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Price:$274.99+ Free shipping
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736 of 776 people found the following review helpful
on September 3, 2012
So, I had a hard time trying to decide whether to give this 4 or 5 stars. I have never had any Dyson vacuums before so I can not compare it to other models. Most of our house is wood floors and we have two grown Labs and two older cats, so obviously we really get a lot of use out of a vacuum. It is a great vacuum, but not perfect.

the good...
Very convenient, I do not hesitate to grab this off the wall and do a quick spot cleaning. With my previous canister vacuum, I had to go to a storage drawer and pull out the canister and the detached hose and sections of extension tubes and various heads and the long unraveled cord, check the bag and if full change it then plug it in put it together and then after a few minutes of vacuuming go through the reverse process only to find more hair I may have missed because the cord didn't reach the remote areas. So rather than shlep all the parts out, I would just leave the hair for another time. This (to me) was a pain and more often than not, I would just put it off until the drifts of hair were like icebergs floating around the house. This is the reason I gave it a 5 star rating. It works and it gets used and it's even fun to use. I have seen complaints about the trigger not locking. Since this is not intended to be a full house vacuum, I think this is more of a benefit to preserve battery power than a negative. Since it is designated as "animal" I think most will probably use it to pick up hair which tends to clump together in corners and along edges, so I just point and shoot where ever I see hair. I can easily touch up the whole house in this manner since it is not running as I walk around looking for dirt and hair to pick up.

the not so good...
The lint bin is tiny. Anyone with multiple pets will get this. Even using it frequently results in several trips to the trash to empty the hair, bit of a pain, but not a deal breaker, just saying it should be bigger. The vacuum is as everyone mentions very, very, very, very, expensive, did I say it was very, expensive? The sound the motor makes sounds exactly like my wife's hair dryer and I would guess that it moves about the same amount of air. I mean $400 for what is really just a reverse hair dryer and some attachments, it is over priced, but still beats the competition on performance. I equate this to buying a very expensive car like a BMW or Mercedes over a cheaper utilitarian car for about a quarter of the money. If you can afford it, it is nice to drive an expensive car even though it is still just a car and does the exact same thing as a Chevy or Ford without the bells and whistles. And, it's not like everyone who rates this thing doesn't complain about the price, so it should be no surprise and you have been warned. It is definatly a luxury purchase. On a personal note, I do think you are paying a lot for advertising and pretty candy colors and Dyson does do a lot of testing and R&D, so you decide if the value is there. I am just rating it on it's functionality. I must say, I do like the wall bracket for the vacuum, but it only holds the vacuum and the two smaller attachments not the carpet attachments. I am not sure why that is, but since I have since purchasing this vacuum purchased three other heads including the flexible crevice tool, the wood floor tool and the dusting tool for about a hundred more dollars, I would not expect it to hold all these, but did I say very, very expensive? I am now into this for over $500 and that doesn't include a back up battery. But at least for now, the included battery seems sufficient. So I think I have the whole kit and caboodle.

The bad...
One more thing about the bin, If you don't empty it out before it fills up and trust me you won't, the pet hair wedges itself into the upper area of the bin and does not just fall out like in the commercial. I have had to store a pair of chop sticks by the trash bucket where I empty this thing to pull out the wedged in hair.

I also feel that Dyson did not include enough heads or the right ones. For the money, it should at least include the designated wood floor attachment, especially for the animal version. Many if not most pet owners will have some wood or tile flooring and I also don't feel the included crevice tool is good for hard to get to places like the the refrigerator coils or way under cabinets where most pet hair seems to end up. That's my personal take, some may find the included heads adequate. They do work quite well on carpets and in corners or along the wall edges which do get used. We have some nice tight low pile carpet which attracts hair. The motorized head actually pulls hair up quite well on this surface especially with the power boost where needed.

So to bottom line this thing, would I buy it again, knowing what I now know after having used it for a week or so? Yes, which is why the 5 stars. I actually kind of enjoy using it and when ever I see some hair, I just grab it, point and shoot and the hair is gone. As the little lady in Poltergeist said, "this house is now clean"! That was just not the case with my old vacuum. With the one caveat, if you can afford it, buy it. If not there are some really nice battery, bag-less hand vacuums and if you don't mind bending over to get to the hair on the floor (a lot) that may be a better choice for the money.
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536 of 565 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2012
The Dyson DC 44 Animal is a nice little cordless vac, but it's not everything I had hoped it to be. We have 2 dogs and a cat, a large house with a variety of floors, including hardwood, carpet, rugs over wood and tile. I purchased the DC44 Animal to touch up mostly the hardwoods and bathrooms when I don't want to drag out the large and very heavy Kirby vacuum that we have for our main vac and to pick up cobwebs in the corners and skylights. I have only had the DC 44 for about a week so I can't comment on whether it truly does not lose any suction, but so far I've considered the pros and cons and I am seriously considering taking this vac back because for $400, I honestly expected more. The good things about the DC44 is that it's very lightweight, and very maneuverable. It definitely gets into the corners of the rooms quite well.

The dump cup is a little small, but I find that I can vacuum most of the wood floors in the house before I have to dump it. This vac is GREAT for vacuuming the pet hair off the couches, even the little short hairs from our boxers. The downsides for me are that the vac is definitely not as powerful as I expected. It has a hard time picking up small pieces of kibble and bits of pine kitty litter (it will suck them up on boost mode, but not very well). The wand doesn't extend and there's not an extra wand so I have a hard time reaching the upper corners of the room. Also, human hair gets caught around the roller brush (which is obviously a common issue with vacuums), but it seems that you have to take the whole thing apart with a screwdriver to clean it (You do not, I was mistaken about this, please see my edit below. I have cleaned this a few times now and my only complaint is that the hole to remove the brush head is smaller than the brushes. When you pull it out, a puff of dirt and dust comes out, same when you put it back. Do this over a trash can.) Quite frankly, for $400, I would have expected the hard floor attachment to come with it. I was pretty shocked to find out that attachment is another $50.

This version does run for 20 minutes on regular power, about 8 (or less) on max. I would love for it to work on max longer, but of course, that means more weight with a heavier battery, so I'll just say this improvement over the previous version makes battery life "acceptable." The battery is, of course, a Lithium Ion, which is superior to most cordless vacs on the market today. I recently got a small piece of plastic stuck in the hose tube of the brush head (kids left a bread bag snap on the floor and I didn't see it before sucking it up). It clogged the head, and was a nightmare to remove, and that piece of plastic was less than an inch square. One thing that I really love is the duster attachment that comes with the vac. It's great for things like blinds, baseboards and the wood trim around the staircase.

So my bottom line is this is a nice little vac, although not perfect. I definitely feel my satisfaction would be higher if the price were in line with the features. I really feel like this vac should be priced closer to $200, not $400, and should include the hard floor attachment. There may be other cordless vacs out there that cost significantly less that do an equal job.

Edit: 9/30/13 I was mistaken about the brush roll, there is a lock on the *side* of the head that you can turn with a quarter to slide out the brush roll to clean it. This is significantly better and easier to clean that I thought it was. I find that I can do my whole downstairs hardwood areas with rugs, kitchen and laundry on one charge, although my hand does get tired from having to keep the button pushed down. I did decide to go ahead and keep this vac, mostly because I purchased it with a gift card. Honestly, if I had paid my own hard earned cash for it, I probably would have taken it back based mostly on cost. The battery system also had a lot to do with my decision to keep it.

Added 11/03/13 The little strip of fiber that helps sweep up debris on the bottom of the head is now coming off. Like another reviewer noted, it is only glued on. I am, quite frankly, extremely disappointed that pieces of the vacuum are falling off less than 2 months after purchase. This would be ridiculous at any price.

Update, as of 3/14: Now the little toggle clip that holds the dust cup onto the vacuum has broken, and will not stay closed, rendering the vacuum unusable. It broke not from being dropped or from hard use. It broke while pressing it to empty the dust cup. It will not even turn on, so it's become a $400 wall ornament in my garage. My experience with Dyson customer service has not been stellar so at this point, this issue is still unresolved. I still feel that a $400 cordless vac should not have these quality control issues, and when it does, it should not be difficult to get it fixed or replaced.
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294 of 321 people found the following review helpful
Great product, but this is a lot of money to spend and it may not be for everyone. Here are my findings to help you decide if it's right for you. First off I gave it only 4 stars because of the price. In most cases this unit will not serve all your vacuuming needs so it will be a supplemental vacuum and that's a high price to pay for a helper unit. Still, depending on your situation, it may be worth it. I've become a Dyson fan due to previous purchases. I have the DC34 handheld model with the lithium ion battery. These batteries are great, both in life and charge time and after more than three years my beloved handheld is still performing like new and I use it nearly every day for multiple things. The battery on this DC44 is even stronger and has a longer run time.

I was so impressed with that handheld unit that when my old upright gave out, I knew I'd be replacing it with a Dyson. I chose the DC25 for multiple floor surfaces and am very impressed with its suction and maneuverability. I like the detachable hose unit that allows me to do extra jobs and I have purchased extra tools that I use both with it and the handheld (they fit this DC44 also). So why you ask, was I willing to spend another fortune on this unit? Although I'm very happy with the upright, there are times when it just isn't the tool of choice. I'm likely to spot some crumbs along a baseboard or under the table, cobwebs in a corner or after chasing and swatting a moth, I decide I have to clean behind the sofa--now. Hauling out the upright for these seemingly endless small jobs is a hassle for me and the handheld unit won't reach. The final straw came when I undertook a massive effort to clean out my closets. Once I got all the stuff out, there was no place to get the upright in close enough to clean the nooks and crannies and the handheld couldn't do all I needed.

Here is where this DC44 unit shines! It gets into small places. It reaches high corners, underneath and behind things. It has no cord to complicate matters. It is just like the handheld version and can be used that way, but add the long wand attachment piece and power brush tools and it can serve as an upright too. For my closet project I started using it as a handheld with my flexible hose and dusting brush (among attachments I already had and dearly love) to dust the clothes in the closet and also the shelves, then switched to the supplied crevice tool to get into the cramped recesses. Then I added the long wand with the combination brush (also supplied) to get the ceiling corners, then the small power brush to do the floor (it does a great and very thorough job). When I had refilled the closet and finally closed the doors, the larger power brush did a decent job on the carpet in front of it.

Putting the unit together out of the box is easy, no instructions needed, but they do help with setting up the hanging rack and attaching the power cord to it (although with the power cord separate you can charge it anywhere). The instructions are mostly pictures and are all you need. I did have a question about the symbols for the lights on the unit and charger and the written instructions didn't help. Guess I'll have to wait to figure that out (when the battery is about to run out or isn't charging, neither of which has happened).

The trigger on/off really pleases me because small jobs are also pretty much on/off and I don't have to listen to any noise when I'm not actually cleaning something. Don't know that I'd like it as much for extended use though. The battery life is great. Because you usually don't have the unit on all the time during some project, 20 minutes of actual run time stretches to days and even weeks of small intermittent jobs. Run time isn't as long if you use the power brushes a lot, but still good. Full recharge time is 5 hours (compared to the 3.5 for my other handheld), after which the charger shuts off so leaving the unit hooked to the charger won't tire the battery. Although I use the charger separately, it's meant to be hooked into the hanging rack so every time you put the unit in the rack it's hooked up to the charger. I haven't put the rack up yet and have just been leaning the unit against the wall in the closet. Without the long wand, it sits on the floor or a table. I switch tools a lot so carry them all along with me in a tote slung over my arm. The crevice tool and combination brush that come with the unit fit into slots in the hanging rack for storage should you want to do that.

The bin isn't as big as an upright so you have to empty it more often, but that is easy. You just have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't overfill. There is a filter that needs to be rinsed out about monthly (I only do it quarterly) and takes several hours to dry so I bought an extra one to put right back in while the other dries then switch them next time.

One important thing for people who already own a handheld: I wondered if buying the long wand and power heads would fit on the unit I had (and cost me a lot less). Yes, the wand fits, but the power brushes won't run. If you only want to increase the reach of your handheld, buying the wand from the Dyson site will work. If you want the power brushes for floor or upholstery, you need the new unit.

The big power brush works well but isn't as good as the upright. The weight of the upright adds to its ability to focus the suction and really suck the dirt out of rugs. For bare floors the power brush is fine. The little power brush works better for me on rugs, easier to focus the suction, get into small places like around chair legs, but it is harder to push. The big brush has the ball maneuverability which is nice for larger areas. I use it in my kitchen and utility room which have wood floors. I really need the upright for my Jack Russell's abundant white hair on my dark carpet. I find the small power brush will get it up faster than the big brush, but I don't want to work that hard when the upright is so efficient at that. Of course it's great for upholstery. This unit is ideal for places the upright can't get to. One example is in my home office where I have a chair mat at my desk. The upright can't manage the edges between the slightly raised mat edge and the carpet. This little gadget can do each separately and is very effective. It does the trough down my hall between the runner and the wall. It gets behind and under furniture. It does closets and my small bathrooms, all of which I was doing with the handheld while bent over (oh, my poor back). This wand is plenty long enough for an average height person to do floors and ceilings well.

Bottom line: I don't recommend this unit as an only vacuum if you have much carpet, but it could serve that purpose if you have mostly bare floors and limited space. It is, however, a great supplement to an upright as it's quick to grab, easy to use and very effective for reaching difficult places. I love my other handheld, but if I didn't have it, this would meet that need perfectly plus you get the extended functionality offered by the wand and power brushes. I'm still not happy about the price, but the benefits are softening the blow.
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on July 29, 2014
I purchased this vacuum Locally. This was our second Dyson, we bought this because we like the bigger one so much. This vacuum did not work nearly as well as it should for the money it cost. It is a beautiful design, comfortable to use and battery life was fine but the quality was lacking and it did not pick up as well as my previous $49 small vac. To make matters worse when I opened up the box the little felt pad on the front of the power head was broken at the screw mounting locations. It looked as though the screws were over tightened at the factory causing the plastic to crack. This little plastic strip can't cost Dyson more than 2 cents. When I called Dyson to get a new piece sent to me the rep said that this was not a part that normally breaks and I must have drooped or abused it. I told him it just came out of the box and that it was clear that the screws were over tightened and that caused the cracking. He said he was not an engineer and could not diagnose what happened all he new was that that part "NEVER" breaks and they would not cover it under warranty and the best he could do was sell me a whole new power head. Obviously I said no thanks, boxed up the vac and returned it for a refund. If Dyson is willing to loose a repeat customer over a 2 cent plastic piece and this is an indication of their customer service than no thanks Dyson, you can keep it.
review image
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on September 3, 2012
I bought the DC44 yesterday and love the way I can move around all the furniture quickly. For quick pickups, I don't mind holding down the trigger power button. For 15 mins of straight vacuuming I prefer to have the power button permanently engaged - so I made a trigger holder. I used a cork from a wine bottle and cut out a rectangle (1"1/8" x 7/8" x 2/8") and covered it with duct tape. I posted photos to show it in the operating position and storage position (See customer images).
review image review image review image
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48 of 56 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2012
This is the best of its category: cordless, rechargeable, powerful, diverse, and more useful than any other vacuum because you'll end up using it more because of its convenience.

Here are some of the many benefits I've found.

First, the power. It's plenty powerful for most things you'll use it for around the house. And it lasts -- 20 minutes on standard, 8 minutes with power boost. Standard is fine, but why not use power boost since you're not likely to be using it for a long time before hanging it back up on the wall-mounted charger.

On floors, the powered floor tool that comes with it is better than I thought. I tested it in many situations, such as under the bed where it hasn't been vacuumed for ages. It sure looked it. So with a flashlight to show the before and after, I ran this DC44 back and forth. It immediately cleaned the floor of all dust and debris - one pass. It's not the standard brush-type floor tool that can usually push dust. And it's not the type of powered floor tool that is good at sucking up pieces of debris but not good at wiping the dust. This floor tool is both, having a strip at the back to manage the fine dust while the front pulls it all in. I was totally impressed and, in fact, it was the clincher that told me, despite the high price, I had to have this as a continuously-used lifestyle partner.

If you replace the floor tool at the end of the detachable tube with another tool like a crevice tool, then you have a light, portable vacuum to carry with you to high-up spider webs and other things you want to eliminate, like the spider itself. Take the tube off and you have a small portable for close-in cleaning.

With the tube off and the powered rotating brush tool, automobile clean-up is a breeze. The stuff comes right up. And on upholstered furniture, where our cat deposited much of its fur over the years, this quickly and easily eliminated that, as well.

With or without the tube on, stink bug elimination has never been more convenient. Luckily we haven't had as many in the house as we used to, but when you suddenly see one, rather than running for a wired vacuum you just grab this and voila, it's ready to flush down the toilet. All you do is hold the handle part above the toilet and pull the release. Everything falls straight down into the pre-flushed whirlpool.

How about dusting? Here's what I do now. Sure, you can use the vac itself with a brush to do the dusting, but I have an idea that works better for me. I use one of those small but effective Swiffer handheld dusters. I carry the portable unit and the Swiffer around with me and, after dusting a while, I just clean the Swiffer with the vac to restore it back to where it began so I get a fresh start. The DC44 is so portable, and of course cordless, to make this possible.

I guess I could go on and on with other ways in which the DC44 makes it easier for me to clean up, but you will undoubtedly come up with your own gems. $400 is a lot to swallow, but my favorite saying is "The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". You're not going to find anything else like this right now, so anything else you buy that costs you less will have you wondering what life would have been like had you taken the road less traveled.
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on October 9, 2012
I do not have the money to throw away on a $400 dust buster. I really don't, but lucky for me my friends and I drank a lot of wine before going into a department store! Suddenly I had all the money in the world. I figured I would try it and most likely take it back. I love it.
Battery- lasted way longer that I thought.
Power- Pretty fierce.
Sound- minimal, hair dryer sound.
Portability- light and small.
I have a 1200 sq foot house; half carpet, half tile. I have 3 cats and a dog. My dog is a Whippet/Shepard and he doesn't really shed, but the cats do! The DC44 picks up litter beautifully and cat hair is gone from the couch in an instant. You wouldn't even know I have cats, it's insane. I have a giant cat tree that was completely coated in fur; it looked brand new after 3 minutes with the motorized hand tool. The floor tool is small enough to get in areas I could never reach with my full size, like behind the toilet (yay!). It's a snap to run it over crumbs on the coffee table and in the oven/stovetop area. I had been concerned about battery life and planned to buy a second battery, but I really don't need to. I went over the floors in every room and still had battery life to "dust" with it. I've cleaned vents and baseboards that I never paid attention to before because it would have been a hassle to clean them. One of my favorite things is the power to vacuum tile floor and not have the dirt blown right back out at me.
I don't like- the small waste canister and the trigger.
Is it worth $400? Errrmmm, not really. You can do the same things with a regular vacuum/dust buster combo- but it will take you twice as long. I'm not a big fan of moving furniture and taking all day to clean, I'd rather do a 10 minute once-over every day. This thing gives me satisfaction and makes cleaning fun. Plus, I no longer have to walk on spilled litter in my laundry room every day and that is priceless for me.
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on January 21, 2013
I should preface this by saying my video review was originally made specifically for the Costco version of this vacuum, which comes with a couple extra tools (an extension hose and an angled brush tool for overhead lamps and fans). If you're confused by some of the phrasing in my video, that's probably why; the Amazon version does NOT come with all the same stuff.

This is the second time I've given a Dyson vacuum a try, and the second time I've been let down. I was so excited to move into the world of Lithium Ion cordless vacuums and, for $300 on sale, I expected this thing to deliver, big time.

I knew what I was getting into in terms of battery life, and I wasn't disappointed by that. It's also quieter than I expected and comes with a tool for pretty much every job, plus it has a washable filter. Great great and great, but that's really where the positives end.

First, the dust cup fills up quickly (it's smaller than you might imagine), and emptying it is never as simple as "push the button over the garbage can." There's another step called "stick your fingers in there and pull out the hairy, dirty mess, because more than likely it's stuck," which is pretty gross and takes away some of the appeal of the "one-touch" emptying.

Next, the floor tool with the brushes -- the one most people will probably use the most often -- is absolutely terrible for any kind of larger debris such as cat litter or cat food, pieces of cereal, etc. My #1 priority for my stick vac is to effectively clean up after my cat including the litter pellets and dry food she slings around my tile floors on a daily basis. For this, I end up using the crevice tool, but then this really becomes the same as a glorified dustbuster, really.

Third, the attachments are just kind of a pain to manage. With a total of 7 attachments (including extension tube) in the box (Costco model) and 2 spots to hold extra attachments on the charger, you're left with 3 or more loose attachments you have to manage. I find switching attachments to be a little bit of a pain as you have to line them up perfectly in order to snap them together -- sometimes they're a bit finicky. And especially with the crevice tool, the fit is a little loose.

Finally, everyone already knows you have to hold down the power button to use this vacuum. I knew that before buying it. But the button is harder to press and hold than it should be, and the shape of the button, while not discriminating against lefties, is far from comfortable. I just find using this thing for more than a minute or so to be a great wrist/grip workout and an exercise in discomfort. Plus, while you're using an attachment like the (Costco) flexible hose extension, you're certainly going to want both hands available. Heck, sometimes having both hands available while using something like the pet hair attachment can be nice, too (one to provide leverage at the brush head, one to hold the pillow you're vacuuming, for example).

At the insanely high price (as far as cordless/stick vacs go), I expected to enjoy using this thing a lot more. It looks cool, but if what I *really* need is just to pick up cat litter and cat food, I can get a different vac that will be just as effective for 10-20% of this one's price.

+Decent suction, especially on MAX
+Great battery life (as long as you're realistic with your expectations)
+Don't have to remove filter to empty dirt cup
+An attachment for practically everything
+It's nice that a cordless vacuum comes with 2 different powered brush heads (although I can't help but wonder if these could somehow be combined)

-Dirt cup is still nasty to empty (all that crud on your hands and back into the air)
-Powered floor tool is horrible at picking up anything substantial, e.g. cereal or pet food
-Attachments can be finicky and there are a lot of them to manage (base station doesn't hold them all)
-Have to hold down the power button the entire time. I knew this going in, but the button is a little hard to press and uncomfortably shaped
-Price is wayyyy too high for a vacuum with such large drawbacks!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 27, 2012
We recently got a new dog who "blows" his coat seasonly. While we've always had pets, and I thought I knew all about shedding, I'd never seen anything like this, which is what made a $400 cordless vacuum seem like a sane purchase.

We have, and love, a Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner, so figured this would be its little brother. Perfect for pulling out daily, often more than once, to eliminate the near constant flood of hair our new pup is providing us with. And, to a point, it does.

This extremely lightweight and flexible little thing pops across our stone floors and sucks up a good bit of hair on single charge, even in our large home. It's definitely easier to pull out than the "big vacuum," which means I do it more frequently. It even tackles the upholstery fairly well, making it easy to de-fur our sofa on a daily basis. (But, to be fair, the not-cordless, but dirt cheap BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 also did that fairly quickly and easily, too.) This is also quieter than the big vacuum by about half, which the pets definitely appreciate.

It also gets into the tightest corners, cleanly and effortlessly. (Cleans right up to the wall, really well.) And fits under the slimmest furniture with no hassle whatsoever. It's also excellent for stairs. So easy to just pop it out, and go one by one with no bulky unit to mess with. Love that part!

The hanging charging station works well (even better if you have a plug in a closet, like we do) and keeps this handy and ready to go at all times. I've found the "20 minute" guesstimate fairly accurate, so that I rarely have run out of charge, unless I'm using the "max" power mode, which is 5-7 minutes at best, but does work well on things like de-furring furniture.

Those are the good bits. Now, for the bad. The pull trigger handle is annoying. Not a deal breaker, as it's fairly easy to hold down, but there definitely should be some way to engage more consistently.

More frustratingly, is its low waste capacity and inability to empty itself cleanly ... A problem I've never before had with a Dyson. No amount of pounding or tapping or shaking will disengage dog fur or dirt from the top of the unit, meaning you have to root around in there with a pencil (or something) to fully empty the tiny area. And, if you don't, it won't work well the next time. You also need to occasionally clean (every few weeks for our pet-filled house), with a toothbrush or other small tool, the holes in the waste unit, something I've never had to do with my full-size Dyson, to keep this working smoothly. Big hassle and messy job. Yuck!

And the container really is miniscule. I can usually only vacuum for five or six minutes before it needs to be dumped, less if I want to have any help of it doing so smoothly. The filter is also a much bigger hassle than the regular Dyson units. It never really "looks" dirty, but will kill the suction once its full of dust, so needs to be washed weekly. This isn't hard, per se, just wring it out under warm water, but it also has to dry for AT LEAST 24 hours before you can use it again, which is a pain if you want to be able to use your unit.

There is also a significant choke point in the curved section of the beater brush (the ball joint when the floor portion meets the handle tube), which, if you pets and they have hair--and remember this is called The Animal, and therefore designed with pet owners in mind--WILL clog with fur and require you to completely disassemble (remove beater brush, etc.) and clear with a wire hanger, per Dyson's own instructions, to get your unit working again. This is worrisome not only because it's a pain, but also because the curved portion is made of vinyl, and therefore potentially puncture-able, especially if you have to do this often. (For me, it's about once a month, or the unit stops working altogether.) That seems silly for, again, a unit DESIGNED for pet owners.

I realize that my "con" list echoes a few other reviewers here, some who rated this highly, others who didn't. I guess you just have to decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the downsides, making the cost worthwhile (or not) for you. For me personally, I do use it almost daily, hence why I gave it three stars. And, as always, Dyson customer service is top-notch and product is definitely useful, despite its flaws. But, if I knew then, what I know now, I probably wouldn't buy this vacuum again ... Unless it was about half the price. I just don't feel it's a fair value at the current price point, with the given limitations.
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VINE VOICEon September 9, 2012
I have three dogs; two that shed like crazy. Whipping out the big honking Dyson Animal is a chore; it's heavy, noisy and with the short cord, it has to be re-plugged in constantly. I bought this little handheld to pick up the dog hair dust bunnies that appear on a daily basis in the hallway and living room, and it is perfect for this job as well as for picking up small messes. I don't have carpeting, and it's great on wood floors.

I thought holding the button down to keep it running would be bothersome (like it is on an immersion blender), but for picking up dust bunnies here and there it's great, as the vacuum noise isn't constant.

Love the wall holder. It installed easily, and it holds the charging cord so when you hang up the unit, the unit plugs right in. A nice design feature that I hadn't expected.

My only wish is that the dirt receptacle was a bit larger, and that there were some mechanism that would eject the dirt. The dog hair gets caught in it, and I use a small stick to pull it out.
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