Customer Reviews: DynastyMattress Queen Celebrity 13-Inch Pillow Top w/6" High Quality Memory Foam Mattress
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on March 16, 2011
My husband and I have been searching for a great mattress for quite awhile. We have shopped, researched, laid on - and always backed out of buying - so many mattresses. My husband has osteoarthritis in his lower spine, I have Systemic Lupus that has caused inflammatory arthritis in my entire body, but is centered in my cervical spine. I have, by doctor's orders, been sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic pillow for the last 6 years, and my neck pain significantly improved. So, of course, I wanted a Tempur-Pedic mattress, as did my husband. But with a hefty $2500-$3500 price tag, there was just no way.

A few months ago I just finally Googled "Highest Rated Mattresses" and came across this Celebrity Memory Foam by Dynasty. Not only was I impressed with their review of it, I was impressed that nearly every customer who purchased it gave it a 5-star rating and said it definitely was comparable to a Tempur-Pedic. We waited until we got settle into our new home, and then we "bit the bullet" and purchased this here on Amazon. Thanks to my fabulous Amazon Mom account, I got the Free 2-day Shipping - I ordered this Wednesday afternoon at 4:30, and it was on our doorstep Friday morning at 11:00. THAT, is fanfreakingtastic Customer Service!

It arrived rolled up like a rug, only bulkier - it is heavy, I'll tell you that. I knew it needed to fluff up to normal size, so I laid it on top of our old mattress to cut off the packaging. The chemical smell so many have talked about here was present, but it wasn't overpowering, and it wasn't extraordinarily funky. I am sensitive to smells, and very sensitive to chemical smells, and it didn't give me a believe me, it wasn't bad. (This may vary by mattress, or some just may be more sensitive than others.) It began to fluff immediately, and was normal size within about an hour. We let it air out until bed time, then I put our sheets on and we finally laid down on it - both of us made the comment that our muscles immediately relaxed. It's firm, but it's what I refer to as "cushy". IT. IS. AMAZING. If you want an honest review from two people who are very intimately familiar with back pain to a sometimes extreme degree, this is the review for you. We LOVE it, and we are so thrilled that we purchased it. After looking for the right mattress for so long, we are ecstatic that this turned out to be everything and more than promised. You cannot beat the price, under ANY circumstances - but most of all, the immediate relief and comfort for those with back or body pain is PRICELESS. You will not regret purchasing this mattress - and purchasing it here from Amazon.
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on June 28, 2011
This is my first review of a purchase on Amazon. I am leaving it because this is a fairly major purchase based on the price. I was of course hesitant to purchase a mattress online, but like others I had tried temperpedic in the stores and did not want to fork out 3K for a mattress. The reviews on here are mostly good which is why I decided to give it a shot... my mistake... here is why.

Pros: The bed is comfortable, similar in feel to the softer end temperpedic beds.

Cons: Quite a few people say something about the smell on here, let me tell you the off-gassing of the petroleum in this bed is much worse and way longer than you think it will be. We figured it might air out after a couple of days but it did not. We then left it out in the garage for two weeks and it did nothing but stink up our garage, after bringing it back in, the entire house (1500 sq ft) smelled like the chemicals off gassing from this mattress. The chemical smell caused both my husband and I to feel nauseated, fatigued, and have headaches. The foam is made of petroleum and it is made in China according to the tag on the bed. If you search the internet for ways to get rid of the smell, you will find some very interesting articles about all of the health problems associated with fumes that come from these types of memory foam mattresses. Had I seen them before, I definitely would not have ordered. If you are at all sensitive to smells or concerned about exposure to chemicals and fumes, I would urge you to research visco-elastic memory foam health concerns before purchasing.
Also I have nothing against China, but this might be one of those things they can only make over there because of the health hazards associated with what went into the bed. Consider the cost of shipping these heavy mats from China to the US and the price they sell it for here. That should at least make you think about what you are buying. Also the description states it has a removable cover... it doesn't. it has a removable zip sheet from the bottom side of the bed, you can not peel off the cover though because it is glued on from the top.
I hate to be negative about this because we really hoped it would work... but like the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Also note, hopefully the return process will go smoothly, (it usually does with amazon), but they ship it vacuum packed and in a small box. There is no way to re vacuum pack it and get it back into a box once you open it.
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on September 9, 2011
Don't buy this mattress. I have had it for a year now before i wrote this review. The smells and other problems you read about are not the reason at all. Trust me this is a great mattress for a couple of months even maybe half year but..... it slowly goes wrong and you realize you have been had. The memory foam looses all of its memory and the mattress sags and goes to pot. It slowly looses what was once really once great support at first and slowly becomes as supportive as a cotton ball. I now get too sleep on what can best be described as if you where take a bunch of cheap sleeping, bags throw them on a tile floor and sleep on top of them... not what leads to a great nights sleep. Again don't get me wrong it was great at first... loved it! But you get what you pay for. I almost gave it 2 stars because it was really cool to ship a 100 pound mattress overnight for 3.99 via Prime... DON'T BUY IT YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF IN A YEAR!

UPDATE: ************** WARRANTY IS WORTHLESS ************
I tried to make a claim on the warranty! The company requires you the customer to pay for shipping both ways. (sending the old one back and getting a new one). This will exceed the price of just buying another. 20 Year 100% customer satisfaction is a load of you know what. Make sure to get a copy of the warranty and read it before you buy... if you do you will never buy. If you read it they only cover it if it blows up by itself. They don't cover the memory foam from loss of shape or support or really any thing at all. WORST PURCHASE I have ever made!

DON'T BUY --------- DON'T BUY --------------- DON'T BUY ----------- DON'T BUY ------- DON'T BUY ---------- DON'T BUY
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on May 10, 2008
Now this is a comfortable bed. We shopped around and even concidered a real Tempur-pedic. We layed on them at a Tempur-pedic store and thoroughly check them out tried all the different styles. The one we wanted was their Celebrity but cost $3200. Then for way less than $3200, we bought this Celebrity from Dynasty. I can't tell a difference from the Tempur-pedic. It arrived fast and expanded fast. It did have the smell others talk about but it's barely noticable after 2 days. It's gone now. There's lots of Memory foam mattresses online and I looked everywhere and compared. Some were a bit cheaper but for what you get, I thought this was the best. Lastnight was our 3rd night and we know it's the bed for us. You can't go wrong with this one from Dynasty if a Memory foam mattress is what you're wanting.
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on November 26, 2011
Got it based on Amazon reviews - now we are stuck with a heavy mattress that is difficult to get rid of. One reviewer talked of feeling as if one is in a cocoon - that is the feeling I have, plus the body sinks in the middle causing lower back pain every morning (I am not that heavy). It is just not firm enough for me. We have had this mattress for about 8 months and are not happy with the quality. I have even tried using an extra-firm foam mattress cover (Sleep Better 2-Inch Extra Firm Twin Mattress Topper) on it, but this mattress sinks so much that even this doesn't work. Recommendation: Better to buy a mattress from a local store, where you can return it easily if it doesn't work for you.

Smell wasn't a big issue, as it went away after a few days.
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on October 13, 2010
I found this product while searching the web hoping to find a deal on the brand name version that I had tried out in a Sleep Center. They wanted something in the area of $2500 for the Celebrity. That was not going to happen. I ordered this hoping that it would be a decent product, but certainly not as impressive as the name brand. I was wrong.

It arrived rolled up and vacuum packed, wrapped in cardboard. It was pretty compact (100 lbs, maybe 5ft * 2ft) and I carried it in to my bedroom. I cut off the packaging and let it begin to inflate. It was nearly full size in 15 minutes, and within an hour I was able to put it on the boxspring and give it a try. Amazing! It is made from obviously high quality materials and I can't tell a big difference from the exact item I wanted from the sleep center. It MIGHT be slightly more stiff that the "real" thing. My wife is amazed, and I definitely sleep better than I ever did on my old mattress. I will purchase every mattress I need in the future (Baby's first bed, guest bed, etc...) from this seller. If you are the on fence, get this. It impresses.
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on August 1, 2011
I bought a queen-size Tempur-Pedic "classic" from local store 1 years ago. Honestly, it's very comfortable and it did provide great support to my back and spine. I like it even though it's really expensive. I recall I paid 2000+ for the classic model (which is out-dated now and is close-out). Recently, I have a bigger apartment now and I'm hunting for another bed for the other room in my 2B. The first choice is for sure the tempur-pedic but my wife and I are thinking a cheaper choice because it's just for the guest room. Anyway, once I get it, I sleep on it for three nights, and the followings are my reviews.

Note that the comparison is very subjective and
- Tempur-pedic is about three times more expensive then the celebrity. (Tempur-pedic's advantage)
- Queen Celebrity we got is a new one and the tempur is one-years old (and it's the basic model 9"-10" tempur-pedic against the highest-end celebrity / 13" )

- (Odor) It comes with very bad odor with the memory foam. You will smell something like a new painted wall in first few days. I jump to the bed right after I open it and put my nose IN the bed without a pillow (face-down position). I feel dizzy in a few minutes. I leave it in my guest room and have windows open. After 2 days, it seems to be better, but for sure you can STILL smell the odor when you bury your nose into the mattress. (Con)

- My wife and I then put a mattress foam protection cover we bought from local store, and then put a cotton bed sheet on top of it. The odor is okay on the third day (barely noticeable). However, if you are very sensitive to the odor or you prefer face-down sleeping :) You may still notice it. From what I guess, it won't go away (at least in a week or two). Though, for most people, I will say it's okay. Not a big deal because it is barely noticeable after putting the protection cover.(Con)

- My wife is a side sleeper. I do side-sleep sometimes. This one contains 5.5" memory foam and it do provide better buffers for side-sleeper. Long story short, you will feel that you are sucked into the mattress, or at least, you will feel that memory foam does the magic in that it reforms to fit your body curve. On the contrary, my tempur-pedic is the cheapest model and I think it's much thinner...not suitable for a side-sleeper.(Pro)

- I try to do a "face-up" sleeping next day and I hurt my neck... (not the mattress fault). I'm 6ft 200lbs, and I feel that somehow this mattress does NOT provide a balance support to the whole body. That's why some reviewer complains about the back pain. You somehow sleep like a V-shape (where the lower point is around your hip). I will suggest that you may try yourself in any local store with the softest mattress. If you hate it, you better to reconsider another mattress. Though, they are different and memory foam provide more support, but I think it's more or less suitable for people who prefer soft mattress, like me. (Worth to note)

- Personally, when doing a face-up sleeping, I still prefer my tempur-pedic one. It seems provide better support over the spine. It's hard to explain, but tempur-pedic one seems to be provide a more "ergo" support in terms of body pressure. If I have to pick a mattress for 10+ years, Tempur-pedic will still be my choice. It's did provide better (over-all) support. I won't feel a V-shape in tempur-pedic. Though, if you are a side sleeper, you may consider the newest, "Cloud / Deluxe" model. Unfortunately, it cost you 3500+.

- Without turning on the AC, the tempur-pedic one seems a little cooler than this one. But the difference is minor. Since I always turn on AC in a hot day while sleeping, I don't think it's matter to me.

-BTW, it beats all Sears/Simons/etc. spring mattress I owned before at the same price range (600-900), and it's much better than the mattress you could find in COSTCO. (I bought one for $499 in COSTCO and return in a month after). The Costco one provides a noticeable worse support, comparing to tempur-pedic and this one.

Considering the cost, it seems to be unfair to against tempur-pedic with this mattress. If you are asking for C/P, this one definitely win. However, if you sleep 5 hours a day, you sleep more than 15000+ hours in 10 years. It seems to be a easy math to me that (even) a slight better mattress is worth 2-3000 more dollars... However, if you are planing in moving to another city in a year or two (in my situation now), I think this mattress is more than enough.

For people with limit budget, this one is a good surrogate for tempur-pedic. To sum up, the tempur-pedic (even the classic/ cheap one), provide zero-odor, better (evenly) supports on you body, say 10~30% depends on models. However, it would cause you 300-500% more. If you are not suffered from back pain but just looking for a better mattress, I will say this one provide best C/P and you will definitely like it. On the other hand, if you are sensitive to the odor and hunting for the best bed for relieving your back pain. Tempur-pedic is truly better in my opinion. Again, it's very subjective, but you got what you paid for. Without considering the price, tempur-pedic win. However, paying 3000-4000 for a mattress is crazy to some people... isn't it?

--- Update 9/6/2011 ---
Overall the mattress seems to be too soft and thus I got a neck pain every time I sleep on the bed. My wife, parents try the mattress and all of them does not suffer from the same symptom. However, all of them agree that this bed is "VERY(or too) soft". Though, personally I think soft is a pro than a con.

The back support is okay. However, I notice that the reason I got a neck pain is because I'm using a firm pillow. My parent has the same problem at their first night on the bed when visiting me. After they switch a firm (thick) pillow to a soft (thin) pillow, they say their neck pain are all gone. Nevertheless, I don't want to risk my neck again so I still sleep on my tempurpedic and consider it as the main mattress I sleep every night. As for this celebrity bed, I only sleep on it when I would like to take a nap :) Usually, I simply lie on the bed without any pillow.

Overall, I'll say it's a good alternative if you love a soft mattress.
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on January 25, 2011
I often flinch from awarding 5 stars to any product because I believe there is always room for improvement. However, in this case, I feel it is warranted. I read all reviews, both pros and cons, and decided to try this mattress as a replacement for our old spring mattress. My husband and I went first to the leading mattress stores and tried out the best (?) foam mattress they had. Very nice! And, we discussed on the way home about any noticeable smell as, generally, that was the biggest complaint given on Amazon reviews. Both agreed the smell was not decernable, however, we did not know how long the mattress had been standing on the shop floor. Well, at less that 20% percent of the store price my husband told me to go ahead and pick one off of Amazon and this one is it.
DO- do your shopping first by trying one of these foam beds in a reputable mattress store! You must be aware that they are firm and the feel is quite different from a inner spring mattress. Having done that; feel is good, and smell doesn't concern you too much, I'd say go ahead and purchase it from Amazon.
My comments are (1) mattress arrived in a timely manner, exactly as stated rolled up and packed tightly. My husband and I, (both in our 60's) were able to get it up the stairs and onto our box spring. (2)(Caution - this mattress is HEAVY!)(3)It upfolded quickly as in under 3 hours and (4)the smell was there but minor problem to us.
We left it in our spare bedroom for a week and then switched mattresses from spare room to ours. Perfect! Smell pretty much gone (unless you stick your face right in it). I got a soft bed topper to cushion the firmness somewhat. Added really comfy sheets. Bliss! I like the fact that I no longer feel like I am always rolling into my hubby, who is half again my size and there is no bouncing around when either he or I move around. My four year old grandson came to stay with us when his whole family, including him, had the flu last week and he wanted to sleep in our bed. Seriously, we had a really hard time getting him out of the bed. His mom called to check on him and he said he wanted in stay at our house because he was soooo comfy in our bed. And little kids don't lie about something like that. After five days of illness, that was the first time I saw that child sound asleep. I know it wasn't just the bed, but it helped and he never once mentioned the smell. Also, he has minor breathing problems, (since birth) and there was no reaction to this mattress. So.
If you want a very reasonable priced mattress, want firmness and support with no bounce and are not too sensitive to smell. This mattress could be a very good fit. We are very pleased.
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on April 1, 2011
If you are in the market for a TempurPedic type mattress, do not hesitate to purchase the Dynasty mattress. It arrived on time(rolled up like a carpet). I easily unrolled it and within 4 hours it was fully expanded. There was a slight smell initially, but that dissipated within a week. This bed is very comfortable and I can not tell any difference from the TempurPedic I tried in the store. I was hesitant to purchase this type of product sight unseen, but I am so happy I did so as this product is superb. I previously had a Simmons ultra-plush coil mattress. I was concerned that this may be too hard, but it is not. The mattress provides the perfect(for me) blend of softness and support. Dynasty Mattress customer service was excellent in that prior to purchasing I had a question on which mattress would be best for me and Tony assisted me in the proper decision. I could not be happier with this product. My 10 year old is now hounding me for the 'Tempurpedic' as she loves my bed and wants one.
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on March 14, 2012
My wife and I were going to purchase a Temur-Pedic "Cloud" but after the usual in store STICKER SHOCK I convinced her to let me see what other memory foam mattresses were available first.

So, after doing my research, and I mean research, in store and reading online reviews, I finally decided on the DynastyMattress Celebrity 13 Pillow Top. Compared to the price and quality of the Tempur-Pedic, (lets face it, the brand we all initially want but just can't seem to justify the expense), this is as close to the Tempur-Pedic as you are going to get at any price. After three full months of sleeping on this mattress I love it even more now then at first. This bed at first seems a bit firm, but it does soften up after about a week. (This bed takes about a full month to fully break in). I have an Amazon Prime membership and ordered this overnight shipping for $3.99 instead of the free 2 day shipping. The bed arrived the next day rolled up as you all have read. The initial odor should not be an issue for most people, but does smell like latex paint. Just open some windows and air out the mattress for a day or two if you have to. This mattress does not fully inflate for about 24 hours. We did sleep on ours the first night after letting it inflate and air out for seven hours. You should be able to put this mattress on your existing box spring, but you may want to put a sheet of at least 1/2 inch plywood on the box spring before you lay the mattress upon it. The harder the surface you lay a quality memory foam mattress the better, (for example concrete would be ideal). I would not waste money or time on the memory foam foundations sold here or anywhere else unless you have too.

This memory foam mattress at this price is a steal in my honest opinion. You get the quality as the Tempur-Pedic, for less than 1/4 the cost. I can honestly say this is the best $579.00 we have EVER spent! Knowing now how great this mattress is I would be willing to pay 3Xs the asking price without hesitation, and I'm not kidding.

If you decide to purchase one here on Amazon, and you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, it may defiantly be worth the $79 yearly fee on this purchase alone.
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