Customer Reviews: E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company
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on March 26, 2005
This book is a natural buy if you, like me, have read E-Myth: Revisited and absolutely loved it. This book is full of invaluable information, however, it suffers from the greatest flaw ever - it is the most annoying and painstaking read ever!!!!!!!

Let me give you an example of what I mean by rewriting my first paragraph in this book's style:

This book is a natural buy if you, like me, like all the other entreprenuers out in the world, who like Susan from the first book, who wants to know more information, and join the thirty some thousand other entreprenuers like them, after you have read the first book E-Myth: Revisited, and absolutely loved it, thought that it was inspiring, insightful, and was written in a well thought out, interesting, easy to read way, and want to read more about building a world class company, one which is measurable to the likes of other world class companies, companies who have succeeded, companies who have applied these principles, who have leaders who understand these qualities and have the spirit, perserverence, energy, ability, vision, and committment to success, both personally and professionally.

90% FLUFF and 10% GOLD

But then again... the 10% is still pretty darn good if only you can stand reading through the other crap he writes. If the price of the book is in direct correlation to the number of words he writes then this book should be worth only like $2-3 dollars max because the rest is useless trash, garbage kept past the date of pickup, stinking of fish from two days earlier, of which you should have thrown out earlier rather than later, but of course you did not for you procrastinated, took your jolly good time, rested when you should have worked, gotten off your lazy ass, to throw this trash away, yesterday, the day the trash was to be picked up by the trash man...

Damn... I'm infected by this cursed writing style, this style which [SHUT UP!!!!!!]

I digress... buy it if you can stand this style of writing, of digressing, of adding more to a sentence, a style of clarifying things more than is needed, when things are clear they can be made clearer by adding more words, for the more words you add the clearer the meaning, the more words the less likely you will misunderstand... You know what I mean?
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on January 23, 2005
Well, I really wanted to like this book. I own Gerber's other E-Myth products and I was looking for a main course, some meat after the fluffy appetizer in the other books. I was very disappointed. While Gerber is a very intelligent man with wisdom and alot of insights, he loves to tell longwinded stories that don't enhance the material. After reading this book you will almost be convinced that Gerber was paid by the word. Gerber's essential idea is that most small business owners work "in their business" and not "on their business" and how they should systematize and build a "franchise prototype" so that the business runs efficiently.

You will also find out that this product is a lead in to signing up with a coach at the E-Myth Mastery website if you want some real "meat and potatoes."

I am convinced that if I plunked down the dollars needed for one of Gerber's coaches, I would probably be dealing with a low paid employee that is using Gerber's "operations manual" as he teaches that your business should be able to be run by low level employees that work the business systems.

I also get the feeling that if I did sign up for Gerber's coaching, I would probably be lead to sign up for a month long summit with Michael Gerber on some Polynesian island where all of the real secrets will be finally revealed.

While the principles in all of the books are sound, it is tantamount to telling you to look both ways when crossing the street and then telling you the hows, whens and whys of looking before crossing the street and drawing out the importance through example and story telling when you got the message in the first sentence. Enough, what is on the other side of the street? You won't find out in this book.

Do yourself a favor. Buy the E-Myth Revisited, learn the basic principles and then use your own mind and gut to lead you to the next level. I have a feeling that there are many entrepreneurs that get sucked into the "Cult of Michael Gerber" and roam the Earth searching endlessly for some specific information about how they can apply Gerber's principles to their business. I wish those lonely wanderers good luck.
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on March 17, 2005
I am a big proponent of Michael Gerber, and agree with most of his observations which I read and have re-read in the Emyth Revisited. It is my policy that my new clients must agree to purchase and read the Emyth Revisited - or I won't take them on. That book to me is that good. So I was very interested in ordering the CDs for his latest venture.

All I will say is this. There were 6 hours of CDs to listen to. However, they have about 2 hours worth of very good information in them. They are VERY VERY wordy. And I had to force myself to continue to listen.

I say, pass on this CD, don't purchase the book - AND purchase the Emyth Revisited. Unless, at some point the book and CD are re-edited.
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on February 9, 2006
I am a former E-Myth client that became an E-Myth coach for awhile. I completed the E-Myth Mastery program a few years ago and implemented it in my business along the way.

What is taught is basic stuff, but the hard part is implementation. This book isn't going to be an entertaining read as much as it is a book of tools. This book goes into more detail of "how to" than the first book. "The E-Myth Revisited" was basically about the "E-Myth Point-of-view". Great stuff. If you get that, then you can approach this book with the right attitude.

What is in this book is some of what I received as a client. The good stuff was in the implementation of the concepts. The implementation takes discipline and persistence. It doesn't always work the way you'd like at first, but that is the point. Get the structure in place for continual improvement. It isn't sexy, but it works. The difference is, you implement it, not a consultant. If a consultant implements it, things go back to the way they were when the consultant is gone, and so do the results.

I have a business degree, and I found the Mastery program to be more valuable (in the sense of getting results) than my college degree. The results don't come overnight, but at least I knew what to do to get ideas implemented. That is the value of the consulting program, having a coach that you can use for accountability in doing what you need to do to get results.

I have the book, and use it for reference, along with my Mastery Consulting binders that come with the program. This stuff works if you know how to implement it. Once you learn that, you won't need any management consultants.

Those who criticize this book are missing the point. It is the attitude they come with, that determines how good it is for them. Most people want someone else to get their results for them, and have some magic formula that doesn't exist. If you come to this with the right point-of-view, to be a learner, you will get far more than your money's worth. If you decide it isn't going to work, you'll make it come true.

I paid thousands of dollars for the information that is published in this book. I still think it was worth it - much more than the sexy management consulting firms that courted me and promised results I knew they couldn't get, and charged as much as 10 times what the E-Myth Academy charged.
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on March 14, 2005
Michael Gerber must need money. His "The E-myth Revisited" is the best book on small business I have ever read. I give it to my customers as gifts. I ran to the book store as soon as I learned he had a new book out. What a disappointment. "E-Myth Mastery" is a grueling read and a collossal waste of time. It is full of useless psycho-babble, and convoluted and incomprehen-sible plans and charts. No one would ever actually do this stuff. And his protege, "Sarah" - who was overused in the first book and was it's only weak part - is downright annoying in this one. Buy the first "E-Myth" and read it over and over. Leave the new one on the shelves. Try again, Michael.
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on September 21, 2006
I don't really understand the negativity of some of the other reviews. Mastery is a clear, concise, step by step plan for making your business a world class operation. It has many downloadable worksheets along with detailed instruction as to not only how to fill them out, but what you'll gain by doing so. Michael Gerber also asks very thought-provoking questions to get you thinking about what you'll write in the worksheets so you're not just going through the motions. While the "All About Pies" dialogue does get tedious, in my opinion it's not as bad as Revisited was. In the E-Myth Revisited Gerber hints at how to reinvent your business, but in Mastery all the techniques are revealed. If you're not convinced about the value of the book, I'd recommend you visit the E-Myth Mastery website first so you can see a list of the worksheets available to download. Overall I'm extremely glad that I ignored the negative reviews and purchased the book.
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on July 14, 2006
I listened to this thing after checking CD set out from the local library - luckily I did not plunk down my own money for it (and only wasted one hour)!

The first CD is an extended sales-pitch for other E-myth "books", website, worksheets, and consulting services (as obviously are some of the reviews posted here that "plug" the author's coaching practice). Even as a sales pitch, the book fails, being very crude and heavy-handed in the used-car-salesman, creepy kind of way. I gave up after listening to one CD, during which I heard about the website, the "coaching" service, the newsletter, and numerous god's blessings for the author, and then about the website, the coaching service, the newsletter, god's mysterious ways and blessings for the author, and so on, ad nauseam.

All this, interspersed with a few sentimental, dull, and annoyingly protracted personal anecdotes with little or no relevance to business issues. What I have not heard during this first part, however, was a SINGLE useful piece of advice or constructive insight regarding running a small business, or good business practices in general. As another reviewer before me, I too felt particularly put-off by the tone, and additionally by the frequent mentions of god, blessings, "miracles", and "mysterious ways" all abused as part of the sales pitch.

I am sorry to have wasted my time on this. If you think you have to read it, check it out from the local library where, I am quite sure, it's gathering dust on the bookshelves. If you need sound business advice, I'll agree with another reviewer who recommended the book Winning by Jack Welch instead.
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on January 2, 2006
This book is a major disappointment. I knew Mike Gerber very well. I was one of his clients for a number of years and I have read his books and heard his lecturers on many occasions. He is truly one of the most gifted speakers on small business development that I have ever heard. And I thoroughly recommend his book "The E-Myth Revisited." It is filled with his practical, considered and workable ideas about business management.

On the other hand, I don't know what prompted him to write this most recent book. It was obviously written to generate clients for his own business, which is not an offense in itself. But instead of the sound, practical advice he usually offers, this book recounts the tale of a neophyte sitting at the feet of a spiritual master in order to become a world-class producer of pies. Instead of sharing the wealth of marketing and management ideas that he possesses, the author seems more intent on manifesting spiritual transcendence of his acolyte. The great majority of the book is directed toward the ethereal at the expense of the practical. Perhaps Mike has attained a financial position where he has the time to focus on the spiritual nature of things. The rest of us need to make a living.

The book documents the author's patient and considerate guidance of his student as she encounters ever-greater spiritual awakening. He gently directs her learning while he supports the development of her pie business as a kind of corollary endeavor. Together they travel to path to higher consciousness and more effective pie production. The result is a continuing epiphany of enlightenment and some real good eating.

Forget this book and get "The E-Myth Revisited."
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on April 7, 2006
This is by far the most irritating, wordy and plain irrelevant audiobook I have ever heard.

I wanted something about the nuts and bolts of running a small business and what I got was an incredibly verbose and rambling set of CDs that appear to have little relevance to running business at all.

As far as I can see, business is a pretty darwinian environment and operators of small businesses especially do not have the time or inclination to spend on this real roundabout, repetitive and annoying material.

Let me explain a couple of things for the benefit of anyone who is considering buying this.

A huge amount of time is spent on storytelling in a very sentimental, simplistic manner about the author's relationship with Sarah, the entrepreneur who he guides in her business (known as "All About Pies").

Now fair enough, it might be useful to illustrate business principles with this kind of example. But do we really need to hear long, rambling passages about how Sarah had certain kinds of dreams as a child? Not me.

The whole E-myth "revelation" seems to be that businessmen and women need to spend time working "on their business, not just in their business". Fair point, but how many times is that repeated? So many that it loses it's meaning.

The whole style of this Audio CD is not analytical, it is this storytelling style, read by the author who comes across as the former encyclopedia and insurance salesman that he is.

He even implores the reader to sign up online straight away for more of his E-Myth material "while it is fresh in your mind" - this guy smells heavily of someone who is very keen to sell you something.

I find his pseudo-kindly manner extremely irritating.

In short, if there is anything in this material that is worth listening to, it was totally submerged by the way it is presented.

It was all I could do not to throw these CDs out the window.

I'd recommend not spending your money on this, but buying Good to Great by Jim Collins or Winning by Jack Welch.

Both of these other audiobooks are around a similar price to E-Myth Mastery, but they are jammed with useful information relevant to business.

Michael Gerber needs to work on his business - by firing his editor for a start.
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on August 19, 2013
I understand the usefulness of a literary foil, to make theory more personalized for people who hate to read theory. But for anyone who appreciates an author who gets to the point, reading this book is torture. For every useful line, there are pages of made-for-Cinemax dialogue that reads like an uninteresting 50 Shades of Gray. This is especially frustrating for an author who has so much useful insight to share.
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