun watching this movie, than any other movie in 2012. My girlfriend even liked it better than any blockbuster this year too. It is fast paced. The soundtrack (and I rarely even notice the soundtrack of a movie these days) fits this movie and the pace of it perfectly. For an action film, the acting is above what you would expect. I am not a movie critic so I am going to stop here. I just felt compelled to write SOMETHING here because I saw, loved, and will be owning this bluray when it comes out because of word of mouth. I'm throwing a Dredd party the day I get this in the mail. If you like action films and missed this in the theater, do yourself a favor and give it a chance.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very clever, July 27, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dredd (Amazon Instant Video)
This movie does so much with such a little budget. The creativity really shines with slo-mo and the characters and the violence. Seriously, the violence is beautiful and I've never said that before, you can bet.

On another level it's brilliant because it's an action movie with four distinct and interesting female characters (none of which are a love interest) and that's cool.

In a world with three comic book movies a season this one stands out and deserves attention. And a sequel. And a franchise.

So go watch it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dredd (3D / Blu-ray)., January 12, 2013
Movie - 5.0

I don't remember much about 1995's Judge Dredd. I did like it, but probably more for the dark and dreary futuristic sci-fi atmosphere it had and the fact that it starred Stallone rather than anything else. I remember Diane Lane, Armand Assante, Max Von Sydow, and even Rob Schneider (*bleh*). I remember those kick-ass Lawgivers, some really cool set pieces (a prison out in the middle of a desert, I think), and that's about it. Needless to say, I was just a kid back then and my cinematic sensibilities have grown a lot since that time, which brings us to this reboot. The world has irradiated itself from nuclear war. The earth is all but a barren wasteland, with its remaining inhabitants crowded into Mega-Cities. Mega-City One's population is 800 million, with its territory stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. Amongst the crowded chaos stands one force to bring order; a force that serves as jury, executioner, and Judge. On a day when Dredd (Karl Urban) is assigned rookie, Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), for assessment, they would get more than they bargained for on her first day. In response to an initial homicide call at the city block of Peach Trees, they also discover a drug ring run by a woman called Ma-Ma (Lena Heady). But she won't have the Judges taking one of her men into custody. And in an attempt to thwart them, she seals the block's blast doors, leaving the Judges to fend for themselves as they battle to survive.

Since the old Dredd, I've discovered a lot of interesting titles that make this movie the bleak and desolate sci-fi actioner that it is. Not that I'm saying any of these films are directly responsible for what you see here, but I like to think they helped contribute. These movies are: Blade Runner, Training Day, V for Vendetta, and Punisher: War Zone. This new Dredd takes some of the dystopian elements of Blade Runner, not so much the sense of prowess and ingenuity for its time, but similarly in that the future is a dirty, grimy, and post-Apocalyptic one. The Training Day reference is seen in how Dredd teaches Anderson to make her own judgement calls, how those decisions can turn out (for better or worse), and ultimately ponders the morality of what can and can't be done within the legal system. The Punisher: War Zone similarity comes in the excessive style and mentality of the hyper-violence. Here, you have Dredd working on the side of the law. But the law, in fact, allows him to brandish his own (bloody) justice based on their rules and his own judgement, much like the Punisher does as a vigilante, only the Punisher worked outside of the law. Then, there's V for Vendetta which, for the most part, was about anarchy (or anarchy in the sense of "freedom," if you go by the movie). Where V fought to break out of authority, I see Dredd as the exact opposite in that he fights to achieve it. As lawless and degenerate as the world of Dredd is, I'm fascinated by this contrasting view that manages to tell all of these things in 90 minutes of action-packed goodness. And because of that, I now regard this as one of my all-time favorite films.

Video - 4.5

- Codec: MPEG-4 MVC
- Resolution: 1080p
- Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
- Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Dredd was shot using 3 kinds of digital cameras: the Phantom Flex, which shoots at a rate of over 3,000 frames per second capturing every little detail for slow-moving, jaw-dropping clarity, as seen from all the obvious effects in the Slo-Mo sequences; the Red One MX, which captures images at 4.5K resolution and is currently the highest-quality camera of its class at the moment; and the Silicon Imaging SI-2K, a favorite of DP (director of photography), Anthony Dod Mantle, that shoots at a native resolution of 2K and was used in collaboration for both of Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours (of which the first won an Oscar for its cinematography). Case in point: they shot this movie using some pretty top-notch cameras, and it definitely makes a difference. Not to mention, with such a masterful and skilled DP like Mantle working on, frankly, the most popular comic book franchise to ever come out of England, a visual feast is to be expected. The result was an excellent 2D image. But the fact that this was shot in 3D is what makes the film even more of a unique experience.

I saw Dredd in theaters twice, of which both viewings were in 3D. So seeing it at home on BD is actually my first time ever seeing it in 2D. That being said, the 2D presentation is near-perfect. The beauty of Dredd being shot with all these cameras means that the negative format is completely digital, so transferring it to BD was a cinch. Clarity is spectacular showing all the little lines and details in the sets, props, costumes, and texturing. Dredd's face (at least what's shown of it) and all the Judges uniforms look razor-sharp. In particular, I really like how you can see the stubble on Dredd's face and the lines above his lips with that signature scowl. The black levels give the film a very gritty feel and and balance perfectly with the contrast to show just enough detail within the frame, but also withholds enough to give the movie a kind of edginess. The color scheme is very monochromatic, though I'd say it helps create the bleak, desolate atmosphere that Dredd is supposed to be. It consists mostly of dark reds, blacks, dingy greys, and mustard greens, but I like the effect it gives the story. Alternatively, the colors become very exaggerated during the Slo-Mo sequences, where the crew wanted to create a surreal, almost artistic, sense of depth in conjunction to what the the drug is actually supposed to do to your brain. On the downside, since the movie was shot in Stereo (Stereoscopic 3D), it gives way for some video anomalies: the non-Red One MX-shots have a little bit of digital noise in them, colors and detail seem a bit off in some shots, and the obvious 3D effects simply don't register on a 2D viewing plane. So if you can, I highly recommend you watch this in 3D by default.

3D - 5.0

And now to the good stuff. Lately, I've been going through and sampling a lot of 3D movies to compare depth, pop, and overall effectiveness just to see how one 3D movie can differ from another. Most of the 3D movies I own were shot in native 3D, with I think, The Avengers being being the one lone converted-3D title I tried out with the rest. And after lots of sampling, I've come to the conclusion that for all the excuses I hear for 3D merely being a "gimmick," it ultimately comes down to artistic creativity and how the director and production crew decide to present their movie. In the case of Dredd, after watching the special feature on the movie's visual effects, I have to say I commend the approach Mantle took with his first-ever attempt at filming in 3D. The world of Dredd is a confined one. The world was blown to hell, and what remaining 800 million people there are have to bundle into one Mega-City that only stretches so far along the Eastern Seaboard. Knowing this, Mantle purposely utilizes the effect of closeups to help accentuate the nature of this confinement and isolation. I feel this gives the film an extra sense of depth just by itself and that it does a great job creating separation between the fore-, middle-, and background.

As for the more commonplace 3D elements (i.e. the "pop" effect). The film takes advantage of this mostly during the Slo-Mo sequences. Smoke floating, bullets flying, and blood, glass, and water splattering, shattering, or splashing look especially breath-taking when combining the frame rate of the Phantom Flex, the exaggerated color scheme, and the layering of 3D to create a true thing of beauty in an otherwise "ugly" world of a story. This particular visual aspect adds a whole new dimension to the storytelling, and provides a great counterpoint to the hyper-violence rampant throughout. Coincidentally, all the digital noise and off-color anomalies that are present in the 2D version are pretty much absent in 3D. And I have to say that in comparison to what I saw in theaters (which used a Sony 4K projector), seeing this on an LED flat-panel screen looks even better. The brightness of the LED lighting makes a huge difference in detail, which I'm willing to sacrifice a little size and blacks for, so definitely give this a chance in a home theater setup if you thought the video was a little too murky back in the cinemas.

Audio - 5.0

- English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, Neo:X
- English: Dolby Digital 2.0
- Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1

- English, English SDH, Spanish

Being an action movie on top of everything else, Dredd has a remarkably aggressive audio design that really puts the viewer in a bubble of sound throughout its entire duration. While guns firing, bullets ricocheting, and structures crumbling make up the forefront of this chaotic mix, it's Paul Leonard-Morgan's pulsating electronic score that really enhances the mood. Much like Hans Zimmer's work for the action sequences in The Dark Knight, the score acts as a sound effect in itself to help give the film a unique sound. In the case of Dredd, I feel the music gives it a sort of "driving force" that can double as either a representation of Dredd, the character, or the kind of world he's living in and trying to defend. The rhythm of these pieces, in turn, end up making a good portion of the movie fly by before you know it. But of course, as a fan of action movies I won't deny the bad-assery of all the shooting, explosions, and blood splattering all over the place either. In terms of pure immersive audio, you couldn't ask for anything better.

As for the actual quality of sound from the speakers, it's perfect. Dialogue is at a very clear and discernible level that not only emanates from the center, but occasionally through the front, side, and rear channels as well. Dynamic range is stellar from the piercing sound of bullets to the low end of the music making for a sonic treat. Separation offers up some pretty intense moments when the Judges are having shootouts with stuff blowing up from this and that speaker and the music resonating through or along with it from the others. Side and rear channels have excellent directionality dividing proper placement of effects such as bullets flying from one side of the screen to the other, crowds of people scrambling to safety, or vehicles driving across the road. And last, but not least, are the LFEs (low frequency effects). Bass is pounding from the constant rhythm of the score and the frequent discharge of the Lawgivers, with an even more boisterous display of this when Ma-Ma and her gang are shooting up a floor with motorized .50-caliber Gatlings. This is definitely a reference track for showing off your home theater setups.

Extras - 2.5

- Mega-City Masters: 35 Years of Judge Dredd (HD; 14:27)
A brief, but very detailed overview of Judge Dredd since his first appearance in Britain's weekly comic book publication, 2000 A.D. The creators and various other writers/artists talk about Dredd's origins (much of the influence coming from Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry), the symbolism and representation of his character (a stranglehold on order, justice, and authority), and get into particular detail about his design and how they wanted it to be simple, yet macho enough to be the complete embodiment of the law (his helmet mimicking a medieval executioner's mask, with the eagle on his shoulder representing America, or in some cases, fascism). They also discuss Dredd's rise in popularity over the tenure of his existence and how the character itself became an icon amongst British comic book lore. In addition, they also discuss the general worldview of Dredd, the various characters and scenarios he faced, and the different types of stories written over the years (i.e. satires, metaphors, etc.). I honestly wish this segment were double the length, as I'm really interested in learning more about the franchise, now.

- Day of Chaos: The Visual Effects of Dredd (HD; 15:21)
This segment talks mainly about the production design of the movie and the specific style of 3D they wanted to shoot. Initially, all the art and production crew had to work with was a storyboard script (that coincidentally looked like a comic book itself), but still managed to achieve the look and vision that was asked for by using a lot of practical shots throughout South Africa and incorporating sprinkles of CG to make it look like the dirty, grimy, yet massive set piece that is Mega-City One. The inside of Peach Trees was constructed to scale as a set, but only had 3 floors and a quarter of the actual coverage, which they later redressed for different shots and angles. Meanwhile, the 3D aspect was something the crew wanted to do a little differently than most other 3D films. Here, they had more so an intention of creating a surrealist perception of Dredd's world using lots of closeup shots, the occasional Slo-Mo sequence, and other effects to give the viewer a more "wondrous" feel, as opposed to the gimmicky "pop" most other films have become acclimated to producing. It's a damn shame this and the first segment were all they could afford to make in terms of extras, as I feel there's a lot more work that went into the actual movie that we'll never get to learn about.

- Dredd Featurette (HD; 1:53)
A promotional piece that gives a very basic overview of the film's setting and plot. And it's not even as intriguing as the theatrical trailer. I would say it feels more like those promos they play in the theater like a commercial before the lights go out and the actual trailers even start.

- Dredd's Gear (HD; 2:31)
Again, too brief of a segment that talks about Dredd's police gear, Lawgiver gun, and motor bike.

- The 3rd Dimension (HD; 2:00)
Some quick tidbits about shooting in 3D. Most of it is rehash from the Visual Effects segment.

- Welcome to Peachtrees (HD; 2:33)
Talks about how the production crew wanted use the entire city block set as a "character" in the movie.

- Dredd Motion Comic Prequel (HD: 2:57)
Gives a little background info on Ma-Ma and the man that created Slo-Mo.

- Theatrical Trailer (HD; 2:30)

Overall - 4.5

I didn't even know they were doing this remake, let alone how awesome it would be. Dredd is a visually stunning and thoroughly engaging sci-fi actioner with a lot of subtle influences that I feel make it a perfect setup for the world of Judge Dredd. And as well-received as it was by fans and critics alike, it sadly has yet to break even of its production budget to show any kind of profitability. But if you've seen this movie based on a recommendation (mine or someone else's) and like it, do me the favor of spreading the word to anyone you think would like this and try to help the home video sales for a possible sequel. In fact, it's rumored that screenwriter Alex Garland wants to make this a trilogy which, given how great this first installment is, would be a sight to behold. The video specs are excellent in 2D. But the fact of the matter is that you should see this in 3D at least once in your life. Meanwhile, the audio will definitely rock your theater room, so be careful not to disturb anyone if you're watching this late at night. And it's a shame the special features couldn't include more content (like an audio commentary). But hopefully enough word will get out, people will buy this, and we'll see that trilogy yet!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great job bringing Dredd back, November 21, 2012
I had the opportunity to watch this movie in 3D and non-3D before its run in the theaters was over. I watched the 3D version first and I was blown away with the ultra-slow motion and 3D accentuations. The director did a wonderful job of portraying really brutal scenes artistically with the use of the slo-mo and 3D. While it's true the story is similar to another recent release, The Raid, Dredd has enough differences to stand on its own (futuristic wasteland, Judges, sci-fi elements, and no martial arts). While I am a comic book fan, I've never really read any Dredd comics but I'm familiar with his character. Karl Urban does a fantastic job as Dredd and does so without ever removing his helmet. Kudos! This movie is a pure action flick so be prepared for a lot of shotouts and over the top action. It was a shame so few went out to watch this film as it will definitely become a cult classic. After watching the 3D version I decided to watch it again but in 2D for two reasons, 1) I really enjoyed the movie and wanted to see it again and 2) I wanted to support the film financially in hopes that a sequel would be considered/made. So yes, I enjoyed the film enough to rescreen it and I was hoping/wanting a sequel to see where the directors would take these characters. As for the 2D version, I liked it as well. The slo-mo was still breath-taking, but this movie truly needs to be viewed in 3D, period. I will definitely pre-order this combo and I recommend you do the same. :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING AND OVERLOOKED!, February 5, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This has to be one of the most overlooked films of 2012. It's like Robocop mixed with Die Hard and it's incredible. The art style is incredible and the actors do a great job committing to their roles throughout. It is fun, you should watch.
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5.0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Action-Packed Extravaganza!!!, November 15, 2012
I heard good things about this movie, and now I see why. It got right to the point and gave us what we wanted; a good ol' fashioned shoot-em-up action flick. It's much better than the 1995 Stallone version. Judge Dredd is very sinister, yet bad ass. While investigating a homicide in the 200-story slum tower block Peach Trees, Judge Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson are locked in by Ma-Ma. (Ma-Ma is the dealer of an addictive new drug called SLO-MO) They must fight their way thru the building and execute Ma-Ma's men. Judgment is coming. I highly recommend DREDD!!!
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Dredd by Pete Travis
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