Customer Reviews: E=MC2
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VINE VOICEon April 15, 2008
This is an excellent new album from Mariah Carey. My favorite track is "Cruise Control". I love the rapping by Damian Marley on this track. My other favorite track is I'm That Chick". It has a good groovy beat to dance to. "Side Effects" is a good jam too. I like the rapping by Jeezy on this song. "Touch My Body" is a very sensual song. It is the kind of song that makes me wish I had a girlfriend. There are also some very pretty track on this disc. Bye Bye is a very touching song. I also love the piano playing on I Wish You Well". "I Stay In Love" is a sweet love song. "Thanks For Nothing" is a good song about feeling broken hearted. I really enjoy listening to the tracks on this disc.
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on April 21, 2008
This album is a huge dissapointment. Mariah is capable of so much more than this. This whole album sounds like a really boring movie, similar to Glitter. There are only a few good songs on this album. One being the very curiously produced "Migrate", I can easily see this being the second single. It's another T-Pain featured track, again where T-Pain steals the show. Another one of the very few standout tracks is "For The Record" which is just a great mid tempo track where Mariah shows her true talent that we all know she has. But then this whole album goes sour, the rest of the songs on this album are very bland and boring. With "I Stay In Love" you can tell very clearly that she tried to recreate "We Belong Together" but it didnt work at all. The result is a very obvious attempt to recapture a past hit, and a overall boring song. And then i was ashamed that Mariah Carey even thought putting out "I'm That Chick" was a good idea because this song is a carbon copy of Ne-Yo's "Because Of You" and any mega Mariah fan has to even admitt that this song sounds identical to "Because Of You". "Cruise Control" is another attempt for her trying to get another big hit, but it just sounds like an incomplete song. And thats honestly how i feel about this whole album, it feels like she rushed this album or something because the songs on the album just don't mesh well together. And alot of the songs leave you with the feeling of, "Thats It???..." because you feel like the song didnt do anything to you. My overall take on this album is that its pretty much just a big mess of music that she should have taken more time to make some better songs and arrange this album better, because we all know that Mariah Carey is one of the best vocalists of our generation, i will never take that away from her, but on this album i dont feel like shes one of the best. Sorry Mariah fans, just being honest.

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on May 4, 2008
About a year & a half ago when I heard that Mariah was working on a new album with the proposed title of "Sweet Soul Odyssey", I was ecstatic. As a fan, of course I'd been overjoyed at the reception to and success of EMANCIPATION OF MIMI and thought that having regained her supposed lost place in the world of pop music, she'd be confident enough to produce an album of tracks like SUBTLE INVITATION, HOW I WISH U KNEW, FLY LIKE A BIRD, etc. I love those kinds of tracks from Mariah because they're unexpected - they're not hip hop and especially SI has a jazzier production than some of her recent work.

Unfortunately as the time passed I started hearing that this album would NOT be the anticipated soulful music that I'd hoped for but a replica of EMANCIPATION. I hate to compare the two albums but I have to in order to be honest about my feelings for E=MC2. From the 1st time I listened to EMANCIPATION, I loved all but 2 tracks and still to this day, enjoy listening to the album on a frequent basis but after listening to E=MC2 a few times, there are only 6 songs that I love and 4 that I think are just "ok".

This album reminds me of my feelings for her RAINBOW album - there are a few tracks that I like but overall I'm disappointed in it as a whole and skip over more than a few tracks. I feel like with EMANCIPATION, Mariah & the writers & producers worked really hard to present strong tracks and the result is an album that I love while this one seems to want to follow the same production path but with weaker lyrics and unmemorable tracks.

My favorite tracks are:




THANKS FOR NOTHING - just wish JD wasn't "shouting out" throughout


OOC - interesting arrangement, it's growing on me the more I listen to it

My "ok" tracks are:

MIGRATE - it's a catchy track but I really dislike T-Pain and his guest spot really doesn't add anything special

LUV STORY - I'd have liked this track more if JD wasn't screaming all over it


BYE BYE - although I like the lyrics & sentiment behind the song, it just left me "cold" for lack of a better word. Mariah has written other tracks regarding the loss of a loved one that moved me to tears but this track didn't move me in any way

The only other two notable tracks are:

TOUCH MY BODY - I hate this song, truly it stays in my mind like an annoying radio jingle because it's being forced on us on all levels

FOR THE RECORD - the lyrics are really personal and once again, Mariah is letting us in on what marriage to Tommy Mottola was like but the song itself hasn't really resonated with me yet so I feel like it's TMI

As a fan of course I was excited just to get new music from Mariah, I added it to my collection because I want to have a complete Mariah catalog but I can't say that I'll ever get the same enjoyment out of listening to it say, 5 or even 1 year from now - it'll just be in my collection and I might listen to it from time to time.

I'm torn about recommending it to people so I'll just say that if u want to get it, proceed with caution & try to listen to a few clips first. I will continue to wait and hope that we will get a "Sweet Soul Odyssey" from Mariah some time in the future.
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Mariah has outdone herself with E=MC². While I find Touch My Body to be one of her worst songs to date, The rest of the album totally makes up for it. "I'm That Chick" is a soulful 70's sounding song sampling Off The Wall by Michael Jackson. "I'll Be Lovin' U Long time" is another great track. I was a little skeptible about listing to it at first because it sampled "Stay with me" by DeBagre and I was worried it would sound exactly like Ashanti's "Foolish" And Notorious BIG's "One More Chance" (Radio/video version) and I hate oversampling but Mariah used a different portion of the DeBarge song. "Last Kiss" (Minus The extra Jermaine Durpi vocals) is a track which reminds me of the Mariah before Butterfly, Before she started working with Sean "Diddy/Puffy" Combs and became hip-hop-ish with her songs. I didn't like "Migrate" when I first saw her perform it on SNL but its growing on me. The best song on the album has to be Bye Bye. In a way, it's kind of like a part to to "Sunflowers For Alfred Roy" from Charmbracelet. She sings about losing someone and since I just lost my mother in October of 2006, the song really spoke to me. Other than not liking "Touch My Body", E=MC² is a great album.

My top 5 songs
1. Bye Bye
2. I'm That Chick
3. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
4. Last Kiss
5. Thanx 4 Nothin'
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on April 16, 2008
This is by far the best CD this year so far. I am falling back in love with her for this album alone. It is almost perfect. Even though I dislike two songs, other people like them and two songs out of 14 is still pretty awesome. I can not say this is the best album she ever did ..because I love almost all of her albums. However, it is one of my fav. I put this up with Butterfly and Mimi.. It is just as good as those.
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on April 22, 2008
Every Mariah Carey album is an event worth waiting for, and such was the case with this glorious return-to-form. So many professional reviews seem to prefer "The Emancipation of Mimi" over this - but I guess they haven't listened to this long enough. Its twice as playful as `Mimi', and definitely more musically creative. On certain songs, little snippets stand out, a sample here and there - but everything comes together beautifully. This is also clearly an album that holds up - almost demands - repeat listening, only because there are vast riches here to rediscover.

What a treasure that in this day and age we have an artist who understands what it means to truly record a genuine `pop' album, and also one without any filler. The `filler' is something that Mariah herself has had trouble with - on `Mimi' there were at least three sub-par tracks, and early in her career she was notorious for some real snoozefests amongst the more popular singles on her albums. On this new CD, almost every track is made for radio (which may be a good or bad thing based on how interested you are in pop music as art versus pop music as fun), and its easy to see why this is clearly Mariah's best album after "Butterfly" (which despite being from the mid 1990s, never sounds dated in the least).

Lead single "TMB" is actually the least interesting thing here. In between Jamaican banter on "Cruise Control", Mariah makes the time for Jesus ("I Wish you Well"), discusses divorce and sleeping with the enemy (on "Side Effects"), ponders the death of a relationship ("Thanx for Nothin"), flits in and out of nightclubs for no apparent reason ("Migrate"), and spouts eulogies for her dead grandparents ("Bye Bye"). She manages to lacquer all of the above in a bright lavender gloss and Hello Kitty-esque lyrical input, so that even in her most supposedly poignant moments (such as on the final gospel track), its impossible not to just step back and gaze in awe at the absolute pinkness of the project. I mean this in a nice way.

What really shines here though is the production. The best track on the album by a long shot is "I'm That Chick" - an amalgamation of Michael Jackson's late 1970s hits with some Neptunes-lite production - the song has a killer verse, soaring pre-chorus, and an actual chorus that is twenty times better than anything currently on the radio. A perfect pop song - I wish Janet Jackson could have learnt from Mariah before attempting those disco sounding numbers on her last tepid album. "For the Record" towards the end of the album is to me what "We Belong Together" was to the "Mimi" Era - a superb slice of fine songwriting and a verse and chorus that you will be humming for months - I expect this to be a monster hit.

In fact, the album itself is too big and grand to believe - not since Shania Twain's "Come on Over" has an album contained so many potential Top 10 singles - with the sole exception of the somewhat boring "Last Kiss", every track here is top notch. And while Mariah is not exactly hitting the whistle register anymore (those high, glass-shattering vocals are found only on the opening seconds of "Migrate" and on the background of "I Wish you Well"), her singing sounds as capable and interesting as ever.

All in all, this is both a pop music lover and a musicians' album, with emphasis on the music. For all its' chart success, one tends to forget that is definitely the most musically lush release of 2008, and harkens back to the day when Mariah ruled the airwaves and charts - because she deserved to. As a Mariah fan, she has often let me down, especially with the disgusting "Charmbracelet", but the effortless ease and charm of this new CD will make you an instant convert. Seriously, even if you're a die-hard rock music fan, chances are that you will fall in love with this album almost immediately - and how many albums can you say that about?

Four and a Half Stars.
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on April 18, 2008
Mariah Carey was called the songbird for a reason, she was one of the greatest singers of all time. Discovered by record boss Tommy Mottola she recorded her debut album in 1990 and later married him aswell. She mesmerized people all over the world with her vocal reach and her soulful music. She reached her peak in 1994 with the release of her third album Music Box that stood out from the crowd, in particular her cover of "Without You" that probably is her best vocal performence to date. Her 4th album Daydream was just as good and more big hits continued on the next album Butterfly. However, as successful as she was she still wasn't happy and divorced Mottola in 1998. When she emanicaped herself from his grip her music also changed, the powerballads and soulful songs about love and emotions that had been her strongest part changed for more contemporary R&B too often playing on sex, club songs and even some Hip Hop songs to gain street credability. Her first album without Mottola, Rainbow yielded two more #1 singles, "Heartbreaker" with Jay-Z and "Thanks God I Found You" that featured Joe and 98 Degrees. It became her 14 and 15 number one, In a then 9 year old career!. But this was also the beginning of the end, her upcoming two albums "Glitter" and "Charmbracelet" were so bad that even you could only feel sympathy for her. Useless remakes of 80's hits, Hip Hop duets, and dull ballads were not what you could expect from the girl with the voice that absolutely set the world on fire a couple of years prior. Still to this day it is a mystery how these album could become so bland. When you thought that Mariah's career was coming to and end she released a strong comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi - Platinum Edition that gave her the hit "We Belong Together", her biggest hit to date, spending 14 weeks at #14 and becoming the biggest US hit of 2005. The album wasn't perfect but it was released at the right time and it was better then anything else Mariah had done since "Butterfly". The expections of her now, is to come out with another album just as good or better and not go back to lackluster territory with music she shouldn't be making, can she do it?.

Her new album E=MC² is a play on the famous Einstein theory, it means "(E) Emancipation (=) equals (MC) Mariah Carey (²) to the second power". And with a title like that you could think that the album is rather simular to her last one?. One again we have good producers like Swizz Beatz, Storch, Danja and Tricky Stewart and the album give us both trendy party songs and more laidback ballads. It starts with the Danja produced "Migrate" a typical club song with good beats. She sings "From my car into the club we migrate/ From the bar to V.I.P. we migrate/ From the party to the after party, migrate/ After party to hotel, migrate" T-Pain barely appears so I wouldn't call it a duet. "Touch My Body" from Umbrella producer Tricky Stewart was the first single and it's a typicl MC song. But the lyrics play on sex more then anything. However, it's a strong first single that reached #1, her 18th, a record that only Elvis is comparable with. "Cruise Control" from Dupri with Damian Marley feel forced, why they came up with that pairing in the first place I don't know. It's some kind of mix between Pop and Caribbean Music, let that over to Sean Kingson instead. "I Stay In Love" is simular to "We Belong Together", and was produced by Bryan Michael Cox. I don't know if it's dedicated to Mottola or not but it's a decent song. Storch make one of his better songs in ages, the catchy midtempo "Side Effects" that also feature a cameo from Young Jeezy. It's most defenitely about Mottola, it should be a single cause of it's sound and hook. Stargate produced "I'm That Chick" is alright but sound rather fammiliar to what they normally do. Possible single anyway.

"Love Story" from Dupri again is a bland ballad, but why can't Dupri shut his mouth during her singing. He's more annoying then Diddy and not much more talented either. "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" from Dj Toomp on the other hand is better. A happy midtempo with alot of retro soul. Dupri successfully destroys the next song "Last Kiss" aswell and the same goes for "Thanx 4 Nothin" but both songs are bland ballad filler. "O.O.C" is a club song from Swizz Beatz, as repetitive as it is, it's actually ok. Cox is back on the midtempo "For The Record" a typical MC song that ends up being one of the best. Piano, Strings and a great hook here. Stargates's second inclusion is called "Bye Bye" and is a ballad and will be the second single. I found it rather forgettable though but Mariah proves she's a fantastic singer. The album closes with a real bland ballad "I Wish You Well" from James Poyser that just feature a simple piano, maybe this was the point?.

Overall, Another solid album from MC just like her previous one. It doesn't break new ground or sound too trendy compared to alot of other music around but it got something for everyone with clubsongs (that are actually good) and ballads/midtemopos that stand out. Most producers involved here are suitable for her style and I don't have too many comaplains other then skipping the Dupri collaborations since they are both bland and then ruined by his boyish diddyesque grunts. Having said that, this album is pretty good when Mariah gives the fans what they expected and what she's expected to do. My final vote is 3'5 and I'm sure there will be more big hits from this album. Nice to see her making good music.
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on February 4, 2009
This album is decent. It's not her best in my opinion, but it's really good. It is basically is a sequel to "The Emancipation of Mimi" (and a good follow-up at that)


- The album is very fun and light and Mariah really seems to be enjoying herself so I enjoyed listening to it because of that. It's a very summery record.
- Her voice sounds pretty decent and I like how she sings with more of a staccato, rhythmic vocal. ("I Stay In Love", "Love Story")
I like the attitude that she has in some of the mid to up-tempo songs. And she sounds more sexy on this album than ever before ("Touch My Body", "Side Effects", "O.O.C", "I'm That Chick")
- The ballads have really nice and have good melodies, and if you're a fan of the "We Belong Together/Don't Forget Abotu Us" formula, you'll be satisfied. ("I Stay in Love", "Bye Bye")


- This album does not really break any new ground for Mariah, so for those looking for something new from her, you will not find it on here. It is a very generic sounding record.
- There isn't really any depth to this album, other than the beautiful "I Wish You Well" (which sounds like something that would be on her first couple of LP's), "Bye Bye" and maybe "Side Effects".
- This is obviously very 'post-Daydream' Mariah, so for those who are looking for the girl who sang "Hero" and "Emotions", look elsewhere (I happen to really like the Mariah of the last decade so I don't mind).

All-in-all, it is a good listen, and if you're a big Mariah fan, you will most-definitely enjoy this. Mariah knows how to stay current and relevant in the process. The production is very slick with a lot of good beats and there's her usual nice club bangers, and R&B ballads. Give it a spin.
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on May 2, 2008
I have been a fan of Mariah Carey every since her debut album emerged in June of 1990. I have followed every album since then and I know what a remarkable singer and talented song writer she is. What bothers me is that I've seen her go from a beautiful classy singer to someone who still sings well but belts out tunes that are so beneath her.

This latest CD E=MC2 has a very intellectual title, nice cover and a few songs that takes me back to 90's Mariah. There are some songs on there with lyrics that are just ridiculous and I can't believe she recorded it! I love the song Bye Bye however if you listen to some of the words, it's obvious she's forgotten how to use the proper English. Forgive me but using "Ghetto Slang" in such an inspirational song takes away from it (ex. This is for my peoples who just lost somebody???). You can be down with hip hop and use the proper English! That's the main issue I have with her material lately.

Some of my favorite songs on this CD are:

I wish you Well: very beautiful and inspirational, even quotes passages from the Bible.

For the Record: a very nice ballad with no rappers yelling through it.

I Stay in Love: Another beautiful ballad minus the obnoxious rappers.

Bye Bye: Has a beautiful message and she sings it well (minus some of her word choice).

Loving you Long time: Very Catchy tune. It samples one of my all time favorite songs; Stay with Me by Debarge. Even better, it samples a section that hasn't been used!! About time! Others that have sampled it in the past used the same hook.

Migrate: The music is hype and fun to dance to but the lyrics....not for a mature 38 year old woman! As someone said in their review, leave the kid's stuff to the kids!! I like T-Pain because he has brought back the ZAPP Roger Troutman sound and he does it very well on this song.

Touch my Body: Cute for a 20 year old. The music is catchy but once again those lyrics!! I think someone needs to remind Ms. M that she is 38.

The other songs haven't really done much for me, I'm still trying to warm up to them.

Overall it's an okay CD. If you love the 90's Mariah as I do, you may be disappointed. I know what she is capable of bringing to the table and it seems as if lately she is selling herself short however I am a devoted fan and I will continue to buy her music. I know that no matter what she puts out, she will always deliver at least two good powerhouse ballads and that's enough to keep me a fan.

I love her and I think she is an incredible vocalist.
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on April 15, 2008
"E=MC2" is another one for the record books. Songs from this album will grace radio waves deep into 2009.

In similar fashion to her unprecedented commercial comeback "The Emancipation of Mimi," 2005's highest-selling LP, Mariah Carey has crafted what both fans and casual listeners will enjoy - an album that plays like a greatest hits project, with nearly every selection having the makings of a killer hit single. Her songwriting is at its peak - deep, earthy, frisky and fun - much like Carey herself. That generation-defining voice has never sounded fuller of passion, vigor and purpose. The melodies are strong and instantly memorable, the songs perfectly sing-able even for those lacking Carey's luminous pipes.

The biggest surprise about "E=MC2" is that, aside from its being a consistently satisfying collection of unshakable pop melodies and inspiring ballads, it shares no obvious commonalities with other LPs in Carey's catalogue, including its predecessor. This may discourage those with set expectations, but further listens reveal increased treasures. This is a recording built to last.

Her lyrics are always self-effacing, but she raises the bar on "Side Effects" and the dignified closer "I Wish You Well." The former is dark and straightforward, detailing the pain of an emotionally crippling relationship with a sizzling rap from mega-talented Young Jeezy.

The latter, meanwhile, deals with the same topic in a more understated fashion. Finding solace in verses from the Bible, she rises up against persecution ("No weapon formed against me shall prosper") and finds inner strength:

"So the more you curse me/The more you're blessing me/The Word said it/Love your enemies/Do good to those who curse you/Pray for those who mistreat you."

There is plenty of room for fun as well - as she coos on "I'm That Chick," a bouncy, ultra-catchy slice of old school soul, "I brings that levity." That track, as well as the Supremes-esque "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time," sizzle with addictive hooks and wall-to-wall Mariahs singing over each other. Others like the sassy, dancefloor-ready "O.O.C. (Out of Control)," which has such snappy lyrics and blazing attitude that its title seems destined work its way shorthand vernacular, sound crafted to blare out of top-down convertible stereos on hot summer afternoons.

"Migrate" featuring T-Pain ("From my car into the club we migrate/From the bar to V.I.P. we migrate") and "Cruise Control" featuring Damien Marley ("I've been told so many sagas/He brings the drama, six baby mamas") both appear destined smash hits with their irrepressible choruses, and "I Stay In Love" is a classic Carey ballad that nevertheless finds her throwing curveballs at her creative palette.

"For the Record," however, may be the album's penultimate moment. Assuring a former love that her fire still burns bright, she namedrops some of her '90s records amid the buoyant, violin-infused instrumentation:

"Can't nobody say/I didn't give my all to you/And for the record/I told you underneath the stars that you belong to me/For the record/It's obvious that we just can't let go of us, honey."

Carey proves herself to be in the throes of an awesome creative streak with "E=MC2." The last album proved her talent unstoppable in spite of the odds against her, but this one affirms she is here to stay. She has never been more sexy, more beautiful, more moving or inspiring. Carey proves yet again that through all the imitators and worthy chart rivals there is only one performer with the killer combo of vocal perfection and songwriting panache.

"Them other regularities, they can't compete with MC," she continues on the aforementioned track. "The whole entire world can tell that you love yourself some me."

Our great-grandchildren will surely not remember most of today's entertainers, but "E=MC2" adds further likelihood that Carey will prove an exception to the rule.
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