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Size: 32 GBColor: BlueChange
Price:$18.83+ $4.54 shipping
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on March 27, 2013
It is a spacious drive and quite inexpensive, but it writes very slowly for a USB 2.0 device and is unreliable with data. Mine is used mostly for unimportant temporary backups and transferring files between machines. It will occasionally corrupt files and now it's not reporting free space correctly. It has only just been filled to capacity with data and very little has been deleted, so the memory shouldn't be anywhere near worn-out. This drive uses a Phison memory controller. EMTEC puts a black sticker over the memory chip itself so you can't see who made it, which I think is a bit deceptive.

In my opinion, spending another $5 for flash drive from a big name in memory like Sandisk, PNY, Kingston or Crucial or one that at least uses Hyundai or Hynix memory is money better spent.
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on July 11, 2013
This USB drive looks ok, it has a cool design and good size, but the performance is unbelievably poor. It's extremely slow, even when I'm trying to transfer Word files, which are small, it takes considerably more time than similar USB flash drives. Also, the LED light that indicates that the device is working blinks, but then stays on, ¿is that normal?
Very disappointed with this product, speed is everything, and it just fails.
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on May 22, 2014
Date is May 2014. I have every size of Emtec C400 Candy Series USB 2.0 Flash Drives marketed in North America from size 2 GB up to 64 GB (in multiple quantities). All sizes of this drive are similar except for the color and capacity and this review applies to all. Emtec C400 USB flash drives are also marketed in other parts of the world but the color scheme might be different.

I have been very happy with my Emtec C400 flash drives and that is why I have so many. Particularly pleasing is the ability to see the indicator light from almost any angle because the plastic case for these drives is translucent.

The indicator light on old Emtec flash drives only lite up when the drive was being accessed (reading and writing). However recently, Emtec changed the way the indicator light works.

The indicator light (on drives coming off the assembly line right now) will now remain lit 100% of the time. In standby mode, the indicator light is now steady-solid on. When accessed, the indicator light now flickers. In either case, the indicator light is now lit 100% of the time (on new Emtec flash drives).

Sorry Emtec but the indicator light on a properly operating USB flash drive should operate as follows:
(a) when I plug the flash drive in, the indicator light flickers briefly to indicate that the PC recognizes it
(b) in standby mode, the indicator light is not lit
(c) the indicator light only lights (flickers) when I am reading-writing from-to the drive

Any other method of operation is not proper operation for a USB flash drive.

I wrote to Emtec to inquire.
Their response follows:


Good afternoon Steve,

The steady red light that you are experiencing is an indication that your USB drive has power, while the flashing red light is an indication of disk activity such as reading and writing. These EMTEC drives are not defective, just different. At this time we are not sure if this will be a permanent fixture on the USB drives, or if we will return to the previous models.

Kind Regards, EMTEC Support Team-US and Canada

7611 Green Meadows Drive | Lewis Center, Ohio 43035



Ok, thank you Emtec Tech Support. I understand what you have written.
Unfortunately, you are incorrect. Your "new" drives are screwed up. My PCs have problems with them. Several (of the "new" ones) I have purchased are not recognized by my PCs. Linux cannot "see" your new flash drives and Linux is not able to boot up in live mode from your "new" USB flash drives.


Technical Support
Tech Support <>

Friday 13 June 2014

Thank you for your return email.
In fact, these new USB flash drives are defective.

The details can be found in my review at the following URL:
Look for my name, Steve Jones

get the entire web link

I realize that you, the technical person, did not make the decision to
radically change your C400 Candy series USB drives. Please foward
this email to your boss with instructions to forward it up the chain
of command.

I have been a loyal buyer of your products.
I will never buy your USB flash drives again.
In my opinion, your management are a bunch of fools.
NOBODY wants their USB Flash drives to operate as these new ones operate.
You had a great product. Your new C400 flash drives are not acceptable.

Thank you


The new Emtec flash drives have the same part number (sku number) as the old. They look the same. Nothing about the retail package alerts the retail purchaser to this change.

The method of operation described in Emtec's email is not acceptable.
I do not want my USB flash drives to operate that way.

I love the old Emtec drives. I cannot tolerate the new Emtec drives.

With the old Emtec USB drives, I am able to boot my Linux systems directly from the flash drive.
With the "new" Emtec USB drives, my PCs have quite a problem recognizing them.
I am not able to boot into Linux live mode using the "new" Emtec flash drives.

Honestly Emtec, I wonder just how stupid you folks are.
You had a great product.
You screwed with it until it does not work correctly.
When sales of this item drop, look in the mirror.

Going forward, I will be buying other brands of USB Flash drives.
Unfortunately Emtec, I will never buy another Emtec USB flash drive.

Dear Emtec: When any computer maker radically changes a product, the maker should market that NEW item using different sku numbers and part numbers.
Marketing a NEW product using the same-old packaging and same-old sku numbers is offensive to your customers.

Do not buy this product.
You cannot guess whether you will get the old product which works correctly or you will get the "new" revised product which does not work correctly.
Buy some other brand of flash drive.

I am a real person.
I really used to buy this product.
I will never buy this product again.
I recommend that you do not buy a single one.

Thank you
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on January 16, 2014
This review is by all means not a technical review, my skills are not advanced enough to do that.

However, totally accidentally, I found out information, which I want to share: This little flash drive passed my 'accidental' washing machine test. I washed it in/with my jeans, normal wash, in cold water, full cycle. When I found the flash drive as I took out the laundry I put rice in a bowl, put a sheet of toilet paper on top of the rice, then the jump drive with slightly opened but still attached cap, then another sheet of toilet paper (to keep rice dust out of the jump drive), and more rice on top of the second piece of toilet paper. I left the jump drive like that for 24 hrs. It works like a breeze, all data is still present and uncorrupted.

Way to go. I am very pleased with the performance.

Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger
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on August 18, 2012
Picked up a 4GB (red) for 5.99 on sale at OfficeMax. Aside from the fact that it has an attractive form factor (other capacities come in other colors), it works flawlessly on both my computers. The cap snaps on or off, and can snap onto the back end of the drive when the drive is in use, so as not to get lost. I have a lanyard attached to mine, so I can't do this, but that option is there. I also had an 8GB Sandisk Cruzer that didn't play very nicely with my 7 year old Dell desktop (worked fine with my 2 year old Asus laptop though). This thing blows the Cruzer out of the water in comparison, although I'm not sure if my issue was a compatibility issue or just a defective drive.

Some people may perfer larger capacities, but 4 GB is plenty for me so far. At first glance, it may look cheap because it's made of see-through plastic, but it is as light as a stick of gum and has proven to be most durable. I've had other flash drives before, but this one is currently the main one that I'm using, and no complaints!
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on January 4, 2016
Bought one of these for $8 at CVS being clear they were just begging to get it. more because I just knew they were fake. Sure enough. Flash drive tester I have gets about 5 1/2 gb in and blanks out. so it's really a 5 gb card maybe , while labeled as 8 gb. still not horrible for $8 I'll just have to low format it so it'll always show up as a 5 gb card so I don't lose stuff.. Is it slow? Not Toshiba slow. Design is the same too. If I took them both out of the housing the look spot on the same except Toshiba is a 3.0 drive and it's slower. And dead. didn't last 2 months. $20 ouch. lost alot of info off that. I keep alot of these drives around for small things that need transferring but where I leave a copy on the drive I'm taking it from..
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on May 8, 2015
Cheaply made flash drive that has one of the slowest write speed I've ever seen. The protective cap fits on the opposite end when in use, but it doesn't fit very securely and most people will probably want to just chuck it. The activity light is extremely bright and annoying, since the plastic case is transparent. The light is always on or flashing. I used this drive in my car stereo's USB port and the bright red light flashes continuously. Really annoying and distracting when driving in the dark. Won't ever buy another of this cheap brand.
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on January 16, 2016
Hah Hah Someone messed up because I wasn't disappointed in the Pen Drive when it arrived but it wasn't the colorful Blue Candy. No matter, it still was the right capacity and works like a charm and besides at least the other Candy I ordered did show up as expected. Everyone makes mistakes and this one didn't cost anyone a dime or any time. Enjoy but if it happens to you and you don't like it? Return it for the one you ordered. You'll get it.
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on June 5, 2014
Loaded files, (PDF's & DOC files), on first day. Able to view and access normally.
On second day, files corrupted. Cannot open, print or access.

Reformatted drive. All appears normal. Reloaded files.
Was able to access one time. On second attempt, files unreadable.

Won't buy EMTec again. Would NOT recommend purchase.
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on June 7, 2012
I love this flash drive, it has the perfect design. Sleek and compact with a well-fitting cap - as mentioned in the description, the cap can be placed on the non-connecting end of the drive so it doesn't get lost.
The drive has worked well and been reliable for me.
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