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on April 2, 2013
Several months ago I heard an advertisement for this book while listening to Hay House Radio. My immediate response was, "I need that book!" Being the book junkie that I am though, it isn't (currently) in my budget to buy every book that sounds interesting to me. So I looked it up at the library. No copies. Drat!

Several weeks later, I spontaneously found myself browsing the Hay House site and came up on their blogger community. That, I now realize, was miracle #1. This community allows bloggers to receive copies of certain books for free in exchange for a review posted to the blogger's website. I signed up for the program and received the book just a few days later.

If you're into spirituality, the power of intention, quantum physics, or anything along those lines, you would love this book. It's absolutely perfect for the person who has done extended reading on the topics (me!) but can't manage to move beyond the feeling of being stuck. Sure you may come up on a little proof of the Universe working in your favor now and then, but it's soon forgotten and sucked into the void of feeling like you have no power over your life.

This book provided me with the necessary guidance I needed to truly know that my thoughts have power through 9 cut and dry exercises. The best part is, Ms. Pam Grout is writes in a language that is accessible, humorous and the very opposite of boring. The lessons are concise, to the point, and best of all - offer NO ROOM FOR QUESTIONING. At the end of each experiment you KNOW that God heard your plea.

When it all boils down to it, what these experiments aim to do is solidify our faith. You either believe or you don't. You can't be wishy washy and that's where most of us get stuck. You also can't send mixed signals... Like, "I really want to lose weight, but I also really want to have 10 pieces of chocolate cake today." You have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. That's the other place where we get stuck. We don't truly know what we want.

Through practicing the experiments in this book, you can begin to hone in on what it is you're truly asking for. As Grout states, begin with simple things first. Some things take longer than others. Don't expect to become a millionaire over night. Also, keep your eyes and intuition open. You have to recognize that your question and desires have been answered. Sometimes the answers don't come the way you wanted, or expected. Most important of all though, is don't waiver in your belief. Most spiritual traditions teach this critical element and now it's backed up by science. The observer creates and changes the observed. It's true.

Finally, just to prove to you that I'm not just writing this for naught, I will share two stories about thoughts/things I manifested while going through the experiments in this book. The first one comes in the form of a Needak rebounder (a mini trampoline). I've wanted one for several years, and have had a cheap one in the past, that only lasted me about two months. I had only been reading E-Squared for a couple of hours when suddenly the word "rebounder" popped into my mind. A few minutes later I was on Craigslist where, lo and behold, someone was selling two Needak rebounders for half of their original price. I have NEVER seen a Needak on Craigslist in all the years I've been looking for one.

I now own the rebounder. And, just to add to the delight of the story, it's worth noting that the person I bought it from - the complete and total Craigslist stranger - was also very much into miracles, Wayne Dyer and other things along this course. She even had the words, "I am entitled to miracles" written on her forearm. There's no denying God in this equation.

The second example is a little more subtle. I happened to drop my camera right on it's lens in the middle of my son's birthday party. I had experienced trouble with the lens before and tried everything I could to fix it. I couldn't. I was sure that this was it for my poor little camera, which I actually use for one of my jobs. Drat again! A little later in the day, one of the chapters was guiding me to manifest something specific, immediately my mind told me what I wanted, "a camera!"

A few minutes later I found myself on YouTube looking up instructions on how to fix my camera. Even though I had already given up on it. I pretty much thought I was about to take it apart and really ruin it. Instead I came up on a simple tutorial that said to slap the camera on your palm and gently guide the lens out. Can you believe this worked? Suddenly the lens that was absolutely stuck and would not move a millimeter was working just fine. I had a camera again. Sure, it wasn't a new camera, but I gave the Universe 48 hours to give me a camera and I had one within 30 minutes. I accepted it with gratitude.

Please don't think that the only thing you can manifest are material objects. These examples are important because we like to be able to see things physically. But we can also use this book to ask for guidance and to help manifest peace and love in our hearts - that's where the real power lies. Like I said before, it's really about cultivating and maintaining faith. So yeah, read this book. I got it for free, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have gladly paid for it. Thanks Pam Grout and thank you Hay House!
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on April 21, 2013
E Squared by Pam Grout

Pam Grout is my new favorite author. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I would love to read and know more from her. E Squared is easy to read, fun, all the ideas are scientifically supported, credible and something that sets this book apart from the others is that Pam gives us experiments to prove that our thoughts really do create our reality. I tried the experiments, and I was blown away by most results I had; this is my experience:

Experiment #1 The Dude Abides Principle: I got a ticket to see Eckhat Tolle and Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. How cool is that!!

Experiment #2 The Volkswagen Jetta: I didn't see any sunset-beige cars, but I saw lots of yellow butterflies while watching Baby Einstein with my kids.

Experiment #3 The Alby Einstein: I got rid of all my wire hangers in my last Spring Cleaning, so I couldn't do this experiment.

Experiment #4 The Abracadabra: What I learned from this experiment is that you have to be specific when asking for something to manifest. I focused on getting $ 5,000 but I didn't specify if I wanted them in cash of check, so what I got was a spam e-mail with a picture of lots of bills a huge sign " Win $ 5,000" in the bottom of the e-mail.

Experiment #5 The Dear Abby: I asked God and my Angels for guidance on how to make my business more succesful, and what I got at the next morning was a bunch of creative ideas, and something made me yell YES!!

Experiment #6 The Super Hero: Haven't started this experiment yet.

Experiment #7 The Jenny Craig: I lost 1 pound by just thinking every zip of water would clean my organism.

Experiment #8 The 101 Dalmatians: The friend I was thinking about and sending lots of blessings and happiness, rarely posts comments in Facebook, however at the second day of my experiment, she posted a picture of her beautiful growing vegetable garden and expressed how happy she was about it. That same night I was watching a movie and it turned out it was filmed in Verona,Italy; the city this friend is from.

Experiment #9 The Fish and Loaves: My favorite gesture of gratitude was a little happy dance a homeless man did when I gave him a dollar bill in my way to work.
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on March 1, 2013
Gold. 6 out of 5 stars.

You know those movies, or concerts, that are just so fab that time disappears and it seems like they only last for ten minutes and you just wish they would never stop?

Well this was the book version of that. If I have one criticism it's that it is not long enough.

The book?

'E-squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality'

The author?

Pam Grout: [...]

What's it about?

In a nutshell.....the law of attraction baby! And yes, I KNOW we have heard so much about this recently, and there are SO many books on the topic that all started to get popular due to that infamous little title The Secret. But if the law of attraction is such an easy concept to master, wouldn't we would all be manifesting millions and have lives of our dreams? well I don't know about you, but for the majority of people, this just isn't happening.

Why not?

Well, for a start, it's because deep down inside, we really don't believe that it's possible. And this disbelief is preventing what we say we want from forming a place in reality. We put out messages that we want, say, a pony, but then at the same time we are thinking that it's probably not going to happen. And thus the net result is NOTHING.

Pam Grout takes this disbelief and helps you shove it to the side for enough time to show you that the law of attraction works. Like, seriously. And in a pretty neat way too. She has a way of taking complicated concepts and explaining them in a humorous, totally easy to understand manner. Works for me, especially with the attention-span of a child with ADD...

The key to the success of this book are that there are actual real-life experiments to do, to not only get some of the stuff you really want, but to prove to YOURSELF that this whole thoughts becoming reality stuff works. Of course, I was skeptical to start with... I always thought that this stuff only happened sometimes, and more for other people (you know, the rich, successful ones featured in The Secret) than for me.

But. Enter experiment number One: The Dude Abides Principle. Basically here - after Pam has not only convinced you to give it a try but really really got you wanting to very very badly - you ask the energy force for a blessing, just to let you know it is actually there. Yes I got one! Of course I did....

Well, you say, this could just be coincidence. But time after time, experiment after experiment, she pulled me in and the energy force delivered. I got ACTUAL REAL-LIFE things that I asked for.

If you have any inclination toward this at all, or if you are a massive skeptic, or if you just want to laugh out loud,... I highly recommend this book.

And uh - be careful what you wish for!!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
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on May 18, 2013
I have read a lot of the more well known Law of Attraction books and even taken a few courses taught by well known gurus that I prefer not to mention here. All of them were good. I will not say this book is better however, it is pretty darned valuable. It touches on something most of the other courses never do "faith". All of the other courses claim to reveal the one element that causes failure in manifestation and they all claim it is positive emotions. I agree. That is clearly necessary. There needs to be the happy feeling that manifestation has already occurred before it has. But this book actually touches on something that most religions have always known about receiving answers to prayers which is essentially manifestation by another name. Call it the "other" missing ingredient - "faith". You really need to believe it is going to work. That sort of faith usually comes on the heels of several successful manifestations. But if you fail to manifest several times you begin to have faith that it will not work and in does not. This book helps you find the faith that it WILL work by including the 9 experiments. These experiments are easy and require no tools and very little time. The idea is to create small manifestations that are easy and quick so that you will have faith that larger manifestations that might take a bit longer will succeed. Some people like to read a book all the way through. I suggest you do not. Read the book all the way up to the first experiment. The stop and do the experiment. When it succeeds (and it will). Then record the success and move on to the next experiment. Some people do the experiments out of order. Again, I suggest you do not. Do them in order. Let the success of all the previous experiments build upon your faith and positive feelings about the next and the next thereafter. I do not know if that is the way the author intended - but I suggest it. When all 9 experiments have succeeded - I believe you will have the faith to KNOW you can manifest bigger and better things for yourself.
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on February 7, 2013
Through the first five chapters, I'm batting 1000. Every one of Pam's recommended experiments has worked. This is a great engaging read that is changing the way I view the world around me. It's amazing how a different perspective can open up so many possibilities. Pam's style is witty while commanding. This is a must read. She's a modern day Napoleon Hill.
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on June 27, 2013
I was intrigued by the title and the $2.51 price. The closet geek in me was excited to try the 9 experiments that would "prove" to me that the law of attraction exists and works for ordinary people.

The first 15% of the book explains how and why the law of attraction works. The author gave examples and stories of wonderful results. I went from being curious to full of anticipation by the time the experiment section made its appearance.

And so began the experiments:
Experiment #1 called "The Dude Abides Principle" is to prove that there is a loving, abundant force in the universe. Some people call this force God, Prana or Energy force. There was mention, believe it or not, of the Star Wars force (as in, "May the force be with you Luke") because it's described as being in you as well as around you. You devote 48 hours to looking for evidence of this all-knowing, all-perfect force. You give this force an ultimatum type request. Basically you are saying "Hey Universe! You have 48 hours to show me you exist. I want a blessing. Some type of wonderful surprise that can't be explained away by coincidence." Then you write down the time you made the request so you can be sure of the 48 hour deadline.

The result:
Nothing happened.

Experiment #2 called "The Volkswagen Jetta Principle" is to prove that YOU impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations. This is another 48 hour experiment where you actively look for certain things. In this case it is the color of cars. For the first 24 hours you are to look for a certain color car. I chose the color blue. The second 24 hour period, you make the intention to find yellow butterflies. These don't necessarily have to be the real ones. They could be spotted on a coffee cup, T-Shirt, etc.

The result:
I discovered that 1/10 of the cars I saw were blue. Ummmmmm, good to know I guess.
No Butterflies were spotted.

Experiment #3 called "The Alby Einstein Principle" is to prove how your positive and negative thoughts control your energy. This experiment requires two metal hangers and a straw cut in half.

The result: I didn't try this one.

Experiment #4 called "The Abracadabra Principle" is to prove you can manifest material things from thoughts. This is another 48 hour experiment where you write down three specific things you want to manifest. For this experiment I chose three things that were not too grand as to be unattainable. I also wanted these things to be something I wouldn't be able to consider coincidence.
1. A gold ring I had lost somewhere in my house. (It has been lost for 6 years)
2. A new purse. (This is not something that would normally be purchased or offered to me)
3. A paperback book. (Everyone who knows me, knows I have a kindle and would think twice before offering me an actual physical book, not that it would ever be turned away)

The result:
No gold ring
No new purse
No paperback book

This is where I decided to stop the experiments. While I believe positive thinking is a good thing, I don't think that I was "proven" anything.
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on August 20, 2014
I don't generally throw books in the trash when I'm done with them, even if I really, really don't like them, but I made an exception for this one. I just couldn't pass it on for someone else to deal with. It was required reading for a training I did. Otherwise I never would have picked it up.

The author's premise is that you can get whatever you want--lots of money, dates with hot men/women (and no, I'm not kidding, these are the things that are supposed to bring you true happiness according to the author)--using some structured positive thinking. She gives you a series of experiments to do to prove this to yourself. An example: think about something (purple cars, for example) for 24 hours and you'll notice more of them than you would have otherwise. According to the author, this is because you're attracting purple cars to yourself with your thoughts.

Gee, let's take a second and see if we can come up with an alternative explanation.

And then, of course, the author claims that her system is based on modern physics. Well, people have been claiming that modern physics backs up a lot of wrong ideas over the years, so this is not really surprising. It's maybe even less offensive than claims that sound somewhat plausible.

What's worse than all the things she says that are just plain wrong is the emphasis on materialism. If you really need more money in order to survive, then you shouldn't be wasting your time and money on this kind of garbage. If you think that having a lot of material wealth is going to make you happy, then you have some serious spiritual work to do. Whether or not you fall into either of the above categories, avoid this book like the plague.
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on August 22, 2013
Let me say a couple things first. many consider these books new age. The concept of manifesting has been around forever. I DO believe we can manifest and sometimes we need help in learning how. I have done it many times, even without knowing that I was actually doing something that has been around so long and has a name for it.

I have read MANY books on the subject, a few of them, many times because they were so hokey in how they go about it, I thought I was missing something. The Abraham books are just plain weird, bizarre and creepy. The Secret is so shallow and more like an infomercial on greed using quotes and snippets of stories.

To give some credit, the writing style in this book is ok..It can get really cheesy and try to be cutesy that it's almost an insult to an intelligent reader. Where it gets really cheesy and just plain dumb is at the end of each chapter. The dialogue she wants you to repeat to the 'universe'...I have no words for it. And some sample stories, well they are nothing but purely the way you choose to look at things. Roughly remembering one.." a lady wanted happiness, so she manifested..short story, she sat on a park bench, a stranger child sat next to her, they smiled and suddenly she felt connected and happy". REALLY? I also can CHOOSE to see a rock as a jewel if I wanted to perceive it that way. That's really reaching just to say something worked.

Another chapter, think of a green car, see how many you suddenly notice in 2 days? That's not manifesting..that's putting something in your conscience and you become more aware. Being aware is NOT manifesting.

I have read and reread many chapters. I tried them in various ways in case I was reading the instructions wrong..NOPE! I didn't wish/or try to manifest money, a car or anything like that..simply just peace in a have closure..

You can't go around demanding things within 48 hours. Other books have said..put your intention out there and go about living with it positively until it happens. I'm curious if her book works so well, to expect things in 2 days, why she had to wait over a year for some things?

If you really want a clear and logical way on manifesting, then I suggest reading Dr. Wayne Dyers book. Manifest Your Destiny. And no, I am not a lover of all books and things Wayne Dyer. Which it's been years since I've read and I will go reread it in helping me with the thing I want to manifest.
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on May 1, 2013
Sadly, none of these experiments worked out for me. I liked the idea of the book. It's nice & fun to have a group of experiments to go through. However, she doesn't let you know what to do if the experiments do not work. I didn't read ahead while I was doing these exercises so when the I didn't receive results for the first experiment, I expected to read some sort of discussion on the next page about how the experiment went and if difficulty was encountered. I've said this before, but authors can go on and on about the virtues of doing something or trying something, but can only write a sentence or two or nothing at all about what happens when things don't go as planned.
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on December 22, 2013
Pam Grout's E Squared is simply a lab manual with quick and easy experiments that may prove you shape your life with your mind. This is my favorite non-fiction find of 2013, and I am happily recommending this one to EVERYONE!! E Squared is easy to read, and experiments are actually a lot of fun to perform and reflect on the results! What sets this book apart from others like it is that all the ideas are scientifically supported and credible. I have one very important piece of advice while reading this book. E Squared needs to be read in small doses. There's a lot to think about after each experiment, and reflection really is the key. All readers will soon learn, perspective is everything. Pam's writing is clear and concise and actually very entertaining! This difference between E Squared and The Secret and Grow Rich is Pam shows here readers HOW shaping your own reality can be done. This is a great easy read, that also has an uplifting message. I now wake up everyday prepared to be amazed by how much my thoughts shape my reality! Here's how some of the experiments worked for me:

Experiment #1 The Dude Abides Principle

I had moved my blog to wordpress in early October, and had been feeling more than disappointed by a lack of followers. Within in 48 hours of reading over experiment #1, my twitter following increased from 63 followers to 169. Within 60 days I had over 500 followers. Additionally my posts have been reblogged by other bloggers on other wordpress blogs countless times now!

Experiment #4 The Abracadabra

I asked for something very specific. Within 3 days of starting this experiment, I had contact with two of my favorite authors. I won a contest on one of their blogs, and another offered to read my own manuscript when I finish it.

Experiment #5 The Dear Abby

I asked God and my angels for guidance. Should I keep writing? My actual paying job seems to be getting in the way:) I now have a column appearing in one paper, and I've sent query letters to two other papers. As of January 2014, I am being paid to write! YES!
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