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on May 29, 2006
This is the standard wah. This thing sounds great! There are a lot of wah pedals with a wider range out there but if you are looking for the traditional wah sound, this is the way to go. No other company has sucessfully replicated THIS sound. Other wahs are cool because of additional features and for their own affect (yes that is the spelling I intended). I gave this a 4 for the lack of features. If you buy this, a try adjusting the pot (read the instructions). Most people do not know about this feature but you can really change the voicing of this wah wah.
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on August 11, 2006
If you're looking for a great wah pedal, look no further. You really don't need all the extra knobs and stuff, this pedal has the sound your looking for. Great clean, distorted, overdriven, just about any sound you put through it will come out with that beautiful Hendrix inspired sound.
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on January 22, 2013
This was purchased as a gift for me last Christmas. I play a fair amount of 80s, 90s alt and hard rock and thought the wah and distortion would be a cool combo. Speaking of combo, I play it with my peavey vypyr 30 combo amp. It has a very cool distortion to the wah sound, but it is easy to get this thing to wail, and not in a good way. Get your settings correct, and it wails in a VERY FREAKIN' AWESOME way. I'm no guitar virtuoso, but I've impressed the peeps I play with when I plugged this in and ripped through a solo we're all familiar with. The added texture and scream to the wah really enhances a killer solo riff.

I don't really use it that often and it rests on the floor next to my mic stand or in my gear/cable storage bag. It has lived a very cushy life for just past 1 year.

Bad just stopped working. I haven't used it in 2 months and was playing tonight. One moment all is cool, next, no blue light, no sound. nada. I've emailed Dunlop tech support. I can't find anything physically wrong with it. I've used it 90% with the appropriate dunlop power adapter. Tried using batteries to see if the power adapter went dice. For something so heavy, that has had no stage use, not molestation and no abuse of any sort...I absolutely do not think it should quit like it did. I really anticipated this thing lasting forever. If it still worked it deserves a 4.5 star review. I've read on several review sites that this wah has had some reliability issues. If i'm taken care of by Dunlop...I'd increase my rating, if not...I'd have to give it a 1.5. It was $169 when purchased for me on Amazon. That is a rip off for something that has been used ~12 times (about $13/use - not good price per use!!)

UPDATE: heard back from tech support - there is a 12 month warranty on dunlop pedals. I had to downgrade my rating because something the lists for $298, hits the street between $130-$170 and lasts 1 month beyond the manufacturer's warranty is not reliable or worth it. They'll fix it for $50 (+shipping to them) Very hard to recommend. -

updated UPDATE: tech support @dunlop contacted me and said they'd take care of my pedal, I just need to ship to them since it was just out of warranty. VERY cool of them. I'd say I can crank up my recommendation a notch. my faith in the product lasting a long time is shaky, but I have to say Dunlop customer service is very very cool.
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on December 28, 2008
This pedal is built to last. Very solid construction and good use of materials throughout. Delivers classic cry baby wah sound. One of the best basic wah pedals available. Would love it to have an auto-wah switch but you cant have everything!
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on January 30, 2010
Great pedal, but if you pull it open and put in a couple of cheap mods, this thing is absolutley rediculous! It's a boutique pedal with only a little time and solder.
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on May 2, 2008
The problem with this pedal is that you have to step all the way down on it to turn it on, which produces a sound. The Morley pedals have a separate on/off switch, so you can turn them on or off at a given position. The difference is the sound is just a bit more professional if the wah isn't always turning on or off at the top of the wah frequency. Suppose you wanted to set the wah in the middle, and just leave it there. You can't really do that with this pedal. It is a bit smaller than a morley wah, but in my experience, the sound is equivalent on the base models.
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on March 2, 2007
I had the original Cry-Baby back in the '70's and was very happy with it. I recently bought another and was just as pleased. They are still well built units; solid, heavy, killer wah-wahs.
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on December 10, 2014
Wheeew, I could write so much here. This is the No-Nonsense Wah Pedal. My first one lasted 25 years of steady use. It died on me, and in a weak moment, I purchased a Behringer Wah pedal. Wrong. I can't describe my disappointment with the Behringer. I immediately ordered another Cry Baby from Amazon, and doggone it, I think it's even better than the first one I had. If you're looking for a Wah pedal, go ahead and spend the few extra bucks for the crybaby. You'll be glad you did.
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on November 8, 2013
*EDIT: Update Mar 15, 2015: The Morley Vai 2 Wah is my first choice over this today for sure. I mention it in the review but well over a year later I'm thrilled with it, and it's about 35 bucks more. Well worth the investment for more reasons than I have time to get into right now. This Crybaby will do if you absolutely can't stretch your budget. *

Hard item to review because there's a lot of ways to look at this thing. In short, it's a good and obviously usable wah with a classic sound, and at a great price. BUT, it's a one-trick pony and has a few small drawbacks. There are (very slightly) better sounding and more functional wahs today in my opinion, though none at this price.

First some wah history + my experience: wahs went into major production in the mid-60s, and so this design is a reflection of the infancy of wahs. To some, especially in the guitar community, the earliest designs of [whatever] were the best and there's no changing their mind. My Dad's a guy like that. Fair enough, I know I'm not swaying opinions that were formed 40+ years ago! But I got my Crybaby (from Dad) as a present in '88 or '89 and used it for 20+ years. Never even tried another, before recently. I had just always been accustomed to all of the little quirks of my Crybaby and accepted them.

I don't use the wah effect all that much and it stays off for probably 3 out of 4 songs; it's a pretty essential effect when needed but easy to get carried away with. Most of the music I play falls somewhere in the range of heavy rock-heavy metal, but at home I'll do a little classic rock or blues rock here and there. I'm not doing anything radically different with a wah, mostly just your typical Guns N' Roses, Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix type parts and the occasional solo. I don't want a wah pedal to sound radically different.

Anyway so that's where I'm coming from. Now on my Crybaby, one day the pot crapped out again and I just decided it was time to explore other options, figuring I could always repair it or replace it with the same if I wanted. I've been through lots of guitars and amps, and many other pedals, but was generally okay with the Crybaby for my purposes. Not perfectly happy but content. So breaking down some specifics here:

The good:

-Solid, heavy construction (bottom plate aside, that's a little thin, but there are large rubber feet so it doesn't matter)
-Familiar, classic sound, can't go wrong
-No learning curve
-Relatively low price
-You have the ability to turn it on and leave it cocked in a certain position for a certain sound. I don't like the "cocked wah" sound personally, but some people do it on occasion. Many wahs do this but many like Morleys don't, those rest in the fully back position

The so-so or bad:

-It activates by pushing all the way forward in the treble position and making a hard click, which can be audible to the audience. There are better designed wahs, where it turns on and off just by putting your foot on or off the pedal.
-Requires somewhat uncommon adapter so doesn't work with most daisy-chain power cables people are using today
-The original potentiometer was sketchy for me, but that happens with time
-A little hard to clean. Not normally a consideration but dust can be problematic given design
-The bottom plate is a little thin, odd compared to solid feel of the rest of pedal. Doesn't really matter but worth noting.
-There's zero adjustability
-Not true bypass. I think too much tends to be made about true bypass these days and there are worse offenders.
-No alternate features at all, it doesn't double as a volume pedal, you can't change the sweep range or anything like that.
-I had occasional issues with interference including even random radio signals!

-To me personally, the sweep range is too wide, as in too bassy on one end, and waaay too trebly and harsh when full forward. The "sweet spot" you really want is smaller than I'd like. And again, you can't adjust anything. Now some people like this sweep range as is, and once you get used to the pedal you'll get a feel for where your preferred range is and your foot will "learn" where to go.
-In practice, I found a little compression helps to balance out the pedal. It feels somewhat louder when in the treble position versus the bass positions, making some notes a little more lost in the mix while others cut right through. Some other wahs seem a little smoother in this regard. And again, this is something other people may like.

I think $70 is a great price for this and reflects its current place among wahs, minor flaws and nonexistent feature set. Solid choice for beginners and intermediate players on a budget, and served me well enough for years. It's the classic wah sound and once you find that sweet spot and get the feel for it, it sounds good. However I think other wahs not only sound better but offer more, albeit at a greater cost.

Alternatives: I tried 10-12 total between a few NJ shops so really only a handful in the grand scheme. But I was especially impressed with the Cantrell wah, the Tremonti Wah, Weeping Demon, and Fulltone Clyde Deluxe. I eventually wound up with the Morley Vai 2 wah which isn't a very classic design, but sounds the best. Plus it had some adjustability to fine tune it to my own preferences. For me it's just the great wah sound but with a more modern and functional design...I was able to adjust it, no more CLICK to activate, and you can even adjust activation time from instant to more than 3 seconds (though instant-on is the only way to go for me).

But to be clear this Crybaby is still a good pedal if you're just looking for a wah, and probably the perfect choice if you're gift shopping for someone's first. It's still at least 90% as good as anything else as far as sound and I wouldn't suggest an upgrade to someone with a (working) Crybaby already - unless they're very particular. If this were the only wah in the world I wouldn't have a problem using it forever. Nobody in the audience would hear a real difference between this and most any other wah effect anyway.

Still...if you're a somewhat serious or working guitarist and need a wah I'd explore some of the newer options for sure, even if they're other Crybabys. You can't go wrong with this one but you can do better.
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on August 4, 2015
Must have for any guitarist. This is the first original crybaby I've owned, past has been the 535Q. This is a good starting out wah just so you can get used to it and to experiment with. It does have a weird bass to treble transition at about midway toe down, not as smooth sounding as the 535Q, but still a great legendary pedal.
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