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5.0 out of 5 stars Frustration Free Vacuuming
I know this will be long, so I will present this in pro's & con's, a summary of my background a little, a summery of my experiences, and then a more detailed follow up on some of those pro's/con's.

All in all, my wife and I are really happy with it. It's only been the first week, so time will tell.

Some of the pro's and con's might appear to be...
Published on October 22, 2011 by Neil E Howell

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2.0 out of 5 stars DC41 Not as sturdy as older models
I'm a bit disappointed with the DC41. It doesn't have the sturdiness of other models. When you remove the wand from the base of the unit, it seems a bit flimsy. The plastic isn't sturdy and it takes a bit of juggling to get the wand "realigned" into the base when you're done.

Getting the unit to "click" into place in an upright "idle" position also seems to...
Published on December 27, 2011 by David Yeager

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1,055 of 1,081 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Frustration Free Vacuuming, October 22, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I know this will be long, so I will present this in pro's & con's, a summary of my background a little, a summery of my experiences, and then a more detailed follow up on some of those pro's/con's.

All in all, my wife and I are really happy with it. It's only been the first week, so time will tell.

Some of the pro's and con's might appear to be double listed, as some are a plus and a minus.

* Sucks - pulls dirt out of somewhere where my last vacuum couldn't find it.
* a bit quieter than any vacuum I have had...lower pitch as well. My wife and I can actually talk at reasonable levels when the vacuum is running.
* Vacuum head self adjust to floor, so no bending down to turn the @!#$ switch on most vacuums.
* Attachments lock into place, so they don't come off when using them
* Dirt canister removes as one unit (no dirt on the floor), dumps out of bottom over a trash can - some dust may come up, but small
* Beaters/rollers (rolling brush that hits the carpet) stops rotating when the vacuum is in park, which also diverts the airflow to the hose.
* Beaters have a switch to turn them off - for hard floors
* Pulling on hose to clean with does not cause the vacuum to fall over
* Hose does not fight you to keep it extended, but does spring back when needed...not sure how they pulled this one off - looks weird.
* Feels lighter
* Wand is one piece, so you don't have to assemble it to use it
* Lots of attachment options
* Filters are all washable, it says once every 3 months - after 2 wks, there was only the finest, and almost no dust...washed it just to see.
* LONG elec cord - 30+
* no wasted space, so the design looks cleaner (i.e. hose tucks into frame/handle)
* easy to unclog (see very end - 1.5 month update)

* Wand is a bit awkward, length is a solid 3ft, and has to be removed to use tools with the hose
* Ball takes a little getting used to.
* Elec cord is not a self wind up
* Canister dumps out the bottom - not all the dirt comes out, but most. way too much dog hair while using hair attachment will require fishing it out by hand, though not difficult.
* Most attachments are extra, meaning extra money.
* Smaller canister than most vacuums, but not bad either.
* (new from 15mo review) Pushing the vacuum into upright takes a little getting used too.

I decided to go with frustration free in the title, rather than the typical "this vacuum sucks". I'm a guy, I think I'm typical in that I'm not a fan of vacuuming. I do it to keep the filth wife can see dirt better than I, either it's in the genes, or men are better at ignoring things they don't want to know about, cuz then we would have to do something about it.

At any rate, I'm always frustrated when vacuuming. Getting it out, moving it around, the endless back and forth. This is before you start dealing with attachments and emptying/maintaining the thing. I've been using bagless since they came out.

We have pets, 1 cat, 2 dogs, and others (but they don't leave hair or dirt around). These 3 pets are also allowed to come and go as they please, so for the most part, vacuuming is needed to keep the hair down, and the dirt as well. As such, pet hair kills vacuums. Which is why the last few I have purchased have been Bissels. Especially the pet one. I had a Eureka once that killed itself in less than a year on dog hair (gets in the rollers, and burns the bearings up. I've liked the Bissels (last two vacuums), but decided with a Dyson for a number of reasons based on reviews, plus I would rather buy one good machine, than a lot of mediocre ones.

I've had the Dyson for a whole week, so keep in mind, mileage may vary. I'm actually rather impressed. We tend to vacuum weekly, though more would be better (white long haired dog, means you see hair the day after you vacuum on dark colored rugs). Our Bissel needed replacing, so I'm told by my wife, but it seemed to do a pretty good I thought.

On opening up the box, I'm a guy, no need for instructions, the vacuum went together pretty nicely. No tools required. Snapped together like an expensive lego set. Though rather straight forward, they include cheat sheets on the vacuum for those that didn't open the instruction book. I didn't time myself, but it took longer to get the parts out of all the packing material, than it did to assemble it....not that there was too much packing material.

On first use, a bit of dirt (and hair of course) came up. A bit more than I would have expected. I was impressed on that alone. I then vacuumed the next few nights. I was amazed at how much dirt came out of the carpet (same each time). I know dirt packs into the carpet, but geez.

Most vacuums it seems a chore to vacuum, in that you have to move back and forth while rotating the vacuum to move it across the floor. Basically I can move the Dyson around with almost no effort. The head is a little lower in height, so I can actually get into places I couldn't before. One thing to note, most vacuums have many of those brushes on the beater/roller, where the Dyson has half as many - spaced further apart.

MORE DETAILS (than you probably needed)
So most reviews talk about how much the thing sucks (meaning less back and forth), I mentioned my results above. What is amazing is that it is noticeably quieter. It's not like you can vacuum while someone sleeps, but it is quieter. The lower pitch also seems to make the noise less bothersome.

The Canister: it's nice in that you don't have to open up the container over the floor to take it over to empty it. With dog hair, on other machines I usually end up pulling some hair out of other places and getting dirt on the floor, as well as the vacuum. Basically, I had to re-vacuum the area I stopped to empty the old vacuum. As nice as it is to just pull off the whole canister, hold it part way into the trash can, and push a button to empty the whole thing - not all the dirt comes out, and you do have to close it by hand....I've been giving it a little jiggle before closing it, causing the usual dust cloud at the trash can...will have to see if I work out a better method of use.

Vacuum hose wrestle mania 2000 is closed for business on this machine. Typically, on other vacuums I have had, the hose has a strong pull which means I have to hold on to the hose, and also make sure I don't pull the vacuum over....or onto me if I'm close by - I've hit my head a few times with the old vacuums forgetting this part. This is in part that vacuums tend to have the hose high up on the vacuum, making them tilt easy. Dyson is very low on the vacuum. Also, I'm not sure how they do this, the hose will spring back together for putting it up, but when you pull on the hose to use it, it takes little effort to maintain the extended kinda pulls itself back together when you are done. It will take some pressure to maintain it outstretched, but not much.

I have not actually weighed the Dyson and my old vacuum (I'm not that geeky). And while I would swear the Dyson was lighter while using it, they kinda feel like the same weight if you just lift them up....I'm guessing this is a result of a lower center of gravity.

Attachment heaven - have you ever had the attachments fall off while using them. I have. Not all the time, but enough to be annoying, or you push them on really hard, but then have to work to get them off. Dyson attachments all lock into place. Rather simply done, and easy to use, even one handed. Though, the way they go on, they can't be rotated...not sure if this is a bad thing.

And lastly; the ball. It does maneuver better than a regular vacuum, and I think it is the big plus in significantly reducing the frustration in vacuuming. It's actually rather maneuverable. Though it takes a little getting used to, in getting into tight spots.

1.5 Month update
We both still love this thing. I won't go over what I have before. I recently decided to clean the car. Not that it was filthy, but with the dogs and use, it needed to be cleaned. It worked like a champ, but one aspect I wanted to point out was that I found I missed an unused Starbucks napkin under the seat. The vacuum pulled that thing in so fast, I couldn't even react. A few points from this event. I believe the vacuum has a bypass when the unit is clogged to save the motor. I could hear something as it kicked in and out. Also, to unclog the unit, since the napkin was way in there. If you turn it off, and move the handle down like you were to vacuum the floor...there is a tube that I had not noticed before that switches from the hose to the floor. When it does this, that is where my vacuum was clogged. i.e. you don't need to try and push it through like on other vacuums, or figure out how to get the napkin out....though it did take a few minutes to figure this out...quite by accident.

Approx 6 month update
Not be repetitive, but we both still love this thing. The ball, and its operation, is much easier now. I've been getting pretty good at rotating my wrist to get the vacuum to move around some pretty tight spots or around obstacles. The dogs just dare me to make them move.

Not sure if this is a bad or good thing, but the throat of the vacuum in floor mode is not very large. I still have to pick up the occasional item that I would think would be small enough when compared to my older vacuums, but the Dyson will not pick it up. i.e. having to either pick it off the floor, or tip over the vacuum to pull it out (not difficult, just annoying.) Of course, come to think of it, it was usually one of these objects that clogged the old vacuum. Aside from not picking something up, and the one car incident, I have not really experienced any clogging with the Dyson in the 6mo we have had it.

My wife loves how easy it is to clean and to find any clogs, without having to practically take it apart - she said that she has had small twigs like items that seem to get stuck at the throat to the canister..meaning she pulls off the canister and uses her fingers to get them out. Since a slight injury to both wrists, my wife has difficulty rocking the vacuum up or down to disengage/reengage the upright "stand" wheels/mechanism, and she also has difficulties with pushing the button to empty the canister - the former issue more to technique I think, and the later more with strength -- neither issue she had issues with prior to the injuries. She can do it, but not as easy as it once was. Something to note.

I actually had to clean the filters because it was time....though they were not really that dirty. The canister seems to capture almost all of the dirt and only the finest and smallest amount make it out. The filters take a little bit of washing to get cleaned out, and never really looked clean....I just rinsed and squeezed until no dirt came out....and took at least a few days to dry out (it was cool that time of year), maybe as much as a week to dry? Actually, we forgot to put them back in on the next vacuuming - which didn't really concern me, given the lack of dust that makes it out of the canister. That said, being able to buy another set of filters would be nice for rotating/could vacuum the next day.

Since buying the vacuum, we have bought a number of attachments, all seem to do a pretty good job, though storing them is another issue. Of note, is the dog hair one, but that will be a review under that product. The others do their job, but are not frequent use item like the dog hair one.

1yr+1mo update:
Still going well, but the polish is off. It's not doing as well as it was, takes a couple passes to get the same amount. I should note, other vacuums were in worse shape by now - given all the fine dust (clay based) and lots and lots of dog hair. That said, for the money.....

I found a local service place, and will see what the cost and results are. My other plan it to purchase a second set of filters. First, because for use it typically takes a few days for them to dry. Second, because if I did not wash correctly or the fine clay dirt, maybe they are slowing the flow rate - I'm an engineer by trade, so experimentation in in the blood. I also know that dog hair can kill a vacuum fast, so my other thought is that hair is located in places that are lowering performance- heck, or maybe I'm not taking care of it correctly...I think it came with instructions.... Again, I plan to take it in for service soon, so I should have another update soon.

Our Dyson has been cleaned!! 1yr, 3 months after purchase

First off, we still had our old vacuum, for use in the garage/workshop, though it hadn't been used much. One thing my wife noticed, is that it was so loud, she thought it would blow up...though, it's not any louder than it was, just her reference is the Dyson now. Compared to our dirty Dyson, it still didn't come close.

The certified Dyson dealer, for the higher priced cleaning option of $78 (San Diego, Ca), cleaned out every square inch of the thing and pressure washed the filters (sub 40psi) - the canister was sparkly clean!!, though of course not clear anymore. They noted it was dirty, in good shape, and while it needed cleaning, was not in dire need of it either. That all said, I bought an extra set of filters so I don't have to wait for drying. Cleaning was improved after the service. Though, not as much as I thought it was when it was new...but then, maybe I had stars in my eyes since it did so much better than the older vacuum did new.

All in all, we are quite pleased with it, and yes I still use it :-)

I would recommend buying an extra set of filters right away (think they were like $15ea), and maybe have it cleaned every 1.5yrs.

The service person noted to only wash the motor filter in the opposite direction of air flow, so the dirt is pushed out, rather than into the filter. Also, if you do pressure wash the filter, to be less than 40psi to avoid damage.

I should note one additional con/flaw. Returning the vacuum to upright can be a bit tricky. Don't just set upright and walk away. Make sure it actually stays. First, I find to do this correctly, as you move handle up, rather than hold the handle as you would for vacuuming the floor, allow your hand to kinda glide over the back, to where you are pushing the vacuum upright, and not twisting your wrist all out of wack. Secondly, when you let go, move you hand back in case it decides to come back. More technique than anything, but probably my biggest issue.

For those with stairs, I don't have them, lucky you, that picture on the product page is kinda funny. Notice, the vacuum parked against the bottom stair, and the hose in only about 10ft, thought the picture makes it look longer. I should note, to write this, I actually pulled the hose all the way out, something I had not done, with my wife having just her foot at the base. It easily stretched all the way out, as much effort for 3ft as 10ft. Though, the hose does this twisty thing around 8ft, so the hose slinky thing it does, must have a slight twist to it, meaning to get the full length, you will need to turn it a few times around, sub 6ft, not an issue.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Most Amazing Vacuum Ever!!!!, February 26, 2012
Kyle (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
Length:: 7:35 Mins

I never thought I'd ever buy such an expensive Vacuum, but after going through so many cheap ones, I decided to take the challenge. I bought it, and tried it after I used my old vacuum. I was shocked at how much my old one left behind.

This is a good all around vacuum, it never loses suction, its easy to remove the debris, has a hose that extends quite far, and just works well. I love the power cord, its super long, and I can do my whole house by only changing plugs once. It's the little things that make life so much easier. It's just a great vacuum, love it love it love it. The only downside is you have to give it a big push to lock it in place, there is no foot lever to get it in vacuum mode, you just push it down, but I have to tell you, this is a great investment, and it has a 5 year warranty, so I'm happy with my purchase. See enclosed video review.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great, but has design flaws., October 3, 2011
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
The DC41 is a great product and is probably the best vacuum out there. But that hasn't stopped me from noticing a few defects. There are really 2 major ones that nearly made me return this product.
The first issue is that they got rid of the foot lever that typical vacuums have to engage the beater bar. Instead you just force it down and start vacuuming and when you are done you just put it back up and it latches and stays upright. This is pretty neat but when you are putting it upright there are 2 distinct things that happen, it engages the wand hose and then it engages the lock that holds it up. The switch for the hose is much louder and happens first so this leads you to believe the vacuum is upright and to let go when it is not latched properly causing it to fall over if you are not quick enough to catch it. This makes me respond by putting it upright much more forcefully then I want to do to something I've bought for nearly $600.
The second main issue is the path the air flows to the motor. There are 3 zones in the canister. The air goes from the outer to the inner getting cleaner as it progresses. The outer one is for big debris and dust, and then air flows through those tiny cyclones on the top and deposits its finer dust in the middle zone. Finally after leaving those cyclones the air goes through the filter (accessible though the top of the canister) and down the inner zone to the motor then finally out through the filter in the ball. The problem with this is that when you empty the canister the dust can and will cross contaminate from the other zones and into the post filter, inner zone. This means next time the vacuum is started it will suck in that dust into the motor and the ball filter.
So here is the story of how I found out about this defect: to test out the DC41 I took it to a house that was very dirty (some parts had not been vacuumed for a year) and vacuumed nearly the whole house. I had to empty the canister 3 times. After the 3rd time the vacuum got clogged (A peppermint in the narrow hose tool) and it activated the thermal cutoff. After learning about the thermal cutoff and what it meant, I took apart the vacuum and cleaned out all the access ports. Also looked at the post motor filter and saw that it was absolutely filthy but the filter in the canister was still white. So the dust was bypassing the canister filter somehow. So I figured it was when I dumped the canister the dust plume went everywhere including back up into the part of canister that is meant to be dust free. That amount of dust can't be good for the motor.
Here are a few more nit picks:
It feels a little harder to navigate then the DC25
I wish it had a light and something to automatically rewind the cord.
Sometimes it feels like it's about to break in my hands.
The hose wand sometimes doesn't extend all the way out of the hose and sometimes causes the airway to be blocked when used. I think the DC25's wand was better.
It does not has a spot for all the tools.
The reason I decided to keep this vacuum is the active base plate, I have a lot of wood flooring in my house and I want to get as much dust up before I use the Swiffer. Using this vacuum I now only have to use one pad each time I clean with the Swiffer instead of several.
And the DC41 will not be facing that dirty house again so it will never be that full of dust again.
Here are few good things about it:
It has great suction.
It survived that dirty house.
Its cord is long enough that I can plug it in anywhere and vacuum the entire floor.
Ultimately I think this is a great vacuum but for $600 I expect the best with no flaws and this has 2 too many flaws for that price. Unfortunately I can't find a better vacuum so I'm stuck with this one.
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2.0 out of 5 stars DC41 Not as sturdy as older models, December 27, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I'm a bit disappointed with the DC41. It doesn't have the sturdiness of other models. When you remove the wand from the base of the unit, it seems a bit flimsy. The plastic isn't sturdy and it takes a bit of juggling to get the wand "realigned" into the base when you're done.

Getting the unit to "click" into place in an upright "idle" position also seems to take a bit of effort. I end up putting a foot in front of the unit to stop it from rolling while I lift the lever up until it clicks into place.

I can't find any fault with the suction, with the exception of picking up larger items. We used it to pickup the inevitable trail of styrofoam crumbs after opening christmas gifts. The "crumbs" were on a hardwood floor. I found the head of the DC41 just pushed them around, requiring me to use the wand. My older Dyson wouldn't have had a problem.

All in all, I'm partial to my old Dyson. I like the suction of the DC41, and I like the lower head of the DC41 ( All of my kitchen cabinets have an overhang that the old Dyson was too big to get under). I don't think however the DC41 will stand up to the same daily wear and tear that my old has weathered with no problems. I'm hoping this isn't an indication of Dyson sacrificing their quality standards for mass production.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Stop think twice before buying this awesome but not so agile vacuum, May 14, 2012
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I would say that this is not the Dyson for most people. I have been a long time Dyson user and I sold my other Dyson to get this. Now I was between the DC39 or this one the DC41. After purchasing the DC41 I can definetily say I made a mistake.

If you plan on buying this vacuum be prepared to purchase a second Dyson. This vacuum would be perfect for a 2000+ sq/ft home with lots of big open carpeted spaced. But if you find yourself with tight spaces, lots of stairs, lots of furniture to go around then this just isn't the vacuum for you.

I am a very fit man in his late ~30 yrs old and after 20 minutes of use I find that my arm/wrist is sore as this vacuum weighs over 2x what my last Dyson weighed. Also it just doesn't cut the corners or get underneath furniture as well either. I think most people would be better off with a DC39 for the ULTIMATE in precision control and ability to go underneath furniture. I have the cordless DC35 and although the battery life makes it almost useless it can go right under my coffee table with out even moving the coffee table. The DC26 and DC39 are just as capable when it comes to maneuvering since all of the heavy stuff is on the floor behind you.

Another reason I would say this vacuum must be accommodated by a second Dyson is because it is so powerful that many things just can't be properly vacuumed without it sucking them in to far. Even with the attachment spinning brush it sucks area rugs in to hard to be able to easily move back and forth across them. I had to use my cordless Dyson for that.

I highly recommend Dyson Vacuums and say that honestly every household should have either a Kirby or a Dyson. Kirby Vacuums give the ultimate in cleaning power but are extremely heavy and often times too powerful. Dyson vacuums are much lighter easier to maneuver and until this unit where not really overpowered. So I would say this unit is best for cleaning your large living areas but thats about it. For most people you would probably be best with the DC25 26 and 39 stay away from the 24 as I unfortunately found out that it has half the suction of the DC25 which really upsets me. I think Dyson should have some sort of power measurement so people had an idea of the difference between each vacuum. If suction power is Dyson's claim to fame then its kinda of bogus that they have such a huge difference in performance between all the units but such a small change in price. $399.99 to $649.99 and just guessing no proof on this but I am willing to bet the best vacuum is around 4x as strong as the DC24.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Machine, December 14, 2011
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I used to buy cheap vacuums over the years and I found out that it won't suck all the dirt on the carpet or on hard floors. I am hesitant to pay a lot on a vacuum but my wife convinced me to give it a try. After a few research, we decided to get the dyson DC41. What a decision. The first time I use it I am really impressed. It has a lot of power. Although it is a little bit heavier but the ball technology makes it easier to maneuver on tight areas. The attachment is so amazing. I was able to clean the vent of my AC in just a few minutes with lots of suction power. I would definitely recommend this vacuum to everybody out there. It's expensive but it's worth your money, trust me.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Mostly awesome, November 7, 2011
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I had a Hoover WindTunnel for about 11 years before replacing it with the DC41. I've had the Dyson now for a few days and here are my thoughts:

- As many others experienced, I was completely grossed out by the amount of dirt that the Dyson picked up the first time I vacuumed. I don't know if this is a result of a superior suction or beater bar (which does seem stronger/faster than my old Hoover... the carpet is actually *warm* as I step into where the Dyson just vacuumed) but it's definitely satisfying.

- Lighter than the WindTunnel. I know others have complained about the weight but it is way lighter and easier to carry than the big self-propelled Hoover.

- Quieter than the WindTunnel. If I need to say something to my husband, I can actually do it without pausing and shutting off the Dyson.

- The cord, as many have complained about, is not self-retracting. Instead, it winds around the back of the vacuum. I'd like a retracting cord but that's not what I find annoying. The giant PITA is that the top part of the cord holder is actually part of the handheld nozzle. What this means is that if you want to use the nozzle (say, to vacuum up a spill), you need to unwind the ENTIRE 35 foot cord first. With my old vacuum, I often just unwound 3-4 feet and then used the nozzle. This is, by far, the most aggravating thing I have experienced with the Dyson.

- There is space for two onboard attachments, which are included. They are a little crevice tool and a hard floor (I think) thing. Personally, I'd like to see space for a couple more, like if you could choose from their suite of [expensive] attachments and interchangeably pick 2 to keep attached. I plan to get the soft dusting attachment and imagine it's going to get annoying to have to run back to the closet when I want to use it and/or keep it with me as I vacuum the house until I actually need it.

- My Windtunnel had a light on the front, which I actually miss. I never paid much attention to it, but it really was handy for stuff like going under the front of the sofa or under the bed. It just helped to make sure you weren't missing anything.

- Not a "con", per se, but I don't know if I think the ball technology is something that would make me pay extra for a vacuum. It's kinda neat if you happen to have any extremely tight corners, but I think for me, it's not any easier to get around than with my old, heavy vacuum.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This Vacuum is amazing, EXPENSIVE, but fantastic for those with Allergies!, February 25, 2012
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
We purchased ours directly from Dyson, they had a sale, we got 3 FREE attachments with it that valued around $90, with free shipping and no tax we had to. Then Amazon dropped the price a week later and it about evens out so either place you purchase you'll make out about the same expense wise, if you're a Prime member you'll get yours in 2 days, vs 3-5 days from Dyson.

We did however purchase the "Dyson Articulating Floor Attachment" from Amazon, probably 70% of our flooring is hard floors, Tile or Laminate, only the bedrooms are carpet.

We purchased the DC41 BECAUSE
1) We were sucked in by the latest and greatest Dyson model, of course

So, I first unpacked it, was extremely well packed, almost frustrating, ok, there is so much plastic and cardboard in here you could wrap a full fridge if you flattened all the pieces out there is so much packing, but appreciated because we dropped $600 on a VACUUM, they better pack it well, and that notion was reinforced by the obvious puncture in the outer carton by the shipping company - not a scratch on the vacuum.

Then I proceeded to play around with how it felt moving it around, convincing myself BEFORE I turned it on that $600 we had saved specifically and only for this VACUUM was worth it in every sense of the word. I'm not going into the melodrama of our finances, but this was a huge expense we had saved for quite a while simply because my child and husband suffer from terrible allergies, I also am allergic to mold and dust, but not even comparable to theirs.

I took it into our Master bedroom and I vacuumed a probably 8ft by 3 ft rectangle at the end of our bed between our dresser, I had vacuumed with our Eureka vacuum daily forever, the canister was half full of dust and nastiness.. I WAS SOLD!

It was worth the $600 specifically because of our allergy issues, we live a very densely populated Cedar Tree area and my husband and daughter are highly allergic, they developed the allergy after we moved here. We had saved for an entire year for the purpose of purchasing another version then this one was released, we researched it, I spent time on the phone with Dyson and we determined that this was the model for us.

I hope this helped your purchasing decision, it is an expensive one, I still encourage you all to research wisely and make sure this is the right product for your money.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This thing sucks! In a good way!!!, October 1, 2011
This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
So, we vacuum at least twice a week with our old vacuum. We thought it was "ok," but very heavy, awkward, and frankly my wife just wanted a new vacuum. She showed me this at WalMart, and I said, "$600??? For a vacuum? You must be insane!!!" Finally, my extreme love for my wife encouraged me to pay what I thought was a fortune for a vacuum. Boy, is there a huge difference between this and any other vacuum I've ever used! Light, and draws dirt that you never even knew existed. My wife vacuumed a 3 foot square area and sucked up enough dog hair and dirt to resemble a small rodent...this from a carpet that is vacuumed twice weekly!!! Buy this, its worth it!
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1.0 out of 5 stars Is it really all that??, March 4, 2012
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This review is from: Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Kitchen)
I was definitely taken in by the commercials and rave reviews here. I have two short hair cats that shed like the dickens and an ancient 85$ Hoover I purchased at K-mart one desperate day in college when family was coming to visit. My Hoover finally gave up the ghost and now that I have a real job I thought I would splurge a little. Is the Dyson better than the ancient $85 Hoover - definitely yes. Many hundreds of dollars worth? Not so sure. I've had this vacuum for about two months now.

-Like everyone has said, the vacuum has great suction. When I vacuum my 1,000 sq feet of carpet, I generally empty the bin twice. It's filled mostly with loose cat hair and kitty litter dust.

-What's in the bin is visible. It's rather satisfactory to see all the junk you are pulling off your carpet and into the trash.

-The handle at the top of the bin is well positioned to carry the vacuum up and down stairs. Or, to hold on to while vacuuming the stairs.

-The cord hinge twist thing is great. The cord hinge on the top, swivels so you can dump off the entire cord with one motion. It is nice to not have to unwrap the cord for every use.

-The high quality plug. This plug is built tough. Every other vacuum I've ever has a wimpy plug that gets quickly bent after being pulled out of the wall wrong.

-The pet attachment thingy with the moving roller. It does work fairly well on steps or upholstered furniture. Too bad I have to use the accordion hose to use it. I've given up using this on the stairs and now just carry the vacuum and use the regular upright part to do stairs. It's very heavy but not as much of a struggle.

-Emptying the bin is very, very easy. It can be a bit messy because of all the loose dust and cat hair so I tend to bring a small trash container into the living room, empty the bin into it and they quickly re vacuum the area.

-Hand cleanable filters. I haven't had to do it yet but I'm very much looking forward to the hand cleanable filters.

-This vacuum is NOT lightweight. I have NO IDEA what they are comparing this to when they say this. Perhaps there are gold vacuums out there I've never heard of?? My old Hoover which had the same variety of attachments was much lighter. My mom has an Oreck which must be half the weight. Is it too heavy?? Not really but it borders on it. I just feel the ads were deceptive here.

-The attachment hose is very awkward to use. Its accordion design pulls back on itself - that is, it always is trying to fold back into to its smallest possible configuration. So, to use it, I must always be actively pulling against it to keep it extended. This is exhausting and awkward. It will also pull the vacuum right over on its side. Or down the steps. Which is not just annoying but pretty dangerous considering how heavy the thing is. Most vacuums have awkward hoses. I'd put this one down as slightly more awkward than most.

-The plastic extension piece is too long. It's around three feet long so it is beyond awkard to use to clean off furniture or reach around in small spaces - say behind a toilet or around the cusions of a sofa. It took me a few weeks before I realized you could remove it when using the hose. This is a little better but without something firm to hold onto, the accordion hose is even harder to wrestle with as it tries to shorten itself back to its original size. Sigh!

-Switching back and forth between the attachment and regular upright vacuuming is awkward. I keep figuring I'll get better at it with practice but not so far. I have to beat back the plastic extension piece and then aim it into the holder - which always misses a few times. It always gets locked against the hose at the wrong place, etc.

-Angle end attachment is not angled. Ummmm... What's up with this?? There's nothing to use for cleaning baseboards, etc that can get in nice and close with corners.

-Combo angle attachment brush thing is useless. Since the brush is on the non-angled angled thing, I can't use the angle attachment to into tight spaces like between seat cushions or behind a book shelf or what not.

Neither here nor there:
-The ball. It's fun to look at but it doesn't really do anything for the vacuum. Yes, it could turn tight corners but only if you could actually steer the bottom portion of the vacuum. Since I'm only holding the handle, I'm still stuck doing the standard back and forth of a usual vacuum. The ball also won't fit under a bed so you can't sneak the vacuum very far under anything like I could with my old Hoover or my mom's Oreck.

-No light. I love the light on my mom's Oreck. Since I don't think it really helps anything cleaning wise the lack of one just makes the vacuum less cool but it doesn't take anything away.

-It's just a loud as any other vacuum - no better, no worse.

-Too big to fit on a stair. All vacuums are but I wish one day they'd invent a good one that could safely fit on the stairs and still work as an all around the house regular vacuum.

So basically, It works fine as upright vacuum but using the attachments is really difficult and they are poorly designed and poorly thought out. I think Dyson clearly knows a lot about suction and self promotion (their ads are fantastic!!) but a lot less about attachments. I'd recommend staying away from this model and look for Dyson with a different attachment design.

July 2012 update:

I'm really regretting this purchase now. The hose is so hard to use that now I rarely do - which means dust, cat hair and dead bugs are accumulating along my baseboards, in corners and under furniture. All Dyson had to do was put a spring in the hose that was less strong. So simple but they didn't bother. It would not have even have costed any more money - I'm guessing less strong springs actually cost less. It's like they never bothered having real women test this thing. All their money was paid to their advertising company. Grrrrr....

I'm also sick of hauling this thing up and down the stairs - it is too dang heavy. I'm thinking of buying another, lighter vacuum for the upstairs.
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