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on July 17, 2012
Live in Minnesota (state 'bird' is the mosquito :-] ) and our property has a wet-lands and parkway system behind it. We walk dogs in our yard early mornings and late evenings - dumbest habit in the world in mosquito country! A colleague at work with a similar yard-type claimed their 'mosquito vacuum' worked wonders, so I thought we'd try a cheap model.

Bought this model (DynaTrap DT1200) about 3 weeks ago (from a local DIY store), read up on things like the effects of wind direction and placement (all vendors of such products have guidelines online - read them!). We've been collecting a solid cooking tablespoon of mosquitoes per week and a fluffy 1/4 cup of misc moths, gnats, and others. Plus walking dogs is no longer a constant slapping-race. It is pleasant.

It seems most of these products from all vendors have about 1/2 reviews saying it's great and 1/2 that it sucks. Placement is probably important & they are NOT magic. I picked this model due to the low cost and not having to buy consumables. Lots of the 'other' products require up to $400 worth of propane and chemical scents per season, so I figured spending this low amount was a better risk than $500 plus add-ons. My risk paid off.

(July-26 add-on comments - Since the backyard is now so nice, we bought a second one for our front yard since we do gardening there and mosquitoes/some other biting bug was feeding on me; forcing me indoors as the sun set. It collects about 1/2 the bugs as the back yard, but my garden work can now extend until dark. Note; I see in some of these reviews that people think you plug this in 30 seconds before your picnic and expect it to do anything. Not so - both of my unit collected absolutely NOTHING in the first 12-15 hours! It takes some days of constant running to start to collect the bulk of the bugs.)

(Aug-03 add-on comments - used my Kilowatt meter. These burn about 15-watts 24-hours a day, so about 10kwh of power a month. If you pay $0.08/kwh, that about a buck of power a month.)

(Sep 2014 comments: one of my 2 units failed in July 2014. When I pulled it out, water poured from the top. Seems 1 of 4 rubber plugs on the top got lost, and somehow water entered the top & killed the unit. The 2nd unit (down in the garden is doing fine, sucking in bugs.) I bought one of the cheaper hanging units for $99 at the local Menards, and I was able to remove the old fried head, and mount this one on the old stand. The new one is different, with flaps to keep the bugs inside during a cleaning. Personally, I think the new design is silly. Sure a few bugs escapes when I cleaned before, but now with the flaps cleaning is harder. So one step ahead, one step back. Still the two units keep sucking in the bugs.)
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on May 15, 2013
5-15-13 I have read all the reviews and seen reviews about fake reviews, looked up all the videos and was not able to find the one solid answer (DOES IT WORK!!!) So I decided with amazon if I was not happy with it I know they would take it back. Now I am reviewing this product after having it one night and I will be updating it as time goes. So I received it yesterday. I set it up about 6:00pm and just waited for something to happen. Now I live in the outskirts of Thibodaux, Louisiana (look it up on the map) and when I say the bugs are bad down here I mean it! Well about 8:00pm the fun began. I went outside to check on it and I can see the bug around the machine and they were getting sucked in. So I was pretty pleased with it. Decided right before I go to bed around 10:00pm with my flashlight I would go check on it again and I was impressed with the amount of bugs (mostly mosquitoes) that was in the bottom of the basket and the water trough was filling up quick to with beetles and mosquitoes and other types of bugs. Well when I woke up this morning to go to work I went check it out again and it looks like it is doing a great job. When I get home this afternoon I will take a video of what was caught after 24hrs and upload it to youtube.
So far I would Recommend this but let's see if it reduces the population around the house.
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on June 16, 2013
Almost filled the catch cage up overnite. Easy assembly and operation. Only draw back is some bugs will escape when you empty it out. I'll let them stay longer next time. Was curious to see what all was in there after the first night. Great device. going to buy another for the front. No smell or noise like the normal zappers.
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on October 22, 2014
It just works! I have this for my deck in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii and it is a bug killer!!
First night I caught 49 mosquitoes! (I attached a partial photo after first night) I emptied it again a week later and it had close to 200 mosquitoes. I lost count.
Now I empty the canister every couple weeks and it's just mass carnage in there, tons of moths and flying ants too. The geckos/lizards love to hang around this thing, and there's a trail of ants leading into it. I guess I need to empty it more.

cons: the catch basket is really tricky/hard to remove, takes me a minute each time and alot of fiddling to get it to unlock. My boss who has one as well can't unlock it at all!
the water evaporates quickly, but if it rains in your area more, probably won't be a problem. it works well without water too I believe.
I bought it used here on Amazon and it works great!
I also have the smaller DT150 for my 1 car garage and it killed 150 in the first week!
review image
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on June 24, 2012
This may be one of my first reviews to write, and the reason is probably in line with most consumers - I bought a product, and then I thought "OH NO, does it really work???" I looked at reviews after purchasing the DynoTrap, and I was immediately discouraged by the reviews. Fortunately, I was VERY pleasantly surprised after only one week.

I hope to be able to upload the pictures, because a picture can tell a thousand words.

I caught at least 50 beetles on the first night (and each night following for 2 weeks), and it definitely attacks mosquitoes and moths. I think it is because they are so "dense" and get sucked in so quickly by the fan. I bought it to eliminate our fly problem, and they are not so easily "sucked in" - But, I was still happy with the outcome. The beetles are so attracted to the water on the outside, I couldn't believe it. It works better than any beetle trap we have ever purchased. As for mosquitoes, I can only say that the trap grabs so many bugs in a 24 hour period, it is hard to tell one from the other. I will say that the instructions say to remove dead bugs once/week - I have to empty the trap every 3rd day. We do live in the woods though, and the trap is completely full after just three days. I estimate that a minimum of 150 bugs are emptied from the trap every 3rd day. That is a lot that would otherwise be in my house or on my plants, and that does not include the beetles in the water trap on the outside. I want to buy another! I swear by this product.
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on December 27, 2012
I liked it so much I bought another one. The only problem I have with it is having to get the bugs out of the water and filling the water back up.
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on May 18, 2015
So far we're really enjoying our mosquito-free summer.
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on July 20, 2014
Useless. Tried it as we live on Long Island in a area with a lot in the summer. Sprays have been effective but only last 24-48 hours. Ran the unit for 1 week and saw no decrease in mosquitoes. Checked the trap and saw maybe 4-5 mosquitoes and a few moths. Maybe it works in other areas, but not in NY. Save your money for sprays, candles or misters.
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on August 10, 2014
I purchased the Dynatrap Insect Trap hoping to kill the mosquito that make sitting on our back back next to impossible without getting bit. After three weeks of consecutive use, the Dyantrap has not collected one single mosquito, I repeat, not one single one. It's great at catching moths, if that's what you want, but no mosquito. I even leave it on all night long and absolutely noting. After a few evenings of leaving it on all night and collecting the usual amount of months, the Dynatrap will attack ants who know somehow the months are inside and feast on them. so it attract moths and ants to eat the months but not one mosquito. Better off putting an insect repellent on you or light a citronella candle.
The Dynatrap is a big failure and disapointment for me. I live in lower Westchester in NY.
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on July 6, 2015
I've been running my Dynatrap for about 3 months now in Houston TX. I purchased in May 2015 (not July). During this time Houston has received a HUGE amount of rain over June. I've been cautiously optimistic about this purchase but didn't realize how effective its been until this weekend when I went to my parents house to grill. They live about 20 minutes away from me, also in Houston. As I stood outside to grill burgers, I was constantly swatting mosquitoes - easily had 4-5 I was aware of trying to land on me at any one time. I haven't had this problem AT ALL since 2 weeks after letting the trap run in my backyard. I've cleaned it out about once a month and Ive been noticing a lot more flies and June bugs in the trap that mosquitoes, so I hadn't been certain how effective it has been until going to my parents backyard.

It has given me enough confidence I am about to purchase a replacement bulb to keep on the 3-4 month schedule of changing out the bulbs. I've left the machine running every day for 3 months even in heavy downpours and thunderstorms and the fan is still running and each night I still see the strong purple light illuminating my patio - so far, I'm a believer.
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