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on February 7, 2009
SanDisk Sansa Clip: Great mp3 player.

This Silicone Case, doesn't do much but cover the thing. It will protect the finish from scratches, I suppose, but it doesn't protect against impact or other damage (some ipod silicone cases are of a thicker silicone which does provide some impact resistance).

The arm-band is a generic arm-band, not specific for the sansa clip. The arm-band does not have a sheath for the clip, nor a little pouch for the mp3 player, but the seller did not advertise as such, thus it is my own fault for assuming it would be nicer than it is.
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on October 2, 2008
This skin fits the Sansa perfectly and provides some protection and traction. I use my player when working out, and the skin protects it from moisture. I'm also less fearful that an accidental drop would completely ruin my Sansa clip. The armband is just an armband. You clip the player onto the band. This is a great price.

I went to Bestbuy and something comparable and not even as user friendly was $20, which is ridiculous when you consider the player was $50.
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on February 6, 2011
After receiving this case, I had to go back to the description on to make sure I had ordered the right item. The case fit my player but there is no opening for the pad on my player that controls fast forward, skip, rewind and play. The ON/OFF button is also completely concealed by the case.

My biggest complaint is that the arm band is just a loop of elastic. There is no integration with the case. The player's clip just slips over the elastic band forming a tenuous connection. The end of the Sansa's belt clip doesn't even go completely around the armband so the player has a tendency to pivot and eventually fall off.
I could live with most of these shortcomings but the poor attachment of the player to the armband is a real deal breaker for me. I guess you get what you pay for.
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on January 6, 2011
1. Black Silicone Skin Case: Fits like a glove, works as advertised . . . couldn't ask for more.

2. Adjustable Sports Armband: WORTHLESS JUNK! The band is bigger than the Sansa player itself. I don't know if they expect you to wrap this huge, stretchy band around your arm and then clip the player to it??? Once you have the Silicone Skin on, there is NO WAY that the player will secure tightly enough to the armband. I was expecting that the band would feed through the back of the Silicone Skin, but as mentioned before, the band is huge and there is no way to feed it through the skin even if the band was smaller.

Overall: Buy a silicone skin case for pennies; definitely SKIP the arm band.
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on June 4, 2009
This case is great and it adds some traction to your smooth and slick Sansa Clip player. I used to have a problem where once in a while my player would get bumped on my arm and slip off of my armband, but that hasn't happened since I got this Skin for it.

The skin is thin, but that's what I wanted, I like the small form factor of the Sansa Clip. I also like the ridges over the buttons, makes it easier to feel what I'm pressing - accidentally going into the menu when I'm trying to skip a track does not happen nearly as much as it used to.

The armband is cheap but it works fine.

One thing I would like to say about the Sansa Clip itself: I've read on Amazon where reviewers talk about how fragile the Clip player is, this is not the case. It is 'light', which is not synonymous with 'cheap' or 'fragile'. I have dropped my player on hard surfaces several times with no problems (before I got this case for it). Remember, this is a flash memory player, not your old-school hard drive iPod...

I do agree, however, that this case will only serve to improve on the player's durability.
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on February 28, 2012
I wanted this because I broke the clip off and I use it at work and really needed something that would clip. Well unless you buy a new one(which I almost did because I love sansa products and wouldve left this one on the car or something) you will have to get a bit creative because I could not find a replacement clip part anywhere. I saw this and yeah I noticed no clip because it assumes you have that already but I noticed the big slit on the side and figured the band might fit through there and voila I could wear it that way. Its a cheap enough so I decided to invest in the experiment and it worked! I work in a library and use this at work to listen to books/music while Im working so I wont bore myself to sleep it was suggested by my supervisor my first day on the job. Broke the clip shortly after and had been well tucking it in my bra strap which doesn't look good when I need to skip/ff/rewind/adjust volume. Now I just wear this on my wrist or around my badge just what I needed. New problem though, my purple clip is now black and I have a really hard time finding black items for whatever reason so now Im off to find a notice me color. BTW I should say the rubber is sturdy enough to handle having a strap ran through it though it wasnt made to do so. The cutouts are in the right spots. I have no trouble connecting headphones/bluetooth converter, nor any troubles with it falling out or going all the way in. It covers the sd card slot so if yoou need to change a lot that may be annoying but I have no need to remove mine so Im happy for the slot protection. I didnt buy this as a shock absorber or device protection but I have dropped it and nothing is damaged.
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on April 18, 2013
There is not a lot to say about this Skin Case and Armband, other than it IS something I recommend for anyone who purchased the SanDisk Clip+. I purchased this combo for $3.29 and could have skipped the armband and saved a dollar or two, though I opted to get it, not knowing if I would have had to purchase it later.

The Case -

Decent Construction - It is after all a small piece of what seems like rubber, though it is not cheap (ly made)... it seems to provide decent coverage/protection for the unit

No problems with buttons, though some (example - The Power Button) do not come through the case (there is no "hole" for the power button), this is not an issue at all to me, though some may complain about it..

Some may say for something like this, it should be cheaper (note: the $3.29 price went down to about $1.29 roughly, if I just got the case by itself... just for reader's information)

I cant not really call this a con, though I do admit as other reviewers have, that you have to "fight" the case a bit to get it to fit over the unit. Personally, I stretched the case (just with my fingers), where the USB and volume slot is (on the left hand side of the unit) and "stuffed" the unit in carefully. To get the clip exposed in the back, you may have to stretch the case out a bit (it shouldn't rip or tear, so do not worry, but be careful) and when the stretched case is right under the bottom of the clip, lift the clip up a tad and slide the case under. As I said this is not really a "Con", though I could see less-patience people having issues with this.

One flaw in this, I see (though maybe there are other cases, that have one of these ) is there is no screen protector in this. I personally took a flat piece of clear plastic and slid it between the case and the unit, where the screen is. The screen is still viewable, and this may be a "poor man's way" of adding a screen protector to the unit, though ... it works. I did order the same sort of case with a screen protector, and it'd be nice if they added this to the case, to add protection to the screen as well. I could see this being an issue, as every-time a person stretched the case out to get the Clip+ in it, the built in (hypothetical) screen protector would fall off the case or something, so perhaps that is why there is no screen protector in this case.

Armband -

Personally I use the armband as a "hand-band" instead. I can not comment on how it feels on the arm, though some reviewers say there's is too tight, and I fail to see how that is the band's fault as they (the people who bought it), are the one that can adjust it

I do not think this is anything special, as it seems like a regular "strap" you may find an extra one of if you have an old "CD Case" or something of that nature, though it doesn't appear to be something that will just fall apart quickly. (What I mean is "nothing great", but not a "piece of junk") ... it does (the way I have it is the band around my hand, with the unit on the outside (or if you want it "in your palm" that would work too)... it does almost make me feel like the hand with the unit is "free" too and I am not carrying anything.

(OF COURSE, please watch for thieves that may try to snatch it from you ... just an extra bit of information there... although there are the headphones to think of, you can have a thief, just grab something so small, and steal it IF YOUR NOT paying attention to your surroundings)

Overall - I am happy I got this combo "offer", and though not "Cheap", I consider it's protecting my mp3 player so "eh... its worth it" sort of a mentality.

With the unit (Clip+) being about half the price as some stores have it, pitching in a few bucks extra, for items to protect and "enhance" it, I have NO PROBLEM with.

Even if you got a warranty (I did not on this model), add this to the price of the unit ($29.99) + an AC Charger + 2 year warranty ... it would all come to less than what you would pay for the Clip+ alone.

I'd recommend at LEAST getting a case, if not both of these items, 100 percent
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on July 13, 2011
I have the Sansa Clip+ so I don't know if the normal Sansa Clip has this issue but if you use this case beware it slides over the connecting clip on the player. This means the clip won't be flush to the player as when the skin is off the player. While this may not be an issue with most people, I did notice it slightly bowed the clip in the center of it. I don't know if over time it will bend the plastic part, or stress the joint which will break. I cut a hole so it wouldn't interfere with the clip anymore. Personally, I didn't buy it for shock absorption and if you are, don't. It's simply silicon and will only save it from scratches.
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on January 11, 2009
My Likes:
The case is very thin which doesn't add to the mp3 player's footprint by much. It's thinner around the controls giving it a better feel for the controls even though it's under silicone case.

My Dislikes:
Though I bought this for the case itself, the armband is pretty much useless to me. It's 14" long (unstretched) and when stretched around my bicep (15") it's a bit uncomfortable, not a problem for me I'll just use my old MuVo's strap. Also, the case is a bit of a lent magnet but nothing a rinse under some water won't fix
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on June 22, 2009
I needed something to keep my mp3 player in when I went running. Like other reviews, I was happy with the rubber case. It fits perfect and you can still find the controls just fine. I also use the arm band. It's just elastic and velcrow. Simple enough. But I think it's was made for a woman. It's too tight around my arm. But I'll live. Over all it's a good buy.
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