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Eyes of the Lich Queen is a campaign/adventure book designed for the Eberron setting although with a little creativity and work, it can really be dropped into any fantasy campaign of your choosing if you do not play in Eberron. You'll require all of the standard books to play. The adventure is designed for four 5th level characters although five or six may be more reasonable. This is a good ol' fashioned quest adventure with the players seeking an artifact called The Dragon's Eye. The ancient artifact was created during the age of Demons and its said the Eye can give the holder total domination over dragons. The dragons are none to happy about someone finding the artifact that had been considered mere legend. They set out to find the Eye for safekeeping. Meanwhile, the lich queen Vol is dead set on finding the Eye for herself and has set her agents about finding the artifact.

The adventure is plated out over four parts and at 126 pages, is a fairly lengthy adventure, designed to take the player characters from 5th to 9th level by the time the campaign is finished. The journey will take the group over 5,000 miles in their travels although DM's are encouraged to give players a sense of the vast distances they are traveling without bogging them down with random encounters every step of the way. The designers are looking for an epic feel to their adventure, not a tedious one. The players will be drawn into their adventure with the promise of a great treasure, hired by a Silver Dragon named Sur'Kil, who will appear to them in the form of a middle-aged human.

The first target is the Temple of Kha'shazul, located in the jungles of Q'barra, and home to various tribes of Lizard Folk. Sur'Kil speaks only of ancient relics to be found within the temple but does not mention the Eye specifically. With the ancient temple is where the players will first hear mention of the Eye and, should they survive the temple, report their findings to Su'Kil. Sur'kil then sends the players on the path of another ancient artifact hunter who sought the Eye. Next up the players go island hopping, encounterin pirates, and eventually finding themselves at the prison fortress of Dreadhold, searching for an old gnome who has important symbols and notes tattooed into his skin that will lead the players to their next clue on the trail of the Dragon's Eye.

Like the other adventure books, Eyes of the Lich Queen presents the locations in full, and in brief overview, with the specifics of each encounter area coming after that. The thing I like most about the book is the sense of wonder and scope of the entire adventure. This isn't just a jungle crawl but a truly epic, world-spanning quest to exotic locations, cities, and yes, dungeon settings as well. There's also a strong sense of intrigue as well. The players are not only pitted against the creatures they encounter along the way, but also against the forces of the Lich Queen Vol and her deadly agents who believe the players may have already located the eye. Of course, it will take a deft DM to really bring this all home to the players and hopefully, yours is one!

There's a lot to do in Eyes of the Lich Queen and it need not be followed in linear fashion...again, a skilled DM can really make this a great time for the players. There are scores of maps in the book! I personally don't play Eberron, but as I said, it's no big deal to drop this into, say, a Forgotten Realms campaign or even one of your own designs. One Beef...I'd have liked to seen this at around $20 rather than $25.

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on June 7, 2007
This seems to be one in the latest trend of WoTC adventure products for its various gameworlds. Once again, this is a set of adventures that make up a mini-campaign taking the players through various levels. It uses the latest formatting design from WoTC. That is, having encounters in a separate area, at the end of the chapters, complete with maps. Honestly, it is confusing at first, having to jump back and forth between the non-combat description and the tactical scenarios. It takes maybe two sessions to get the hang of it, in my opinion.

The adventure itself is very intriguing to read, and hopefully this will translate to the gaming table. The encounters are challenging, and the authors seem to have made very tough, and memorable opponents instead of your basic cookie-cutter monsters. There are a few typos and omissions in the text, which unfortunately, bring a good quality product slightly down.

In summary though, well worth purchasing. Plenty of surprises for players, and so far, loads of fun to run.
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on August 17, 2007
This is a great twist for Dragonmark and non Dragonmark races alike. The four pc's I am running through it are loving it. The new encounter system is great. You don't need to lug around all your monster books, it has everything you need to know in the book itself. From tactics to different scenarios, depending on what the pc's do. This adventure will easily take characters from 5th to 9th. Keeps the pc's rockin with little down time.
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on December 26, 2010
This adventure did a fine job at making a DM's life easier and a PC's life more challenging. The setting was rather nice and gave a splendid package-tour tour of lizardfolk, ancient temples, pirates, barbarians, and of course dragons. While the plot is a ball of confusion for PC's who have short-attention spans the individual encounters were so adverse and interesting that they can care less. Encounters were well paced and several have a really great feeling of an urgent-rush for dear life. If I had to complain: it is soft cover (but the price is great for it), the maps sometimes get rather large to draw, and the PC's I DM'ed this for had the attention spans of hamsters.
A majestic adventure for a great price
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on August 4, 2013
There are a lot of little rules hiccups all over the book. A few missing minor treasure lists, monsters missing feats or skills. Also there are some minor plot holes in the background narrative. Several of the maps also have the wrong scale (the lava room in particular, its off by 50%).

What is here is a very rich, deep base of a story with a large majority of the work done for the DM, with gorgeous maps, excellent artwork, and non-linear progression. Any DM worth his salt can take this module and with a little work turn it into the basis for an adventure that will be talked of for years to come.

TIP FOR DM's: Once part one is done, push how "sick" the PC's are becoming to keep the pacing and urgency up.
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on November 13, 2008
Eyes of the Lich Queen is a roller coaster ride through Eberron. This adventure is very substantial promising hours upon hours of excellent gaming time. With Dragons, Dungeons, Dragonmarks, and adventure all across the land, what more could you ask for?
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4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2007
So far I would have to say that this is the best published Eberron adventure out there. The first adventure paths starting with Shadows of the Last War were adventures in railroading if you ask me. Eyes of the Lich Queen is much better as Nicolas Logue is at the helm. You might know him since he wrote some great adventures for Dungeon Magazine.
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1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2007
This is a well written adventure with some extremely good ideas on DMing and keeping the story moving. My only real problem with it is the price and the fact it is a soft bound book. If I wanted to overpay for something I would have bought this at a comic book shop.
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