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on June 17, 2013
We purchased this router for a medium size office, looking for a dual band router to cover a wide range of devices. I was especially interested in the "Smart WiFi" remote management capability. The router was indeed very easy to setup and manage via the Linksys website. However, the performance in the 2.4 Ghz band is horrible. We are getting approximately 1/2 the speed compared to our other 2.4 Ghz router, even when the signal strength is excellent and issues such as interference are ruled out.

I would only recommend this router if you are exclusively connecting devices capable of 5Ghz band connections. The professional reviews that indicate "disappointing" 2.4Ghz connections actually under-estimate the performance issues. We are likely going to return this router for one that provides better performance.


After a year, the 2.4Ghz band has become effectively useless. The speed and range is absolutely terrible. Clearly there is an antennae issue, or a design flaw that Linksys should acknowledge and support. However, their support department told me that I'm outside the 90 day complimentary support window and have to pay for any assistance. So I have to pay to have them confirm that there's a warranty issue?

Do not buy this router unless all of your devices are on the 5Ghz bandwidth (using the Wireless-AC standard).
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on January 20, 2014
I purchased this Ea6300 dual band router from Walmart.
The product is defective and customer support spent hours trying to get it to work. A firmware upgrade was required to repair it. It finally worked for a week and then the website used to access the router began displaying a message that the router was off line. This message is an error as the router was on line, and broadcasting to my phone, laptop and another piece of equipment. The help desk spent over 3 hours trying to fix this error and then another tech spent time trying to undo the tech's "fixes". The end result after 3 hours is that it was back to the stage at which I called. The reason the website is so important is the on line access to a security camera system.

False Advertising: Beamforming technology; The box clearly states that this is a feature of this product. When I asked the help desk how to direct the beam, she advised me that this product does not contain that technology, that only the EA6900? has it and none of the other models. I read it off the box to her and she had no answer except that it doesn't have it.

Broadcast signal:
The reach of the broadcast is just short of the distance I needed which is between two buildings on my property. By directing the beam, the distance would be further; therefore this was an important feature.

When the website did work, it was great and showed me what components were connected to the internet; phone, laptop, security cameras, and other electronics. It also allowed changing of channels which improved broadcast distance. The broadcast signal seemed to weaken during business hours when other signals were identified in the area. Not sure why, but the tech said that there was probably more traffic on certain channels and by changing them it might work better. It did, but only temporarily.

The 2.4 band vs 5, broadcasts further according to the tech. This seemed true.

If this product has a software flaw, why not recall it off the shelves where it is in stock in stores, rather than sell something that does not work.

Customer service nightmare;
When you call customer service expect to be on hold for 20-30 min. prior to getting a live party. When you do, ask for their name and case # as I was disconnected the first time. I then spent over 6 hours combined during 3 calls to the help desk and one session on the chat line. For the chat line, I posted screen shots to a word doc. to show the conversation and 2 hr duration. I would not believe that this would be possible.

The CSR will try to have you call another number where you will start the whole process over. I speak from experience. After they determined that I needed a whole new router and would replace it, they still re-directed me to websites which did not work. They tried this during several different phone calls.

Overall; if the router would just work as advertised it would be a nice router. When it is working, except for the distance, it seems to be a good product. Again, I really liked the on line feature when it did work.

I have learned my lesson to trust the Amazon reviews and purchase from them due to the return policy. If you do by a Linksys router, get a different model and be prepared to spend significant time with customer service if it doesn't work.
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on May 5, 2013
My Rating: 3.5 stars
- Like said by the person before me, this item is currently being shipped as the EA6400 but with EA6300 packaging/labels.

- Like the R6250 I tried, this has 2.4 GHz range that is a little on the poor side. I think it's just REALLY sensitive to other networks on 2.4 GHz compared to other routers. The 2.4 GHz performance seemed ok though. The 5 GHz is about the same as the R6250 and maybe just a LITTLE bit shorter in range.

- This router includes the newest Broadcom Dual Core CPU and USB 3.0 along with AC1600(300+1300 at the time).

- The one thing I like about this router is that it has a real automatic channel changer unlike other routers that only choose the best channel on reboot and/or wireless restart. This actually changes the channel randomly while it's running to pick the best. When no wireless clients are active it'll constantly change channel every 30ish minutes or so and at times it'll keep constantly searching every couple seconds.

- This router is also quite big and needs a lot of space.

- One thing I noticed though was that compared to other Linksys routers I saw/had in the past, this design runs A LOT cooler than the others.

- At the time of this post, the EA6300 is selling as the EA6400(Which looks like the EA6500 except for the Cisco logo which doesn't glow and there being a larger Linksys logo along with a green status light bar).

Get your AC1600 router at an AC1200 router price while you can :p. Not sure how long it'll last though.

Update: I noticed that the 2.4 GHz range greatly improves when you turn the back of the router towards your devices. Kind of a weird antenna position :/(See update 17 for re-evaluated results).

Also, I forgot to add that the power supply for this thing is huge and it doesn't offer a plug that connects sideways. It blocks another plug on my surge protector from being used and it sticks out far from it. Out of all of the routers I tried over the past few months, this had the largest power plug and was the only one that didn't offer a way to connect it sideways or another way.

- Update 2: I tried sending some packets to this router(Using Command Prompt) to test it and it began rebooting itself every 3 or so minutes.
- Update 3: The device list sometimes is a little slow to update and sometimes shows devices as "online" even when their not connected to the router. The Linksys app for this device is also very slow. There's also no way to "secure" your guest network with a password other than a cafe style guest network or change it's name other than"xxxxx-guest."
- Update 4: Decided to run my HP 3050 Deskjet printer as it's own wireless network. Was a little saddened to see that the HP had a slightly better range than this router.
- Update 4.2: I tested the range to compare. One side of the house had my 2wire 3801(From AT&T running wireless G) and the other side had this router running 2.4 GHz with N. I was a floor down and just slightly over to the left of the EA6300. The EA6300 had about 3/4 bars and the 2wire 3801 had 4/4 while the 2wire was still all the way on the other side of the house. Both were tried using the same channel. Out of all of the newer routers I tried, I would list the range in this order(From greatest to least range): Asus RT-65R(Amazing coverage), Belkin AC1200 ,Netgear R6250/Linksys EA6300, Western Digital N750.
- Update 4.3: The power supply has a short cord and may be a problem for some.
- Update 5: Let my router download over 5 GHz for about an hour and then it crashed again due to overheating. 5 GHz was refusing to reconnect for about 10 minutes after it rebooted itself . Now, I'm connected to 5 GHz but it's not letting me use the internet over it and 2.4 GHz turned sluggish. I'll see what happens when it cools back down. - Finally went back to normal
- Update 6: I forgot to mention that you cannot disable SSID broadcast(Even though it's kind of worthless to do) and that this device has the default SSID of "Linksysxxxxx" where the x is the last 5 numbers of your serial number.
- Update 7: Router rebooted itself again today.
- Update 8: My 5 GHz band keeps popping in and out. It keeps popping in for about 3 seconds then drops out for about a minute long again and again when trying to be found.
- Update 9: Figured I would mention this: If you're looking to force 40 MHz wireless on your router, you need to set the mode to "Wireless-N only" and leave channel width on "Auto." I also forgot to mention that this router does NOT save your network password when you disable a band. If you need to enable a band again, you have to figure out whatever you password was before. This becomes quite an annoyance if you had a hard to remember/long password.
- Update 10(8/8/2013): Router rebooted itself again last night. I use IE to manage all of my modem/router pages(Firefox/Chrome for everything else) and noticed that I cannot access this router's configuration page on IE 11(Gives a "Browser not supported" message). Hopefully they support this browser version soon.
- Update 11(8/20/2013): Another reboot today.
- Update 12(8/24/2013): Did some file transfers. Got about 115 Mbps to my drive connected to the router over USB 2.
- Update 13(8/26/2013): I've come to the conclusion that the range of this device on 2.4 GHz is sort of poor with lower power devices(Such as phones). I was down the street(About 380ish feet) and was able to see the network of my 2wire gateway, but not my Linksys with my phone. I had to be within about 50-90ish ft from my house to see my Linksys.
- Update 14(9/10/2013): Another reboot
- Update 15(9/28/2013): Had another reboot since last post. Router is starting to make a similar noise to the R6250 I had. Makes a soft static like sound when a certain amount of data is being sent over wireless. Need to hit about 25 Mbps for it to start making the sound. Think of a radio station filled with static, but a lot lower volume. That's what kind of sound it makes and it comes directly from the router.
- Update 16(10/24/2013): Time for an update :)! I noticed that my guest network would occasionally allow devices to connect but refuse to pass them over to the login screen. I would have to "refresh" the wireless signal to actually get it to work at times. I'm also still waiting for a firmware update, but there hasn't been one for months. I should also note that the Linksys support is terrible(Just like Belkin's who bought them out). Linksys(and Belkin) support have no idea what they're doing. The channels you should be using for your wireless network is either 1, 6 , or 11 to prevent the least overlap. Whenever you're overlapping another network, your signal gets crushed and cannot work together with the other network. I told them my neighbors had a network on channel 6 and 11 yet, they told me to use channel 9 even though that would cause great amounts of interference because our networks would just talk over each other. It's kind of bad when you(the customer) knows more than the actual support.
- Update 16(11/4/2013): Received new firmware. Version - I'm hoping that the next firmware lets you actually change the guest network ssid. I don't like how you're forced to use for example Linksys39194-guest.
- *IMPORTANT* Update 17(11/8/2013): This router's range isn't very "omnidirectional." I decided to place my router higher by using a little box for it to sit on. I didn't see much range improvement by doing this. However, I decided to do a little additional testing. Note: I only tried 2.4 GHz for this testing and have not tested 5 GHz yet with this theory. The antennas may be focused in a different direction than 2.4 GHz. I noticed that the range is pretty poor for anything on either side of the router. You will receive the best range when it's facing towards the location you want to use it(Different than what I originally noticed). During the test, I went to the far end of the home. I was using channel 6. First, I had the router so it's side is facing the area I wanted to use it. The signal at that location was about -72(About 3-4 bars). Then, I moved the router so it faced the location that I wanted. From the same location, I now had a signal of about -59(Full bars). I would say that(From best to worst) that the front, then back, then sides have the highest range when that side is facing the location. Figured this might help some having poor range and can blast the signal all to one location. I doubt this would help if you centralize this router or you home is very wide. I think it's silly how you can only get good range when the router is facing just one direction.
- Update 18(2/16/14): I have had a few reboots since my last post. I am no longer using this router. I had to move the router and the disappointingly short power cord along with the the router only providing good signals to devices right in front of it. I am now using the RT-N66 and my signals are MUCH better around the house.
- Update 19(5/24/14): Figured I would update and state(if I haven't done so already) to make sure you're using channels 1,6, or 11 on 2.4 GHz.
- Update 20(6/1/14): I saw that there was a new firmware update. I updated to it and didn't lose my 3X3 on AC in case anyone with the EA6300 was worrying about that. I also realized that I could now name the guest network whatever I wanted.
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on May 11, 2014
Out of the box the promise of an easy 5 minute setup soon vaporized into a nightmare. Hours on the phone with tech support reveals you need to download special software to direct connect to the IP address (can't do it with the latest rev of explorer version 11. Totally unacceptable, nothing was mentioned on the box about needing special hardware or software to setup this thing. As I read elsewhere and completely agree, don't buy this router.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 7, 2014
Where do I start? To call this router a piece of junk would be a compliment. I've spent a continuous 4 1/2 hours on a beautiful sunny Saturday in my basement trying to get this router to work and I'm still stuck at 2 mbps. The only way I can get this thing to deliver the speeds my cable provides (30 mbps+) is to be in the same room with it, which defeats the purpose. I might as well hardwire in.

Problem #1: Free tech support (ie calling and getting help to get the thing actually working) runs out after 90 days. 90 days is ironically about how long it will take to start having problems. They were "gracious" enough to help me for free today but in the past, they've refused to help without us forking over more money. This is insanely frustrating.

Problem #2: The router seems to constantly need firmware upgrades. We'll go through a big headache, get it half way working and within a few months it's back to barely letting us load facebook and the signal drops every 10 minutes or so.

Problem #3: This is a big one-at this point no one can figure out how to fix it! I'm chatting with my third tech representative, I've done everything they've said, and it's still working at a snail's pace. I've upgraded the firmware, done a complete reset and reboot, tried multiple different channels, disabled WMM, unplugged our baby monitor in case it was interfering, and more.

The bottom line is that not only does this router not work well but the Linksys customer service is horrible. To charge a customer for getting help with a non-functioning device is deal breaker for me. I'm also not comfortable with the fact that in order to use their Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (which you'll need to access your device and do the troubleshooting), you have to sign off on their terms and conditions which allows Linksys to gather your personal information.

If time is money, then this router is getting very expensive. I just wish I could return this junk and go with a different company. The modem/router we had previously through our cable company (which they said is now obsolete) gave us lightning fast internet and we were able to stream netflix in our treehouse in our backyard. It boggles my mind that years later, I'm struggling to get speeds greater than dial up.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Leah,

We highly appreciate the time you invested to get our Linksys EA6300 to work, and you even took the time to put a feedback here on Amazon, which would enable us to know how we could improve our support. Your open rebuke to our product will give us a big chance to ensure that all customers like you will be taken cared of very prudently next time. We also apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. We'd like to further assist you in resolving this case. Send us an email at, include your contact information, case number if it's available, and the link to this review.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Linksys Support
on September 7, 2014
The router is great I upgraded from my old Linksys router. Use the 5Ghz connection on my Xbox One and the 2.4Ghz on everything else. I had major probs with it when I had it hooked up to an old Comcast 3.0 modem that I payed a monthly fee for. I upgraded my modem to a Docsis 3.0 modem and took that monthly charge off my bill. I then returned the old modem to Comcast. Works great now, stable and always 4 out of 5 bars signal. We have an Android, Mac, Pc-Windows 7, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and LG LED 42" 2012 model TV hooked up to it....... all work great. But we have everything in the house hooked to a couple of hi end monster power HD Stage 2 HTS 1700 power conditioners..... you do not want to plug these routers or modems into the wall, surges will damage sensitive equipment. LOVE THE ROUTER!!! Thanks Linksys!! I don't understand the reviews I read.... very easy to install. People may be just plugging these things into the wall... or a cheap power strip..... oooops. All of my components all have wireless capability as well and are compatible with the specs given by the router, you should keep that in mind. Great range, strong signal, and always a solid connection on line... Netflix settings are cranked to HD and the feed comes in smooth as silk at 5Ghz on my Xbox One!!
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on June 25, 2013
Really not that good a router. As other note, it has surprisingly poor range for something that advertises itself as having great range.

More importantly, it seems to be really easily interfered with: the first thing tech support do is tell you to give the 2.4 and 5 GHz different SSID IDs--suggesting that they know it isn't going to work. Then they ask you if you have a microwave in house and ask you to hard code a specific 2.4 GHz channel (1, 6, or 11) rather than leave it on Auto.

We have serious issues with wireless devices losing internet while remaining connected to the LAN--many times a day for a few seconds to tens of minutes. You often need to disconnect and reconnect to get internet again.

I'm very disappointed in it. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.
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on March 5, 2015
returned the EA6100 by the same linksys company to staples and got this. I only did that because I realized the antennas are not removable. And it did not have gigabit ethernet and usb 3.0. This has no antennas. But for 95.69 including tax not bad. Betsy was on clearance for 84.99 but had none so staples matched it for 3 bucks more. Not bad so I took it. Didn't have time to haggle for 3 bucks. Still cheaper by 2 dollars and 17 cents. And this has gigabit ethernet and usb 3.0 so not bad. Only 1 port but still not bad.

The range is awesome. It covers my whole house 4200 sq feet. No previous router I ever had did that.

As for setup painless. I had some computer issues. 2 calls to tech support and all is good now. They were very helpful and polite.

I could not open Kept taking me to something or the other. But its my computer not their fault. Something about a search engine. But he said replace with and walla I'm in.

Just replace the part not the whole address. And I'm in.

No need to signup for anything. I'm in now. I got stuck on the firmware page for 30 minutes. So I reset the router with ehreset button on the back and then I went back in and said I agree to the terms and I said skip automatic. The I logged in and updated firmware.

Then I reset the router and went back in and did auto setup. No asking for firmware this time and walls all was setup. Now I'm on the internet and all my devices are working like magic.

This is the best router I have ever had thew pleasure of owning. Not sure why all the negative reviews.

That was the original review I wrote on today. I just got the router today from staples. Since then nothing has changed except I had a hard time getting simple tap to work. My samsung galaxy light has nfc but never worked. No network associated. I called tech support few times no luck. I finally reset the router and it worked. Before they said down for maintenance. But now it works fine. I never saw an option it says already have an account login but even if I had it would of givin the same error message probably. But this time no error and no my router is associated.

Still not a big deal half a day wasted but so worth and still 5 stars. Ok, maybe 4 and a half for that. But now it works on my android and all is good so not bad. No electronic is truly hassle free so not bad. The end.
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on July 30, 2014
Added this router to my AT&T Universe DSL Modem/router via the wired ports. Connect PC directly to Linksys router via wire, and started setup. Router self installed and validated that all was working. Once validation was completed, I then when back and change the passwords, set up guest network, etc. After verifying that all bands worked, I switched over the Roku and TV internal to the 5 gh band and could tell that downstreaming video was a lot faster in starting up and displaying the video. I connected my smart phone to the new wireless setup and my home security video images starts up immediate . On the one network, it would take 3-4 secs before images would appear.
Even though I plugged directly into the AT&T router, I did not set up the Linksys as an access point. The Linksys network are 10.111 and the old AT&T LAN is 192.168.
If your environment requires you to have the signal pass through a lot of walls, your range and speed will be reduced as the higher band is not as effective in penetrating barriers.
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on October 31, 2015
Just purchased one at Office Depot, hoping for something to replace my existing router that would have a little better coverage throughout the house.
The quick-start instructions state that to configure it yourself you can just connect it to your computer and browse to, except that it doesn't even come up on, it boots up on (or maybe Office Depot sold me a returned product that had already been configured by someone else and then lied to me about it being brand new). The setup procedure strongly advises that you connect it first to the internet and then create a user name and password on their web site before continuing, so that you can later remotely manage the router from anywhere. Really?? Are they fricken serious?? They want me to trust them with remote login capabilities on my home network? Fark them!
Even when I found out how to bypass that worthless "feature" it asked me to enter the router password to continue. Nowhere in the included instructions was the router password given. There was a default wireless password, but that didn't work either. Oh well, maybe Office Depot really is turning onto another Frys and reselling used goods as new.
OK, I'll just fallback to doing a factory reset. Once again the quick start instructions are wrong; it states that I should hold down the recessed reset button until the ethernet port lights blink; they never do. Eventually after numerous attempts to reset the thing it finally boots and responds to pings at, as one would expect. However, there is no response whatsoever on from any browser on any directly connected machine. Back to the store it goes, and Linksys is now on my list of manufacturers from whom I will never buy anything again.
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