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Not familiar with the comic, I found some background info on the comic on another Amazon review:
Like a James Bond of the occult--only not as suave or debonair--Dylan Dog manages to get himself in and out of trouble with finesse, while bedding a different lady with each adventure he embarks on. A self-styled "nightmare investigator," he takes on cases that normal PIs won't. Along with his assistant, Felix, a quip-spouting Groucho Marx lookalike, he tracks down some extremely dark persons (and nonpersons) for a somewhat modest fee.

Dylan Dog was created by writer Tiziano Sclavi in 1986. Originally published in Italy, the long-running series is set in London, where Dylan works as a supernatural investigator who (against type in a series like this) has a good working relationship with the police. Dylan is a former Scotland Yard investigator, and perhaps the reincarnation of the original Dylan Dog, who died in 1686.

Dylan Dog's mysteries have been published off and on over the past two decades, with Sclavi backing off and allowing others to interpret the character. The good-looking investigator has become a true star in Italy's comics publishing, as well as around the world.

This movie deviates from this description:
1) Dylan isn't a Casanova, he actually has some past that keeps him pushing women away
2) His sidekick looks nothing like Groucho and works for free vs. a fee. He does it more out a friendship for Dylan
3) No mention -- that I remember -- about his relation to Scotland Yard. His history and relationship to the undead/monsters is explained very differently in the movie.
4) No finesse in the movie...he is a "tough guy" instead who is willing to punch or shoot his way through to a solution

This movie actually starts off in a Dresden Files kind of way. . .
1) We have a broke Detective letting himself do work he'd rather not do just to pay the bills
2) He relies on "old" technology and the like
3) He has contacts all throughout the monster/undead community
4) A VW bug that isn't reliable

The funniest part of the movie is how his buddy/sidekick has to deal with his. . .uh. . .new condition. He's definitely the comic relief of the movie.

Brandon Routh has a great narration voice, just like the old detective movies. He's not required to do a lot of acting though. What would have made him more convincing is if they had made him all scruffy vs. his Superman, clean-shaven look.

The makeup job on the werewolves was kinda SyFy channel quality, but considering the movie it all fits

Taye Diggs had the best acting opportunities and he delivered them very well. Great job Taye.

There seemed to be something missing with the love interest in the minute they don't know each other the next its like she's giving him pity sex, because of his situation. I didn't get any chemistry between them. But when things heat up, his narration has a great one-liner.

What also didn't make sense, is the "monster" of the story kills people one way. But both times that Dylan comes-face to face with it, there is a punching match. Uh...why? Other than to extend the scene and give us some action, I guess. Inconsistent. Too bad. :(

The final transformation of the movie was cool.

Ending was okay...for me it was a bit anticlimatic, because it had nothing to do with the efforts of our main protagonist per se.

This won't create the cult following that Army of Darkness has.
But those wanting more of Dresden, and with none forthcoming, they may like to watch this for a lot of similarities.
And the name Dylan Dog just rolls off the tongue well. :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 8, 2011
Nowadays Dylan Dog, down and out bloke, is more your typical private eye, maybe seedier than most, maybe specializing in tracking straying spouses and taking snapshots of them in the act of straying. But, once upon a time, Dylan Dog was relevant. He was THE paranormal investigator, the one human entrusted by the supernatural community to act as their impartial arbitrator, to examine and probe and poke into things when one of their own crosses the line. But that was some time ago.

You're not even aware. Amongst the unwitting normal folks lurk the creatures of the night, blending in, rubbing elbows with us, reigning in their dark impulses, and so surviving. This is especially true in a place like New Orleans, and a wilder neck of the woods you'll be hard put to find. New Orleans invented "Laissez les bon temps rouler" and "Let your inhibitions go." In N'awlins the monsters effortlessly blend in. And when it's that easy, sometimes a monster slips up. Enough that it shakes Dylan Dog out of his deep doldrums. With some reluctance - but to revenge the savaging of a friend - he takes on a case uptown regarding a girl's murdered father, murdered by a werewolf. Armed with wood- and silver-tipped bullets, Dylan Dog attempts to get to the bottom of things before a war erupts among the werewolf, zombie, and vampire clans, all of whom used to be part of his clientele. Once upon a time, Dylan Dog flashed a business card emblazoned with the jaunty phrase: "No pulse? No problem." That's kinda fly.

DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT is based on the Italian comic book series by Tiziano Sclavi, and if you've had a chance to read the stories, then it'll strike you that the film is a bit of a departure, in that it doesn't quite hold on to the original source's heightened sense of melancholy and surrealism. But the black humor survives for the most part. DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT, if you must categorize it, falls in the realm of horror comedy, in the same vein as CEMETERY MAN. (And, no wonder, as the central character in CEMETERY MAN was also created by Tiziano Sclavi.)

I like this movie, and maybe I should feel guilty about that. But I'm always jonesing for these sorts of pictures. DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT doesn't have the outrageous charm and sheer quotability of, say, ARMY OF DARKNESS, and Brandon Routh certainly doesn't flaunt the iconic appeal of Bruce Campbell. But I thought there were some fantastic touches in DYLAN DOG. I enjoyed the noirish feel and the brisk pace. I appreciated the film's worldbuilding, and Dylan Dog's unique place in it. The film's secret weapon is Sam Huntington whose performance as Dylan's sidekick Marcus serves to lighten the mood. Huntington gets some pretty funny one-liners. The zombie support group sub-plot is damn amusing. I'm rating this film 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I wish that the tone were even darker, and I know, I know, this after my mentioning Huntington's funny contributions. I wish that the story had gone for it more, that it didn't feel so much like a television episode. In Dylan Dog's investigations, he learns that a whole bunch of supernatural creatures are moving heaven and earth to locate the Heart of Belial, a mystic cross-shaped artifact which could - and stop me if you've heard this one before - summon a rampaging demon. That plot device is so old it's at the porch and yelling for the kids to get off its lawn.

Brandon Routh did a good job, I thought. Physically and in youth, he matched the Dylan Dog in the comics. But I wonder how much better the film would've been if the Dog had been played by someone with a more world-weary air about him. If you'd seen CAST A DEADLY SPELL and WITCH HUNT and Fred Ward as private eye Harry Philip Lovecraft, then I don't need to paint a picture. Fred Ward is about as world-weary as it gets, and I don't mean his gristled, broken-down looks. Still, you know what, I don't want to dump on this film too strenuously. Despite my griping, I'm craving a sequel, and if Brandon Routh reprises his role, so be it. It's not the worst thing in the world. (The worst thing in the world is, of course, KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE... or pretty much anything Uwe Boll has directed.)
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on July 10, 2011
Like my title says, it is a decent movie and it is worth the watch. I won't go all gung ho like the other two reviewers about details, but the movie started out pretty good and it stayed in the good range, there was no real climax in action as it was basically all action. The ending I suppose had a sort of climax then an anti-climax/neutral area. I will say though that the movie will throw you for a loop and that's the only reason I really liked it. I didn't guess the plot at all. I also didn't know it was a comic, which I gleamed from the other reviewers review, so I suppose the fans of this comic might like or hate this movie, and if you didn't know about the comics either, then you'll probably enjoy watching it as well. It just didn't wow me, but if you like a action/horror/comedy movie, then this is worth buying. I would say rent it first, or wait until it hits the 5 dollar shelf mark.
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on February 3, 2012
I bought this movie based on the synopsis posted on Amazon (and it was cheap enough). From this description, this is exactly the type of movie I automatically gravitate towards. Unfortunately, descriptions can be awkwardly inaccurate. I liked everything about this movie except for Brandon Routh, who I found woefully bland and boring. Unfortunately, his character dominated this movie start to finish. (If you can't get past his overly staid performance, you might just like it for the vampires, zombies, and various other critters.) I quickly found that I couldn't get past his somber approach to everything. His narration was a bit of a snooze, it only served to slow things down. There was nothing glib about his vain attempt to appear gritty and hardcore like the PIs of yesteryear. I've seen rocks with more personality. His lack of a performance was even more glaring when situated next to scenery chewing over the top performances by everyone else. The dead may have risen, but his somnambulant walk through certainly didn't. The filmmakers would have been wiser to devote more screen time to Sam Huntington, the hilarious sidekick. But they didn't. Making this one dull entry in a genre already packed with better offerings.

Didn't mind watching it once but that's my limit: not a keeper.
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on August 20, 2011
You know, as far as your normal blockbuster type movies go, this wouldn't rank very highly, but as a B movie, this is one of the best. Actually, it kind of rides the line between a movie you'd see at the theater and a movie you would catch on the Sci-Fi network or whatever they call it these days.
A fair amount of money was put into the production of this movie, and so the effects were actually pretty good. Additionally, the story was both cool and quite fun, and the casting was great in my opinion. Dylan was a good character, his sidekick Marcus was hilarious, and all the various nuances of the world as it is presented were well thought out and appropriate. Like the Zombie Support Group for helping zombies cope with their condition, or the "number 9" at the local greasy spoon.
I dont see why people had a problem with this. I personally had a blast watching it. I laughed often, and enjoyed it immensely.
So, my 5 star ranking reflects the type of movie it is, and how well done and appropriate it was for the genre, plus the overall charm of the movie. That's right, i said charm. It is a quirky, pleasing film.
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on December 28, 2014
I loved Dylan Dog: Dead of Night! It's a feel-good, good guys always win type of movie. Although there is some removal of limbs, fighting and a little blood drinking, it's not all that gory. The main character is a little wooden, but it works in the context of a hard boiled supernatural private detective. The sidekick was hilarious! The humor was well done and I laughed out loud. Even the bad guys were humorous and likable. I'll probably watch the movie again. I wish there were a tv series with these characters.
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on August 30, 2014
i liked this movie it was good if you like GRIMM than this movie is for you . .
DYLAN is a hunter than he meets a girl falls in love, girl gets killed by the hunted that became the hunters , but after her death he stops and than someone comes up and asked for his help to protect a girl from the evil that wants her . .. well you must watch it
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on May 22, 2016
You find all the supernatural creatures in this movie and their at piece with the humans and top it off there's this human Dylan Dog . So where's Buffy the vampire slayer I mean there's plenty of action A friend and coworker gets turned into A Zombie and there are deals and double crosses and A surprise for the good guy. But it is nice to see something different its not the best idea but better then all the one's were humans get slaughtered in numbers and only A hand full survive.
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on January 14, 2016
Monster-hunter/detective fighting paranormal crime in New Orleans. Sure, you've seen variations of this plot a thousand times, but the trailer makes it seem like it has legit popcorn potential. Ahhhh, no. The sidekick and CGI monsters had a broader acting range than the main actor. (whose name I'm not bothering to remember) TV serials have higher standards. I'd request a refund, if I could. My advice? Wait until it's a .99 rental. Or better yet, look for something else.
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on April 30, 2016
This is based on a comic book series that has sold millions of books around the world.Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night
A fun film with a human lead (Brandon Routh), his sidekick who quickly becomes bitten by a monster, retains his humanity.
There are Zombie support groups and other original elements.

Actor Sam Huntington is incredibly funny.
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