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Size: 8-Bay in-pair Charger|Change
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[Remark on Jan 28, 2015]
Amazon combined several EBL products (AA/AAA batteries, 4-bay and 8-bay chargers) onto one product page. I don't like this practice either, as it creates a lot of confusions among readers. My original review below is for the 8-bay charger. If you are looking for my reviews on EBL batteries, please use the following links:
EBL 2300mAh AA:
EBL 2800mAh AA:

==== Original Review Follows ====

For an 8-bay charger, the EBL 808A Quick Charger Smart Battery Charger is very compact, light weight and inexpensive. It looks like a great value especially since it claims to be both 'Quick' and 'Smart. However, there are several limitations you need to know:

- The EBL 808A charges in pairs only. That means you're out of luck if you have appliances that require odd number of batteries.

- Its charging current is too low (spec says 200mA, actual measured current even lower), which results in very long charge time. So it really should be called an 'Overnight' charger instead.

- It does not charge batteries to 100% full, since it terminates charging as soon as the combined voltage of 2 cells reached 2.8V. A real 'Smart' charger typically uses the "Negative Delta-Voltage" (-dV/dt) termination method for NiMH/NiCd cells.

I tested this charger by recharging two eneloop AA low-self-discharge batteries. The LED indicator light changed from Green to Red when charging first started. After about 8-9 hours, the color turned Orange (both Red and Green LEDs are on internally). Finally after more than 10 hours, the light turned solid Green to signal that charging is 'Done'.

I then measured the charge capacity of those eneloop cell, using the DISCHARGE function of my BT-C2000 Battery Charger Tester Analyzer. The average capacity reported was only 1525mAh. The same pair of batteries, when charged using BT-C2000 or any other Smart charger, showed an average of 1944mAh. That means the EBL charger only charged those eneloop cells to 78% capacity.

Just to confirm the problem is not with the batteries, I repeated the same test using a pair of Kodak Pre-charged AA batteries. This time I got an average capacity of 1384mAh when charged using EBL 808A, verses 1692mAh when charged using BT-C2000. So those batteries were only charged to 82% capacity.

If you need an inexpensive charger that takes overnight to charge your batteries to just 80% capacity, then this product is worth considering. My recommendation is to pay a few extra dollars and get the Panasonic BQ-CC17 Smart Charger instead. The BQ-CC17 is faster (300mA vs. 200mA), can handle individual cells, and has no problems charging all my batteries to 100% full.

[Further Remarks]
- Amazon product description says: "2.8V DC output shorten the time of charging (most similar chargers are 2.4v)" This statement does not make sense at all! Charge time is determined by the charging current, not charging voltage. The combined cut-off voltage or 2.8V (1.4V per cell) is actually too low. Most Smart chargers that use negative delta voltage detection will have the cut-off set at 1.48V or higher per cells.

- The description page further states (under Charging Time Table): "2 to 8pcs AA 1300-2800mAh: 1.5 - 6 hours (200mA output)". Again, this does not make any sense. To recharge a 2800mAh battery at 200mA will take at least 14 hours (2800mAh/200mA = 14h). The statement was probably cut-and-pasted from another charger with higher current.

- Spec sheet with the charger says "Output 2.8V 200mA". Actual measured charging current is around 200mA when the cells are empty. But it drops as soon as the combined battery voltage goes up. I estimate the average charging current to be just around 160mA.

- To fully recharge a pair of 2000mAh AA cells at 160mA should take at least 13 hours (2000mAh/160ma = 12.5h). The fact that it took 'only' 10 hours in my test was because the batteries were only charged up to ~1500mAh.
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on March 3, 2015
Currently, Amazon is selling charger and/or batteries in the same product listing. Makes the reviews confusing, to say the least.
I bought a set of 8 EBL 2800mAh batteries.

Upon receiving, I gave them a full discharge (at 350mA) followed by a full charge (at 700mA).
The pictures show the resulting voltage and capacity at the end of the charge cycle, while still in the charger.
As a baseline (to prove that my charger is still working correctly), I've also tested my trusty Eneloop batteries (identical conditions), which are rated at 2000mAh.

I've seen reviews claiming that these are not Low Self Discharge batteries, despite the manufacturers claims that they are LSD.
Less than 1 day after charging and without any use, the voltage had dropped to about 1.37V. But that's not totally unexpected, as NiMH batteries tend to do that. Their claim to fame is that they can hold 1.2V during heavy operation much longer than Alkalines.
I will have a chance to test how well it holds the charge and their LSD-ness soon and will update this review accordingly.

Update (Jan/09/2016):
- Confirmed these are not true LSD. They discharge much quicker than the Eneloop, which are true LSD.
Not sure if the manufacturer changed the description recently, but it says "Improved low self discharge makes it still maintain 75% of capacity after 3 year of non-use".
Technically, they could be right. I don't have an older version to say that these are not improved. And I don't plan to leave them unused for 3 years just to test the claims, but I offer some numbers below.
- I bought these batteries for their capacity. I used them in my DSLR camera, which is a power hog. I'm OK with having to charge them before each use (because I have multiple sets of batteries, if you don't you may be caught off guard by them being empty when you need them). The Eneloops didn't last an entire soccer game, most of the time. These will last the entire game, most of the time. That's an improvement, I suppose. I still have the problem that half way through, the camera displays a low battery sign, but they still work. I suppose that's a problem with my camera, even though I have this same problem with 2 different cameras.
- After soccer season was over, I put these batteries on a garbage duty. I have one of those sensor activated garbage cans that opens by a hand wave. It a low power, long term application, the exact opposite of the DSLR duty. Alkalines would last 4-6 months. These last 3, at most. It's clear that they fail due to self discharge, not power use.
- I recently put them in a full discharge/recharge cycle, similar to what I did when I first received them. At the end of the cycle, the average voltage (while still in the charger) was 1.46V (pretty much the same as new), but the capacity had dropped to an average of 2700 mAh.

In summary, buy them if you find them on sale or much cheaper than Eneloop XXX (the high capacity version). They work, but they are not LSD.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 24, 2014
There was something large rattling around inside. Since it was not eligible for a return I opened up the cover and found a capacitor rolling around in it. Now seeing the inside of it I would not suggest this item to anyone. The soldering is absolutely horrible and on the edge of what I would consider a danger to your batteries and a possible fire danger. If i could post a picture here I would!


Came in broken
Bad soldering/Messy circuit board
review image review image review image review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 28, 2014
I like this charger because of its simplicity and its capacity to charge 8 batteries at once. We have tons of doubles AAs as the kids gobble them up with the Xbox and Wii controllers. We also have tons of toys and flashlights. The LED lights will turn from amber to green when it is done charging.

If you have a lot of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries and just need an affordable charger (12$ at the time when this review was written) that can accommodate up to 8 batteries at once. This charger would fit the bill.

- 8 batteries at once
- Simple, low-profile and light
- World voltage. I can send it to my sister abroad and would not worry about using a transformer.

- Only works in pairs. You cannot charge 1, 3 or any odd numbers.
- When it is time to recondition your batteries, you would need to use a different charger like the LaCrosse BC-700.
- not a fast charger at 200 mAh
- Manual needs better translation. It says for lithium batteries only on the Warning whereas it means the opposite. This charger is for Ni-Mh and Ni-cad.

Model 807 4-bay charger:
I also have the 807 charger. This one charges individually and priced reasonably (7.99$ at the time this review was written). Extremely compact, doesn't need a separate cord. The prongs fold at the back. Nice portable travel charger as it operates at world voltage/100-240V. The only thing is that it will occupy (cover) a few power outlets if you are using a multiple outlet extension. I would plug it on the last outlet for the above reason.

Samples of these products were sent to me for review purposes.
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on July 22, 2015
I tested 20 batteries on receipt. The tester reported these mAh:
2340 2835 2810 2833
2809 2822 2851 2821
2848 2882 2830 2857
2864 2891 2854 2740
2866 2304 2873 2879
high mAh 2891 mAh, low 2340 mAh, mean 2790.45mAh
review image
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on December 6, 2014
High capacity (mAh), reasonable price, they come in 2 durable plastic cases holding 4 batteries each. The clasps or locking tabs on each of the cases are slightly tight, but should loosen up a bit with time/wear. The included cases might be difficult for women with long nails to open.
review image review image
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on January 1, 2015
This review is for the EBL 807 4 bay individual smart charger. The page sells multiple items and chargers so the reviews are confusing.
So far I love this thing, half the price of the eneloop smart charger and does the same. I went looking for all the odd man batteries and charged them after I got this.

-does allow single charging, meaning your 3 battery device will be easier to recharge.
-AA/AAA, Nimh/Nicd only
-charging status indicator goes from red, orangish, yellowish, then green when done. Stays green after pulling batteries too.
-small footprint, with flush folding 2 prong adapter
-batteries fit well

-none, but I will update the review after some time has passed.

Hoping for durability and consistency in charging over time.
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on January 14, 2014
I read the reviews of this and cannot believe how people actually give this 3 stars or less. I totally get the charge time can make someone a little annoying but I actually didn't have that problem. I charged it at night around 11pm and woke up at 8 and it was fully charged and ready to go. I put these rechargeable batteries in my wireless keyboard and mouse and they have been working for over a week with no issues of loss of charge. It was awesome and I'm so glad to finally get batteries that last such a long time. I've checked the charge hold and it's over 800 mah more than a duracell battery which holds 1500 mah and I was shocked when I saw that. Now, I'm sure over time this may lose some charge but oh well. I totally get that rechargeable batteries lose some life and that's acceptable. So far - so good. No complaints on life.

One small thing that I don't like - and this is very minor - is that you have to charge the batteries in pairs. If you don't have the other battery, it will not charge. Other than that, it's great. I received this item for a honest review and I was happy to give it 5 stars!
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on May 30, 2014
This charges a lot of batteries pretty quick, but has high frequency noises that vary depending on how many batteries you have in the charger. It got annoying when I tried to use it next to me.

Takes about 3.5 hours to charge 8 AA batteries, and then holds them in trickle charge to keep them topped off. Gets a little warm but nothing to worry about.
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on October 16, 2014
The way I look at rechargeable batteries is, you're going to pay almost this much for alkalines, and when they're spent, you just throw them away. Out of the box is what the description says, so I put them in a flashlight out of the box and left the flashlight on. The batteries lasted 3.5 hours. After charging, I did the same thing. This time they lasted 5.5 hours. Charged again and they lasted just a little over 8 hours. So my unscientific evaluation says they reach their full capacity after a couple, maybe 3 charges. The wife likes battery operated candles so I use these rechargeables. I don't care about battery life. When they run down, I've got spares and I just recharge them. I don't know how these would work in a high-discharge application such as a toy vehicle, but I've had them in flashlights, battery operated candles, an LED light strip in my truck bed, TV remotes, and my wireless mouse. They work just fine.
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