Dual Voltage Can anyone tell me please if the 2'' straightener comes with dual voltage. If not, what model could I purchase that comes with dual voltage? With the same characteristics. 110V and 220V.
asked by jvargasascanio on September 20, 2011
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mine is S8000I (I think) which I saw it's listed 120v240v , so I guess it's dual, I called the sales dept and they said if it's S80001 it's not dual, if it's S8000I it is! I told them that was too stupid to differentiate the two with the "1" and the "I " , because I simply can't tell what it was !
mini answered on October 11, 2011

i also just purchased a straightener and it turned out to be 110v which was of no use to me and ofcourse it didnt work in the country i live in .it would be nice if such information would be displayed along with the product review .a lesson to learn .
Krisleen K. M answered on May 19, 2012

This one is dual voltage or not?
truelies answered on March 26, 2012

I just bought this straghtner and I don't know if it's dual voltage!!!!! Do you know it?
N. maskin answered on March 19, 2012
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