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on March 27, 2010
I paid the $39 at the dressingyourtruth website for which I was able to watch online videos and read the book "Dressing your Truth". But all the videos and book do is point you in the direction of what your clothing "type" may be. In order to actually learn how to dress for your type (color, fabric, line, etc.) you are directed to go online and buy Carol Tuttle's $297 course! In other words, I paid $39 and all I got was an advertisement for another course! I feel ripped off.
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on June 9, 2012
I bought the whole program because my sweet daughter-in-law said she was brought to tears to feel so validated when she discovered her "type." For myself, was a little tepid and skeptical, but thought I might be able to get a few pointers. It took me a little time to figure out which Type I was, but when I did, I felt a new freedom I did not know was in me. Since discovering (with their insightful direction) my Type 1-ness, I remember the day as a child that I went from being a happy, carefree Type 1 into a serious Type 2 personality. My family didn't have a lot of money and sometimes as I was walking the little path to the corner grocery store (quite a long time since they've had these : ) I watched the clouds. I loved to look at the clouds and see them morph into animals and other figures. But one day I found a fortune (a nickel) on the path and I as I deliberated over the hard question of whether to look at the clouds I loved or look at the path for money, the tight financial situation of my family won out and I left the clouds behind and looked on the path from then on. How interesting that after 50 years, that very day and incident would come to me. In addition to this, I have felt a new freedom to be fun that my husband is thrilled over : ) I read that this program changed lives, but I thought it was just talk until this happened to ME. I feel as light as a feather--thank you so much!!
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on September 13, 2010
Wow! Really disappointing book. The title is misleading... book does not teach the reader how to "dress your truth". It seems to be just a ploy to get you to the website to pay for additional online courses.
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on April 13, 2011
(SHOCKING update: DYT book "word portraits" PLAGIARIZED Callaway book "WORD PORTRAITS" (more than half of words exact match)! Examples in my review thereThe Color Connection: From a Retailer's Perspective; "word portraits" in "Dressing Your Truth" book & "It's Just My Nature" are almost the same.) I couldn't figure out why "Dressing Your Truth" was so similar to Youtube videos by John Kitchener PSC until I noticed Carol Tuttle wrote in "It's Just My Nature" about using notes from "Personal Style Consulting." (John Kitchener PSC.) She also wrote that she was originally typed by Taylore B. Sinclaire in Illuminessence. (Both are Caygill-linked.) She wrote she didn't know the origins, so I started looking...

I found "It's Just My Nature" & "Dressing Your Truth" too similar to previously published books---even WORDS, PHRASES, SENTENCES, & PARAGRAPHS.

Extremely similar books to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature" are by:

SUZANNE CAYGILL (Color: The Essence of You) & HER STUDENTS:
Angela Wright (The Beginner's Guide to Colour Psychology) &
Jane Segerstrom (Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Love It; & Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game)

The most similar personality-only books to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature" are the D-I-S-C 4 type personality books by Robert A. Rohm, PhD., such as:

Robert A. Rohm ( Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?).


Segerstrom: "my T3-ness"
Tuttle: "my 3-ness" "her Type-2ness"

Tuttle: "Type 3 with a secondary Type 4" "Type 3/4"

Segerstrom Type 1: "apple-cheeked" "sparkling eyes" "star" "heart" "pert" "fun element"
Tuttle Type 1: "apple-cheeks" "sparkle...eyes" "star" "heart" "Pert" "element of fun"

Segerstrom Type 2:"Her coloring and features are soft and blended.""low contrast""T-2's love comfort""oval..or geometrics with softened corners""soft and draped---very T-2"
Tuttle Type 2: "your physical expression is softened and blended" "low...contrast" "You like comfort" "ovals, and softened rectangles" "drapes...softly"

Segerstrom Type 4: "smooth skin...porcelain" "Faces are elongated ovals" "sculptured look" "wealthy look" "high fashion" "black panther" "swan" "penguin" "staunch" "opulent"
Tuttle Type 4 : "smooth, porcelain skin" "Face Shape: Elongated oval" "sculpted" "look of wealth" "high fashion look" "Black Panther" "Swan" "Penguin" "Staunch" "Opulent"

Wright: "sunrise...a new beginning" (Spring) "of the day...relax" (Summer) "sunset...cycle...dramatic...colors" (Autumn) "" (Winter)
Tuttle: "Sunrise...a new beginning" (Type 1) "of our daylight...relax" (Type 2) "cycles: Sunsets...dramatic color" (Type 3) "moon...night sky" (Type 4)

Caygill:"rolling hills" "babbling of brooks" "cherry blossoms" "often the life of the party" "The face...rounded---rounded cheeks, eye, nose, chin---or...heart shaped....dimples."
Tuttle Type 1:"rolling hills""Babbling brook""Cherry...tree in blossom""often the life of the party""Face shape:Circular or heart shaped."

Caygill Spring: "Frolicsome" "Vivacious" "Enchanting" "Effervescence" "dapper" "exhilarated" "Ingenious" "open-minded" "vital" "frivolous" "Crispness" "Sprightliness"
Tuttle Type 1: "Frolicsome" "Vivacious" "Enchanting" "Effervescent" "Dapper" "Exhilarating" "Ingenious" "Open-minded" "Vital" "Frivolous" "Crisp" "Sprightly"

Caygill Summer: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "Iridescent" "subtle" "Etherealness" "Exquisiteness" "Cameos" "Features are usually...oval, or elongated....long...smooth"
Tuttle Type 2: "Picturesque" "S-curve" "Iridescent" "Subtle" "Ethereal" "Exquisite" "Cameo-quality" "ovals" "elongated" "long" "smooth"

Caygill Summer: "muted....dusks....soft...blended" "walk graceful...fluid motion" "meticulous attention to detail" "fingers are tapered, long....graceful"
Tuttle Type 2: "dusk...soft and blended...muted" "graceful walk...fluid...movement" "meticulous...attention to detail" "graceful...long fingers that taper"

Caygill Autumn: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre" "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Zestful" "Swiftness" "hot" "Swiftness of line....Points...contours of a maple leaf"
Tuttle Type 3: "Resplendent" "Dashing" "Gypsy-like" "Bizarre" "Tangy" "Glowing" "Tawny" "Zesty" "Swift" "hot" "movement...swift....maple tree....shape...leaves are angular"

Caygill : "Acting and reacting" "firm of step, or quick" "chiseled features...cheek bones with triangular hollows" "features are irregular...angular...uneven"
Tuttle Type 3: "active and reactive" "step...firm plant of your feet, quick" "facial planes...chiseled edges....triangles on cheeks" "angular facial planes" "irregular" "Unevenness"

Caygill Winter:"simplicity....contemporary....sleek...modern design" "high cheek bones" "smooth...voices" "motivated toward perfection" "at home in the world of theater"
Tuttle Type 4: "interior design is what we call modern and contemporary....simple and sleek" "high cheek bones" "Voice...smooth" "tendency towards perfection" "Theatrical"

Caygill Winter: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "commanding" "abstract designs" "Icicles" "Stately" "Alluring" "stark" "gallantry" "roses...single" "fir"
Tuttle Type 4: "Suave" "Luminous" "Scintillating" "Commanding" "Abstract designs" "Icicles" "Stately" "Alluring" "Stark" "Gallant" "single...rosebud" "Noble Fir"

Rohm Type I: "brainstorming" "act before thinking" "'flake'" "wide range of friends" "do things: The fun way." "support their big ideas"
Tuttle Type 1: "brainstorming" "act before thinking" "flaky" "wide...range of friendships" "fun ways...things you want to do" "big ideas" "praise them...for their ideas"

Rohm Type S: "allow them to ask questions" "Do not be pushy." "wishy-washy" "Slow down...!" "thinks...slower"
Tuttle Type 2: "Allow them to ask questions" "Don't get pushy" "wishy-washy" "may require others to slow down" "thoughts are slower"

Rohm Type D : "Pioneering" "Thinks big" "to-the-point" "'movers and shakers'" "self-starters" "checking off...'To Do' list" "lasting results"
Tuttle Type 3: "Pioneering" "think big" "to-the-point" "Mover & shaker" "Self-starter" "check it lists" "lasting...results"

Rohm Type C: "finish whatever I start" "Point A to Point B" "self-control" "C's improve it" "color 'inside the lines.' They like knowing exactly what rules...are to be followed"
Tuttle Type 4: "finish what you start" "Point A to Point B" "Self-control" "see how it can be improved" "likes to play by the rules---to color within the lines"

Tuttle's "Caterpillar," "stay on track," "ready--fire-aim" also appears in Rohm's Positive Personality Profiles: Discover Personality Insights to Understand Yourself and Others; Tuttle's "keen eyes" matches "keen eye" in Rohm.

Similar wording has also been found between this book and Rohm authored and co-authored DISC system PARENTING books:
You've Got Style,
Personality Insights for Moms (Personality Insights for ... Series),
Different Children, Different Needs: Understanding the Unique Personality of Your Child.
(The 4 DISC types are: I="Inspiring" S="Sensitive" D="Determined" & C="Contemplative" type.)

Rohm is a PhD-level human behavior expert; Tuttle is an unlicensed EFT Tapping practitioner (NOT a psychotherapist as Amazon's Dressing Your Truth paperback page claims).

Large sections of paragraphs of type chapers of "Dressing Your Truth" are identical to "It's Just My Nature" (copy & paste). "Self-plagiarism" (copying something old and trying to re-sell it as a new product.)

Books by Suzanne Caygill and her students, Angela Wright & Jane Segerstrom, have similar: 4 types, personality profiling, body language, facial profiling, DESIGN LINES, TEXTURES, FABRICATIONS, PATTERNS, COLORS, jewelry, interior design, keywords, shapes, Yin Yang concepts etc. to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature." Rohm's DISC books have similar personality profiling to "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature." Primary/Secondary type blends system named "SIGNATURE STYLE" in Segerstrom's "Style Strategy" is similar to Primary/Secondary type blends of "Dressing Your Truth" & "It's Just My Nature."

Random House owns the copyright to "Color the Essence of You" & "Different Children, Different Needs"; Rohm owns the rest of his copyrights.

"Strikingly similar" wording proves copyright infringement.

Don't miss my close-up photo of Look Like Yourself and Love It back cover type descriptions & my review of THE CHILD WHISPERER with examples of PLAGIARISM.

Match from Belle Northrup portion in McJimsey's Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection:
McJimsey/Northrup: "Heavy lidded, almond shaped eyes"
Tuttle Type 2: "almond shape eyes...heavy lidded"

SHOCK: feedback button at the bottom of every product page to report copyright infringement law violation reading "Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Click here" is missing for this book!

Spoke with Amazon, they "can confirm have refunded in copyright violations in the past. Customers would need to ask for the refund."

**********Read my Listmania! list of Books Related To Dressing Your Truth**********
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on July 14, 2011
I wish I had read these reviews before I bought this book on the website. The entire book is about discerning your type, with no information on dressing your type. So you see, the title is totally misleading. It's like you paid $40 to get your colors done, and then they were going to charge you $300 to tell you what those colors were. Now I am going to have to spend my time trying to get my money back.
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on March 7, 2013
I really wanted to love this book, it's such a shame I can't.

This book is a duplicate of the information available in her free online course, along with a pitch to buy the course which contains actual information particular to your "type". I am so glad I got it from my library instead of shelling out $20 for it. It's very useful information, but she's giving it away free online, so this book is of absolutely no use if you've taken the online lessons. It seems to be an attempt to squeeze an additional $20 out of me, which leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth. There's a very strange, greedy energy all over this - it's very incongruous with her other work.

This book is 224 pages - The first 157 is how to figure out your type (this is the part you can get online). Page 159 - 164 is the pitch for the online members only site - for $100 you get access to only one type, by the way - so you can't help your kids or your sister, unless they happen to be your type. I guess she needs to sell 150 million of these workshops (half the population of the US), more of that grapsing, greedy mindset. Page 165 - 168 are reasons not to wait. Page 169 - 193 are "fashion myths" she is busting, such as "everyone can wear black". She does give you advice on what to wear instead of stark white and pure black in these pages. Page 197 is back to pitching. Page 202 starts 10 rules for shopping, such as "love it or leave it" (don't buy things you don't love), and "look at colors first". Who doesn't know this stuff? Page 205 starts in invitation to share this "gift to the world" with your friends. Then 3 pages of advice to teens. Then 3 pages of celebrities who are or are not dressing their truth. Page 213 - 215 is an essay exhorting us "Don't feel guilty for giving this to yourself". The manipulation is breathtaking.

Having said all that I also don't agree with her colors for my type (1), some of them are much, much too dark for my very fair coloring. I think this information works best when combined with the 12-season color system, in that system I'm a light spring. So, I'd dress in light, clear colors (and I do look good in those, if I do say so myself), and use Carol's info about haircuts, jewelry, etc.

She is pitching me her $99 dressing your truth members only website daily now, since I've taken the online course - I have zero interest in giving her another hundred dollars. Going to figure this all out on my own - there are a lot of Type 1 (or whatever your type is) Pinterest boards, blogs, etc. and I'm a smart girl.

I also receive invitations to shop at her "Dressing Your Truth store", which I think is a good concept, I'd love to shop from pre-selected things that are suitable for my style and type.

I do like her system of typing personalities, it makes it much simpler to understand my kids and other family and friends, but I can get all that info online.

She also has a book out with this info for parents called "The Child Whisperer". I think I'll be giving that a miss.

I did read her book "Remembering Wholeness" several years ago and liked that just fine, she seems to have taken a turn off the road she was on.
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on March 26, 2013
I was looking forward to learning not only about the program but also learning the program. I still have no idea which type I am. I have read the entire book and watched almost all of the free videos, only to realize that to really get much out of the system I need to put out a minimum of $99 more. For me-for now- it's a NOPE. Who's to say that once I put out another $99 (or more depending on the promotions available) that I won't be led to spend even more.
I have read this authors book "Remembering Wholeness" and learned a whole new way of thinking--it really made a difference for me. That was why I tried "Dressing Your Truth." But at this point I am not going to invest any more $ into this program.
Although I do like the ideas presented in this book, it was a let down when I realized I wasn't able to move forward. If you would consider investing in her program then by all means, buy this book, but don't buy this book thinking it might offer a lower cost shortcut.---like I did.
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on September 26, 2010
"Dressing your truth", unfortunately is a bit disappointing when you have already read her other book, "It's just my nature", which deals with the four different energy types. In "Dressing your truth", you find the same content, just with some added information. If you want to know what energy type you are, I would recommend reading "dressing your truth" because of the added information. But her latest book doesn't tell you anything about what colours, textures, hairstyles, make-up, etc you should be looking out for to dress according to your energy type. If you want to know this, you have to go to her website and sign up for her course.
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on January 8, 2011
My wife bought this book because the of the advertising on Carol's site. She was led to believe that this book might help her in choosing fashion and hair styles.

Anyway, I went through the book with her, and we both felt like it was just advertising for Carols other products, like her "Manifesting More Money" course, other books, and most prominently her "Dressing your Truth" $300 course.

I mean, come on,the title of the book is "Dressing your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile." The book does not include much information at all on choosing clothes. It does have a couple of tips on what to avoid depending on what "type" of woman you are, but no well defined fabric, colors or styles for each type. So there goes the "Dressing your Truth" portion of the title. As to the "Discover your..." portion of the title, well the only chapter that makes an attempt at helping someone see what "type" they are is 9 pages long. The rest is descriptions of the types, advertising, and fluff.

I felt like the book did not fulfill on its promise at all. It was a total bait and switch, preying on women's insecurities. And my wife feels cheated out of $40 (she bought it online like many of the other reviewers).
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on April 7, 2012
I ordered this book hoping to learn about the best colours, styles, makeup and so on for my type. But it doesn't give any of this information - instead, the book is really just an extended ad for Tuttle's $300 course! True, she does describe four types, which are clearly a blend of colour analysis and personality; Type 1 is a Spring; Type 2 a Summer; Type 3 and Autumn; and Type 4 a Winter.
The problem is, it doesn't work. Yes, color analysis is very helpful. But personality doesn't link to color at all. The colour analysis concept is very useful for helping you choose your best colours, and for a good description and method of determining these types, buy any of the Color Me ... books. Color Wonderful is another excellent book of this genre. But Ms Tuttle's offering is a rip-off. Save your money and get your colours done by a Color Analyst, and then get one of the color analysis books as a handy guide.
I feel really silly at having paid for a book that was just a long advertisement.
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