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on July 3, 2013
It looks like a gimmicky gadget but this thing Really Works well! It's an amazing piece of engineering - I haven't studied it but it seems incredible the way it moves air so well with No Fan Blades. And This last bit is the reason why my wife (who normally likes to pinch the pennies a little more) was willing to spend more for this one over getting another Vornado. I love Vornado's but they scare my wife with having a toddler around (and another baby on the way). It's also easy to move around, and will be easy to clean.

I have only three beef's with it which cause me to take it down a notch from 5 stars despite it's amazing engineering:
1) It's a little lower power than you'd want to cool any size room really. You really need to train it on yourself (not oscillating back and forth in an attempt to cool the whole room). UNLESS you are using it in conjunction with air conditioning. That might work fine to make a room a bit cooler and to reduce energy costs)

2) It Is a little noisier than I would like. But Really not bad. Not louder than a Vornado that's for sure.

3) And then Price. This is a lot to pay for a plastic fan (or any fan I think, especially for this Size. It's only 12" diameter). But on this one too, well. It's a Dyson. You get what you pay for: Quality engineering (I can't tout the Dyson Vacuum we got Enough. It's brilliant design too. And for those who'd like to know: it's the Dyson DC47 Animal Canister Vacuum. $499 for a vacuum, Ouch! But it Rocks. It's a Dyson)

VERDICT 4 Stars => If you're in the market for a SAFE-with-small-kids-around-the-house midsize fan that does a nice job of keeping a person cool (e.g. you've got it trained on you while you lounge on the couch or the bed) it does the job and is worth the price.
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on September 11, 2012
Review of a 2 year-old Dyson:


-Attractive aesthetic. The fan is absolutely beautiful, not to mention a conversation starter.
-**IT WON'T BLOCK YOUR VIEW.** With no cage to surround fan blades, objects/ light behind the Dyson remain unobstructed.
-Extremely easy to clean. This makes it great for allergies.
-Does not attract dust as easily as other fans, so there is less dust to clean.
-Shape allows easy storage, and is easily packed up for a move.
-Easy to carry - some fans have awkward shapes and weight distribution, this fan does not. I carry it back and forth between rooms all the time and it is a piece of cake.


-Louder than I expected
-Price - over $300 seems a bit much for an item made of plastic.
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on October 22, 2012
Fan works great, sound is good enough to knock out some of the street noise and the air that it produces is great considering that it's bladeless!

I love it so much that I just bought a second one (on another site because of the price difference).
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on August 17, 2013
I have the larger floor standing model that I love. When I got this smaller model I was dissapointd that it didn't com with a controer like the large one. You would think it would for the price... I would have given it 5 stars like I did the floor standing model.
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This was a pretty good buy. This bladeless fan draws in surrounding air, and amplifies it 15 times. The result is a smooth airflow with no choppy, unpleasant buffeting. Because there are no blades or grilles, this fan is easy to clean and has a sleek, modern design. The touch tilt, pivots on its own center of gravity, there is a dimmer switch control, and one touch oscillation.

It does move air much better and quieter than any fan I have ever used (and that is 30+ years of experience). I have been able to cut back the AC use because of this "air multiplier". Perhaps this, over time, will justify the price. However, If it were half the price it would be a dream machine.

Recommended. A prisrob 05-19-14
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on May 11, 2013
It is a great fan keeps me cool at night! I love that my grandkids cant get hurt by the fan.
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on August 14, 2013
This fan really works -- good air, quiet, easy to clean and it doesn't block the view. For this price, though, it should also cook you a three-minute egg and make your bed. It doesn't.
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on July 15, 2013
This is a good fan. And that is all it is. It looks fancy and high-tech. But, it is just a fan. It works great, and cools the room. Thus, the 5 stars. However a standard fan would do the same. Like a standard fan, this blows air from the room, tilts up and down, and can be used either stationary, or with the "head" moving side to side. You can also adjust the height up and down. Here are some reasons it might be better than a standard fan for some people:


-No blades, so no chance of hurt little fingers that poke through the cage.
-No cage, so no rattling as the fan gets older.
-Even, steady noise. This fan produces a nice even noise that is good for people who have a hard time sleeping with rhythmic or random noise. Somewhat like a white noise machine.
-Easy to clean. No individual blades to clean and no cage to be removed & re-attached.


-It is quite loud at it's highest setting.
-Draws air in at the base so you can't put this fan in front of a window and "pull" cool air in from outside.
-It's not really "blameless," as there are fans inside the base. You just can't get to them w/o taking the thing apart.

For me, the pros do NOT outweigh the cons, especially at this price. We have side opening windows, that open outwards with a crank. So I was looking for something like a window or portable air conditioner, since window and portable air conditioners require sliding windows. This is not it.

I wish I had just purchased a regular fan.
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on August 19, 2014
I bought this fan at Costco over a year ago and it worked great until about three months ago. It started making a buzzing sound when running and I tracked it down to the fan blade, which is in the base, rubbing against something. Seeing that this fan has a 2-year warranty, I called Dyson and asked what I could do to get it repaired. I spoke to a young woman who registered my product (I had the receipt so I gave her the date of purchase and serial number) and then said they'd send me a replacement base and I could throw the old one away as I didn't need to send it to them. Seeing that the fan still worked, just making a really annoying noise, I kept the base and waited for the replacement to arrive. I didn't necessarily want it ending up in a landfill either.

Several weeks later I just missed a call late Friday afternoon from a man at Dyson who left a voice mail sounding very frustrated, saying that they can't get a replacement and wanted me to call him. I tried but got a hold of some other man who said he had left for the weekend and he could help me instead. He said the AM01 wasn't available anymore and that they'd give me a different unit. In this case it would be the AM06. It's a 10-inch fan as opposed to the 12-inch AM01 but supposedly is more efficient and makes less noise, and also comes with a remote control. He told me to go to Dyson's website and select which color I wanted (there are three choices). I told him which one I preferred and he said I'd need to send back the defective unit (and thankfully I didn't throw the base away) and emailed me the info to take it to the UPS Store so I could have it shipped back at their charge. I shipped it out about an hour later and thought everything was going to be fine.

A couple of weeks later I figured I would have had received the replacement already so I went to and entered the tracking number and saw that it had been delivered just a few days after I sent it. I contacted Dyson support and they said they had no record of receiving it and wouldn't be able to send me the new one until they got it. I scanned the tracking slip and took a screen shot of the confirmation and emailed it to them. They then said everything was in the computer and they could get this taken care of.

A week later I emailed them asking what the status was and they responded that they were going to expedite it for me. Another week later and I still haven't received anything. I am going to call them tomorrow as they're closed for the day and try to get some answers. It's been nearly three months since my initial warranty claim and they still have my fan. I really expected them to be able to fix it and send it back to me, but I guess they don't do that.

I don't regret getting the fan in the first place. It worked great for a year but after this experience I wish I had taken it back to Costco (they'll take anything back anytime) and either got a refund of an exchange because this is ridiculous.
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on May 22, 2013
Loved my fan until it randomly stopped working and Dyson wont do anything about be careful!! They do not stand behind their $300 product because I have had mine a little over 2 years. Buyer beware!! ( when I called, I was on the phone with them for over an hour, and they told me my only option was to pay $150.00 for a new cord....that was what they thought the problem was, but they couldn't guarantee me that spending the $150 would work either.... I have 4 different Dyson products, but after this ordeal I will never buy another one or recommend it.
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