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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 5, 2013
I've owned a number of Drift cameras over the past several years, and I've always been impressed, but they keep getting better. The Drift Ghost has been redesigned to be a much smarter, and much more versatile camera -- it's really an all-in-one package that gives you all you need to shoot action video and to get unique shots that you wouldn't try with a more fragile camera. I know that most people get these for the extreme sports and action shots - and I do use this for things I couldn't get otherwise - but as an amateur videographer and documentarian I find that the Drift cameras are useful for lots of other things. They're easy to mount anywhere on just about anything and with the remote control they are extremely flexible to go places I couldn't with a camera in my hand. I've mounted them on a 12' paint pole and stuck it up and out the window of my car, for example, or raised them high over my house. I've gotten POV shots for documentary, and stuck them on the hood of my car with a suction mount to get a shot of someone driving.

The new Ghost shares a number of features with the Drift HD, which was (rather: is) already an excellent and powerful action camera. It has the same form function, the same replaceable Gorilla Glass lens cover, that can be rotated around so you can mount the camera where you need to and still get the orientation you like. They both come with a wearable wrist remote, that allows you to start and stop recording or shoot photos without needing to touch the camera. Both have an LCD screen that allows you to see what you're shooting to be sure you're getting what you want -- that's a feature that has always made the Drift cameras stand out among action cameras. Both allow you to shoot HD video, various modes; time lapse and photos. Both come with two rear covers, one that works as a secure seal against the elements, and one that allows for a USB input for charging and transferring video and an external microphone input. Both record to a micro SD card. Both come with several different mounting solutions, for securing the camera to a helmet, a motorcycle, a surf board, etc.

Here's what's new with the Ghost:

Better hardware, better lens -- The Ghost has revamped hardware, and a better lens, and as a result it shoots discernibly better -- noticeably sharper -- video, and it now does 960p in addition to 1080p, 720p and WVGA. It shoots 11MP stills and they look quite good. Another thing I really like is that now you can adjust the FOV (the "Field of View" or range of the shot) in each of the modes, from 90 degrees, to 127 or 170 degrees. The new 1700 mAH gives you over 3 hours of recording time.

Two-way remote! -- The wrist remote is much improved. It is, first of all, more responsive, and you can control the camera from nearly 30 feet away. Even better, it lets you know when the camera responds. What's really exciting with the new design is that you can enable the "Remote Pairing" option and you get feedback on the remote itself as to what mode the camera is in (green for video, yellow for photo mode, purple for time-lapse mode, cyan for photo burst mode) and you can change the mode remotely. You can pair it with one or more cameras at once - which would be especially useful for getting multiple points of view on the same action.

Much improved onboard microphone -- The audio, right out of the box, is much improved. With the older drifts the audio tended to be muffled and for decent sound you had to connect an external mike. With this one the audio is already good enough for most purposes even without an auxiliary microphone -- in fact I recorded all of the audio on the attached video using the onboard mike on the Ghost. I'm very happy with this improvement.

Redesigned case, bigger screen, waterproof -- The case is the same size as the Drift HD, but it's been redesigned, in a number of significant ways. The buttons have been moved to the side to give more space for an expanded 2" color LCD screen. There's room now to fit the full 1080p image on the screen as well as status and other indicators above and below. Another thing that makes me very happy is that this is waterproof to 3m right out of the box. If you plan to go deep, they sell a case; but for surfing and kiteboarding and kayaking and other surface water sports, this is good to go right out of the box. It also has an indicator light that shows when it's on and ready and what mode it's in and when it's recording (red).

Photoburst and simultaneous photo -- Now you can take photos while you're shooting video. Just press Menu on the camera itself or hit the Action button on the remote. The new photoburst mode is pretty excellent. It's hard to get the perfect action shot, but with this mode you can shoot up to 10 high quality (11MP) images per second, capturing a range of shots from which you can select the perfect one.

Video tagging -- this is an excellent new feature. HD video can be pretty memory intensive, and you don't really want to record everything. At the same time, sometimes something happens that's amazing and you wish you'd been recording. I had this happen a couple of months ago when I was shooting with the Drift HD720 in a waterproof case while I was floating down a river. I'd gotten a lot of underwater footage, of fish and turtles and birds (and of course my kids). But I was running out of memory, so I stopped recording, thinking I'd start up again later. Right then a river otter and its babies started swimming around us and under us, but by the time I got the camera back on and recording, they were gone. Video tagging lets you record continuously (and, as mentioned, the battery lasts for about 3 hours of recording, so it would have been fine for that trip), without filling up the memory card. At any given moment, it only saves a specified interval of video that you've selected, between 10 seconds and 5 minutes. When you realize, after the fact, that you've shot something interesting, you can "tag" the video by pressing the "Menu" button on the camera or the "Action" button on the remote. Then the camera keeps the footage recorded just before and just after you tag it. If you had it set for a 10 second interval, the camera would keep the 10 seconds before you tagged it, the current 10 seconds and then ten more seconds for good measure. This would be excellent at, say, an extreme sports event where athletes were performing the same kinds of stunts over and over, and you didn't really want to get it all but then, every once in a while, something astonishing happens and you want to be sure you don't miss it.

Wi-Fi!! -- Drift has a new connectivity app for iOS (available on the app store) and Android that allows you to change camera settings, shoot and playback directly from the a mobile device - and will also allow you to download and share content directly. This gives a range of control that's unprecedented for this type of device.

Easier firmware updates -- from time to time Drift updates the firmware on their cameras, usually in response to user feedback. They'll announce updates on their webpage or the Drift HD Facebook page, and they've always been easy to access: just drag the updated firmware onto the memory card. In the past, though, you had to go in and select an upgrade from the menu. With the Ghost, it automatically detects updates. When I'd put the new firmware on the card, and I turned it on, the Ghost immediately gave me a message that it was updating the firmware and then shut down when it was done. When I turned it on again, it was ready to go.

On the whole the new Ghost builds on the strong features of its predecessors but goes much farther to make this an extremely versatile package for a wide range of uses. This isn't just an upgrade but is a significant advance -- and as far as I can tell this one has features that no other action camera on the market shares. It's really a complete package that for many will do all they need right out of the box, without any additional accessories. (Although, I have to say if you buy one accessory the newly redesigned suction mount is pretty amazing and extremely useful.) The new Drift Ghost is an exciting camera whose potential I am just beginning to glimpse and I know I will make good use of it, and can't wait to see what other people do with it.

About the video -- I just wanted to make something quick to show the camera in action, and didn't make any effort there to cover all of the features. Most of what I say there applies both to the Drift HD and the Drift Ghost, but the Ghost is a pretty fantastic upgrade and has a lot of new features that I've outlined above. All of the footage in the video was shot with the Ghost, using either mounts that come with the camera or that Drift sells as accessories (like the fantastic suction cup mount they sell for mounting the camera on almost any smooth surface).

Note: I was given an early release sample of this product to try, with the understanding that I would post an honest and thorough review.
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on April 13, 2013
If you are like me, you have watched A LOT of those split view videos showing the GoPro VS Contour VS Ghost VS whatever. These things are expensive, so this was a tough decision. My main contenders being the GoPro Black, Contour +2, and the Drift Ghost.

On paper, the GoPro is superior but have you seen the reviews for that thing? That product appears to be a disaster in terms of firmware upgrades, battery life, and quality. I have absolutely no need for 4K or 1080P @ 60FPS. My computer would also explode if I ever tried to edit videos that large. The key advantages for the GoPro for my uses was the size and the video quality.

The Contour +2 was ruled out at the beginning because I needed a remote. The Contour +2 also didn't bring anything to the table other than the GPS feature, which was neat but not really needed for me since I track all my GPS data on my phone anyways.

I chose the Drift Ghost and couldn't be happier. It is extremely easy to use and the menu system is very intuitive. The online videos demonstrating the Ghost video quality do not do it justice. I was blown away by how good the videos looked. I didn't read any of the instructions and was off and recording videos in less than 5 minutes.

- Battery life. I absolutely needed at least 2 hours of run time. Based on the GoPro research, I would be lucky if I get 1 hour with the GoPro Black. I have been able to get 2.5+ hours with the Ghost so far. I see other reviews complaining about the battery. I have had no problems with mine after 2 months of use.

- Two-way remote, with easy to read LED lights. Unlike the GoPro which displays the modes in a little LCD screen, the Ghost has bright LEDs that light up. There is no question what it is doing if you look down at the remote. If it's blinking RED, you are recording. If it's blinking GREEN it's ready to record videos. It blinks other colors depending on the mode you are in. You can also turn off the LEDs off if you want. The key thing being: It's simple. When I am in the middle of something, I just want to glance down and quickly tell what it's doing.

-The Loop video recording feature. This one is HUGE for me. The camera is recording video all the time to memory and if something happens that you want to capture, just click the remote and it writes that last 2 minutes to disk (this can be changed to different intervals). This greatly reduces the time that is spent reviewing and editing later. When you download all your videos, you know it's all good stuff and not just hours of video that you have to sort through.

- The APP! The APP! The APP! I use the Iphone app and it works perfectly. You can also transfer your videos from the device to your phone right from the app. This has turned out to be a huge bonus. For short clips, at lower resolutions, I can quickly download it to my phone and e-mail out to my friends right then and there. You can use the phone like a viewfinder for the camera to setup your shots, and change all of the cameras settings.

- The rotating lens. Can't do this with a GoPro. I can orient this thing at crazy angles just about anywhere and always get the video in the correct orientation.

- Waterproof without having to use an external case. This is basically rain proof as-is. To make it submersible, you just unscrew the back and install the waterproof backing plate. Super easy.

- Weight. The Drift is heavier than the GoPro and you will notice it on any helmet that is not full face.

- The remote control is a bit large. I wish it was about half the size. If this was made to wear around your wrist, it would probably only look normal on the incredible hulk or over a jacket.

- Lack of mounts. There are some Drift mounts for sale that should get you what you want. The kit comes with a stick-on flat and curved mount. I bought more of these and made my own mounts. I have not found any position I cannot put this in yet - except a chest mount. You can forget about a chest mount with this, but for just about everything else it mounts great. The key to getting good videos is getting multiple angle shots and edit them together later to make an interesting video. Shooting everything from the same mounting location is rather borning IMO.
UPDATE 1/12/2014: I got the Drift GoPro Mount Adaptor for HD Cameras and now I can mount the Ghost HD using any of the many available GoPro mounts, so that lack of mounts really isnt a CON anymore.

- Low lighting sucks. You need a sufficient amount of light to get good looking videos. For example, in dark room with only one ceiling light this won't be enough. The video will be a noisy/grainy mess. You'll need adequate lighting.

- Only 170POV for 720p video. I primarily shoot at 720P and the only the POV setting is 170, which results in the fisheye videos. In order to get lower POV settings, you have to go up to 1080P, which results in huge video file sizes.

UPDATE 7/30/2013: I have been using this camera now for several months with absolutely no problems. I used this for 7 days straight, charging it using a solar charger and still got about 3 hours of battery each charge. It has been used in down pouring rain and submerged in a pond and still works fine. The only problem I have had is the little rubber USB plug cover fell off. Contacted Drift and they mailed me another one. Still a 5 star camera!!!!
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on February 1, 2013
02-01-2013... First off, I am not a review person, but since there is hardly much info on this action camera, I will tell you what I know and think. I would suggest that you download and read the complete OWNERS MANUAL for a detailed desciption of the camera and its functions. I did research all the top-of-the-line action cameras, and the GHOST was my final choice after reading and viewing the lot. I will say that expectations should be aimed at the fact that this is a small camera and not a big boy. I will update this for a while as I explore the camera.
The Drift is a product of the UK with an office in Colorado.
The camera is packaged nicely. The GHOST has a very nice rubber exterior which gives it a great feel. I got an extra Battery, Wall & 12V charger, External microphone, Handlebar mount, and extra Lens kit. I am using a sandisk 32gb class 10 micro SDHC, works super - no problems. Charged Batts - Updated firmware.
So far I have used this in low light conditions, as the weather has been overcast.
The menu system is great, as with anything else it takes time to familiarize yourself. Since I do not have iphone or eqiv., the LCD is very very nice. Just for handling and usings sake the LCD is great Shot setup, review, menu control, ect. When recording, the remote is the cats meow. It allows hands off control. It certainly lets you know what is going on by the lights. They are pretty bright and they flash.
The unit has 3 user presets. I am sure I will be using these in the future for faster control selection for different lighting conditions and set ups. I am amazed at the stil pictures. They are quite good for a little guy.
I have two computers, XP and Windows 7. The videos play immediately on windows 7, but need to be converted for XP. I read alot about picture quality and faster frame rates, this is not a full-sized big boy. The videos and still shots are good enough for this guy. It is a action cam, so the slight differences comes down to how user friendly the unit is for me. The GHOST is VERY user friendly. It looks and feels VERY NICE! So far I am extremely pleased with my selection.
Since there is no lens cap, I must find a way to protect the lens while transporting or storing. It is not glass. ( I wish it were, but it is easily replaceable ). Drift Innovations was prompt and polite responding to my questions and inquiries.
I was told the water-proof cover would be available in March 2013.
More to come.

02-17-2013 -- The external microphone stopped working - suspect microphone - Drift sent a new one immediately - turns out it was the audio circuit in the camera - while the camera was in route back to Drift, they had sent a brand new unit to me. The new unit is flawless and still the great camera that it is. The lesson here is that the customer service at Drift is also flawless and very prompt/polite. Going forward, I have the full confidence of my camera that if any future problems should arise, I know that I can expect nothing less than great and fast service.
Thank You Again Drift Innovation... On With The Show !!
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on October 8, 2013
Now the extra charger I just bought is broken after 2 charges (life is too short to become frustrated about a silly cam battery charger, but I feel it's important to share this experience for both the prospective consumer, and the manufacturer that is dumping this junk on the consumer). The connectors just fell off inside the unit. What's next with this saga with Drift? It all started with the cam only running about 15 minutes and turned off (losing what I call important footage). Had to remove and replace the battery to get it to un-freeze and recharge. Updated to latest firmware. Problem remained and after about 5 times of losing good footage, I bought another battery. Worked much better, but the problem returned in about a week. Batteries are swelling up and going bad. Contacted support, explained the story and their suggestion was that I have a bad battery - That's their response! So in following up and figuring this is just a fluke situation that will get resolved and I'm in this for the long term, I bought another battery with an external charger, the 360 degree pan unit, and a replacement lens (to have as a spare for the future). Rec'd the package in the mail. There is no lens in the box (which shows shipped on the invoice), and now after 2 charges the charger broke as mentioned above. Not even looking forward to explaining this to them. Should not have to...

-- On the positive side, the cam takes a very nice video when it's working..
(And most people seem to be having good luck with their cams, which is why I have stayed "on board", hoping my experience will improve.)

-- The Negative side, I feel their quality and/or quality control is substandard at best. Their support so far has been to give a generic excuse and not resolve the problem. Can't be satisfied with this after spending big dollars for this setup.

I have no affiliation with any cam company or any beef with Drift, just want what I paid for. We as consumers have a responsibility to not accept people from overseas to drop a cheap product on us after paying them good money. If we do nothing, this stuff will continue. Soap box mode = off.

Edited/Added: I would not have a problem with this product if their customer service dept. had made this right, but it has been over 4 months and I guess they have written this off as a good sale for them (while I feel ripped off).
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on May 28, 2013
Let me start off by saying I did a lot of research. I was looking at the GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam, and the Drift HD Ghost. I decided on the Drift because of all of the features it has. If you look on you can find a comparison video of all four of the earlier mentioned cameras. After looking at quality, reliability, and ease of use the deciding factor for buying the Drift was the built in lcd screen. I think the form factor is much better than GoPro because it is much more streamlined. Also, it is waterproof without an extra case ( as long as you have the correct rear cover attached). The remote seemed like a bonus to me at first but after obsessively playing with the Drift and testing out all the features I found the remote to be extremely useful, I do wish it was waterproof though.

The remote can change between video, picture, time lapse, and photo burst modes. It can also of course start/stop video(take a picture during video or control tagging), take a picture, start/stop time lapse, and take burst photos. I saw the GoPro remote and had a light bit of buyer's remorse for the fact that the GoPro 3 Black has better quality but looked into it found out the remote works over wifi. So an already shorter battery life would be cut down even more, extra points to the Drift for that. The wifi mode is used to connect the camera to your android or apple device( has to have front facing camera to work). I barely used the app but it does look convenient for changing settings in each mode easily and viewing what the camera sees ( image is delayed).

I recently updated the firmware and it added some more time choices for the different modes and also a car dvr feature. The car dvr mode works by turning on the camera automatically and starting to record when it is powered by usb and the car is turned on. It turns off after the car is turned off, not sure on how long after the car is shut off that the camera will turn off.

I have charged and drained the battery three times and I have not seen an issue yet with battery life. I was able to record for 2 hours and 50 minutes but the videos were split into 30 minute increments. I contacted Drift about this through their website and got a response in less than 12 hours. They told me that all sd cards do that when they reach 4gb which was 30 minutes (recording in 1080p 170fov).

The video quality is quite good but is beat out by the GoPro 3 Black. The images are great and I am used to my DSLR(Canon t3i). Overall it is a great product and I look forward to testing it out more. I will try to update this review as I find out more. If you have a question that can only be answered by a Drift HD Ghost owner please post it in the comments section of this review, don't ask me stuff you can find out by looking at the specs or reading the manual, thanks.
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on May 20, 2013
I looked long and hard for a camera with all the features I wanted and this is it. The designer has thought of everything! It is as if someone built himself his dream camera and then made it available to the rest of us.

Things I like:

1. External power option. You can leave this running all day. (Well, about 4 1/2 hours of video at which point your 32GB SD card will be full. But not for lack of power.)

2. Continuous snapshot mode. About 95 high-resolution photos per minute, as long as your power holds out. The setting is 2 pictures per second, which would be 120 a minute, but it doesn't quite make it, even with a Class 10 SD card.

As for battery life, I've recorded 2 hours 44 minutes nonstop video, or 3 hours 6 minutes in continuous snapshot mode. That's more than 18,000 pictures!

My complaints are VERY minor:

1. The LEDs on the remote flash rather slowly. You have to stare at it a while to confirm what mode the camera is in. This can be dangerous if you are moving -- driving, skiing, biking, whatever.

2. Occasionally it just stops recording for no apparent reason. This may be seconds after you start, or several minutes later. So you have to keep an eye on the remote status light to be sure it is still recording.

3. Once it locked up and became non-responsive, either to the remote or the control buttons. It was stuck with a green light on which usually means taking snapshots. I had been recording video when it locked. I had to unclip it from my helmet, open it up, and remove the battery to force it to reboot. Fortunately this "hard shut-down" did not corrupt my flash card.

4. There is a clip included that you can thread through a strap or something to hold the camera. The plastic is so thin that it broke in a few weeks. I couldn't find a replacement on the Ghost web site.

5. It advertises 170 degrees field of view, but that must be a diagonal measure like TVs and monitors, because I get only a little over 90 degrees, maybe 110 or so.
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on October 10, 2013
I'm in love with my HD Ghost camera.

I got this as a birthday present after months of tremendous frustration with both my GoPro Hero 3 and my Contour. Long story short, I had a lot of problems with the GoPro Hero (namely, battery life - mine would crap out after 30 MINUTES! Seriously! I assumed this was a factory defect so the rest of my frustrations stemmed from attempting to deal with GoPro's nonexistent customer service. My other issue was with the firmware). I was upset and decided I no longer wanted to use GoPro products. I had a Contour and it was fine for many things but not all, and they apparently went out of business so that's not going to help me in the long run. My friend bought me an HD Ghost to make up for the GoPro and I absolutely love it.

First, I love the design. It's a sleek little bullet-looking camera. I'm a sucker for looks, and I think the HD Ghost is a beauty, unlike the box-y GoPro. It doesn't look like any other camera out there. The package it came in was really awesome. Reminded me of Apple products. And above all, it came with everything! The whole camera comes with most of the accessories that you need (helmet and goggle mount, remote control). The only thing I've purchased that is extra is a shoulder mount.

The HD Ghost and the Hero 3 basically have the exact same specs and IMO, they shoot the same quality video. What the HD Ghost has that is better is a significantly longer battery life. I'm talking almost three times as long as my Hero. I haven't had to purchase extra batteries for backup like I did with my Hero. I also really like the fisheye lens. It makes for some cool videos. The remote control is also a godsend. I use it almost exclusively (rarely do I push the buttons on the camera). The best thing about the remote is that the lights light up the same color as the camera (e.g. when you film, it goes red on both the remote and the camera) so you can make sure it really is filming. The iPhone/iPad app has been smooth sailing so far. Oh, and the camera is waterproof and I've definitely gotten it wet.

There are other little things that are great about the camera (I like having the screen built-in so I can see what I film) but a lot of it is simply personal preference. I do think there are qualities about the HD Ghost that make it superior to some of the other cameras, but for the most part, it's whether you want elements like the remote control, the screen, the accessories, etc. I found it to be a cost-saver because it came with what I needed and I didn't have to buy extra battery.

Note: I use action cameras mainly for biking (motorcycles and bicycles), surfing and some skating, so this review is based on those activities. I also use it for non sports videos.
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on May 19, 2013
I know a lot of people with these cameras, and as part of my selection process, I tested out my friends Contours, Go Pros, and Drift HDs. In the end the Drift HD Ghost is a standout product with superior functionality and video quality.

Why I think it's the best:
1) Excellent picture quality captures more detail than the competition. I found this camera to capture more detail than every camera except the Go Pro Hero 3 Black. It certainly eclipses the Contour and is a lot better than the Drift HD 1080 (which actually produces a blurry picture at the edges). The detail is exquisite, and you can read street signs, see leaves, see details in the shade which most other cameras miss. It is on par with the Go Pro Black Hero 3 in terms of detail.
2) Color Accuracy. This camera beats all others in Color Accuracy. The entry level Drift HD is too vivid and has a bit of yellow to it. The Go Pro has a slight sepia tone. And the Contour is actually pretty good, but again a little artificial and too vivid. The color accuracy of the Ghost HD is superb.
3) Remote control - two way remote is fantastic. You always know what the camera is doing so you never miss anything. Also you can use the remote to switch between video, timelapse and photoburst modes enabling a level of flexibility in use other cameras cannot match. The remote is also easy to use without looking at it which makes it perfect for control while driving. Also it is much better than pairing with a smartphone because you can strap the remote to your wrist. Smartphones are clunky and require taking your eye of the wheel.
4) In built screen. Such an obvious feature. Makes a ton of sense for aligning the camera and also doing playback. I can't believe Go Pro and Contour don't offer this.
5) Wifi and App pairing is really easy. Because the phone is acting as a hub rather than client, this pairing process is very easy, and the app is pretty cool. although I prefer to use the remote and the screen on the camera.
6) Immense battery life - crushes competition. I haven't had any issues with the battery - it lasted 3 hours of continuous shooting for me.

What could be better:
1) They should include the waterproof case.
2) Doesn't include much mounting hardware. Had to buy my own suction cup mount because it wasn't included. Neither is a visor mount or a helmet mount.
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on May 21, 2014
I am a professional photographer and I have had my eye on "Action Cameras" since GoPro hit the market years ago. However, the bad reviews forced me to wait it out. I'm glad I didn't just jump on the wagon with the most popular cam. Had I, I would have overlooked Drift Innovations and the Drift HD Ghost.

I admit that upon ordering this camera, I was fully prepared to send it back at the slightest sign of defect. Luckily, it didn't go that way. I followed the user guide (online) word for word for the initial charging and setup. I will caution that the battery on the Drift HD needs to be trained prior to use, like ALL Lithium-Ion batteries. In other words, don't get so impatient that you decide to power up the device before it has fully charged for the first time. If you do, expect inferior battery performance for the remainder of the battery's life.

Battery Life: Yes, this camera has on-board wifi and an on-board LCD screen. The more you utilize these two added features, the quicker your battery will drain. I'm pretty sure neither of these features were meant to be used for "Live Viewing" but more for setting up your shot and transferring/sharing files. Over all, using the power saving features of this device will give you about 3 hours of consistent recording at the highest resolution. (1080p)

Image Quality: I use a Canon 5DMKII with L series lenses when I am on assignment. The Drift HD Ghost doesn't come close to the clarity of a full frame DSLR...nor should one expect it to. It seems to me that any complaint about video/image quality comes from a misunderstanding about the technology. If you're expecting this camera to shoot on par with the much larger cameras, I'd suggest waiting for 10 or 15 years. The quality of the image is a direct result of the size of the processor and being that this camera is small...well, you get the idea.

WiFi: Honestly, this was the selling factor, and after all of the negative reviews pertaining to this feature, I almost didn't purchase this camera...but I took a chance. After powering up the camera for the first time, I downloaded and installed the latest version of firmware and then downloaded/installed the Android app onto my Samsung Galaxy S3. It started right up and found the camera, however it kept dropping the connection. I'm thinking it's an issue with interference. I then downloaded the Apple app onto an Apple iPod Touch (4th Gen). It works flawlessly. No issues what-so-ever. The image quality is weak, but the idea is that you can use your smart device to set up your shot without having to take your helmet off. Plus, the app can be used to download and share images instantly via your smart device. I really like this feature.

OVERALL: For the price and for the features I couldn't be more pleased with the Drift HD Ghost. As a professional image maker, I understand where technology is right now and what it is capable of and not capable of. For the package, this camera is just awesome.
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on July 17, 2013
I purchased this camera primarily for deer hunting, I also mount it on my truck, Motorcycle, Shotgun. I home brewed a head strap so I can mounted on the side of my head for hunting, Batting cage, and Driving range so you can check on you swing. I gave this camera a 5 star and it's all due to its remote control, You don't have to check the camera to see if your recording or not. Less movement means more deer. And yes you can turn the sound off and go on silent mode. Thanks for reading.
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