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on January 18, 2013
The first thing you will notice when you unbox the Powermat is how small it seems compared to the item photograph, it's about hand size. This makes for a very small footprint and makes it easy to place on a nightstand and not take up more than the phone would anyway. It's so easy to assemble there's nothing to say about it. What I particularly like is the tight, custom feel, as I guess it has. Charging is rapid and is at least as fast as the corded method if that's even possible. Magnets center the phone horizontally and vertically so you don't have to skate around to find the "sweet spot." The charge light on the phone stays on when it's charging, the the whole process shuts down when charging is complete. There are no obnoxious LED's to light up the bedroom, and only a faint beep when charging begins and ends, it won't wake you up. This exceeds my expectations and I'm one to notice every little flaw. This has none I could find. Well thought out and manufactured. I have attached pictures of the pad itself and the unit set up and in operation.

Update after one month: The unit is performing well with no problems. What surprised me is how fast this unit charges, MUCH faster than the charging cord. I have read similar comments on inductive chargers so there must be something to it. Of course it's expensive but I hate fiddling with a micro USB cord, especially in the dark. I'm always worried about damaging part of the connection by inserting it the wrong way and damaging the connection. I cannot comment on the portable charger as I have yet to use it.
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on December 14, 2012
I actually bought this whole setup just for the phone protective case. I am not a case type of guy. But sadly, the Samsung S3 isn't like its predecessors when it comes to Gorilla Glass resilience. In fact, the first time my screen cracked I had dropped it from a whopping one foot height. Sad. Bottom line, the protective case is quite nice - I havent dropped my replacement phone yet so I cant speak to how much protection it provides. It is, however, a bit bulkier than I wanted. And given that the S3 is already quite a large phone, the case basically makes it twice as thick. Another downside to the case is it makes the volume and power buttons a bit difficult to press down.

As for the wireless charging capabilities: They are quite nice. I had signed this whole powermat thing as a gimmick. It still is. But you get quickly used to the small convenience of just dropping your phone on the powermat whenever you're near it. The induction charging gives off a bit of heat - but its not a major problem. I assume this is a normal byproduct of induction.

I haven't tried out the separate battery charger. However, I do like the fact that it comes with a micro USB and (old) Apple charger. It is pretty light as well - which makes me wonder what kind of battery they have in there.

I ended up buying another Powermat for my office so I can wirelessly charge everywhere! Overall, a good product with solid construction. 5 stars.

Update: Its been a few weeks since I've purchased this product, and I thought it helpful to provide a few bullet point updates:
- I am still very happy with the overall product.
- I've dropped my phone several times already (yes, i know, im very clumsy) and the case has provided the expected level of protection. very happy with that.
- As I mentioned I did purchase a 2nd powermat for my office and I've noticed a very faint but audible "crackling" sound when the phone is on the charger. I believe that the phone is interfering with the speaker that is built into the powermat. Usually, simply re-positioning the phone a bit on the mat will stop this sound.
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on March 17, 2014
I loved the idea, the packaging, the easy set-up, the no skid base, the extra battery, the easy to assemble protective case needed to use the system, thus I give this stars. What I hated was that nowhere does the advertising or description tell you that in order to use this system your phone must have a normal working mini-USB port! The only reason I was going to a charging pad was because I have one of the S3 defective, short circuiting mini-USB ports being reported more and more, a most aggravating development (otherwise I love the phone). As it turns out, unlike the Qi receivers that attach to the back of the S3 battery, the Duracell system merely uses the case to connect to the defective USB port! So, after hours of trying to charge the phone (the extra battery charged fast and perfectly) I called Duracell to be told that this system only works if you have a working USB port, as that is the means by which it charges - and my service rep was honest enough to say that the pad was "only a convenience". The service call begins by telling you that the call may be recorded for quality control, and I hope it was. I was ready for this to be convenient, but it sure didn't solve the problem I needed it for. I am forced to get the battery tag/ changing pad system immediately.
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on June 19, 2013
Setup is quick and easy. It's as simple as plugging in the powermat, put on the case and lay it down. It's handy BUT, the case seems flimsy. I had a OtterBox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S III - Retail Packaging - Glacier on first and wanted this for the convenience. It's definitely not going to offer the kind of protection that an otterbox offers. It's hard to get the case on initially, I thought I was going to break the micro usb in the case trying to force it into place. It would have been better if it was like the otterbox; wherein you can take off the top and slide it in with some models. After I finally got it in the case it doesn't hold very tightly around the edges. The good is that it's easier to push the buttons than the otterbox. Almost too easy as several times my phone switched on and I ended up with 6 screenshots before I heard it going off.

I've dropped it a few times thus far, seems to hold up. However I've only dropped it on carpet floors, I'm kind of worried how it will hold up with concrete or tile. I'll update with that inevitable review later. Otherwise it does compliment the slim body of the S3 nicely and is very aesthetically appealing. The power pack took a few hours to fully charge and I was able to get multiple charges out of it from 20% to 100% throughout the day. It's somewhat slow, but it's better than nothing. It's handy also that the powerpack has an iphone charger as well so if my friends phones are dying I can lend that to them. I have noticed that charging through the powermat is a little slower than charging via the micro usb cable. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour more for a full charge.

Another thing that I have noticed is that while the case is on and you hook up the usb cable to it for charging with a normal samsung charger that it seems to take a while as well. The cable doesn't go in fully either. While charging there was also an audible humming noise, not loud, just annoying. All in all it's great as far as convenience goes, I may try a qi kit and see if I like it better as it's the new industry standard. Afterwards I'll make another alteration in my review to compare the two.
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on February 25, 2013
I love the powermat portion of the product and not having to plug in a charger all the time. I have noted that the powermat charges my cell a lot faster than plugging it into a regular charger. The only downsides to the powermat portion are that you have to have the phone positioned on it correctly, or it won't charge. It would be better if you could just throw the phone on it whatever way and it would charge rather than putting the phone on it and waiting for the beep to see if you put it on right.
The huge downside is the clunky phone case you have to keep on your phone to use the powermat. This thing makes the powermat almost unbearable. The clunky side buttons do not connect with the phone's real buttons so you spend all this time pounding on the side volume or power button. You get to the point where you almost want to throw your phone out the window. And it's not one of those cases you can easily take off after you charge your phone - oh no, that would be too simple. If Duracell would make a better case, then this thing would be a real winner.
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on April 13, 2015
Does what it says on the box... However a few things to be aware of.
1. The case is SUPER SLIPPERY - so much so that it fell out of my hands more than any other case, purely because there is no grip on the case whatsoever.
2. Fire hazard! Be careful when plugging the charger directly into the bottom of the case actually cause the electronics inside it to short. I plugged it in, then noticed an electrical burning smell in the room. Turns out it was coming from the case itself while a standard Samung charger was plugged in. The case is now shot and no longer functioning. As it is over the 30 days, I can no longer return it. It was only $10 on sale from Amazon, but still... It could've cost my house!
3. The battery backup is the slowest charger ever.
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on January 12, 2013
I bought this for my college freshman son since he's always out and about. He absolutely loves it. It works wonderful when he's in the airport on his way home, or around campus studying. And now my husband's birthday is coming up and he just said, "I really like that charger". Guess that's a hint right?
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on July 8, 2015
I don't know what all these great reviews were all about, but, as for me, im not that impressed with this, I had this laid on the charger for 2 hrs and only went up 2%, not the power pack seems to be charging much better that this, I buy products based on customer reviews and for the mostpart have not been disappointed but, I put the case on the phone, laid it on the platform until I heard the activating beep, left it alone and it just doesn't charge up, not sure if its a product defect or if others have had similar results but, either way, I can't give it more than 1 star based on this
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on February 14, 2015
I like the part of just putting down my phone on this pad. The pad stays in place any surface which is very nice. I received my Powermat on time but I was not home and so now I have only used it about a week and already it wont charge at all. I hear the noise when I slide it around to attempt to charge it. It does charge the compact square (to go) charger. I would definitely recommend this item. However I would suggest buying a back up battery. It is very convenient to bring along the back up charger square and that does charge the phone for a very long time. Be sure all 4 of the lights are on the small square to go charger. (when you plug it into your phone wherever you are that is when you need to be sure the lights are on. A full charge on that shows all 4 lights on. Sometimes it may hit something you are carrying it in and the lights will show you that they are off so Yes be sure to check it while charging and if the lights are off just tap the little button to turn it on.
++I am going to attempt to contact this seller to see if there is some problem with either my powermat or something I may or may not be doing correctly.++
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on September 13, 2015
Haven't had this thing for a month and it has already stopped working. I didn't drop it, didn't get it wet...didn't do anything to it, it just stopped working. At first I noticed the buzzing sound that it made when you put the phone on the mat to charge. That didn't bother me. Next the phone would stop in the middle of a charge. One morning I woke up and my phone had died completely when it was supposed to be charging on this thing. Next the portable charger stopped working. I'm more than likely going to have to throw it out because I can't use it.
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