Customer Reviews: Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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on October 11, 2006
I have a Katrina survivor dog that I adopted that can simply be described as a "hair machine." Minutes after vacuuming with my old vac, I'd still see "hair tumbleweeds" here and there. I knew I had to do something, so I ordered the Dyson DC-15. It arrived one day before I arrived at home, and my wife opened it and used it. "That new vacuum is amazing!," she said. I figured "amazing" meant "better than the old one." I took it into a carpeted room that she hadn't vacuumed yet, turned it on, and watched in amazement when after about 3 linear feet of movement produced a swirling hairball in the collector. At first I thought it must be residual hair from where she had used it earlier. This was NOT a section of the floor where I could even SEE any hair. The floor looked relatively clean when I started. So, I emptied the collector and started over. Same thing. Incredible! And not just hair, but dirt!

After about 3 weeks with this "Animal," I'm sold. Easy to empty, and every day it does it's thing -- never ceasing to amaze me. I use it daily, and the entire house smells cleaner than it did.

The attachments are nice -- I don't use the mini-turbine head, although I may later. The extension wand makes it easy to get under furniture with as little as 2" clearance (maybe even less). I have a kitchen island that weighs about 400 pounds that I used to have to move to clean underneath (it's on rollers). Now I just vacuum under it. The cool thing about the tools is that everything you need is on the vacuum... including the hose -- but unlike a lot of vacs (like my old Electrolux), you don't have to stop the vac, pull out a hose, attach it to the machine, and revert to upright later. The hose is already attached. You just pull the wand up, press a button, and you've got all you need to get under furniture. This part of the machine is truly a clever design.

This thing has tons of suction, too. Very impressive!

Here are the "cons" to the unit:

1) The hard plastic used on the collector seems like it might be easily broken -- although this hasn't happened yet. I'm not thinking "shatter" here, more like the latch might break. The jury's still out on this one.

2) The manual could have been better. I read. I don't appreciate the "diagram-only" approach to some of the instructions.

That's it, though... and the second one is minor.

Everything else is a "go" on this machine. Get one and you'll see what I mean.

Another thing... some of the reviews I've read complain about the "high pitched whine" or the color of the machine. The machine is pretty quiet. Much quieter than my old Electrolux, but it is A POWERFUL VACUUM and therefore will sound like a vacuum cleaner running! ;) And the color? Where do you keep this thing, in a display case? My advice? If you don't like the color, take it to a body shop and let 'em paint it for you -- but don't let the color cause you to miss what I consider to be one of the best deals going in the vacuum cleaner market.
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on May 22, 2006
We recently purchased this vacuum from Bed, Bath and Beyond. While we were a little uneasy about paying this kind of money a 20% coupon helped lower the cost to make it a little more reasonable. We have a shedding labrador and were amazed at the amount of hair that we picked up the first time that we vacuumed. The Dyson offers instant gratification in that you can see the dirt and hair going into the bin. It also offers a no-mess emptying that works at the touch of a buttom and emptys all of the dirt into the trash.

The various attachments work great and the vacuum works well on all floors. The pet hair tool is of great use on our cloth couch which is a magnet for our dog's hair.

We were torn between the regular animal model and the ball version but decided to go with the ball version since it has a much smaller head assembly and fits beneath chairs and cabinets easier. The ball makes vacuuming almost fun in that just a flip of the wrist allows you to steer it into all areas and make tight turns. We strongly recommend this model if you have pets in your home.
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on January 10, 2006
Exceptional quality and performance. Upon opening the box you can see the quality of the machine and with only a few minor assembly steps you are on your way. Even though I had just cleaned my house I had to "test drive" it's performance. I was amazed at the dust and hair it picked up! The new ball design made turning around furniture and getting into tight spots easy. Well worth the price tag.
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on April 17, 2007
I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Rat Terrier. And now a new baby.

I have been fighting a losing battle for years with my poochies' wiry fur getting ground into my carpet. I tried the Furminator products which were great for temporarily reducing their shedding. But this didn't address the mess that had already happened to my carpets and apholstry. Every time I would set anything on the floor, even just after vacuuming, it would have hair stuck all over the bottom of it. Now that just isn't going to fly with a baby in the house.

I have laughed so many times reading reviews of these Dyson vacuum cleaners. Why would anyone drop half a grand on a vacuum cleaner? But when a friend with cats told me about the DC7 Animal she bought and how much stuff came up out of her carpet, I was intrigued. As time wore on, I became obsessed. And then my tax return showed up...

I selected the "Ball" because of the enhanced maneuverability it touts. I have lots of furniture and twists and turns that made vacuuming tedious. If I am going to spend this kind of money, by gosh, I need to not only get all possible crud out of my carpet but I need to be able to do it with ease and speed.

Let me tell you something. This thing is LUXURIOUS. Yes, it is a LUXURIOUS vacuum cleaner! Compared to my Hoover Wind-tunnel, it is quiet, I can hear my baby cry over the motor. It glides over my carpet. You can see an actual STRIP of clean carpet after one pass, several passes render the carpet almost pristine. The stabilizer bar will provide that traditional vacuum handling for when your wrist is tired, but turn it off and "The Ball" allows you to glide in zig zags, around corners, up under furniture, it's just FABULOUS!

The canister is also fantastic. I was skeptical after having to fight my old vacuum's canister outside and covering myself with the crud I had just vacuumed. But all you truly have to do with this thing is hold it over a trash can or inside a grocery bag and press the release button. The crud just drops out. Then you run the bottom of the cannister over the edge of the trash can and it will shut the bottom of the canister for you. Fast, clean, easy. Praise the LORD!

It also works on bare floors. You turn off the mechanical brush bar so it doesn't scuff and the thing just sucks up everything!

One reviewer comments that the mini turbo brush is worthless. I thought so too until I realized that I didn't have it properly attached to the hose. Once it was attached properly, I used it to suck my short wiry dog hair off of their WOOL dog beds and 97% of it came OFF! Now I am sorry, but you just wouldn't see that with any other vacuum cleaner.

So now I can put things on the floor with no dog hair sticking to it. I can vacuum without hurting myself, without aggravating my allergies too much. My house SMELLS cleaner!

I retract all mean things that I have said about people being idiots for blowing this kind of money on a vacuum cleaner. If you have pets, then I would STRONGLY recommend this product. I LOVE MY DYSON ANIMAL DC 15!
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on October 4, 2006
Have had this vacuum for a week. Read reviews until I was blind to try and decide if it was worth the cost. Looked for this model for another week (finally found it at Best Buy)

I am so glad it is part of our family! The first time I vaccumed our whole house I filled up the entire trash can with crud, must have emptied that bin 15 times! It was so much I attatched a garbage bag to my belt (sick of walking to the trash can). I am a bit of a clean freak so that really opened up a can of worms. My carpet looks brand new! \


*The extension wand is GREAT ... it works on the stairs and you don't have to break your back trying to carry the whole vaccuum up.

*The One touch button to disable the rotating brush is nice and easy to go from carpet to tile to rugs

*The way the bin is designed is easy to empty and easy to pop on and off without touching the yuck.


*Extreemly powerful, the fibers in my carpet are left standing at full attention!

*It is pretty quiet as far as vaccuums go.

*The ball makes it easy to veer aroung courners and between things

*Love the turbine head. Gave our upholstry a nice freshening.

*It has a rubber bumper on the front so if you get a little excited and bang into something, you just bounce off.


* The price tag is not for the faint of heart ... but so worth it.

* Yes ... that cord is a little cumbersome, but on the pro side, it is nice and long!

Other notes ....

* Have seen people complain about the manual ... I thought it was fine, seriously how much direction do you need?

* The vacuum isn't feather light, but it is sturdy and quality, plus it has a nice strong handle that makes it easy to carry.

Overall would buy it months ago if I new what a beautiful job it was going to do. With two kids, a dog and a husband .... My carpets are plush and lovely once again!
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on September 12, 2006
I have never been a fan of upright vacuum's.Clumsy,bulky,heavy, and difficult to maneuver..That is until I tried the Dyson DC15 Animal.This is an incredible design.Absolutely ingenious! I have a blast vacuuming the house. The ball is amazing! It is so easy to maneuver. Turns on a dime.Twist your wrist slightly and this vac goes where you want it to go.It is so easy to use! The suction on this unit is amazing-it never goes away like my old cannsiter/bag vacs I've used in the past.Easy to dump the bin. It is nice to be able to see the accumulation of crud getting picked up out of your carpet and off of your floors. Amazing dust and hair collection.Only downer is the small cloud of dust that you'll see when emptying the bin. This was always an issue with the old bag type/cannister vacs anyways. I just empty the bin into a garbage in the garage or outside.Did that anyways with my old vac.Also would be nice if they could figure out how to make the cord retractable..However,winding it is not as much of a pain as I thought it would be..

Very clever design with the extension wand and the ease of use of the attachments.I picked up the soft dusting brush which is a must. I love dusting with this device. The mattress tool and the flexi crevice tool are also cool. I have tried the mini turbine head that comes with the Animal and found that it's use is limited. The spinning brushes do stall out when too much presure is applied. Not gear/motor driven unfortunately.I end up using either the mattress tool or the small "stair tool" to do the stairs and to firmly vacuum the sofa etc.The quality of the DC15 Animal is outstanding. It feels like it will last many many years. The attachments are expensive but they are quality items and you get what you pay for. Is the vac worth $600? I wouldn't hesitate to spend that money again for this unit if it were ever to die.I absolutely love this vacuum!!
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on October 18, 2006
OK so i've read every review on the animal dc15 and thought ok they all say it works really good but would I really notice that much of a difference using it since I have mostly tile and wood floors with just area rugs over them.? I decided to bite the bullet since I have 2 shetland sheepdogs (very long coat and shed and at least one is always shedding) and 2 cats. I decided on the animal do to the fact it comes with the mini turbine head for the furniture. I also picked the DC15 model because of the ball feature. I went to several stores to try to purchase it locally but no one had it. However while there I test drove/pushed the ball in yellow and the standard animal. The ball is soo much easier to push and manuver then the standard model. I ordered it online with a 20% coupon and rebate so it ended up being fairly cheap for a dyson.=)

It arrived at my house and I unpacked it and plugged it in. WOW!!!!!! I made literlly one short 5 foot pass over my rug I thought was clean and got gitty with excitment. This thing picked up an amazing amount of fur!

I actually called the entire family to come and see it!! I kept on saying wow all the reviews were correct this thing actually does what it says!! It was full after just vacuuming my 5*8 area rug I dont know whether I was amazed at how well it worked or how appalled I was by how dirty the rug was!! It is very easy to empty just push a button and your done. I also love the fact that dyson listened to customers and you can now turn the beater bar off with a switch now. I actually vacuumed my tile and it didnt just spit the chucks back at my feet it acutally sucked up the peices of dirt!!!!!!! I then moved onto my wood floors and I could see the stray fur being whirled towards the vacuum to be sucked in!

As far as the attachements go I only tried the Mini turbine head it worked fairly well. If it hits thick fabric it does slow the head down a bit.

Overall I would have to say what an amazing machine! It cleaned my floors very well and made them look new again!! Even for the price I would do it again!

PS Some people I noticed complained about the high pitch whine from the machine I could hear it but it was not bad actually we all thought it was less noisy then our older vacuum. (My cat even let me vacuum him ok so we got carried away)=)
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on August 3, 2006
My husband and I have needed a new vaccuum for a while now and we finally decided to spend the money on the Dyson and we are so happy we did. This is without a doubt the best vaccuum we've owned. We have 2 cats and have a one year old who is crawling and walking all over the house and this vaccuum picks up EVERYTHING. We first vaccuumed with our old vaccum and then revaccuumed with the DYSON and you wouldn't believe how much more it picked up. We are very happy we spent the money on this product, it was a great buy. Some people have complained about attachments on the other Dysons and the assembly but it was very easy and we had no problems. It only took us about 10 minutes to familiarize ourselves with it. Again, it was definitley a good investment. Buy this vaccuum, you won't regret it!!!
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on September 26, 2005
My Kenmore went belly up and I got this after reviewing the features at the Dyson website. It does all it says and more!!! I couldn't get it away from my husband he loved it so much! The suction was far superior to our last cleaner. The hose was integrated into the cleaner so you didn't have to search for the hose extention. We have a dog and it picked up more dog hair than our last. I'd say that it is almost a 100% improvment in picking up dog hair than our Kenmore. Plus the ball feature made it easy to manuever around furniture. Some have issues with this feature because it uses you wrist a bit more than a conventional cleaner but I haven't had a problem. Very easy to empty the dirt and hair container, one button and the bottom swings open into your trash can. Excellent attachments, our stairs have never looked so clean. All in all, The Ball Animal has exceeded our expectations and been worth the high cost!!!
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on November 12, 2006
I bought this vacuum cleaner about 3 months ago. We have 2 dogs (a lab/shepherd mix and a german shorthair pointer/brittany spaniel mix) as well as 4 cats.

The week before we bought the Dyson DC15 Animal, we shampooed our carpets with a rental carpet cleaner. During that week we also vacuumed several times (with my Oreck which I've always considered a good vacuum cleaner...) - and thought the carpets were clean. Well, we unpacked the Dyson DC15 Animal, put it together (very easy to do) and fired it up. I was absolutely stunned by how much fur - and dirt - came out of our carpet!!! I was emptying the canister every few minutes while I vacuumed. It was incredible - from my living/dining room alone I got 1/3 of a grocery bag of fur and dirt.

I continue to be surprised by the amount of fur and dirt I get out of my carpet every time I vacuum. The carpeting also seems to stand up more than it did before we bought the Dyson, and feels a little softer.

The Dyson is much much quieter than any vacuum I've every owned, and it weighs less than any vacuum I've had except the Oreck.

I am absolutely thrilled with the Dyson DC15!! Yes, it has a high price tag, but considering that you would pay $200 for something that just doesn't work, spending $549 is worth it!! If you have pets in the house - BUY IT!!
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