ESV Study Bible for Kindle on iPad Has anyone tried the ESV Study Bible using the Kindle app on an iPad? I'd appreciate hearing any feedback. Thanks.
asked by Amazon Customer on August 25, 2012
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No, though I have looked at the ESV Study Bible on a MacBook Pro and a Nexus 7. It works fine on the MacBook. Unfortunately, when opening the ESV Study Bible on a Nexus 7 (or my Samsung Galaxy S4 (both running the Android version of Kindle) it CONSISTENTLY HANGS when attempting to navigate the books and chapters. On one out of 4 tries, I will get to a readable page, the rest of the time the Kindle app ends seems to sit in a transitional state, pausing in the middle of going from a table of contents or chapter selection page to the selected target. In these cases the target page never opens and the app will also not let you get back to the previous page. This is too bad because I am sure it has excellent content. I don't have problems running other Kindle books. Removing and re-downloading the book (and the Kindle application) has not resolved this issue.
Gregory Corker answered on June 6, 2013
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