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on February 14, 2012
Dungeon Hunter Alliance is a sequel to the iPhone game and takes place in the fantasy land of Gothicus.The story is simple, you're a recently resurrected King who has been brought back to fight an evil queen, saving the land from her tyrannical grip. The story doesn't really develop any deeper than that. You start off by picking your class, between a Mage, Rogue, or Warrior. You then name your character and start with your first dungeon. The controls are fairly straightforward and easy to use. Combat is simple and plentiful. You'll earn XP clearing out dungeons and completing quests. As you level up, you'll spend your points on four main character traits; Strength, dexterity, endurance and energy. You can further put points into skills to improve your combat skills. Enemies will drop items for you to pick up and resell. You can use this gold to purchase better weapons and armor.
The graphics are okay. After playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and wipEout 2048, I felt that this game didn't utilize the Vita's graphical capabilities as well as it could have. Don't expect much detail in the environments or characters. Sometimes when there's a lot of action going on there's a little bit of a slow down. The camera occasionally seems to go out of focus and the screen becomes blurry, this didn't happen with much frequency though.
You can play online with others (co-op), which adds to the experience a little bit. Clearing out dungeons with others and doing quests together helps make this RPG fun. You can have a band of adventurers running around killing an onslaught of enemies over and over again. The problem with this game is it feels dated. It's very easy to fall into the endless cycle of kill, loot, sell, level up, repeat. This makes replayability low, and some may find playing through this once difficult enough.
Overall this won't be one of the best RPG/Hack'n'Slash titles to be available for the Vita, but it is adequate. Avid RPG/Hack'n'Slash fans like me will mostly enjoy this game, casual players might want to avoid this. A solid three out of five stars.
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on February 27, 2012
Most people will not find this review helpful, because let's face it, the game is 99 cents for the iPhone(Or was) and anywhere from 6.99 to 14.99 on Playstation Network, depending on when you got it and if you were a plus subscriber.

But let's get down to business, Dungeon Hunter Alliance plays JUST like the other games, however you can use the touchscreen to navigate the menus, and you double click the screen to use the Fairy spell. You also pinch the screen to expand or shrink it, which is a cool feature.

Multiplayer is still a lot of fun, playing 4 player co-op is just as fun as on the PS3. However, be warned, there is NO cross play at the time of the review. I can understand not allowing remote play for the game, because there would be no point of buying this game, however being able to play with other PS3 users would give people a lot more to play for. And it would make single player muling possible, on the PS3 you could simply have another player jump in. On the Vita you need a friend playing with you.

Still, this is the only hack and slash game available for the Playstation Vita right now, and unless you plan on visiting your PSP Library of games, it's worth a look, try the demo and see how you like it first, however it's worth it to me. Most others will wait until it's 20 bucks.

There is also a platnium trophy, and a lot of easy trophies to get.
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on May 24, 2012
I've seen comments about the price. That's the reason I bought this game only recently: after I looked into the iPhone4 versions.

The 1st and most important reason I bought this one is because of the gaming. On Apple platform, this game is just another type of CastleAge or CastleVille -- you got the game at cheap price, but you have to pay for most equipment, pay real bucks for the diamonds, which in my case, not worth its cheap game price.

Then the map on Apple is not as big as it looks like on PSV. In some versions they even have a quest list -- totally text based, you just choose 1 quest and it teleports you directly to the small quest map -- so boring for me. Another major reason I buy this one on PSV, much more typical ARPG without further investment after you buy the game.

I don't know how the graphics looks like on iPad, but on iPhone it's worse - not bad, but worse. This could be another reason you buy this one with much higher price. But beware, the graphics is still far from the best you can expect on PSV, although it's quite OK for me.

So overalls this is a good game to play - the story is also interesting. I take away 1 star because of its texture resolution - kind of fuzzy when zoomed in, obviously could support better resolution, as well as some lag happens occasionally: seems like the game is reading from flash.

Hope this brings you a fair comment on this game.
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on February 18, 2013
online play is pretty fun. you can somewhat customize your character, and continuously upgrade your weapons. haven't tried meeting up with friends yet, but i think you can control that option as well.
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on February 27, 2012
This game is fun..with Diablo-esque game-play. Others have complained about this game being inaccurate in control but I have not seen that issue. If you like the game style, this one is worth trying. My only complaint is that you can buy this on the PS3 for like $12 and it's still $40 on the Vita..still I wanted an action RPG and this is the only one on Vita so I picked it up and I am enjoying it.
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on April 8, 2012
The Vita has a pretty limited selection of games at the moment. This game was one of the most attractive to me, however. I own the PS3 version, and had a lot of fun with it. This one is the same game, with some added tweaks. Don't expect anything more as far as story! The quests and main plot are all the same. They did add several new features when it comes to game play, however. You have more control over the faeries, and they made good use of the touch capabilities of the Vita. It also seems that this version has WAY more trophies. For players that want to pad their trophy catalog, I suppose this'd be a good place to invest your money (in a few hours time, I think I racked up between 10 and 15...)

I noticed that this game has been receiving a lot of poor reviews, and I'm surprised by this. DH:A is a dungeon crawl. You kill lots of things, and get lots of loot. Lather-rinse-repeat. In fact, it does a pretty good job at doing it's job. If you enjoy these sorts of games (Diablo, Torchlight, Dungeon Siege, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, etc...) you should be right at home here.

As far as technical aspects, the game fits the bill just fine. Play control is fluid, and sound/graphics, while not cutting edge, are perfectly serviceable. Again, I like how they added in some additional controls with the Vita's touch screen/rear touch panel, and how they added some additional game play features.

The only criticism that I really have is that it has a rather steep price tag, especially considering that the original version was less than half the cost (I think I paid $10 or so when it was on sale with my PlayStation Plus membership.) This game is a lot of fun, and I find that it's worth what I paid. It's very nice to have this one available while on-the-go!

**Edit: I recently compared the PS Vita game to the PS3 version, and this one actually seems to run more smoothly. The PS3 version has a fair amount of stuttering and lag, while this one doesn't. I don't think it's 3x better, but it is something,.
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on January 11, 2015
If you like Diablo, Dungeon hunter is very very similar to the gameplay aspect. Obviously a smaller scale on features and graphics than the Diablo III engine. I started playing it after Diablo III and felt very comfortable with the gameplay and controls. I like Diablo III story better, but Diablo is geared for a larger console so I suppose it's all relative.
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on May 23, 2012
Ill make it short and sweet. People say its a diablo clone, well last i checked Diablo is an awesome game so if its going to be a clone of something id rather it be of something really good. But clone talk aside, most hack n slashers stick to a similar formula, so whether its Diablo, Champions of Norrath, console Baldurs Gates, Dungeon Siege, it doesnt matter...this genre has the same feel.

If youre a fan of hack n slashers, get this game asap. I have no idea about really any of its former releases on pads or what not, but i dont really care either because a game that is played on "real controls" like the vitas analogs is priceless to me. So for 40 bucks, youre getting a game that is meant to be played with this type of control setup.

The game is pretty huge, especially if you plan to tackle all the trophies but the beauty is that each class feels unique, and fun. And there is a ton, and i mean a ton of loot to be had in this game. I definitely feel its well worth the money, sure maybe 30 bucks is a better price point but isnt that the case with most games? So whether you get it for the listed price or find a better deal, its a great game, and a good time...well worth it.

The only drawback is the occasional framerate stutter, and thats the only reason im giving it 4 stars. Its not by any means game breaking, its just a shame to see is all since the rest of the game is really awesome.

Great game, great purchase...and a must own for fans of this genre.
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on March 16, 2012
Let me be straight about this. The PS Vita is amazing. This game is also amazing fun but it doesn't use all of your PS Vita's capabilities. How so? Well it is a top down dungeon crawler essentially and while it performs at over 100% of previous PSPs (all of them) we expected more for the Vita. I for one am completely satisfied and happy with my purchase of this title. I got the card version so it stays in my Vita..waiting for me to plunge into the next dungeon.. But I do understand some people's issues with the title.. but understand that those people probably have the same opion of similar titles, which I also enjoyed,.. like..Untold Legends.. very similar but this game DOES have many pluses that Untold Legends couldn't match on their older hardware. If you love a good dungeon crawl and enjoy those graphics then this is the game for you.. Its plenty hard as you progress and there's lots to do. The DL should be a bit cheaper though.
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on February 23, 2014
I played about an hour of this game so far and I am loving it , its so much fun , its a dungeon crawler and leveling up your character to be able to equip better equipment and better weapons , so its so much fun building your character up and going into dungeons and kicking butt . Its a fun PS Vita game and a must for dungeon crawling fans .
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