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on January 28, 2011
I have an old Dremel 395, and I recently purchase a 4000 and most recently this 300 series kit. These are all being put to use in an electronics station I've built for different purposes. By far, my old 395 is a far, far better built and more precise tool. You can even tell by the weight of the old 395 that it is a tougher tool. The 4000 is a decent tool, but the feel of it is just light, and cheap, but at least the shaft seems to be centered and true. This 300 I just bought has a very noticeable wobble and bind to the shaft, and I called Dremel about this issue. I was surprised by their attitude and the response of "Dremels are not precision tools". Basically, the conversation ended with "if you don't like it, return it to the store" and was left with a feeling they have tossed quality out the window to save money on production, and it doesn't concern them. I was going to use the 300 in the Dremel workstation's drill press I bought for use with very small drill bit work on circuit cards, but the wobble is so bad I know it will snap the bits. Instead, the 4000 I bought will be used on the drill press, and I have decided to use this 300 instead with the flex shaft I bought since it doesn't seem to impede it's operation any, so that will be it's job from now on. Very, very disappointed with you Dremel. You were always better than this. Also... I would like to note that many of their grinding bits are poorly centered now and off balance. If Dremel doesn't get their act together, they'll gain a reputation of poor quality, and that's hard to shake. I'll be looking elsewhere on the internet for old 395's from now.
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on February 16, 2010
This tool works as expected, flawlessly. I picked up two high speed cutters for use on a custom air filter backplate. Speed variability seems like it would fit anyone's needs. The cord on it was around 3-4' long. The bits with it are nice, but if you are looking for something in particular you can probably find a more suitable one. Only complaint is that it doesn't always seem to turn on at the lowest setting. This isn't really a problem since you can turn it on higher and slow it down. I am not sure if I got one with a finicky switch or not. Regardless I would buy again.

Got it from a local dealer because I didn't want to wait for shipment, however amazon was cheaper.
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on May 12, 2011
This is the first "dremel" tool I've ever owned. I've had it for less than a year, and I've already used it to do a variety of jobs around the house -- mostly involving cutting openings in drywall. It is very durable and comes with basically one of each bit. Replacements are sold separately, like at Lowes. I've used it for lawn mower sharpening, cutting copper pipe, old-job box installs, etc.

My only issue with this tool, and it may be true for all "dremel" tools across the board, is that there is no dead-man-switch. There is absolutely no safety on this device what so ever. Imagine if your corded/cordless electric drill had a top-mounted On-switch instead of a trigger. Or your circular saw just kept whirling away if you released your hand. Now, imagine what would happen if you just happened to drop it while using it. Yeah! That's this tool! The bit spins so fast! This thing would easily go through flesh without even thinking about it. It could easily scratch and mark metal, wood, stone, plastic, anything! If you dropped it, it could easily mean the start of a very bad day!

The first time I turned it on, the bit shot out across the room because I failed to tighten it. That was my error - I admit that. My pregnant wife was in the room at the time. No one was hurt, but that could have been a very different story. I've since taken very specific actions to use gloves, glasses, muffs, and make sure anyone not needed is well out of the way. All the safety equipment and forethought aside, you could still drop it accidentally. Slips a little, you instinctually react and reach for it. The device is rather small; your hand's rather big. Boohoo for you.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't get it. I'm not saying all triggered power tools are toys by comparison. I'm just saying that this device isn't exactly Little Timmy's woodworking hobby. Be aware and take it seriously.

Overall, I give it four stars. I would give it six stars if it had a trigger interface though.
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on March 3, 2010
I have bought 3 Dremel tools over the years, and none has stood up to moderate use. Usually the speed control goes: either the tool will only run at top speed, or, in the current 300-series models, it quits altogether. Also, the ball bearings Dremel boasts about are not sealed, so they fail due to the dust from whatever you're cutting or grinding getting into them.

No other power tool is so fragile or short-lived: you can get a decent 3/8" electric drill or an angle grinder for about the same amount of money, and they'll last forever. If drills failed so easily, the customers would riot and nobody would buy the company's product. To be fair, I've had the same experience with a Ryobi rotary tool I bought about ten years ago. But it was cheap -- only about $20 -- so I didn't feel quite so shafted when it stopped working.

With the Dremel, you pay a high price for a shoddy product. If you could replace the parts that go bad, that might be bearable. It used to be that you could buy replacement parts. Of course, you couldn't just replace the ball bearings with decent sealed ones -- because you couldn't get them off the armature. You had to buy a whole new armature.

But now, you don't even have that option. Dremel has stopped making replacement parts available!

So now, when the machine packs up, that's it: your expensive Dremel is now a piece of useless disposable junk. Your investment is down the toilet. Dremel talks a big game about quality, etc., but they treat their customers with utter contempt.

As for me, I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and shell out hundreds for a Foredom or something equivalent. They're even more expensive, and they're not as easy to use for my purposes, but they have a reputation for holding up. We'll see.

I should point out that I use the tool for cutting and shaping metal, which is a purpose that is explicitly advertised for the tool, and for which attachments are made available by Dremel. Apparently, however, the dust and tiny chips produced by cutting and grinding metal get into the switch mechanism and the shielded bearings and wear them out. Using it to cut and shape wood or plastic you may not have this problem. In any case, if they used proper sealed bearings and weather-proofed the switch, that wouldn't happen.

Some commenters, who may be plants, have complained that I was using the tool for "production" work. That's not true. Over the course of about two years, I used the last one I bought for about 10 to 20 hours. That's all it took to fail. Because it failed after the guarantee period had expired, I couldn't turn it in for replacement or repair. So I'm screwed.
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on July 6, 2010
Sorry to offer negative remarks, but I was so excited to find this Dremel at a good price for my husband's birthday and disappointed at it's performance. When he first started it up, it vibrated and was so noisy he was ready to ship it back. He's had Dremel's before and always satisfied, just about wore his old one out. So don't know what the problem was, maybe just a lemon because the Dremel product has always been good. Just not this one.
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on March 24, 2010
i thought i would regret not going to the 4000 but i don't think i would notice the differnce anymore, it's small, fast and powerful. And cheaper than the 4000
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on October 8, 2010
So, it seemed like everyone and their brother had one of these, and I didn't. So I got this kit, and immediately began finding things I couldn't believe I had ever gotten done without a Dremel. Great fun, and useful. While I was still able to use the tool, my biggest gripe was that the speed control would not stay fixed once I selected a speed. I am a professional furniture and cabinetry maker, and I was using this for some relief carvings for a custom mantel. It worked well in that regard, except that I had to constantly tweak the speed setting or it would just continue to climb to maximum when I put it under any load. OK, it's not a high end tool, and I don't use it THAT much, so I accepted that aspect. Now, I can't use it at all, because the collet nut has become frozen on the spindle. Not rusted, not poorly threaded, it just won't come off, and no matter how much I hold down the little plastic collet locking button to lock the spindle so I can try to remove the nut, it just slips past whatever stop is inside the body trying to hold the spindle, and makes another half rotation to the next (futile) stop. I am not averse to some tool disassembly to fix these kinds of things -- I have had my Bosch router down to the power switch internals to fix a dust contamination problem -- but I can see no easy way to correct this. Like a few other reviewers, I fear I now own, well, not quite a piece of junk, because the cutter wheel shaft is what is stuck on there, so I can still do anything that needs this attachment. But my carving days (with this tool) are over until either I come up with some unforeseen fix, or get another (different!) Dremel.
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on December 15, 2010
use my Dremel tool when making dolls and sculpting polymer clay characters, and for those on-the-spot sanding tasks that need a Dremel tool to get into tiny areas that nothing else can reach! I also find myself grabbing my Dremel tool to drill holes in handmade ornaments and when putting together the "skeleton" structures of my handmade dolls. There is no other electrical device that can do the work a rotary tool can do!
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on September 28, 2010
The variable speed Multi-Pro is the most versatile tool in my art studio. I use it for silversmithing, wood and tagua nut carving, multi-surface polishing and engraving. I also do most of the repairs/maintenance around our house and have used many of the attachments: chainsaw sharpener, mini-saw, garden tool sharpener (awesome!) and multi-saw. I also use the work station (drill press) and a flex shaft.
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on July 28, 2011
A couple months ago I bought my third Dremel. I bought the first one 30 years ago for $15 at a flea market. It was my third power tool -circular saw, drill, Dremel. It took maybe 2 months before the Dremel became one of those "I don't know how I got along without it" tools. The first Dremel lasted 15 years before I knocked it off a bench. The second (about $35) lasted another 15 years until it died of overwork. This third has a slightly different shape, but works as well as the first two, including that "feature" of starting at a higher rpm then backing down. And this one runs at 35,000 rpm, up from 25,000. Buying through Amazon saved 1/3 the price at a local hardware store.

I have a shop full of power tools now, but the Dremel is the one I can't get along without for very long.
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