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Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
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on April 30, 2012
This is my first Dyson, so I have no brand loyalty as yet, but I do know they have a good reputation. I actually bought this from Best Buy, which advertised the same price as Amazon ($399), but I had a $50 Best Buy gift card, so...
Pros: Lightweight, Dyson reputation; 5 year warranty; ball design makes for very easy maneuvering around objects; bagless, if that's something you're looking for; HEPA filter, if that's important; long cord; vacuum head easily swivels into angles.

Cons: Pricey, even on sale; made all of plastic, don't let the kids try to ride it. That's why I gave it a 4 star rating, IMO it's pricey for the materials used; carpet beater doesn't not have adjustable height; Can't store upright.

I will never, ever like vacuuming, so keep that in mind when reading my review. I hated my Bissel canister, but I didn't like bulky uprights either. The Bissel hose finally leaked, so I had an excuse to buy something else! I knew I wanted some sort of canister. I even seriously considered a commercial back-pack vacuum until I found out none of them seemed to have a carpet brush. Then while researching on Amazon I saw that the Dyson looked like you could pick it up in one hand while vacuuming. I went to Best Buy to see it in real life, and sure enough, I could pick it up easily! I have a one bedroom apartment with lots of obstacles (read "stuff") plus two cats. My Bissel was a nightmare to navigate around everything. The canister was so heavy I had a hard time picking it up so I could maneuver around things, and the carpet brush was huge and awkward. I will say that the ball design of the Dyson is VERY nice. I just pulled, and it came, and didn't go in a different direction. I even had to pick it up a couple times, and it was much easier than the Bissel. The suction seems good, it's just that the beater is so much flimsier than what I'm used to. No way to adjust for carpet height either. I'm used to changing the height of the beater brush depending on the carpet. For the Dyson, it was fine on my medium pile wall-to-wall carpeting, but on my large low pile area rug, WOW, I had to practically push completely horizontally. It would have probably been fine, but the rug is old, and the pile is pretty flattened. Also the Dyson is all plastic. Of course, that's what makes it light weight, but don't let your kids anywhere near it. It doesn't look like it can take much abuse. It does come with a 5 year warranty, so I suppose it's OK. Some of the plastic tabs look pretty flimsy to me. There's no way that I can see to store it upright, so in storage the wand and hose are going to need to be propped up against something. There's a way to connect the beater to the body of the canister, apparently while you walk with it, but when I did that I could hear the plastic tabs creaking, couldn't take the slightest jolt, so that's not something I want to ever try again. I don't understand the point of that, frankly. It did do a great job on my the ceramic tile of my tiny (and I mean TINY) kitchen floor. I just twisted the handle a bit, and it curved right under the cabinets, refrigerator, and electric radiator without making me struggle, so that was absolutely great! Basically, I do like the features: the fact that I can pick it up; the suction is really just fine; I'll get used to the beater head, because it has to be lightweight in order to swivel so easily. The price was more than I wanted to spend, but the ball design is what I wanted. I would just say, make sure you get it for under $400.
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on March 24, 2013
I bought this because I hated my Sears canister due to its ergonomic awkwardness. The DC-39 picks up dust, dirt and fur like you wouldn't believe, but there are some problems. First, the ergonomics: As predicted, the light weight and maneuverability of the handle are great. The swivel head is great for going around furniture and into corners and dirt gets pulled toward the machine due to its strong suction. This machine has it all over Sears for ease of detaching and attaching components, another ergonomic plus. However, I am 5'5" and the tube length is too short to vacuum floors and rugs without stooping over. This is my major complaint, especially since I have a bad back. You have to push especially hard on rugs since the rug beater is driven by suction, so this makes stooping worse. Therefore, I would not recommend this if you have wall-to-wall rugs. Get a motor driven beater brush, which you can expect to break every 5 years. I called customer service (they were great) and have ordered another tube component to add to the length, so we'll see if that works. I'm hopeful, since I generally like the machine. It was not listed as an extra so you have to push and be specific about what your needs are, but the rep even tried the part while I was on the line to make sure it would fit.

I also read that this machine isn't great about sucking up large chunks of glass etc., I think it could do so if you don't use this rotating head with the turbine. When using the turbine, if you have lots of pet hair, you find yourself stopping fairly regularly to pull the hair out of the beater brush. They have a vacuum head that doesn't do this, but it is much smaller and more for stairs and furniture. Oh, and the machine really is more quiet than many machines I have used, even when the turbine is running.

The only other thing to think really hard about are the plusses and minuses around it being "bagless". It definitely has greater suction and you don't have to buy bags. But, you have to empty it more often and it's a real mess. Even though I use a plastic grocery bag and tie it, there is always a lot of fine dust that sticks to the outside of the canister, and my hands get filthy trying to wipe it up. I still spill stuff but quickly vacuum it after I'm done emptying. Also, I'm not great at maintenance, and wiping down the inside filter monthly is a chore that I could see myself getting lazy about. At times I wonder if all the other plusses are worth having to do this. I will say "yes" only if this tube extension works for me. Otherwise I'll be looking to sell it to a 5'0" young person with a good back.
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on May 31, 2012
The Dyson does it's job in terms of having a powerful suction.
It's also awesome that it is transparent so you know when you have to empty it.

However there are some flaws to the design:
The fingertip control which switches the brush bar off for delicate rugs and hard floors, and switches it on for high pick-up on carpets does not work all the time.
I have to keep pressing it and after 6 times of pressing it finally it stops spinning.
It gets annoying after the 3rd attempt.

Also, mine came a little damaged.
However it wasn't fatal to the point that I had to return it.

Not only that but the design of having the power button on the body is a little dumb.
It would be ideal if you can turn it on or off on the handle but you have to go back to the body to turn it off.

Also the hatch where you're supposed to connect the neck to the body is very hard to get.
You have to actually sit down and look at both sides to make sure it's aligned perfectly so it will grasp the nozzle.
That becomes annoying and takes away from the experience of vaccuming.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2012
We were forced to buy this as a replacement for our DC39 standard model after it was stolen by a burglar. That makes it our third Dyson, the first being a DC17 Absolute Animal. Unlike earlier Dysons, the attachments snap on securely, rather than being held in place by friction. The suction is as powerful as an upright, and the canister form factor makes it easier to maneuver. It's also easier to use on stairs than the collapsible hose and wand on the uprights. The only disappointment is that attachments designed for an older model won't fit. Dyson offers an adaptor to make the new tools fit your old vacuum, but not the other way around. We decided to get the Animal version this time, as my wife had missed the mini-turbine from our DC17. For that reason, she likes this unit considerably better than the standard. Because the engine is separate from the wand, it almost feels like this unit has less suction than the uprights. That is an illusion caused by the weight of the upright pressing down. It actually cleans better than our upright and as noted is much easier to use. I highly recommend this vacuum, especially when you can get it on sale.

Addendum: After reading several posts where people noted joint pain after using this unit, I just wanted to point out that if this vacuum is making your wrists hurt, you may be using it wrong. It should be less impacting on your joints than an upright. If you're used to an upright, you may need to change the way you maneuver the cleaner. Don't push down into the floor with the handle. Lower the angle of the wand and just let the tool glide across the floor. It's designed to be used with the handle at about waist level, with your wrist and elbow nearly straight. Just let the cleaner do the work for you and your wrists and elbows will be much happier.
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on March 5, 2013
I own a Dyson DC23 and thought that the DC39 would be an upgrade. I ended up returning the DC39 to the store.
1) Quieter than it's older cousin DC23.
2) Turns on a dime.
1) Multi-floor Turbine head brush default is always brush roll "On". When the vacuum is turned off, it will not remember the "Off" setting from the user. So, it's terrible for wood floors since it will always turn itself on and scratch the floor with the bristles when the machine is initially turned on. User would have to remember to manually turn off the brush each time the machine is turned on. Remembering user settings is a basic feature that all vacuums have today. Dyson must put this feature back (Kano model of design)!
2) Multi-floor Turbine head brush gives out a very loud pitch when brush roll is in the off setting. It sounds like a loud whistle when bare floor is being vacuumed.
3) Multi-floor Turbine head brush and wand is next to impossible to put back in the slot on the base for stowage. Once wand and brush is stowed on the base, it's also very difficult to take off the base. I managed to tip the vacuum over on several attempts when removing the wand and brush out of the slot.
4) Stowage of tools is on the wand which makes it bulky and harder to use. Trying to vacuum with the attachments on the wand especially when reaching high areas can make lifting the wand and tools unnecessarily heavy, causing muscle aches and shoulder strain. The older DC23 model had it right by stowing tools on the main body of the unit so it would be out of the way.
5) Be honest to customers and show the ugliness in the pictures on the product box of how the tools are stowed on the wand. Do not try to disguise it by showing pictures without the tools, which deceive customers to think tools are somehow stored inside the main body of the unit.

When the manufacturer starts to leave out details to sell the product, customers may start to doubt the integrity of the company.
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39 of 49 people found the following review helpful
I got this canister vacuum after my Dyson Animal upright stopped working as well as it used to. I wanted to love it, because I really loved the upright and figured the canister was going to be easier for me in an apartment, since I tend to need the lighter weight.

It's a Dyson, and having said that, it will suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. It definitely has the typical Dyson power. After that...not so good.

1. Let's go straight to emptying the canister, because vacuuming is relatively straight-forward. I don't know what sadistic SOB designed the canister part of it, but they obviously never had to empty it. The bottom part of the canister is like a bowl, which catches the 'stuff' as it is emptied. I always end up making a bigger mess than the one I just cleaned up. It opens outward, but not enough to actually empty out the 'bowl' part of all the fine dust and debris, so when you tilt it, you end up with that same fine dust all over the place. I've taken to inserting the canister completely inside a garbage sack and opening it then, then shaking it out. Not perfect, but a tad bit more workable.

2. There's this clever little "hook" that you can supposedly store the long handle part on...never been able to use it. I've been able to attach it, but only by bending down and spending ten minutes as if lining up a space station docking. Not worth the effort.

3. Fitting the canister back on to the vacuum. It's a major pain in the backside. Everything has to line. up. just. so. or it won't lock. Geez. All this while bending over. I have MS, and that's just not that simple. So I end up hauling the thing up to the table top, putting it back together, and then having to clean off the table and re-vacuum the floor.

I tend to vacuum less now that I have this vacuum, simply because it isn't very easy to use. I keep contemplating a return, but it's been a while now, and I just can't seem to get up the energy to do so. So the canister stays in the closet more often than not, while I use the upright that only works so-so (but makes a heck of a lot less mess in the long run).

Dyson, you need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Button placement isn't such a huge deal, but being able to empty the canister without creating a bigger mess would be a nice touch. It just doesn't make any sense to me at all.
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on August 3, 2013
I am a mom of 2 active children and we own 1 very large shedding dog - our home is mostly hard wood, with carpeting in the bedrooms. I vacuum twice a week. After much research I purchased on the Dyson DC39 Animal and have owned it for over a year. I cannot stand this thing!

One major problem I have is the power head - in my 1st year it had to be replaced 3 times. After just a few months the rotating rubber gets clogged with dog hair and carpet fibers, causing them not to rotate anymore. This caused the power head to leave scuff marks all over the wood floor as well as it being harder to move back and forth. My 1st year with the product was covered under warranty and Dyson just shipped me new power heads at no charge, after the year they told me I had to purchase a new one or maybe just get the hard wood floor head. I now have the additional accessory that I use for my wood, but the bristles collect all the dog hair and need to be cleaned out constantly.

I find a big problem with the dirt canister. The dirt canister is small and needs to be emptied at least twice for every vacuuming, and it makes a mess when you empty it due to the bottom not moving completely out of the way. I have to go outside, wiggle it into a bag, try flipping it upside down to get the dirt that is stuck in the flip top, and then bang it against a rock to get the trapped dust and dirt out of it. Not only am I covered in dust but the area around me is also - forget about emptying this into an indoor garbage! Once a month I have to go outside with my husband's air compressor and use it to clean out the inside part of the canister - it is a completely filled with dirt and dust that you cannot wipe out because it is covered with a mesh covering. It is a complete nightmare every time you want to empty it.

Some of the smaller issues I have that just make it more annoying...there is no power control on the wand, a small piece of paper or even a coin can clog this thing - the power head bristles collect so much hair they have to be cleaned out a few times a vacuuming - the static cling this thing causes makes lint, dust, and hair collect on the head and the wand so it needs to be cleaned and wiped down constantly. Forget about running a quick vacuum over the floor before company - it literally takes me twice as long to vacuum as it used to.

I am one of those crazy ladies who used to love vacuuming - it is now the worst, most time consuming, annoying chore I have!
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on August 23, 2013
This is such a disappointing piece of equipment. I purchased it because it is light weight and because I have two cats, one with long hair. I have had this vacuum less than a year. Normally, my house cleaner uses it, but I tried to use it myself recently. I knew the canister was very small, but I had not realized that the warning line to empty it is only about 1/3rd of the way up the canister. That is equivalent to vacuuming about 1/2 of a large area rug. On my first attempt to empty it, the hinged door on the bottom of the canister fell off in my hand. The only thing that holds it on is two nubs of hard plastic -- that's what constitutes a hinge for a vacuum that cost just under $500. I can't force it back on.
This vacuum is advertised as ideal for people with pets. It is extremely frustrating to use because it seems to have to be emptied 4 or 5 times for a 1400 sq. foot place. That is an inadequate design. Another factor in my purchase of this was the 5 year so called warranty. When I contacted Dyson about it, they said I would have had to return it within the first 30 days if I was dissatisfied for poor design or operation. After that, the only thing they will do is repair or replace broken parts. If I remember correctly, it was used only once in the first 30 days -- and not by me. They said they "can't" take it back -- which translates to "won't." They did however offer me a 20% discount on a new Dyson. I asked why they thought I would be foolish enough to buy another Dyson.
Please be warned that the design on that hinged door appears to be the same on all models. It is cheap construction, and if it comes apart, the average person isn't going to be able to put it back together.
I have been in repeated contact with Dyson over my dissatisfaction with this machine. The machine is now on its way back to me from their service center. I sent it in because the plastic threaded fitting that joined the power head to the wand fractured while in ordinary use. I was told that this is the only time they have ever seen that happen -- guess I am just lucky. I requested a refund. They said no. I requested that they replace it with an upright that might be a bit more sturdy. They said no. After that first 30 days, they will only fix or replace broken parts. When I asked if they warrantee functionality or design, I was told no. Today I broke down and bought a new vacuum -- obviously NOT A DYSON!
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on August 28, 2012
This canister vacuum is great! It is very powerful. It does a great job of picking up a dirt and animal fur.

I already have an upright which worked well, but I prefer a canister vacuum. I don't like dealing with the upright's power cord (tripping over it, getting it out of the way to vacuum etc). The vacuum head on the canister is much smaller to get into tight spaces and under furnature. It is so powerful it picks up fur on a hardwood surface at least 4 inches away from the head. If you are used to a Dyson upright ball, this one will take a bit of getting used to - it still pivots, just differently. It is much quieter than the upright, and the animals dont run and hide when I use it.
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on June 18, 2012
Switched from an old Kenmore upright to a Dyson canister vac 5 years ago, when we moved overseas. All the vacs we could find over there then, except cheap battery operated "stick vacs", were canister-style.

Loved that model (the older, wheeled`Dyson canister with the flat/solid floor head, crevice/brush combo tool and upholstery attachment) because it worked well on tile, marble, carpets, rugs and wood floors in our homes there, as well as on upholstery.

Its only issue was it did not have the floating head which adjusted well to all floor types that the new Dyson models have, so I would sometimes whack it into a tile baseboard or lintel strip as I moved from room to room. But we only sold it, because it has the wrong plug for use in the US.

When we came back home recently, I couldn't find the model we were used to. So, we went with the DC39 Animal due to our son's allergies and our plans to get a family pet once we settle in.

Love the 2 turbine heads included with this model (full size and mini), and how lightweight this ball design is, versus the older wheeled style of canister.

I had no trouble going up and down to the upper bedroom floors, or down into the finished lower level carrying it.

As for how it operates, I went from tile in the entry to low-pile carpet on the stairs, to hardwood flooring in the LR, DR and half bath, back to tile in the kitchen, easily. This thing sucked all the fuzzies and grooglies up out of the pile in the newly carpeted master BR, and got up sand and mulch that got tracked in and ground in everywhere, by our movers.

I did have to change the cylinder twice on the first pass thru the house doing all the floors, but when you see what comes out of what you assume are new or freshly cleaned carpets, you'll appreciate that. Emptying the cylinder frequently is what allows that famous Dyson suction to keep right on sucking---and emptying the cylinder is basically a one-handed thing, so it's easy.

I love the trigger on the handle, to change from spinning to non-spinning turbine action, too.

Cons: I have had some trouble pushing the sprocket into the slide for it, to place the hose and head onto the machine for storage, as it looks and works differently than the old-style cansiter I had. I wish that the mini turbine head that comes with it, could be clipped to or carried onboard the machine itself, to be able to quickly switch out the one head for the other, as you vacuum.

Other than those two things, I love my new Dyson. Loved the price at a local electronics retailer (initials are BB), too. I got a $100 BB gift card when I bought it, and used that toward my new LG washer and dryer set that same day.
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