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on August 24, 2011
I bought this through Amazon / Buy Happier at a good price with free shipping. I was hoping I could extend the reach of our new DC25 Animal which has an unacceptably short hose on its built-in wand. The extension clips on nicely to the hose end, but is not compatible with the metal wand portion - I should have checked the compatibility notes where it says: "Designed for use with all Dyson handhelds and the Dyson DC24 upright vacuum". I contacted Dyson and was told that there is no hose extension available for the DC25.
All wasn't lost however, since the extension hose clipped on to the end of the wand and the various attachments plugged into it just fine. It is actually less awkward now to use than the telescopic wand for vacuuming dust off of high surfaces and small parts.
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on July 7, 2012
We own the DC39 Animal cannister, and the DC41 Animal upright. I bought one just to make sure the hose would work and fit on both, and they do. The DC39 has a shorter hose, and this is without a doubt a darn good adaptor. It helps in the higher places without having to lift the ball cannister. I love how it stretches out like the DC41 hose. I was a little leary at first of stretching it out, but it can take it. And with the DC41, it works the same way... the hose already stretches out pretty good, and this really gives it a chance to go farther. We ended up buying another so that both of them have one. At about 14.00 including can you go wrong

UPDATE 08/04/12..
This hose adaptor still works great. I ended up leaving it on the DC39 Animal cannister Dyson all the time. You really can't tell it's on there when moving around, and when you get to a spot that you need that extra's already there. Great investment for both the DC39 and DC41, especially the DC39 Animal cannister. It hasn't kinked, stretched out too far, bent the wrong way or anything. It's short length is deceiving and works great. When you stretch it, it is surprising how much more length you have.
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on October 3, 2013
The hose on my DC50 animal was too short to be of much use. This extension fits perfectly and adds plenty of hose for using all the accessories.
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on September 27, 2012
I searched far and wide - to make sure this extension hose would fit my new DC39 Animal Canister vacuum. I also ordered the soft brush for dusting and tried both out today. They worked great. The length of the extension hose is a little deceiving, as the length (unstretched) is about 13" long - but it extends to 58" - so that's almost 5 ft. The ribbing on the extension hose has more stretch in it - then the main hose (which stretches very little). The main hose that came on the unit is about 7 ft. long. So adding this extension - gives me about 12 ft. of working length. I am really pleased I purchased the extension hose and that it fits my unit perfectly.
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on March 29, 2012
Will not fit on most Dysons, it's a very disappointing accessory to my Dyson DC28
Put it in the description Amazon what it fits.

For those who want it to work here is a solution.
There is part of the main pipe on the wand. Well about two inches of it needs sanded.
I took about a millimeter off it all the way around with some sandpaper, and it works now.
If your handy you can let the pipe out to make it more easy, just mark it first with something.
Mine works fine now. To bad it needs to be done that way.
review image
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on April 18, 2014
I just finished giving this item a thorough test and I'm very pleased. Contrary to what another reviewer stated, this extension hose works just fine the DC59 cordless I bought a few days ago. It also works fine with the DC35 cordless I've had for 3 years. True, it won't work with the powered accessories (it's just a hose - no internal wiring), but works perfectly with the non-powered accessories, such as the crevice tool, hand brush, soft duster, etc. Using my DC59 cordless + this hose + the regular brush tool, I was able to clean my window sills and baseboards with ease. As well, I tried using this hose with the Dyson soft dust brush - it was as easy to use as a Swiffer duster, only the dust ended up in the vacuum canister, not on the floor! I look forward to using this hose when I need to vacuum my car. Overall, a great purchase.
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Everything about the Dyson DC24 is short: the height, cord length, and the hose! Until I got this hose extension (and a 25 foot extension cord), there was no way to do the stairs. This hose stretches to *exactly* 5 feet, then clips in smoothly to the on-board DC24 hose, and very slightly more than doubles the length because this one is much more flexible than the one on the Dyson. The two together are now about 8 feet! Add the wand to that, and I can get up to 9 stairs (out of 14) without having the vacuum fall over or come up the stairs with me. THIS should have been the hose that Dyson used as standard on the DC24!

The two attachments that come with the DC24 fit perfectly on the end of this extension hose if you don't want to use the wand, a good way to do curtains and blinds.

Just in case you're wondering, this hose will not fit the Dyson DC07 Animal or most of the standard older upright Dysons. What I am wondering is whether or not two (or more) of these can be chained together to give me a 12-15 foot hose extension, a question Dyson never answered.
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on March 31, 2014
So, here's the deal. This hose attaches to the end of the RIDICULOUSLY SHORT standard Dyson hose quite nicely. On my DC25, it goes like this:
1. Detach the wand from the machine
2. Detach the hose from the wand
(2.1 Find a place for the the now fully detached wand where I will not trip over it (which I will inevitably do anyway, but that's just me)
3. Attach this extension hose to the end of the standard hose with a satisfying Click!
4. Attach your chosen accessory to the end of this extension hose with an equally satisfying Click!
5. Clean All The Things!
Awesome, works like a charm.
Here's what doesn't work like a charm: this extension hose DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE WAND. So if, for example, you wish to use the wand with an attachment to get into tight spots where the vacuum itself will not fit, the process goes like this:
1. Detach the wand from the machine
2. Attach your chosen accessory to the end of the wand
3. Attempt to Clean All The Things!
4. Realize that the standard hose is RIDICULOUSLY SHORT and will allow you to clean within only a two-foot radius of the machine, which sort of defeats the purpose
5. Detach the standard hose from the wand
6. Attach this extension hose to the standard hose with a satisfying Click!
7. Attempt to attach the other end of this extension hose to the wand with a satisfying Click! but FAIL to do so because this extension hose DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE WAND.
You can see how it SHOULD attach -- this extension hose has the correct part at the end, and would Click! into the part down in the handle of the wand. It can't, though, because there is an inner plastic tube in the wand, and the tapered end of that tube sticks out too far to allow the end of this extension hose to click into the handle of the wand. You can kind of jam it on there and this hose will stay connected to the wand by friction, but not for long and certainly not for any sort of twisty-turny, tight corner cleaning job, which is what you sort of wanted the whole setup for in the first place.
Now, it is more than possible that I am missing some really obvious accommodation for this -- maybe there's a way to push that inside tube down, or to extend this tube's attachment bit, or something. Maybe there's an adapter for the wand handle that didn't come with the machine, (which would be LAME, but possible.) In which case, someone please enlighten me in the comments and end my suffering. As it is, I simply cannot use what I would expect to be a standard feature on a machine with a detachable wand.
IN SUMMARY: If you are looking for a hose that will extend your RIDICULOUSLY SHORT standard hose so you can use attachments as hand tools, click away, this is the bit for you. If you are looking for an extension hose to use with the wand to make your upright behave like a canister vacuum, this part will not do it.
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on March 26, 2012
I purchased this for use with my Dyson DC23 canister. My only complaint about the DC23 has been the short length of the hose... this highly-flexible extension is still relatively short, but adds enough extension to the hose to simplify a lot of processes. Before purchasing this extension I found myself picking up and holding the canister too often; using the extension hose I can now reach most of those problem areas. The hose also works with my DC35 cordless. Since the cordless doesn't come with a hose, this adds some extra versatility for tight spots. I would definitely recommend it.
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on June 13, 2012
This hose is absolutely necessary for anyone who has an upright Dyson (I use it with model DC24).
The hose eliminates the need to tug on the original hose while attempting to use any attachments
with the vacuum.

This hose measures 50" fully extended, and is a smaller dimension than the original hose on the
vacuum. No loss of suction at all and it enabled me to use mattress tool without contorting my
wrist into a painful position.

I do have to hold onto the place where the original hose and this extension are connected with one hand
- the weight of all the adapters makes it pull the hose down and possibly crimp the smaller extension
hose if you don't. Holding it that way also makes it easier for me to control the tool with my other

This hose has an adapter that makes it fit any Dyson model included.

I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it should be free with the vacuum to start with. Dyson is very
stingy with attachments to charge so much for their vacuums. Also, they made sure that their hoses
will not fit standard vacuum attachments at all. Shame on them.
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