Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
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on September 14, 2014
If you are like me you have been searching for reviews on this thing only to come up with a few so here is one more:

Me: 50 years old, male. Musician, recordist, engineer. Love music, all styles. Love and desire high fidelity sound.

One of my hobbies is long distance kayaking. 25 mile trips are a norm for my friends and me. When on the water for 10 hours or more one sometimes desires tunes. So I have been looking for a waterproof (not water resistant) Bluetooth speaker. Now that I have one, here's what I can tell you.

It is well constructed and looks like it could take a lot of abuse. Check the specifications for dimensions and weight to decide if it is big, small, heavy, etc. I do not find it too big or heavy. It has several easy to see and use buttons and indicator lights right on top. Track forward/back, volume up/down, pause (doubles as answer phone) all work easily and flawlessly. There is also a power button, Bluetooth button and the on/off button for the LED light which is on the top as well. While I didn't give the light a lot of thought it is actually a nice feature for camping. There are indicator lights for power, Bluetooth and battery level which also work as they should and are easy to see. All in all the ergonomics are great and the rubber exterior is nice and grippy.

I have a Galaxy SIII and had no trouble connecting. In fact when I turn the speaker on a voice promptly announces, "Bluetooth connected". If I turn the speaker off it retains control of my phone when I turn it back on; without touching the phone I can resume where I left off by simply pressing the pause button...brilliant. When turning up the volume an audible beep tells me I have reached the maximum...amazing. So it is obvious a lot of thought went in to the design of this thing and it shows. Well done. Very, very easy to use. Even in the confines of a kayak with a paddle in your hands.

Now for what everyone has been waiting for. How does it sound? That is very subjective so you will have to hear one to decide for yourselves. OK, I kid. For starters if you are a volume junkie look elsewhere. The UE Boom is ridiculously loud and clear for $50 more, though I think it is listed as only water resistant and I do not believe it floats. In addition it is not stereo which the exostone is. Also the sound is all mid range. While not as loud this speaker produces a much richer sound. Though it will not pound your chest, it does produce well rounded and audible bass. Is it high fidelity? Of course not. This is not meant to be a hi-fi. If you are not looking for rugged and waterproof there are better sounding speakers out there. At full volume six to eight feet away you can not have a comfortable conversation. So it is loud enough for me. I listened to all musical styles at all volume levels. Music such as acoustic blues, bluegrass and soul sound absolutely incredible for the size, weight and ruggedness of this thing. Pop, country and classic rock sound pretty good. Classical music sounds Ok, some titles much better than others. Jazz and metal suck, even at low levels. There is a weird surging volume wise that is both annoying and awful with those styles. In musician's terms, the more spaces between the notes, the better it sounds. I found it odd how totally awesome it can sound on some material and how bad it can sound on others, even at low volume levels. So if you prefer music where all of the instruments are running full bore all the time with a vocalist above it all you may not like this speaker. To be fair, I am not sure if the competition handles this type of content any better as it is quite demanding for modern electronics (and don't get me started on that). If your plans are other than jazz and metal then you will likely love it; and for all I know the competition handles these styles no better. If you are the competition and would like to send me your product for free to review I would love to do a fair comparison. I also used it as a speaker phone and my caller said they could hear me but that I did sound muffled...well it's waterproof.

So, is this the perfect life-proof Bluetooth speaker? No it is not; but it is a very well thought out, well made and easy to use product that is loud enough for its' intended purpose and can sound absolutely incredible depending on the type of music you enjoy. I find it to be the perfect fit for my needs. I went on a 10 hour kayaking adventure with friends yesterday and played it almost continuously at almost full volume. It had water dripping on it the entire time and I threw it in the river just to see it float. My friends were all impressed by how good it sounded and how loud it was. My playlist was acoustic blues and bluegrass in case you want to know. At the end of the day I shook the water off of it and threw it in the back of my car. Today I turned it on and it still works fine. Also, all four battery indicators are still lit up so using the feature that charges your phone and other devices should not be a problem for its' battery. Nor should the stated 12 hour run time. If it sounded as good on all musical styles I would give it five stars. I believe it to be the best speaker for my purpose. It has been expertly implimented but could use a little improvement in handling certain musical styles. Nuff said.
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on January 11, 2015
I'm not a big reviewer of things. To date, I believe the only reviews I've posted on amazon are of a push-reel lawnmower that inspired me to write in the vein of Cormac McCarthy, and a execrable children's book that inspired only rage. But this ECOXGEAR speaker warranted a review, and here's why:

I buy a lot of stuff, particularly a lot of electronics. I'm a geek, and I'm always looking for new toys. Some of these work well; some don't. But only very, VERY rarely that does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it perfectly, with no flaws, glitches, or annoying niggles. This speaker is one of those rarities.

Some background: I bought this thing because I was looking for something to take along for tunes on my paddleboarding excursions. I needed something with 1) decent sound, (2) Bluetooth connectivity, and (3) waterproof. A secondary consideration was something that would float in case it went overboard, for easy retrieval.

The ECOXGEAR Eco Stone Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker does all of those things, and does them exceedingly well.

First off, it sounds fantastic, deep and rich, no tinniness like you'll get on some of the smaller speakers, with some solid bass. And it only sounds better the louder it gets, and it gets LOUD. I have premium outdoor audio speakers in my backyard wired to a Sonos, and since getting the Eco Stone, half the time I'll just use that instead because it's so easy and sounds so great.

Second: it's Bluetooth. It's a snap to pair. Unlike half my other Bluetooth devices, it STAYS paired; I've never had a single issue with it dropping connection or my phone somehow forgetting it exists.

Third: waterproof. As in, COMPLETELY waterproof. As in, I brought it into my bathtub and took it underwater to see how it sounds (and it sounded great, both underwater and after I brought it up again). So I can bungee this thing to the nose of my paddleboard and hit some waves and not have to worry twice about the salt water splashing on it or it going over the side (because, yeah, it floats). As a result, this thing has become my go-to accessory when I go out. It's part of my equipment check before I hit the water: life vest: check; paddle: check; speaker: check. I've attached a photo for illustrative purposes.

Some other attributes worthy of note:

Battery life is beyond solid, and it holds a charge for one hell of a long time (while listening to it tonight in my bathtub, I realized I hadn't plugged it in for weeks and it was still showing a 4/5th charge). Yes, it's a bit hefty, but I actually consider that a plus: bigger speaker equals better sound, and the girth makes it that much less likely to get lost at the bottom of a bag or in a drawer somewhere. The handle is super convenient. Build quality is absolutely top notch, all metal and solid, durable rubber, with none of the cheapness or chintziness that you get from some lower-end portable speakers (wiggly buttons, plastic coming loose, etc.) This sucker is build like a tank, and believe me, I've put it to the test. Besides the drowning in my bathtub, I have:

- dropped it multiple times while trying to carry a 12-foot paddleboard, paddle, and life vest
- left it outside in the rain after one too many margaritas
- left it in the shower for a couple days in a row (great acoustics in there)
- subjected it to several dozen hours of sun and saltwater

and it's still going strong.

So, in a nutshell, this thing rocks. As I said earlier, this Eco Stone was built for a purpose, and it does it perfectly. If you're looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to bring on your adventures, look no further.
review image
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I was so excited when I got this product that I immediately dropped what I was doing and started testing and analyzing this speaker system. My test results proved that this Bluetooth speaker is an outstanding product. I made a video about the features and how to use it. My video was 35% over the maximum size to even post. Please take the time to look at my video. I am sorry it may appear choppy but I had to crop it so much to make it fit the size requirements. I cover the set up and operation of the unit with your Bluetooth device.

This speaker is a rugged and industrial quality package that is great for the mobile device user who loves their music or audio books. It is easy to carry with two handles and the design is 100% waterproof for outdoor use and if dropped in water it even floats! The robust case is made of tough polycarbonate plastic covered with a rubber mold for waterproofing and shock resistance. The black speaker grill is even made of stainless steel.

The unit is totally mobile with an internal Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable and will operate the speaker for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The battery is an 1800 mAh battery that will recharge in about 2 hours. The unit comes with an AC wall charger and a USB cable to charge the battery with. You can also charge the speaker with your computer or laptop or the AC wall charger from one of your other devices that uses a 5 VDC USB connector. The wall charger is rated at 5 VDC and 1 Amp output.

The Bluetooth capability lets you stream music up to 33 feet away from the source device and you can use the speaker as a phone to talk into it and listen to the caller. The microphone is waterproof. The speaker has a solid sound and is good on the highs and lows. The unit comes with a carabineer to clip onto the speaker so you can use it on your backpack, tent or belt. It also has a lanyard to attach to the small water tight rear cover for the power input and auxiliary input jacks. Make sure that you use it so you cannot lose that cover as the unit will not be waterproof without it.

The unit controls are simple and nice. You have a power on/off button and a green LED to indicate that it is on. The Bluetooth button allows you to sync your device to the speaker and it flashes when it is looking for a pairing and it turns a solid blue Bluetooth symbol when it is connected. There is a power LED that is red when the battery is charging and green when the battery is fully charged. On the right hand side of the unit is a rocker volume switch and a phone button to allow you to use the speaker as a phone conversation device. The phone feature works well and it has great clarity on both ends of the conversation. An instruction manual is also included. It is brief but adequate.

The unit weighs in at 1 pound and 9 3/8 ounces on our precision scales. The unit will work only with a Kindle Fire using a wired connection to the auxiliary port and no cable is supplied but it is Bluetooth compatible with the new Kindle Fire HD units as they offer Bluetooth connectivity. Any device with a Bluetooth capability will work with the unit and it is great to use with an iPad for example while watching your Amazon Prime movies and TV programs. I have paired the speaker with three different Bluetooth devices and it worked quickly and easily to switch between and iPhone and an iPad. You will not believe the difference in the sound quality and benefits of having such a speaker. It turns your device into a real entertainment system.

This is an outstanding product and I strongly recommend it to you as a great device to own. It is a 5 star product.

I was provided a sample of this product for testing and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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I received a Grace Digital ExoXgear EcoStone bluetooth speaker at no cost for evaluation

Video Errata: I inadvertenly used the term "passive bass radiator" when in fact I should have said "subwoofer."

This is a large and moderately heavy (2 pounds 8 ounces) bluetooth speaker that has a build quality like none I've ever seen. As I mention in my video review, I feel like I could throw this against a brick wall and it would come away unscathed. It's waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, rugged and solid. Substantial metal grills covering the front and rear drivers. Silicone encased shell that feels very sturdy. This is the type of speaker I want for rugged outdoor activities like camping, frolicking on or near water, and more.

The power rating is 24 Watts (12 W x 2) The louder it plays the better it sounds. I don't think there are many speakers that are as durable and rugged as the EcoStone and certainly no other "waterproof" speaker that I've heard has as good a sound as this does. The frequency response is decent but not as good as some other speakers in this price range: 120Hz-18000kHz. The sound is good and probably louder than many other comparably priced speakers but I've heard better... the Creative Sound Blaster Roar comes to mind. But again, that other speaker can not boast about it's waterproof or ruggedized exterior. That is where the EcoStone really shines.

A few things that stand out for me are the seperate volume and track selection buttons. Instead of combining those functions on one button like so many other speaker, they are seperate on this speaker and that's a big plus. I also like the built-in flashlight. Since this is a speaker that can handle the outdoors easily, it's actually quite nice to have a flashlight built-in... so handy around the campsite.

I also like the big, chunky handle which is easy to grab and hold.

The access to the ports and master on/off switch is really well protected by a good sized and sturdy cover with O-ring. As long as you make sure there is no sand, dirt or grit on the seal, this provides the waterproof assurance you'd want if being around water or getting caught in the rain.

Another feature that I like is the USB output that can enable you to charge or power another device. Clearly this is not going to be a primary batterypack, but more of an emergency backup in certain situations.

This has a 1/4" tripod mount on the bottom that opens up possibilities on how and where you can mount this speaker. You can also order an optinal Suction Cup mount that takes advantage of that tripod mount.

It's also got handsfree built in. Some bluetooth speakers with handsfree enable you to initiate voice commands through the speaker, but not so with the EcoStone. Although you can not initiate a call from the speaker, you can answer and end calls from it. Unfortunately people said they could not hear me at all... not even if I was literally yelling at the speaker from an inch away. And callers voices sounded a little distorted or fuzzy. I may have a speaker with a defective microphone or handsfree function.

Overall this is a great choice for anyone looking for a waterproof and rugged outdoor speaker.
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on July 15, 2013
i picked this up because i'm going on a canoe trip in a couple weeks, and i wanted to have music playing out of something louder than a phone or a little bluetooth plug-in type speaker. since most of the time will be spent on the water, i wanted to have something waterproof as well. a few minutes of searching amazon turned up this and a couple other products from grace digital. i decided to buy this particular speaker because it looked to be the most versatile and rugged of the options, without being crazy expensive.

first thing i noticed was its build quality. the handles/top/bottom are covered in soft black rubber for grip and shock protection. the speaker grille is metal and feels very sturdy. the buttons are a bit stiff, but considering they're under a layer of protective rubber, that's fine. it came with a bit of a charge on the battery, but i went ahead and charged it up fully before testing it out.

first impression of the sound quality was better than i had expected. these little speakers really pack a good punch! they have decent full-range response, and you can actually hear the low bass (it's not booming by any means, but the presence is still far better than my expectation). it doesn't sound weak or "tinny", and the high-frequency response was also clean without being harsh. it took full volume on my phone and the speaker both, and a pretty loud song, before i could get distortion to occur. and even then it was minimal.

since getting this, i have had it out in the backyard several times for an hour or so, always piping the bluetooth to it at about half volume. then yesterday, i took it out to an outdoor party and ran it via bluetooth for almost 8 hours straight at about 75% volume. the phone died from streaming pandora, but the speaker was still going strong. i actually don't know how to tell if it's about dead, because i haven't run it out of power or had to recharge it since the initial charge i gave it over a week ago. total listening time has got to be 12-15 hours on this first charge. amazing!

i haven't tested its waterproof abilities yet, but i plan on doing that next weekend on the river, and i'll come back here and update my review then. my friends are excited to have a waterproof, floating, bluetooth, battery-powered speaker available to enjoy music with. sounds like my and my wife's canoe will the the popular one!

well, we made it back alive, and so did the ecoxbt. it ran just fine all day, strapped on its back to the top of our cooler. it was never fully underwater, but it got drenched several times. there were also times when the speaker cones would fill with water and the sound would get pretty muffled, but i would just dump it out and it would be fine again.

only thing i noticed that kinda concerned me was that the back cover that protects the charging port and line in had water in underneath it when i popped the cap off. the reason i popped the cap off was because the volume suddenly decreased. i thought perhaps it was going dead, so i pulled the cap off to charge it. when i did, the volume came right back up and some water poured out. it's possible that the water was causing some kind of short, which was draining power from the amp and therefore decreasing the volume, hard to say. it still works fine, so i'm not sure if this is a defect or just the result of a lot of water inevitably making its way into the speaker. will update again if problem persists, or if speaker shows signs of damage as a result.

update #2 3/10/15
so i've had this bt speaker for close to two years now. it still sounds awesome, and it looks as good as the day i bought it new. i haven't had the same problem as was noted in update #1, so i'm starting to wonder if perhaps i didn't have the back cover seated securely and water worked its way in because of that. the battery has held up very well. i actually used it over the weekend for several hours. it had been buried in the trunk of my car for about three months when i found it. i didn't have to recharge it at all, and it still managed to make music for 6 hours before i turned it off. it may not have the same charge capacity as it did new, but it still offers several hours of playback after almost two years. once again, i'm very impressed.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 13, 2014
Edited: I've updated my review to 5 stars after contacting Customer Service and getting a new wireless speaker. The issue with the charger housing has been resolved and is now very sturdy. I highly recommend this speaker--but I'm very glad I kept my receipt handy for 1 year!

I loved this wireless speaker since I ordered it in January. It easily connects to my devices and produces an amazing amount of sound for something so tiny. The whole thing is completely waterproof and will bounce if you drop it. Awesome!

Why am I leaving a 1-star review if it's this awesome, you might ask? Good question.

There's one major product flaw: The speaker eventually becomes completely useless once it can't be charged anymore. The housing for the charger port on mine just completely fell INSIDE the speaker. The alternate auxiliary charge port won't work either. I've had this amazing speaker for slightly less than 1 year and now it's a $90 paperweight. Such a shame for something that was great and got so much use around my house.
review image
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hello A. Bowles, You are covered by us with a one year warranty, we would be more than happy to repair your unit. Please go ahead and give us a call at 866-446-0961 Monday -Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm Friday 9:00am-12:00pm PST
or email us at customerservice @ gracedigital dot com. Hope you have a nice day !
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 21, 2013
As rugged as the speaker is the power cord insert broke the 2nd charging. Rugged and waterproof do no good if it won't charge, Waste of good money.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
I'm sorry to hear about your ECOXBT. You're covered by us for a 1 year warranty. You only need to send the unit into us with a warranty repair form which you can get at gracesupport dot com. We have strengthened that weld in subsequent shipments.
on January 11, 2016
This speaker worked great until the USB charging input completely broke. Initially it was just a little bit flaky, where I'd have to jiggle the power input to get it to charge; but, just this last week, the metal input piece fell into the unit completely. It appears from reviews that many others have had this same problem.

As far as functionality, besides the terrible USB charging input, the speaker worked great. I used it while doing things throughout my house and never had a problem pairing it with my iPhone or laptop via bluetooth.

I'm attempting to repair the item on my own, but if I cannot fix it, I will definitely be looking at another company's products for my next bluetooth speaker.
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Review downgraded from 5 stars to 4 stars (see update dated 8/12/2013 at the end of the review for details)

I tested Grace Digital ECOXGEAR Bluetooth speakers with Android devices using Bluetooth (Nexus 7 Tab, Galaxy Nexus Phone, Galaxy 7.7 Tab) and using a audio plug for non-Bluetooth Sansa Clip+ MP3 player. I found the speaker had a nice rich sound that can be made quite loud. I paired with my bluetooth devices flawlessly and worked with an audio plug as well for my Sansa MP3 player. It really enriched my listening pleasure - the sound is so much better! Plus it extended the distance of where the sound is available from my devices. My computer is on the second floor study. Normally the Bluetooth connection on my computer allows me to listen to the devices on the first floor, but not on the deck off my first floor. With a ECOXGEAR Bluetooth speaker I can listen to my tablet and mp3 while on the deck, plus I don't have to worry about exposing the tablet to sun and water. Note that under manufacture warnings for ECOXGEAR (included at the end of this review) it is mentioned to avoid exposing the speaker to direct sun.

I don't usually use my phone with an external speaker, but for the completeness of the review I made a call using speaker and ask my friend on the other side if I sound any different. She said I sounded clear and not any different from normal.

Some negatives:
' The speaker has 4 buttons: power, bluetooth, volume + and volume -. There is no way to pause, stop/play, or skip directly from the speaker.
' [update 8/12/2013] If the speaker is connected with an audio cable it plays for 10 minutes and then shuts off. In a bluetooth mode it plays for as long as you want. I normally listen to the speaker in the bluetooth mode so this limit does not interfere with my use of the speaker, but it is worth mentioning.

I am attaching a photo collage of 8 photos number 1 through for reference in this review.

Photo #1 shows everything that came in a package: in addition to the speaker, the package included a charging cable, a narrow profile charger that takes up only one slot on the power strip, a leash for the gasket covering outlets on the back, and a small carabiner clip (which I have not found use for yet).
The speaker is positioned next to the ruler for size reference. It is 9 inches in the widest part (handle-to-handle), 3.75 inches in height, the bottom is 2.5 inches wide. Photo #5 shows the speaker on the digital scale weighing in at 1 pound 9.2 oz. It is a substantial piece of equipment, best suited for using on the deck or at pool side. It is a bit heavy for hiking, where I watch every extra pound I bring along. Note that my measurements are slightly different from the Amazon weight and size measurements, noticing this difference I re-measured and confirmed the accuracy of measurements.

Photo #2 shows the gasket covering USB and audio jacks. If you compare photo #1 which shows the gasket on, and photo #2 which shows the gasket off you can see how the design on the back of the speaker helps you position the gasket in the proper way. Positioning the gasket correctly assures waterproof tightness of speaker. And it works! I put the speaker under the faucet for a test, then dried the outside, and re-opened the gasket - it was completely dry.

Photo #3 shows the speaker upside down. The bottom of the speaker is 2.5 inches wide and has some textured, so the speaker stands very securely with a good balance.

Photo #4 shows the back of the speaker with a gasket on the leash. Initially I was not going to use the leash, as the speaker looks better without it when the gasket is closed. However, when I used it with an MP3 with an audio cable I misplaced the gasket. After finding it, it was immediately leashed!

Photo #6 shows the top of the unit. From the left:
- The first button is a power button, it is green when the unit is turned on. When you turn it on it generate 1 short beep to indicate it is on.
- The second (blue) button is bluetooth. When you want to pair the speaker with the device you press the button, the light will flash quickly and beep twice to indicate that the speaker awaits pairing. At this point you can go into bluetooth setting on your device and connect. Photo #7 shows "EXOXGEAR" appearing on my Galaxy 7.7 tablet. Once the device and the speaker are paired the speaker will issues 2 short beeps and the blue light stops flashing, when the unit is paired the color is steady blue. Photo #4 shows power on and bluetooth on state of the unit.
- The third button (red) is battery indicator. When this button is red in indicates that the unit is charging, when it turns green it means the charging is completed and the unit is fully charged. Photo #6 was taken when the unit is charging. Note this is another situation where the gasket is off and a leash is handy.
- The forth button (with plus/minus labels) is the volume button. One short beep is issued when the maximum volume is reached. To reach the absolute loudest volume possible both the device and the speaker should be at maximum level.
- The fifth button can be used to answer phone calls if the speaker is paired with the phone. You can listen to the caller on the speaker and talk over the built-in microphone.

Photo #8 shows me holding one of the handy handles on the speaker. Each size of the speaker has a handle. Pretty handy!

The unit can be charged while playing the music. However, if you plug in a charger while the speaker is playing the speaker will turn off. You need to turn it on again, as well as re-enable bluetooth connection. The first time it happened I thought I could not charge the speaker and listen to it at the same time, but it is possible if you restart the speaker.

The charging colors on the speaker (red for charging, green for full) are lit only when the charging cable is connected. If charging cable is disconnected the status of the battery is not shown.

Often I get extra insight into a gadget by reading the manufacturer's warnings. Here is the complete list of ECOXGEAR speakers manufacture's CARE, MAINTENANCE & PRECAUTIONS:
1. Although the unit is waterproof when the CAP is properly closed, the unit is NOT designed for use under water. Do NOT intentionally submerge the unit underwater.
2. Close the CAP properly before use. If the unit is placed in water
without the cap properly closed, water may enter into the unit and void your warranty.
3. Dry unit completely before opening the cap. Do NOT open the cap if wet or in a wet environment.
4. Do NOT apply excessive force to any surfaces of the unit when wet or in a wet environment.
5. Do NOT use or store the unit in places with high temperature.
6. AVOID direct exposure to sunlight and strong magnetic fields.
7. Periodically check the rubber seal ring on the cap for premature wear.
8. Periodically clean the rubber seal ring with a soft moist cloth and ensure no objects such as dirt,
hair, sand are on the rubber seal ring. Do NOT use any oily solvent or chemicals for cleaning.
9. Rinse off the unit with tap water after use in salt water or swimming pool.
10. Power the unit using the built-in rechargeable battery for portable use and connect the USB cord
to a computer USB connection or to an AC outlet using the AC-to-USB cord adapter to charge unit.
11. Noise and audio distortion may occur when the batteries are nearing end of charge.
12. Do NOT remove the built-in battery. Do NOT remove the grill cover.

I received Grace Digital ECOXGEAR speakers for testing from the manufacturer to write an honest and unbiased review and you will find both pluses and minuses of my experience in this review. If you have any questions on features I covered I am always happy to answer comments.

Overall, I am pleased with the speaker. It provides rich sounds and extends the use of my electronic devices to an area I could not reach before.

Ali Julia review

Update: 8/12/2013
I received a query via email that asked me to test the speaker with an audio cable. I normally listen to the speaker via bluetooth. I unpaired the tablet from the speaker, connected the same tablet to the speaker with an audio cable and speaker worked very nicely for 10 minutes and then turned off. The tablet was still running (not asleep). In the bluetooth mode I listen to the speaker for a lot longer than 10 minutes without the speaker turning off, but in a wired mode it only stays on for exactly 10 minutes.
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on November 9, 2015
This would be a 5 star review, if the device hadn't died right after the one year warranty expired (I always find that suspicious). However, it did die. As others have said, it stopped charging.

Since the warranty was up, I opened the device up to see what caused the issue. There was a white reside all over the inside; it looked like oxidized metal powder to me, which the rust/corrosion on the metal components would help explain. Obviously, the waterproofing had failed.

Now, I took this speaker camping and on float trips, and it did last most of two summers, so it was pretty durable, but I still dislike that a waterproof speaker failed due to being used exactly for it's intended use.

- Fairly loud
- Battery lasts around 8 hours
- Bluetooth range is decent (10m or 30ft, maybe?)
- Durable, rubberized housing
- I paired a ton of devices with it, and all worked
- Floats when it falls out of your canoe
- The buttons are a bit stiff, and seemingly durable
- It's fairly well constructed, except, as others have mentioned, the charging port (that's where I think it leaked)

- The waterproofing failed
- Sometimes, there is a bit of audio lag when watching video on a paired tablet
- The buttons are a bit stiff, and somewhat difficult to tell if you've pushed them or not
- It's fairly well constructed, except, as others have mentioned, the charging port (that's where I think it leaked)

Advice for manufacturer:
- Good job, but in the next version, replace the push in rubber gasket seal for the charging port with a circular screw cap with a rubber gasket
- You can see from the pics there's corrosion on the speakers, the housing, the chip heat spreader, and the aux port (and all of this was after cleaning)
review image review image review image review image
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