Customer Reviews: Dynatrap Insect Trap -1/2 Acre The Original Insect Trap
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on June 3, 2007
Recently purchased three of these, and tested one right away. I found that it caught many more BENEFICIAL insects than mosquitoes. Not really eager to box up and return-ship the three units, I removed the light bulbs from the test trap and ran it again for a few days. The difference was phenomenal! Not a single good bug, but only the pesky mosquitoes. Have since installed the remaining two traps, and am in the process of searching for additionals to place around the yard, so I can discontinue using our two Mosquito Magnets.

The only slightly-misleading comment in the description of this item is that it can be used indoors and outside. If used outdoors, it MUST be in a covered area, such as a porch, under house eaves, etc. to keep out rain. The description should note this. However, I am extremely pleased with the performance thus far of this product, and will be looking to sell our current two Mosquito Magnets when I find enough replacements for them. Dyna Trap units are much less expensive to run, and much less maintenance as well. Now I will just have to construct some sort of waterproof shelters for the Dyna Traps, so I can place them remotely around the yard.

Would recommend this product highly, to anyone like me who cannot go outside without being attacked by the bloodthirsty little pests!
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on April 16, 2007
Purchased one of these to try and get ahold of the mosquito population in our back yard. Have been running it for a few days now, and its already filled with quite a few mosquitoes and other gnats. Quiet operation.

Only downside I can see is that the bugs are trapped in the unit but are alive until they starve or dehydrate. So emptying the unit will be an interesting task while trying not to let any of them go again.

I'll update this posting if I have any problems with the unit, or if it becomes less successful as the season goes on. But so far it seems to be working very well, and costs significantly less per month than running the other units that require octenol or propane to work. I can live with $1/month in electricity.

-------- Update -----------
The unit is still plugging away. I've had to take it apart a couple of times over the last few years to clean gunk out of the motor, but otherwise it continues to work.

As for its successful use as a trap for mosquitos... I find it catching many more moths and flies than anything else. In the spring it always catches mosquitos by the pound. But once early summer starts the mosquitos seem to either get smarter, or emerge as a different breed that aren't attacked to the unit as much. It still catches mosquitos, but not nearly to the extent as it does first thing in the spring.

Cleaning the trap is somewhat interesting. The trap basically holds the bugs until they die of what I would assume is dehydration. However, its continually catching new insects, so cleaning it can be tricky. I've found the best way to clean it is to have a garbage back next to the unit, release the bottom "insect holder" without turning the unit off, and dump the insect holder into the bag swiftly, then tying the bag shut immediately so the bugs that are still alive won't escape. If you're quick, nothing, or very few should escape.

And, I tend to be quite lazy about cleaning it. It only fills to the point where it requires me to clean it every couple of weeks.

So to sum up, its a great insect catcher. But don't believe it'll catch all of your summer blood-sucking problems. It appears to work *ok*, but I still have to wear insect repellent when I'm outside.
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on June 13, 2008
OK... I am one of those people that cannot be outside for even a second at dusk, without getting at least 4-10 new mosquito bites. I knew that I would be able to review this product after only one night of having it out.

Well, after the first night... here I am, very pleased, and am about to buy a second one, and will also purchase spare bulbs (just in case) and Octenol to try and attract EVEN MORE of those pesky mosquitos.

I peeked in this morning, and it didn't look like there were that many mosquitos in there, they are hard to see... they're skinny little guys, and the flapping moths made it hard to see how many mosquitos were really in there. But boy oh boy.. when I had a second to empty it out. WOW.. they were hard to count, but I'd say between 50 - 100... and that's just ONE DAY!

I read all the other reviews here at Amazon before buying, so was prepared for the possible pitfalls, and it looks to me like the company has made an effort to improve it's weaker points. It comes with a band that affixes with velcro around where the bugs fly in. You place on there when you shut the unit off, so the bugs don't fly out at you. It comes with a nice long cord (10ft, someone here said their cord was shorter). It also comes with a brush to clean it, and a sturdy clip to hang it from (someone else here said that it needed a better clip).

I have shady areas at the very left and very right ends of my backyard, and even during the day, If I venture into those areas to get a ball or something... I get BIT! The one Dynatrap hangs from a tree branch in the shady area on the left side, near our patio and table. My new DynaTrap, which I will order as soon as I am done typing this, will hang on a tree branch on the other end of the yard.

I am hoping that 2 traps in my yard will somewhat diminish the population. That's all I am looking for. I think if people expect to not see a single mosqito EVER again.. they are expecting too much. I personally don't plan on going out on my patio at dusk, untill I have my new traps hanging for a week or two (I have a screened in porch.. and that's where I'll be).

I will write another review after I recieve my second unit and have it up for awhile, and will likewise mention when (if) bulbs give out, and whether or not the traps work without the bulbs as well.

I live in New Jersey (about 200ft from a still shallow lake), and it was helpful for me to read that others somewhat near me (Maryland, Boston) said that this unit worked. I think that regional populations behave differently.. and I was ssoooo hoping that this worked... and so far so good!

I should also mention that I bought my unit here at Amazon, got free shipping, and received it in maybe 3 days... pretty darn good!
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on May 6, 2007
This is the second one of these we have purchased. It is probably the best mosquito trap I have tried and I have tried many. I broke the first one by dropping it on the concrete pool deck, up until that time it had worked perfectly for 3 years. I was very glad to find Amazon had this item. After we broke the first we couldn't find another one anywhere so we tried other products. None even came close to the DynaTrap(the original one was called the Black Hole). I have recommended this item to neighbors wanting to enjoy their backyards.
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on May 12, 2008
I own 2 Mosquito Magnets. They are amazing at removing mosquito's. The down side is the propane you have to replace every 21 days and the maintenance required on the Magnets to keep them running season after season. So I purchased the Dynatrap to test it out and see if it would allow me to retire 1 or both of my Mosquito Magnets.

The Dynatrap catches pretty much any bug that it attracted to light, same as a bug zapper. The difference is that it does not zap the bugs, instead the bugs are sucked in by the fan and die a slow lingering death of dehydration. The trap does a great job of catching bugs. In fact the unit was half full in about 1 week. That's a lot of bugs. However, it does NOT catch mosquito's. Sure it may catch one here or there at random, but it is by pure luck if any mosquito's end up in it.

If you do want to catch every other bug in your yard then the Dynatrap is for you. The main problem with the Dynatrap is that it does not kill the bugs, so you can never really empty the trap without bugs getting away unless you quickly try to open the unit inside a trash bag which is quite a challenge. Sure the bugs it caught a week ago might have died by now, but all the recent bugs that were caught are still running and flying around inside the trap. If you turn the trap off then all the live bugs can just walk or fly right out of the unit since the only thing keeping them in the "cage" is the large fan that sucked them into the trap in the first place.

One of the other reviewers said he had good luck taking out the lights and running the unit without the lights in order to catch only mosquito's. This did not work for me. When I took the lights out the unit caught almost nothing at all. So for me, the Mosquito Magnets are still the only game in town to truly catch ONLY mosquito's. They work great, they are just expensive to purchase and operate.

The claim that Dynatrap makes about it creating CO2 from the paint or whatever on the unit I think is bunk. They claim this CO2 is what attracts mosquito's. While I know first hand that CO2 does attract mosquito's, I don't think the Dynatrap makes any noticeable amount of CO2 since when I took the lights out and ran it the unit did not catch any noticeable amount of mosquito's.

Bottom line is that if you want a machine to QUIETLY catch bugs that are attracted to light without killing them for a while then the Dynatrap is for you. However, if you want them dead and don't mind the zapping noise I would get a bug zapper instead. If you want to catch only biting mosquito's then break out the bucks and buy the Mosquito Magnet. It's costs a ton, but it truly works.
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on June 13, 2007
We bought this as an alternative to the propane traps (which I hear are expensive to operate and aren't the most effective.) We love the DynaTrap! At first, it was hard to find a good spot for it (it can't be in direct rain and needs to be hung ideally, 6 ft. off the ground) but once we switched it on, it was like magic! The instructions say to empty it once a week, however, we are getting so many bugs, we are emptying it about 2-3 times a week. We bought two of them, one for each side of our house and now, when we are outside around dusk, we rarely get bitten! I highly recommend this product.
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on June 14, 2007
The Dynatrap is a good idea that needs a lot of improvment. For example when its time to clean out the trap some of the bugs are still alive so they just fly right back out when you open it. Also Dynatrap has to be plugged in for hours before it begins to work so if you want to go outside make sure you turn the dynatrap on hours in advance. It also doesn't work as well as claimed. In fact the mosquitoes didn't seem to like dynatrap too much. A few are caught every now and then and mostly at night, but there are still plenty outside waiting to bite my children and me. It works great on beetles and moth though, but I bought it to catch mosquitoes.
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on July 13, 2007
I would rate it 4.5 stars. It has been out in several downpours with no problems. Just protect the extension cord connections. Catches lots of insects - moths, mosquitos, beetles, all kinds of flying bugs. I haven't seen any wasps yet. I empty it every week. The only problems I've experienced are: The day after I bought it one of the bulbs burned out. So, I ordered more bulbs. The metal hanging clip was weak and broke, so I replaced with a 1/8 inch quick-link(much sturdier). When mounting it, you need to tie the cord to something so it will hang level. When I empty it, I put it in a plastic trash bag for 24 hours, so all the bugs in it will die before opening it. If you turn it off, any bugs still alive can fly away. Very good investment.
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on June 29, 2014
I was not sure about this based on all the different reviews, but decided to try it for myself. It has been running 3 weeks now and we are at the height of bug season and its catching a ton of bugs, it's nice to go out and have a bug free yard. No problems yet, the only thing is the dampers don't close that tightly and when your emptying it some bugs fly out. I remedy this by spraying bug killer a few minutes before emptying.
review image review image
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on March 11, 2011
This is just another poorly built product: seems like there are plenty of those on the market today. This thing worked well for about 3 days and after that, it barely attracted any mosquitoes. I think that titanium dioxide "CO2 generator" is nothing but a gimmick. Seemed to work for a few days but then the chemical must wear off because even if you clean it per the manual, mosquitoes are no longer attracted to it. It would catch a half dozen each night IF you added one of those octenol lures so I kept it running with one of those figuring a half dozen a night was better than nothing. Furthermore, the two UV lights in the top stopped working after just a few months and when I replaced them with the proper part, the ballast that runs the lights was shot and would only power the brand new bulbs at about 1/100 the amount of light as when it was new. Simply put, I would never buy another one. Not a quality product and doesn't last. Certainly not worth the price either for a little fan in a can with a plastic funnel and two puny UV lamps. Don't fall for this thing generating any CO2 to attract mosquitoes. I'm convinced their titanium dioxide coated plastic funnel is nothing but snake oil. It probably generates a few molecules of CO2 for the first few hours it's run: just enough so they can claim it has some sore of innovative carbon dioxide generator.
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