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on April 19, 2012
I just put this into my wife's car the other day. So far it is doing awesome.

The guy complaining about poor/low sound clearly did not connect it properly, mine will very easily get louder than you want to be in the car with, running stock speakers. I haven't checked everything on it out, but the radio and SD Card players work excellent. It reads ID3 tags better than most radios in this price range (it actually displays album, artist, track name, etc). Looks nice, a really good blue that's not too bright or too dim. The faceplate feels pretty solid to me but the volume control does feel like something you could snap off if you had a good grip on it and hit a big bump. The obvious solution to that is to not mess with the knob on a bumpy road (there is a remote anyway).

They sell these at my local auto parts store for $80.

I have no complaints at all so far, and I'll update this if anything goes wrong. I'm tentatively calling this the best stereo you can get for under $60, and I'm buying another one for my truck.

Also, a very cool feature that makes this stand out from other "cheap" stereos is that it remembers where you were in a track when you turn the car off. So instead of it restarting whatever track you were listening to back at the beginning (as most cheap stereos do), this picks up where you left off. Absolutely vital if you listen to long tracks like audio books. It will also fast-forward and rewind within tracks.
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on June 19, 2013
I love this stereo. It has all the features I was looking for at a price I could't pass up. The unit has worked flawlessly now for almost a year now, I purchased it in Aug 2012 and it is now June 2013. If you want a media unit with CD you should definitely pick this up. The SD card slot works perfectly for long trips 800+ songs currently in rotation on mine right now. The ability to play all those CD's hanging out in the old cases is awesome. It also allows for USB jump drive playback via the front USB port, however I only use that for charging my cell phone and it does that very well. I would recommend this unit to anyone needing a budget stereo with a lot of great features.
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on May 24, 2013
I live on a boat and my last player just spent too many years subject to moisure and the salt air. I had to match up all the wires in the bus with my old wire system because I have an extensive booster and speaker system on my boat. I crossed my fingers after connecting what seemed like endless wires and everything worked perfect. I'm a 60-year old woman and no electrician so that should make most buyers understand that it is pretty straighforward for setup and installation. I really like the USB and SD card features. Great purchase.
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on July 4, 2013
If this was a $200 unit, it wouldn't rate higher than three stars. There are a few things Dual could have done better. But for around $50, those few things seem like very minor items.

The display is both too busy and too dim, making it almost impossible to read during the day. The SD card slot is behind the removable faceplate, probably because the very busy display didn't give them anywhere else to put it. Sound quality is acceptable, but would have been disappointing in a top of the line unit. To be fair, that is probably just as much from the fifteen year old factory speakers as from the unit. Home made "mix" CD's occasionally have problems, and it's not terribly forgiving of scratches and smudges on any CD.

Those minor items are far outweighed by the positive features.

First, the price. If price was not an object, you wouldn't be reading this review in the first place. Under fifty bucks is hard to beat for a car CD player.

Next, the features. Yes, the SD card is apparently somewhat limited. I say "apparently" as I haven't had any reason to bother with it. The USB connection is convenient, and it plays commercially made CDs well as long as they're in good condition.

Radio reception is acceptable, even though I live about fifty miles from most of the larger radio transmitters. FM seems better than AM, but unless your hobby is trying to pick up AM radio stations from the "skip", it should be fine.

Installation was relatively easy. I wish someone would standardize the connectors on these things, and if you have trouble with color perception (as I do), you'll need a friend who can identify the wires. It would have been nice had they labeled the wires, but the instructions were clear.

Overall, it makes music, tunes in radio stations, has enough power so that you don't get clipping at normal listening levels, and is, in general, a pretty good car stereo.

Which makes it a great value for fifty bucks.
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on March 6, 2012
i really like this cd player.easy worth 100 bucks. cool colors,easy to use..the usb ipod connector on the front of the faceplate is sweet, havent needed one cd. thanks dual, and amazon.
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on August 13, 2013
I replaced my 1999 Expedition XLT original stereo with this model and so far it has been a good for the money item. It definitely is not top of the line but it does the job using the stock speakers. If you are looking for power then this is not the stereo for you but if all you need is good sound from a CD, MP3 player, or USB drive then it is enough. It also charges a device battery that uses the USB port. I do not use the RCA jacks so I do not know how it would sound using an amplifier, sub woofer or higher end speakers. It also matched up perfect using the Metra 70-1771 harness adapter to the wiring harness coming from my Expedition, just plug and it's ready to go. You may also need to use a Stereo Face Plate Kit to cover the area left by the original stereo.
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on February 8, 2013
My feature wishlist was simple - I thought.

I wanted a single DIN mp3 deck with USB and an SD slot for more permanent storage. I didn't care if it could play CDs or not. I was willing to pay up to $200 for such a head unit. First thing I noticed? Not one single big name company (Alpine, Clarion, Pioneer, Sony, Kennwood, etc) has a single DIN unit with these features... at least none that I could find here on Amazon.

I read every single review for this DUAL head unit and I still had mixed feelings. But the price was so low that I thought, "just give it a shot". I wired up the harness and shrink-tubed the wires, went outside and plugged it into my Honda and wow. The sound quality was great. I expected it to sound like a tin can or something based on other reviews. It sounded perfect. I ran inside and grabbed a USB stick. I popped it in and it began playing IMMEDIATELY. My other off brand deck in another car has to enumerate all the files on the USB stick. This can take up to 30 seconds. The DUAL was off and running. Displaying the title, then the artist, then album then elapsed time.

I'd definitely recommend this to someone like me. I drive about 40 minutes to work every weekday morning. I could care less about having a "system" in my car. I just want good full spectrum sound. I could care less that the words Alpine aren't silk screened on my radio.

I gave this unit 4 stars because I have 2 gripes. 1. There doesn't seem to be a button to advance to the next folder on my USB stick. If I have 300 songs, the best I can do is hit +10/-10 a few times and just guess what folder I'm in based on what song I hear. 2. The display is almost completely unreadable in sunlight. I didn't see any sort of option in the setup screens for display contrast. My morning commute is typically dark so the blue light is beautiful. My trip home is in the afternoon so I can't read it. I could probably put some sort of hood over it and it would be okay.

Otherwise, good little radio.

EDIT: Just used the SD card feature. It looks like it only supports around 450 songs. I'm using an 8gig card... thank goodness I didn't waste money on a 32gig. I'm a little surprised that in this day and age we still have tech limitations like this. I'm pulling down a star for that one.
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on July 21, 2013
All I wanted was a cheap working radio, the radio works well. I haven't tried the other features. So far my only dislike is that the screen CANNOT be seen during the day. At night it's readable, and there is no way to brighten it for daytime use.
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on January 17, 2014
I have a Chevy Cavalier, and it's a pain in the #$%$# to switch out the stock radio, due to the fact that you have to completely unbolt the dash and instrument panel. So imagine my disappointment when I disassembled the dash, hooked up the new harness I'd soldered painstakingly, then couldn't get the face plate to illuminate. So I gave up, even thought I was SO close, and took it to a professional installer. $65 later, the radio is installed....and it SUCKS. The sound is tinny, the lights are garish and overly bright at night and dim during the day. The unit will not play music from my phone via the USB cord. The clock is only displayed when you touch the clock button. Even then, it is displayed for a few seconds. The CD is worthless. I debated long and hard whether to even get a CD player, and this one won't play CD-Rs. It says there is "no disc." In short, I wish I'd spend $30 more and gotten something legit, with better sound, a useful CD player, and more aesthetically pleasing. I'm still torn....I may just have to rip open the dash and send this beast back. Don't bother unless you truly don't care about sound quality.
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on January 30, 2014
Haven't really had enough experience to comment on the sound quality, ease of use (or lack thereof), or durability. Did want to make a few comments:

The player is a high gloss black--looks a little out of place on my matte black dash.

It also protrudes from the dash, even a little further than just from the detachable front panel (using the sleeve in a Metra mount), again, quite different from the original situation.

The last might, or might not, be a comment only for the 'Metra 99-7898 Dash Kit.' None of the holes lined up, so I had to expand and drill to get a couple of screws in each side (and they all left the screws sitting on two levels due to the structure of the pieces). The other option, using the tabs on the Dual sleeve, required thinning out the frame kit to be able to fold enough of the tabs over sufficiently to get a reasonable grip (the tabs might have been sufficient, but I go all belt and suspenders when I install something in a car that could loosen up on me, or that'll be a pain to take out and fix later). In my case, I probably would have been better off just re-drilling the original (metal) Honda mounts and adapting the original dash pocket, assuming I could buy or build a frame to fill the space.

Sounded pretty good when it first went in, but after a week or two, it would only receive very strong stations without static. As it seemed to be getting steadily worse, we sent it back. Also have to agree that the display is virtually impossible to read during the day.
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