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on July 3, 2013
Found this saw for almost one hundred dollars less on a big box store website, but they could not sell it as only sold where in stock. So, they called my local Echo dealer who met their price.

Echo support says the engine is identical to the CS-600. According to Echo, the only difference between the CS-590 and the CS-600 is that the CS-600 has an aluminum handle, a pro bar with a replaceable nose, and a clutch drum that takes a replaceable rim sprocket. The CS-590 has a plastic handle, laminated bar with non-replaceable roller nose, and a clutch drum with attached sprocket. My dealer has the clutch drum for the CS-600 on order, which Echo says will fit right on the CS-590, so after getting that I will have the inexpensive-and-easy-to-replace rim sprocket and still have spent $100 less than buying the CS-600.

I have used this saw for only a few hours at this point, though lots of cutting during that time. Lots of power with its 59.8 cc engine. The CS-600 literature offers it for sale with a 27" bar, so I see no reason the CS-590 with the same engine can't take at least that (I read where one person said he used a much longer bar with a skip chain).

Starts and runs every time so far. I read reviews that said the air filter works great due to a pre-filtering system. That looks to be true, as after hours of cutting oak the air filter looks like the saw was not used (nothing on it). Adjustable chain oiler is in fact adjustable, and appears to only oil when clutch is engaged, as described. I have not taken the saw apart, but looking at it it looks like it will be easy to get the carb off if that is needed. No tools needed to access the air filter and spark plug. The transparent gas tank is convenient to see fuel level. So far I am glad I got it instead of paying much more for a comparable size Stihl, though if I were using the saw every day and making money with it the decision may be different. Time will tell (hopefully many years).

Forgot to mention the chain brake. Before buying this saw I had read reviews that said a consumer magazine tested chain saws and rated this saw's chain brake as the best of those tested. I have used chain saws with chain brakes since the early 1980s. I don't recall a chain brake ever engaging, even when I had a minor kickback (never had a major one thank goodness). In those first few hours of use this saw's chain brake engaged twice. Not false triggers, just very sensitive at the right time. Makes me feel safer when using this saw.
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on September 23, 2013
Echo chainsaw

I'm a homeowner with an acre lot. Over the years I've had to maintain a number of older trees, removing limbs. I've also had to cut down a number of trees. This is my third chainsaw, and I must say it's a fantastic saw.

Before I extol the virtues of it slicing through wood like butter, let's be clear about something. Almost any saw will cut like butter with a sharp chain. With a dull chain this saw will perform just as poorly as a $30 used saw with the same.

This saw has many features that set it apart from a less expensive unit. Below are some highlights of the saw:

- 60cc engine is a great price/performance point for a homeowner.
- Electronic ignition (see ignition notes)
- Decompression button. This releases compression in the cylinder for easy pull starting. Fantastic!
- Adjustable auto chain oiling. My first saw had a manual button I had to keep pressing during operation. My next saw had auto oiling, but it wasn't adjustable. You can max it out for hardcore usage to protect your chain and bar.
- Effective chain tension adjustment. Believe me, this is far superior to anything I'd have in the past.
- Easily accessed air filter a "pre filter". I couldn't find this documented anywhere, but it's shown in a video on Echo's website. Engine fins cause a suction that pulls large debris out of the air cleaner housing, so they won't jam the filter.
- The transluscent gas tank allows you see the level without opening it.
- Fantastic vibration control. It's a pleasure to use this saw.
- Great format, size and weight. When I take this saw out I smile inside, if not literally. It's a great looking saw that's comfortable to use and is so well constructed I thoroughly enjoy using it. Come on guys ... you know what it's like to worship a quality tool!
- Between the automatic chain brake and the tip guard this saw has much more emphasis placed on safety. (see automatic chain brake notes)
- Made in Japan! When's the last time you bought a tool that wasn't made in China or Taiwan?
- FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! (see made in Japan, warranty notes)
- Excellent owner's manual with far more useful cutting and safety information than I've ever been exposed to. This may sound silly, but I learned an awful lot from the owner's manual. They even describe the various log cutting approaches and terminology.

I'm dying to make my own lumber and a chainsaw mill is the cheapest way to get into milling. Some research shows that 60cc is the minimum displacement required for use with flat sawn milling. The next factor to consider is the bar length. A granberg mill reduces the capacity because of how it attaches to the bar. Because of that I'd want the longest bar I could accommodate. I spent some time researching this saw in relation to Echo's line (after reading another user's review). The CS-600P, which is more of a professional saw is built on the same chassis, with the same engine. That saw can handle a 27" bar. It's got a fancier chain clutch and a replaceable bar tip, but otherwise, the same engine can drive a bigger bar. When asked if that bar would attach to the CS-590 Echo refused to answer my question. I believe it will, but they want to protect their product line, which is understandable. Another option that I'm seriously considering is going with the smaller granberg (mini) for quarter sawn milling. This would take more effort, but yield better quality lumber. Also, because the milling is done vertically with the tip of the saw buried up to half way, significantly less power is required of the engine, as opposed to flat sawing through and through.

So far I "removed" two large stumps that I've been mowing around for years now by cutting them as low to the ground as possible (see photo). Also, I have a large trunk from a tree that I had paid someone to cut down for me. My saw at the time couldn't handle it. The trunk's about 20" in diameter and I've been wanting to make lumber from it, so I kept it around. In one of the photos I attached you can see that sliced off a short disc from one end. The cut cut through this in less than a minute.

Starting: I read a couple of reviews describing difficulty starting. I didn't experience this. The saw started exactly as the directions stated, which is a bit different than my older saws, as using the decompression button is part of the process. It starts MUCH easier than my other saws.

Ignition: Echo advertises this saw as having "digital ignition". Looking at the parts list online, I think this is a bit of a marketing spin. I see an ignition module with no signal input. I believe there's a magnet or notch in the flywheel to trip the ignition coil as it passes. I don't when the last time points were used in a chainsaw, but I believe all modern saws have a similar setup to this one.

Automatic chain brake: This saw has, in addition to the manual chain brake lever, an automatic chain brake that's supposed to kick in during a violent saw kickback. The owner's manual includes instructions on testing this with the saw off. I have NOT been able to get my brake to engage so far. While holding just one hand on the handle you're supposed to let the bar end free fall onto a block of wood. I've tried this (very reluctantly!) several times and it just doesn't seem to work. I haven't tried contacting them yet to see if I'm misunderstanding the instructions, if there's an adjustment that can be made, or what.

Warranty: I read through the warranty and I think it's a pretty good deal. Adjustments (carb) are just 60 days so be sure to put the saw through the paces as soon as you can. There are a number of important parts that are warrantied for life (parts only), which is amazing, but somehow I doubt they'd let you diagnose your failure and replace the parts yourself, so you'd still be on the hook for service from a repair center. The bottom line, though, is that it's a better warranty than I'm used to seeing.

The quality and fit of the components is excellent. The design is streamlined. It's plenty strong for most homeowners and the spring dampeners (springs) do a great job of eliminating vibration. You can spend a lot more on a chainsaw, but in my opinion this is a great price/performance point. I absolutely love this saw and after writing this review I just want to go home and cut stuff.
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on December 13, 2013
I have used many saws as I cut firewood for myself every year (around 3 cords) and for my parents (about another 3 cords) for about 4 years now. I have used an older Stihl saw in the past and once itdied I found a craftsman 3.7Cu inch (60cc) saw in a shed when I purchased my homw. I used that saw until the bar and chain were no longer serviceable. No replacement parts are available. That left me in the market for a new saw. After looking at Stihl 291 (55cc 20"), Husqvarna rancher 455 (55cc 20"), and echo 590 (59cc 20") I went with the Echo because of the rated hours and the price. I personally wanted a 3/8 pitch saw. But the kicker was ALL ECHO SAWS ARE COMMERCIAL GRADE. This means that while some saws are throw away after you hit 150-300 hours of operation you will still be using your Echo brand saw. Go talk to an actual 2 stroke mechanic who works on saws and ask about longevity. Unfortunately I looked around to see if any manufacturer still puts a steel sleeve in an aluminum block but not one does.

As for power I have cut Black Oak, Blue Oak, Scrub Oak and Buckeye trees that are the same in diameter as the bar. Power was never an issue and in some cases running at 1/2 throttle actually cuts the material faster. This saw literally spits 3/4" nooldes out of the bottom of the saw, not wood chips... Best purchase of the year
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on October 26, 2013
I've used the Echo cs-590 a few times now and it works great. I've cut seasoned pine, apple, and oak and it easily cuts through both soft and hard woods without bogging down, even when cutting very seasoned hard woods.

I bought the Echo cs-590 chainsaw at a big box Hardware Store and paid $150 less (their new low price) than listed on Amazon. It came fully assembled and with a bottle of Echo fuel oil.

A few reviewers have asked what bar and chain sizes could be used on the cs-590. On page 22 of the Echo cs-590 Instruction Manual, there is a Chain and Guide Bar Combination Table. It lists the bars and chains that can be used with the cs-590, including the model numbers of the recommended bar and chain combinations. It states that the following bar sizes can be used: 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, and 27 inch. This is a very versatile chainsaw based upon its power and ability to accept five different chain and bar sizes.

A few recommendations regarding fuel and fuel storage: I recommend using premium gasoline (where I live, premium is 91 octane). Premium fuel will be less likely to pit and score your pistons (lower octane fuels can damage your pistons due to misfiring). When you fill your gas can at the pump with premium, pump a couple of gallons first into your car's gas tank before you fill your gas can so you get pure 91 or 93 octane premium (since most gas pump hoses share regular, mid-grade, and premium gas pumps...they can contain residual lower octane fuel when you first begin to pump your gas from the hose). Make sure your gas can is clean (on the inside) and that you thoroughly mix the fuel and oil at a 50:1 ratio (4 oz bottle of fuel oil to 1 gallon of gas).

Here are a couple of tips about running your chainsaw to prevent damage: Never over rev your chainsaw motor when it is not under a load (when not cutting wood). For the first three tanks of fuel, do not rev your motor to the maximum even when you are cutting wood. This will help break in your motor without damaging your pistons.

I'll update this review after more time with this saw, but so far I have cut about a half a cord of seasoned oak, pine, and apple wood and it starts up on the first pull when warm and on the second to third pull when cold. The decompression button makes it so much easier to pull the starter handle too.

UPDATE: I used the chainsaw all day today. Cut a huge apple tree that fell over after a storm last year. The tree was already dead when it fell over so it was very seasoned. The Echo cs-590 cut right through the large diameter trunk without problem. I also cut down several pines, scrub oaks and lots of manzanita and the chainsaw performed flawlessly.

One problem I did run into while using the saw today was that the chain oil tank cap somehow came loose and oil leaked all over my jeans and shoes while I was cutting the apple tree (fortunately these were my outdoor work clothes and shoes so no worries there). When I screwed on the chain oil cap after filling it, I could have sworn it was on there really tight, but somehow it came loose during operation. This could have been operator error, but I'm not sure. After this happened, I was more careful about screwing on the oil cap and I didn't experience the same problem hopefully it was just me...but I will let you know if this occurs again.

After using the chainsaw for several hours today, the chain loosened a bit and it was really easy to tighten the chain (much easier than on my old chainsaw that this one replaced).

I still love the Echo cs-590 and I'm going to use it a lot more tomorrow and hopefully for many years to come.
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on April 19, 2014
The MSRP for this saw is $399.99 and is what it is sold for in the big orange box store with free shipping. I bought mine at a local echo dealer who had it in stock today for $399.99. He files the warranty and is certified to do Echo warranty repairs. The dealer sells and stocks both Stihl and Echo. I asked him if Echo was a good saw and he said "There is a reason Echo has a 5 year warranty and Stihl has 2 years." He said alot of the professionals run Echo (and I know alot run Stihl). The saw runs great and has alot of power. I have been running a Stihl Farm Boss for the last few days and this saw is everything the Stihl saw is. I runs smooth, idles great and sounds like a street hot rod when running (power). With a 5 yr warranty it was a good choice for me. I am running a can of Echo's premixed fuel/oil mix because I don't want ethonol gas in the tank, especially since I will use my saw infrequently.
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on September 22, 2014
I'm a person who does a LOT of research before I make a purchase. I looked at Stihl, Husqvarna and others and kept coming back to this saw.

Reasons I chose it:
- Professional engine, built for long life
- 5 year warranty and strong brand in Echo. I researched and even though a lot of homeowners don't know Echo, a LOT of people who make their living using power equipment highly recommend them
- Lots of power
- Clearly the best value for the size/power/quality.
- Ability to fit longer bar on for situations where I need to cut large trees

What I think after using it:
- WHOA NELLY! This thing is a strong, powerful saw
- Super easy to put together, had it running in a few minutes
- Made super fast, super clean cuts, was a BEAST.
- only downside was that one of the bar retaining nuts fell off and I had to order a spare one. I should have rechecked them for tightness after running the saw for a few minutes.
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on January 9, 2014
The Timber Wolf is a great saw for the money it has plenty of power and is built to last. The bar and chain are heavy duty. The only thing that is bad about the saw is that your bar can not be rebuilt like a Stihl but other than that the saw is great.
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on January 20, 2014
This saw has exceeded my expectations. I read a ton of reviews and did a lot of research before buying this chainsaw. I really wanted a Stihl but after this weekend I now know that I made the right choice. This engine is awesome and the saw is an absolute beast! I cut 3 medium sized oak trees this weekend and cut the them into 20" logs. I am a home owner with a lot of tree maintenance each year and the Echo CS-590 cut through the oaks effortlessly. Thank you Echo for making an intermediate grade saw that is unbelievable in quality as well as affordability!
Pros- Very Powerful, light, very easy start, and easy to use.
Cons- NONE
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on June 1, 2014
I have owned several saws. There is none better for the price in this class. It is made better than its competitors.
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on May 9, 2015
I can't believe this saw is only $399 (I bought mine from a local Echo dealer. Amazon sells it for more)
I have been wanting to buy either the Husqvarna 455 or the 460 rancher but this Echo is a better deal and is professional grade so I went with it. This saw is amazing and is the best deal there is for a 60cc professional grade saw.
I own a Husqvarna 41cc 16" saw that I absolutely love and I use it more than this Echo for smaller stuff, but when I need real power and able to cut something bigger, this Echo is superb. If I could only have one saw to do it all and couldn't spend more than $400 then this Echo 590 would be it without even a second guess.
It starts easy (as all Echo products do), has a lot of power, isn't too heavy, and is extremely durable.its just a great saw and you can't find anything better for the money.
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