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VINE VOICEon January 11, 2009
I waited a few years after purchasing my Dyson to write this review because I felt that I couldn't really rate the vacuum without putting it through its paces. First of all, I am hard on vacuums. I don't want to have to baby them or do a lot of maintenance, I want them to pick up anything I throw at it and I want it done with minimum of fuss.

And I throw a lot at my Dyson. I have two giant breed dogs, a Great Dane and a Newfoundland. Both generate unbelievable amounts of hair - the Great Dane's being short, hard hairs that get stuck in fabrics, the Newfoundland's hair being long and soft, forming hair tumble weeds that get on everything. I also use my Dyson to vacuum out my massive fireplace and pick up the remnants of our live Christmas tree each December, on top of the usual carpet, tile and hardwood floor vacuuming. The Dyson handles all of it without a problem.

It is super easy to switch from the hose to the carpet setting to the hard floor setting and a cinch to empty and clean. The stair attachment works like a dream and the electric upholstery attachment is the ONLY thing that can pull those short Great Dane hairs out of my linen couch (even tape rollers can't pull them out).

The Dyson WILL get clogged, make no mistake, and I would say that I have to unclog mine every tenth time I use it. But unclogging the Dyson literally takes under a minute. The Dyson is designed so that the angles and curves of the tubes are all removable and reachable, so you only need to open up a few different places to find the clog, pull out the tightly packed ball of dog hair and you are back on your way. The cleanable filters are awesome, not requiring replacement like other filters do, just bi-yearly washing.

The body of the Dyson itself is very well made. Mine bears the scars of valiant dog teeth marks (have you ever seen a dog pick up a vacuum in its mouth and walk off with it? I'll let you come vacuum at my house sometime) and dents from being shoved into the brick work of the fireplace and everything still works as it should, and the attachments have all held up well under intense chewing.

A year ago, we invited a vacuum salesman in our home, who also happened to be a friend, to demonstrate one of their super vacuum systems and with each demonstration that the salesman commented that the Dyson was actually holding its own. He even laughed a few times when he attempted to show us lack of suction (there wasn't any) or fine dust that escapes into the air (couldn't find any of that either). As he left, he said that he would probably buy a Dyson for his home, since he didn't want to spend the $1400 that his vacuum cost.

My single complaint about the Dyson is that the attachments that sit on top of the Cyclone body do not stay put when you detach the compartment to empty it out. I don't touch the base of the compartment, I just use the lever to open it up and knock it against the garbage to empty it, and then swing it with a bit of force to knock the trap door back into place and each time I do it, I knock one of the attachments off of the top (hence being chewed on - those dogs are quick). I only empty the vacuum outside since it generates a lot of dust when I do.

Overall, I would say that I am a Dyson buyer for life. They are a bit more expensive than others, but I used to go through a vacuum a year between the dogs trying to save me from it and using it to pick up things that I probably shouldn't (you try hand cleaning the pebbles from a broken cedar-stuffed dog bed), so it is well worth the cost in my opinion. When my Dyson finally does go to the big vacuum cloud in the sky, I will be buying a new one without a single hesitation.
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on January 3, 2007
The Dyson is a great product. While initially skeptical about the plastic appearance, it is quite durable. My biggest complaints are no cord catch for when your line is partially extended and it is not self propelled. While I have not had any problems, I do say that my previous Vacuum was a Eureka litespeed bagless. I have followed the Dyson with the Eureka and picked up more dirt. Of course, I did the same with the Eureka and found a few pieces. So, the Dyson is a good vacuum, but not much better than my $79 Eureka, which I still keep for when my wife is not watching.
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on March 8, 2007
I just recceived my DC 14. I expected very strong suction power. But I have to say, both my wife and I are quite dissapointed. It does not even pick up as much dirt as my previous $80 eurika bagless one. I did check that it was set for the carpet. I tried to find gear selection (high, medium, low, etc), but did not find any.

Another annoying thing is: when you put it upright and turn it on, the suction power goes to the wand: You have to bend it to vacuum the carpet.

Maybe I got a lemon one. But anyway, we are dissapointed with its suction power.
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on January 10, 2010
I really didn't want to pay so much money for something that I don't even want or like to do - vacuuming! But after trying, getting frustrated with, and returning less expensive vacuums, I found this one under $400 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and they honored a 20% off coupon. They also promised a no-hassle return. So I bought it just to get me through the Christmas holiday, intending to keep shopping for something more reasonably priced.! I've decided to keep it! I've listed some pros and cons below.


Hose angle is a bit awkward; the hose tends to bend at a 90-degree angle at its junction with the wand.

Suction is so strong that I can't really vacuum bath mats or runners.

Heavy to carry up the stairs.

Does not come with a tool for stairs, and too heavy and large to vacuum the stairs itself.

Large profile, so does not fit under kitchen cabinet edges. I have to use the hose instead.

Can't push head-long into a wall and expect it to pick up debris right up against the wall. Makes a loud, startling sound. Must turn the vacuum sideways along the wall, or use the hose.


Great suction; picks up stuff where it didn't even appear to be dirty.

Hose is easy to use and very accessible...after you get used to it.

Canister is so easy to dump! No spilling!

Much less tangling of pet hair around the rotating bar than the usual vacuum. I think this is because of its unique shape. Some does still get stuck, but not much.

Good side suction. Picks up stuff alongside walls where on other vacuums I'd have to use the hose.

No blow back when used on tile floors. Just sucks everything up instead of blowing it around - including pet hair.

Long cord.

Fairly quiet, for a vacuum.
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on October 10, 2011
I know better but I bought it anyway and am already disappointed. Simply stated, the Dyson is NOT suitable for room rugs and throw rugs. WE have hardwood floors throughout with several large area rugs of good quality. The Dyson's clutch mechanism engages when you try to sweep the rugs creating a horrible ratcheting noise. The brush bar is then disabled to the machine is simply sucking without a brush. I've been back and forth to Dyson product support but that has not helped one bit. On two of our rugs the machine did function, however, the brush bar appears to have literally torn fibers out of those rugs to a VERY disturbing level. The machine works very well on hardwood floors but who needs the very significant weight and cumbersome size of this Dyson to clean bare floors.

I purchased this Dyson at another online spot in response to a promotion. It is a factory refurbished model and not returnable with only a 6 month warranty. I've done a lot of investigation. The only solution appears to be to use the machine until it filters "grunge up a bit" and the beater brush gets worn and softens. That is a poor excuse for a solution. Frankly, I think Dyson has a lot of nerve selling this machine, let alone charging what they do.

I should have bought from Amazon. They'd have stood behind the sale.
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on November 2, 2010
We bought this vacuum when it first came out about 6ish years ago. I'll be short and sweet. Don't waste your hard earned money on this thing. The saying, "You get what you pay for" is mostly true but not with the Dyson. There are many other vacuum cleaners for 1/2 the money that work just as well.

The vacuum part works fine but there are a lot of things that could and have gone wrong with it. For instance, the way you get the floor brush to drop down is by using your foott and gently pushing down (kinda) on it. I was always worried this would break. The handle you use to lift the vacuum finally cracked on ours. Stuff like this should hold up. The hose attachment also cracked, then broke where the hose fits into the wand. The handle on the part that collects dirts also started to crack. Replacing them cost more than a new vacuum cleaner cost. Not worth it.

The thing most dissapointing about it was how poor the sucking power was on the hose part of the vacuum. We use that to clean out our cars, under furniture, etc. but we finally gave up using it because it couldn't even clean the basic dirt out, let alone pet hair. Also, Dyson's customer service blows. We have their hand held rechargeable vacuum which we love, when it works (has had chronic battery and shutting off issues even when the thing is fully charged). Anywho, we've dealt with their customer service people several times on the phone for that and they are of no help. They told us 3 different times (by 3 different c.s. reps) there is no recourse and we'd have to buy the replacement parts at full price even though this was an issue when the vacuum was brand new. So we did buy another hand held...only to have the exact same problems we had with the other one. Again, a phone call to Dyson c.s. and again, zero help. If I was close to the Dyson corporate offices, I'd make an appt with that dude you see on the Dyson commercials and I'd give him our broke down, $400 vacuum cleaner after I kicked him in the keester.

Bottom line. When you pay 3 times what a regular vacuum cleaner costs, you expect a better product AND better customer service. You get neither with the Dyson company. Shame on you, Dyson!

BTW, we just replaced our Dyson vacuum with the Hoover Windtunnel because of reviews on Amazon. We bought thru Amazon on a Friday evening and it was at our house by the following Monday at noon. I don't know how they did it. That vacuum cost @ $100 including shipping and it works BETTER than the Dyson. Finally I can vacuum my car again!
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on February 4, 2007
After a few uses, the beater bar started to make an incredibly loud sound which is supposed to mean the bar needs to be cleaned. Even after cleaning, we always have maybe five minutes of vacuuming until it makes that sound and shuts down again.... It works only if we use the bare floor setting without the beater bar.... Not worth it at any price....
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on March 28, 2006
It took me over a year to decide to spend the money on the Dyson. With 5 inside dogs (beagle, poodle, lab/shep mix and 2 shelties) I deal with a tremendous amount of animal hair. I was purchasing a new vacuum each year. The Dyson totally outperforms anything I've ever used before. The amount of animal hair, dust, dirt, etc that it picks up it amazing. (You'll understand with 1 use) The Dyson is self cleaning so you do not have to replace the filters often just clean them periodically. With all my indoor dogs I do have to clean the brushes often or it doesn't pickup that good. I highly recommend this vac to ANYONE who has indoor pets that shed.
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on October 2, 2006
Ths is the best vacumm made! It is incredible in the amount of dirt, dust and pet hair it picks up! I NEVER knew how discusting our carpets really were! YUK! We had a Eureka BOSS and vacuumed all the time and the Dyson was like magic!

First we vacuumed just a small 9 x 9 area on a thick rug and had to empty the canister! At first I thought the Dyson was eating the rug as so much dirt came out with pet hair etc. but it was in fact dust and dirt!

It is hard to vacuum areas other then an open area and I do not like the telescoping hose. I take the attachments and attach them to the very end of the hose and that works fine, leaving the telescoping hard tube off. Or use the telescoping hose under furniture and beds, works great. Be careful with fringe on the carpets!

I think this vaccum is miraculous overall! I do not think there is another vacuum with this ability to clean. Perhaps commercial vacs are this powerful I do not know but it is a pleasure to know that the time and energy spent vacuuming is actually really cleaning! I did our entire large home and emptied the canister 8 times!

It also really helps to vacuum SLOWLY! Let the machine really work. When you vacuum slowly it is amazing how much you pick up instead od quickly running the vacuum over your carpet! The carpets look like new and the whole room even feels and smells so much cleaner.
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on November 7, 2006
We loved how great the suction of the Dyson was. I thought my house was very clean but it proves otherwise. What did not work for us is that if you have alot of areas like low beds, cocktail tables and the toe-kicks on all of our cabinets the nose of the vaccum is too thick to go under so you need to take out the extension hose too many times. If this is not the case in your home then you will love the cleaning ability of it.
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