Customer Reviews: Dyson DC35 Animal Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Hair Tool
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As an owner of a Dyson DC25 Ball vacuum cleaner I was already a loyal fan by the time that I got a chance to own this item. The DC25 is a great vacuum, however any full-sized upright model has limitations. They are large, heavy and need to be plugged in. Also, even the best of them are difficult to maneuver into small corners and under furniture without using additional accessories attached to a separate hose. The Dyson DC35 Animal augments a full sized upright by being small, lightweight and cordless.

I decided to make a video review to show the DC35 in action. I hope that it helps you in finding the right vacuum for your needs.

Note: When viewing the finished video I noticed that I accidentally said "childrens", I guess as a plural of children (?!?) I don't think that I have ever said that before. Oh well, sorry about that.
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on May 15, 2012
I am incredibly pleased with the DC35 animal. It is in every way identical to the regular DC35, except it is purple rather than blue and it comes with an animal hair pickup tool for furniture, etc.

I have a 900-1000 sq ft home with hardwood, tile, rugs, and carpets... that is a lot of different kinds of surfaces for such a small area. Before, cleaning consisted of getting the motorized swiffer vac out, then a wet swiffer, then the big full size plug in vaccuum.

Now, cleaning consists of going over the whole house with the dyson -- no worrying about cords or different attachments -- and following up with the wet swiffer on the tile surfaces. I can easily clean the whole house on one charge (13-15 mins). Occasionally, I choose to use a full charge and just do the carpeted rooms on MAX. I was worried it wouldn't run long enough on one charge to do the whole house, but that has not been a problem for me in this small house. It probably wouldn't do a much larger home on one charge if you wanted to clean everything at once.

The best part about this unit, though, is that it lets you clean all your surfaces. I've used the awesome hair removal tool on our velvet feeling couch with great success. I bought a little mutlitool kit that has a hose, soft brush, etc to get behind furniture without moving it. I even dust with it.

I love seeing how much junk it is picking up through the clear bin.

So, what is wrong with it? Well, nothing that matters to me. Obviously, everyone would love a longer charge - but again, it doesn't cause me a problem. I also see that if you had weak arms OR weak hands you might have a hard time holding down the button that keeps it on. It is like a trigger -- so I find it to be comfortable -- but I see that it could be an issue for some.

I originally bought the DC 35 multifloor and LOVED it. The best part about it was when I saw it hanging on its little holder on the wall, it was so effortless to just grab it, vac around the house and stick it right back up. No dragging it out of the closet, dealing with a plug, etc. It doesn't seem like much, but it changed my cleaning habits completely. After having the multifloor model for a while, I began wishing I'd bought the animal model so I could have the extra motorized attachment. I ended up upgrading and then giving the original DC 35 to a friend (who also really likes it). Based on the small price difference, I definitely recommend the animal model either way, as the small motorized tool is great for your car, your upholstery, etc. -- even if you don't have an animal.

UPDATE: After using this item for a few months, I still love it. However, I don't know if the power tool is as useful as I originally thought. I have tried to use it a few times and it is awkward to use -- it doesn't really work as well in the car as I had hoped, because it won't get in smaller areas or under seats. It also has a funny opening and won't really clean anything curved. At first I liked it, but over time I am seeing that the motorized tool is not really what I had hoped.

In addition, after a few months of regular use, the floor brush (used 90% of the time) has began an annoying thing where it randomly stops spinning (it seems to think it is caught on something). Just turning the vac on and off again makes it spin back to life but it is annoying. Yes, I have checked it carefully, taken it apart and cleaned it, etc... I need to call Dyson on this and see what the deal is!

Lastly -- and this is a positive thing... the charge is really holding up. I use it at least twice a week to clean the whole house and rarely (like 2 or 3 times in the last few months) run out of charge. I had bought a backup battery to use because when I first got it I wanted to clean EVERYTHING with it and was running out of battery charge. Well, I wish I hadn't -- it doesn't really need a backup battery for regular cleaning on a house my size.
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on August 1, 2012
I really loved this product but have had a few problems with it. My first dc35 started having a problem with the trigger about 2 weeks into using it. The dc35 would quit running as I was using it. I'd let go of the trigger and pull the trigger again, it would turn on again and we'd repeat this over and over till I got frustrated and just put it away. I told my husband that we need to return it and pick up another. Did that and this new one started doing the same thing too, about two months into owning the product. If I didn't have a problem with the trigger then it would get 5 stars but as it seems there is some quality control issues in the production of the product.
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on May 10, 2012
This was an early Mother's Day present, and I love it. I wish the charge on Max power was longer, but it's not supposed to be used for whole house cleaning. It's the perfect tool for those quick dust bunnies that blow across the ceramic tile floors, for stairs, touch ups and crumbs under the table. I absolutely love it. Even my husband loves it. I expect it to get a lot of use. We have the regular pet Dyson for our normal cleaning and it's been an amazing product, so I wanted to stay with Dyson products. This did not disappoint me. Holding down the button took a bit of getting used to...I actually would hit it before I was ready, but you get it. It's not too heavy to use comfortably. It's quick and easy to empty. Other than the battery time (3 1/2 hours to charge for 6 minutes use on Max power/13 on normal) I find no negatives to this product.
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on August 23, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a large tile floor area I use a Roomba on. I also have a dog. Before I let the Roomba loose I used to use a handheld vac to pick up the accumulated dog fur in all the usual spots. This helped keep the Roomba from choking on the excess fur. The Dyson DC35 is the perfect replacement for bending over with a handheld. The vacuum head is small enough to fit in and under tight spots. It's easy to zip through all the edges and corners. Works great in the bathroom, too, easily fitting around and in back of the toilet.

I have never owned a cordless vac before, other than a Dustbuster, so I can't really compare it to others this size. I will say, though, if, like Dyson claims, the DC35 is the most powerful cordless vac, then cordless vacs are no match for a proper electric vacuum cleaner. The main advantages the DC35 has is it's portability and readiness. I can just grab it and go when I see a mess. The collection canister pops open easily and it's easy to replace back to the charging station. I also can use it for overhead cleaning by removing the brush head.

I've never owned a Dyson before, but I assumed they thought everything through. So, I feel kind of funny offering Dyson this advice for improvement:
1) To remove the rotating brush you used a recessed notch that requires a coin to open. Why didn't you make this easier to do? The thing about pet fur is that it gets clogged up quickly in rotating brush heads, so we need to clean it often. If you designed the brush to be opened easily by hand, that would make this product better
2) The electric charger adapter unit has a light on it that indicates the charge status (charging or full). However, if the electrical outlet is not in sight, then it's hard to tell the charge status. Why not make it on the vacuum itself? There is a light on it already that indicates when the power is about to run out. It would be more useful if the charge status light were there

Overall, I really like this tool and will use it often. However, I want to note the following:
1) My hand does get fatigued after holding it for about 4 minutes straight. It is a bit heavy and you have to keep your finger pushed down on the button for power (my bet is that most people will go full blast for the estimated 6 minutes it's good for)
2) Despite what Dyson claims, this product is not good on all surfaces. It works far better on hard floors. The brush just isn't up to being effective on rug fibers. On low cut rugs it is actually pretty bad. Pet fur does not come up easily, even after many passes. Much stays on the rug, lined up in the direction the brush was going. And if I pull the brush back too fast, it even leaves a clump of fur on the rug! I don't even bother trying to use it on rugs
3) Pet fur accumulates in the canister quickly and debris stops spinning. I am not sure if this lessens the vacuum power, but it makes me feel like I have to empty it as it builds up

UPDATE 9/24/12: One of the design adaptations that makes this vacuum for animal fur pick up is the addition of strips of "sticky" materials around the outer edges of the cleaning surfaces. By sticky I mean felt-like and rubbery materials that fur tends to get stuck on. They appear to work, but a problem that has developed for me is that they fall off. I've lost 2 strips so far. The glue they used does not stay glued. It appears to be a tacky kind of glue rather than permanent. Still, the vacuum does its job because the main thing it depends on is suction power.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This new Dyson Digital Slim DC35 cordless vacuum from Dyson now comes with some of the best Dyson accessories in the box. The "Animal" version refers to the accessories designed to pick up pet hair. There are a large and small beater bar attachments included with the DC35 Animal. If you are looking at the Digital Slim series, this is the one to get.

Overall, the Digital Slim is amazing- very light and quick charging to boot. It did nearly as well in every vacuuming task as a full sized vacuum. The DC35 did work very well on ground-in car hair when using the animal attachments. My wife also loves how easy it is to use and put away for quick jobs. Because it is so light, we found that we were more willing to use it. In fact, the old canister vacuum rarely gets taken out of the closet now. The DC35 isn't a direct replacement for a larger vacuum, as the battery life isn't able to go for an hour or two like you need for a major cleaning. But as its so quick and easy to use, we are just doing smaller cleanings as needed instead. On top of the light weight, the Dyson DC35 puts out an amazing amount of suction for a hand held cordless vacuum. I also liked the clever collection bin- no bags and it is easy and mess free to empty. Even the packing and instructions were top notch (and very Apple-like, which is a good thing in my opinion).

After all my raves, why only four stars? Well there are a few downsides. The biggest is the lack of some sort of slide lock for the trigger (you need to keep it squeezed for it to run), which I believe is to extend battery life. Still, I would like the option. Longer term use leads to your forearm getting pretty tired from squeezing. I imagine this could be an issue for some. I ended up switching hands when using it for longer stretches, which is fine but should not be necessary. Dyson just trust us not to leaving the thing running while its not needed. Also, the cost. This vacuum, like most Dysons, is pretty darn expensive. You are kind of making an investment and banking on it paying off in superior performance (and better service and company support) over a cheaper unit. Despite the higher initial costs I would recommend this to anyone. It is really a well thought out product.
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on February 20, 2013
So, I have had the DC35 Animal for several months now. I read through many many of the reviews before deciding on purchasing this product. I had originally picked up a Swifter Sweeper/Vacuum and liked the IDEA of it, but thought it was a lousy product. Here are the things that I was looking for:
1. Lightweight
2. Easy to use
3. Rechargeable
4. Primarily for hardwoods, but also for couches (I have two dogs).
5. Ultimately a quick clean-up device between normal vacuuming (since I have two furry dogs and I am messy in my kitchen when I cook)
6. Relatively quiet
7. Ability to stow away easily/hang up/store

I think the DC35 has delivered on all points. I noticed many people complained about the squeeze trigger.... But honestly, if you have normal hand strength you really shouldn't have any issues utilizing this vacuum's trigger. I don't find it particularly annoying.

When I was going to purchase, one of my biggest concerns was the TIME that the battery would last before the battery ran out..... Well, to date, I have only used it once to the point where the battery was dead... And that was when I was testing the battery life and just kept vacuuming until complete depletion... I basically was able to thoroughly vacuum my entire kitchen, entryway, family room, and two couches before that happened... I find the battery life is definitely long enough to clean what I need. I would guess it could cover 1000 sq ft hardwoods pretty easily...

Hope that helps! :)
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on December 13, 2012
Risk with any battery operated rechargeable item is the battery. You never know how long it is going to last. Read reviews on anything rechargeable and 90% of negatives are usually about battery life.

In researching the Dyson, could not find any info on proper battery maintenance. Not even on Dyson's website. Could I constant charge it or do I have repeatedly unplug it when fully charged and risk having a less than fully charged machine when I really needed it? The latter would be a pain !!!. Took a chance as it is Lithium Ion and have learned over the years not to go with any other type of batteries.

When registering the unit, Dyson told me there are TWO different DC35 models. One has the risk of being overcharged, one that does NOT have that risk.

Open the machine, pull out the filter, if you see a black "reset button" above or below the serial number label, it's an older model and the older models DO HAVE the risk of being overcharged. My unit did NOT have that switch so told by Dyson that I can leave it charging 24/7 without damage to the battery. They said if it did have that switch, they would replace it with a newer unit to compensate for vendors still selling older stock.

Otherwise, as a new owner can't comment on longevity. First impressions: it does what it is supposed to, that is works for quick clean ups, quicker than pulling out a full size machine.

Think the machine is top heavy, would prefer the motor being at the bottom over the floor/carper cleaner but it's not a deal breaker. After all, it's only a 6 minute vacuum cleaner for quick pick ups. I can also see that the motor being above by the handle provides for a very narrow wand that would let me clean tighter spaces without also having to pull out the canister cleaner.

Like others have said, the refurbished unit looked brand new & glad to save some $$$. A 6 min vacuum is not worth their usual full retail price.
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on October 6, 2012
There is a lot to love about this vacuum. The cordless design is practical and functional. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Unfortunately because it is so compact the vacuum does not hold a charge for long and must be emptied often. The most disappointing aspect however is the poor suction and ineffective rotating brush heads. The brushes are made of a soft velvet-like material which hardly stands up to my cat's hair let alone my husky's. Even when the vacuum is kept on the 'max' setting it still doesn't deliver.
This vacuum is great for quick and easy jobs on hardwood or for daily maintenance but will not be sufficient as the sole vacuum in the house.
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on November 5, 2012
The Dyson DC35 is clearly not an inexpensive vacuum. This is my second DC35, the first had failed on me after 2 months. The trigger switch was failing and it also acted as though the battery was discharged. I made an exchange for a new replacement and not 2 weeks later the same failure occurred.

This is very disappointing, I have had a full-size Dyson for over 5 years with not a single issue. Not one. I purchased this cordless to replace my aged cordless that was half the price. I really thought this would be a good purchase and am okay with the occasional defect, but two in a row is unacceptable. I will be searching for a different brand this time around.
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