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on October 4, 2009
Watched this movie last night and thought it was okay. Not much gore, not as violent as I imagined it might be. In both Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and this rendition, I was disappointed that the writers pandered to the mainstream and left out the glaring fact that Ottis was homosexual and Henry & him were "lovers" of sorts in the true story.
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on April 16, 2012
Henry ( Antonio Sabato Jr.) is in custody of the Texas Rangers and is treated like royalty as he confesses to many crimes seen as flashbacks. Raised by an abusive mother and living dirt poor all his life, Henry embarks on a killing spree unlike anything in history. Henry teams up with Ottis (Kostas Sommer) as they are a natural pair. Henry is a necrophilia, because women talk too much. Ottis is a cannibal. He has sex with the women while they are alive. They kill the girl, then it is Henry's turn. Ottis then eats her..."She ain't a girl, she's just juicy white meat."

I enjoyed the 50's style soundtrack and theme song. The movie is not extremely graphic. The acting was fairly decent with Becky (Kelly Curran) having an accent and lines bordering on camp. The plot moves slow so as to develop Henry's character. Think of this slasher film as "Natural Born Killers" light.

F-bomb, sex, rape-like scenes, necrophilia, no nudity.
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on September 6, 2009
I've seen almost all the movies about serial killers including the very disturbing Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Drifter is pure fluff, made for TV crap! Just look at the cast of pretty people including and starring ex-soap opera star Antonio Sabato, Jr. This movie is not scary, gorey or dark like most serial killer movies should be; it's just plain cheesy and lame. I would give it zero stars but I don't think that's possible. Be warned.
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on December 14, 2011
While nowhere near as good as the fictionalized Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, this film is much, much more based on fact than the other film. Sobato playing Lucas is excellent, i originally thought he would not be up to it, boy was i wrong, this guy really committed to the role, even mimicking Henry's backwoods speech pattern & he even looks just like Henry after his capture, Kostas playing Otis Toole was great also, Otis was a real sick-o & Kostas does him justice. The film is really low budget, which is it's main downfall, though director Mike Fiefer has done a few of these killer flicks & he more than makes up for it. The kills are not that graphic or gory. Overall, fairly good killer film, really nice to finally see a "true" re-telling of the Henry and Otis story.
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on October 11, 2015
It's was less than ok. I still don't know, from this movie, how many people he killed. The acting was sub-par and some scenes were ridiculous - like taking a serial killer to get a milk shake because he's been so cooperative. IF that really happened, then that sheriff should have been fired! The back story of his life as a child was compelling - but the quality of the movie and the acting make you wonder how much o that is true. "A Portrait of a Serial Killer..." is better. I think I will read a non-fiction book about Lucas to get ALL of the REAL story
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on December 16, 2013
This is one of the worst movies ever made. The acting is not up to the average high school play. Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole were terrible people and their story would be of interest but this is just total crap.
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on March 6, 2011
I purchased this movie after having researched these two killers and was impressed at the accuracy in which Henry Lee Lucas at least was portrayed. The movie itself was not gory but does get the point across as to how vicious and sadistic these two psycos were. Totally callous to their victims and very brutal in their rapes. These men were definetely better off dead which they both are now. Ottis Toole died in prison in 1998 and Lucas in 2001. This movie will show you how the mind of a true psycopath works.
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on June 21, 2014
Henry Lee Lucas and his sidekick Otis were weird creeps, on the verge of retardation. This film didn't depict anything close to them, their crime sprees, sexual antics or demeanor. In reality, these guys made Jeffery Dahmer look like a boy scout. A waste of time to watch.
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on September 9, 2015
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas, 2009 film

It starts in the dusty southwest, a man drives a car to a deserted place with a young woman. Its not what you expect! Its back to 1981, two men and a woman drive in the dark to see a movie. People watch the screen and not other people. [Believable?] They return with another woman. Her screams are futile. Next its San Antonio Texas, the police have a prisoner. Henry doesn’t like “live ones”, they talk too much! Henry likes milk shakes. He talks about past murders to the Sheriff and a news reporter. It began back in West Virginia. His mother entertains a male visitor. [Absent father.] His mother humiliated him with school clothes. The family is poor. The parents argue, his father lost a leg in a railroad accident. [Do they know what creates serial murderers?]

Henry talks about his past murders. [This seems like sensationalism. Was this possible in a small rural village?] He serves his first sentence digging ditches. [Hard labor.] When he returns home he confronts his mother. Its ten years for second degree murder. He tries suicide in prison. He is given electroshock therapy. [Does this work?] He is not “compliant” [a form of torture?]. He will go back to prison and then be paroled. He met a man in a soup kitchen. The travel together and commit murders. They didn’t get caught - there were no policemen around. They pick up a female hitchhiker who pays for her ride. More than she expected? A District Attorney arrives to straighten out Henry’s confessions. Was he elsewhere?

The DA is escorted out of the jail (a non-believer in guilt). There is a flashback to an earlier time. He argues with his girlfriend and takes her for a ride. Henry keeps a hunting knife in his glovebox. “What did he do with her body?” He chopped her up into small pieces and buried them all over Texas. [Is he insane or just faking it?] In 1996 Henry was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. His sentence was commuted to life in prison by Governor George W. Bush. Henry died in 2001 from heart failure.

After the end credits they say this story is fictional and any similarity to any real person or event is coincidental! That is a legal way to avoid any civil suits for any reason. If there is a book on Henry Lee Lucas and his crimes it will have more information. What if it depends on Henry’s self-serving statements? How accurate will it be? I wonder about all those young women being hitchhikers. Overall, this movie lacks any “redeeming social value”. You can compare it to other movies about serial murderers, such as “Citizen X”. Or you could read a book about Dr. H. H. Holmes in Chicago. Their lesson is to beware of any stranger who wants to help you. But some will choose to be fooled with promises.
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on August 11, 2010
I will openly admit I watch too many of both the cheesy fake horror movies (Friday the 13th, etc) and these "based on real life" horror movies. But on occasion you can find a decent small film amongst them ("THE GRAY MAN" about Albert Fish was pretty decent) and it isn't as if the glut of high profile, big budget films have had much to offer recently. I guess from the cover and the casting of Antonio Sabato Jr as Henry I should've realized right away how bad this would be, but sometimes that can be funny. Might have been funny had they not been so studiously serious about it.

So Sabato Jr is not only too good looking (despite sad attempts to make him deformed), he's just not convincing as a liar/killer etc. But then again nobody else is either. Everyone is bad in this movie and the dialogue is so poorly written. The accents are laughable. Some of the footage looks like it was shot on someone's personal video and not in a deliberate "BLAIR WITCH" kind of way, more in a look at my family's attempt to be funny home video way.

Anyway, as I had already paid for the rental I went ahead and sat through it, but it required a Chimay Belgium Beer for me to do so. Anyway, beer was good. Movie was bad. Save yourself some time and rent/buy something else, anything else.

But if you really want to see a real life serial killer movie these would be my suggestions:
THE GRAY MAN - about Albert Fish was disturbing, though not gory from slasher movie perspective, it was well performed and written. and the guy that plays Albert Fish looks like him (a bit better looking and taller, but the resemblance is there).

Of the Bundy film library, for me, it will always be Mark Harmon who best portrayed him in "THE DELIBERATE STRANGER" but Ann Rule's "The STRANGER BESIDE ME" and Billy Campbell are pretty good (the book is better).

And the grand daddy of real life murder movies (though not serial killer), "HELTER SKELTER" (1976) - The original is my personal choice (the remake is okay). The book is dryer, but a great book. The film is good and the actor that plays him really is disturbingly like Manson in his portrayal.

There are also some larger scale productions that are pretty good: THE ZODIAC, PSYCHO (1960 - very loosely based on Ed Gein), and MONSTER(Aileen Wuornos).

But this movie is badly made and honestly pretty boring. I understand HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A KILLER is better.
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