Customer Reviews: EVGA GeForce GTX 580 3072 MB GDDR5 PCB PCI Express 2.0 2DVI/Mini-HDMI SLI Ready Limited Lifetime Warranty Graphics Card, 03G-P3-1584-AR
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on July 24, 2011
I'm 41 years old, I'm not young. I have owned many video cards. This card is by far the best. The best part, is that it runs cool! And incredibly stable. One card is enough....but I bought a 2nd one for SLI. It laughs at anything I throw at it, and stays cool. My 3- gtx 285s were way too hot. This card is phenominal. I pulled them apart and scraped off the thermal grease, and upgraded them to Arctic Silver. After breakin, Im getting very low idle temps, even with hot ambient conditions (I live in CA). Under load, they never get above 82C, and I put a huge load on them, with often high ambient temps.
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on October 30, 2011
This is a very outstanding product.

I bought this item because i use an Intel i5 3.06Ghz so i wanted to test if a better card would give me a change to move fom Flight Simulator 2004 to FSX. It worth it!

I run the simulator under moderate slider adjustments, but it works! Improoves your flying experience a lot, dont mention the textures and image quality. Once in the past i though that my LG 21 inches lcd monitor wasnt good enough or my blackberry was not like good enough to take pictures directly to my monitor and share on Facebook or BB Groups, but i found that my old Nvidia 9600GT was the problem, because i have stunning views with this card and using the same proccesor.

Other games? Well, it just eates any other game graphics. It runs Battlefield 3 with full sliders and 1920x1080 as a candy.... No more comments...

I got to warn you about the power requirements. This card is a dragon! gets 70 or more degrees celcius hot sometimes, and you should have a very good blowing machine to cool this Dragon down(Tower case with very good ventilation system). Another thing is that you should consider of buying a 700W+ power supply. i boutgh a 1000W; they are not cheap but if you try to use this card with old ATX power supplys with less than 700W, you might get CTD, Image problems, and some other issues you can google and find out before...

After that, i recommend this card 101% for flight simulator purposes. Another thing: Its time resistant: The Flight Simulator X requires lot of proccesor resources, even more than Video card, not even the great Intel i7 Extreme can handle the FSX with full graphic sliders, so, since FSX is unable to handle/take advantage of the dual core GPUs, you don need a better card to play FSX. So just do not buy the i7 Extreme yet, lets wait for another more powerfull and see...

About the Nvidia support. Its very good, responses are fast and their drivers are updated very often, specially for this product(one of their top 1 2011 products). I havent hand any problems, just questions and doubts about overclocking, just to clarify i havent had any problems with my Dragon...

I got to thank Amazon's fast service, my god, not even once its been late, in fact i mooved from Ebay to Amazon because of that, Amazon is reliable and the packaging is just outstanding(including and specially this videocard handling). I live in the Dominican Republic and got the videocard in amazing 4 days! 2 days by Amazon and two more with my currier service, and as a fact of magic i was there, on that friday after work installing my little dragon. So yeah, Amazon is just the best service for internet buying ever, my god...!

Enjoy this card, Buy it and dont drive your mind into more research! This one really worth it! ;-)
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on November 9, 2011
This car is great for a single GPU solution. Max performance in current games!
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on December 3, 2011
I bought this card to replace my Dual SLI EVGA Gtx 465 Setup. The result is as expected. At a price of $600 ,I wouldn't expect anything less from it. I get the same temperatures as i did with my 465's: 67 degrees celcius under full load but with lesser fan speeds so MUCH less noise. I get much more performance, it succeeds where my 465's failed .I max out everything at 1920x1200 and all of that at stock clocks with ,of course, not the slightest lag or stutter. I'm not even going to bother overclocking this card because i will see no improvement in gameplay. This is a true out of the box monster and the reference design of the PCB makes your card versatile. You can change your cooler, add a backplate, put a waterblock etc... EVGA's lifetime warranty makes it even better and the "POWERED BY EVGA" sticker is the sweetest looking one i've ever seen, a really nice touch, a really great card.

Other thoughts: 3072 MB of Vram is NOT overkill for 1920x1200 some games require that much. So go ahead, buy it.
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on April 15, 2012
That one word says it all. This card is fast I'm running it stock and it does a WindoZ Experience of 7.9 easily. In fact I'm sure it exceeds it.

I'm running Skyrim in Ultra mode. Fraps shows continuous 60fps, (Skyrim defaults to Vertical Sync)
Left4Dead never goes below 50 with all options set to high or better.

So far I've found no reason to overclock.
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on February 9, 2012
This is a great video card. It handles games amazingly well with pretty much every setting cranked up to max. I used it to replace a GTX 460SE and the difference is practically night and day for graphically demanding games.

Looking back though, I've been monitoring the memory usage on this card and I rarely go over 1200MB of VRAM usage, so getting the 3GB card may have been overkill in my case. However, this card is more future proof and I know that if I ever decide to go SLI having twice the VRAM will come in very handy. If you never plan on getting a second one though I would recommend just getting the 1.5GB version and putting the difference towards another upgrade somewhere else (CPU, faster RAM, etc) which might have a bigger impact on your overall FPS.

Still, if you want to have the best single GPU card that NVIDIA makes, this is it. And EVGA's warranty is top notch, so there's that too.

Just an FYI, with the excellent airflow of my case I was able to get this thing overclocked pretty well on just air cooling. I'm currently running the core clock at 880MHz, the shader clock at 1760MHz, and the memory clock at 2080MHz at 1.125v. It's rock stable for me (with maybe even room to go higher) but this is where I've decided to stop for now. I never see my card go above 70c at these settings, although the fan does get pretty loud to keep it that cool (I have custom fan thresholds set up in MSI Afterburner that favor cool over quiet). YMMV, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of how much this card can overclock if you're careful and have good airflow in your case.
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on December 20, 2011
I'll keep this review short and to the point. I am able to run all of the current games at their highest graphical settings while using this graphics card. It installed easily, offered immediate improvement, and is well supported by the manufacturer with both drivers and a helpful community. Don't skimp by buying from some no-name product. EVGA won't steer you wrong.
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on December 24, 2011
This is at the moment the most powerful single GPU vid card in the market, it maxes out all my games in 1900x1200, havent tried it on my bigger monitor yet, waiting to sli them or just switch to a gtx690 when it comes out in about 1/2 a year, since I don't feel any game would give me trouble with this card in that time frame, the only game that gives it a workout is the Witcher 2 with ubersampling, averaging about 39 FPS with it on max settings and uber on, oc'ed to 900mhz core, 1800mhz shader, 2050 memory.

Does not go past 70C at lout with my cooling set up on air, however stock cooler could be better, but I went with this card as the Classified is sold out and I like EVGAS products and their lifetime warranty.
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on December 9, 2012
I'm no computer guru who know how to overclock (and i don't care honestly) but i know enough about computers and can assemble them from scratch and find out what i need for my budget.

Forgive me for below introduction, it is just to build credibility for my review since I'm no technicial review master (for proper technical reviews, use Google, that's what i used when decided to buy this card):
I assembled my computer back in 2009 with i7 3.2Ghz processor, SSD drive, 10K rpm WD drive, Gigabyte MOBO, Thermaltake Armor+ case, Kingston 6GB of DDR3 PC3 2000 Mhz. In other words it was a supercomputer for its time except for the graphics card i had at that time XFX 8800 GTX (bought during 2006) which was fine during 2009 but as the games went on more graphics intensive the card gave up when i played Crysis 2 in 2011 where I had to put down the game graphic contents to half in order to play the game!

After researching the Internet for most recommended manufacturer and what GPU is best for me and my pocket, I decided to go for this card despite by time of purchase the EVGA 590 was out but it was $400 more expensive!!
Also to add value for the review, it is worth to mention that recently i bought ASUS 27" LED 120Hz monitor since this card supports 120Hz output if you combine its two DVI ports using the DVI Y cable provided with the monitor! Cool!

Currently I play all latest games: Black Ops 2, SWTOR, Battle Field 3, MW3, Civilizations 5, and many others. I have the FRAPS display running in games and also on screen display for the EVGA software to monitor GPU temperature and FAN speed too.

For now i can remember only the Black Ops 2 & SWTOR because i've been playing them recently more than others: FRAPS never went below 90 (they hit 111 when my character is idle in the game) and GPU temperature doesn't go above 65c because I have configured EVGA software to auto-increase fan speed by its self as temp goes up. The GPU utilization is between %90 and %95 when in the game, idle or moving.

Now as i said I'm no guru, so I am assuming the high FRAPS rate because i have the 120Hz output from two DVI's thus the FRAPS program is reading them as one, so if you divide by 2 this means the actual FRAPS will be around 45-55 frames per second, which is still considerably V.Good if you ask me. As long as i'm not seeing any hiccups or lag in the game graphics motion, or even seeing some belated loading of in game graphics, i am very happy. And i can tell you i get VERY PISSED off for any tiny small hiccup or graphics loading while playing and so far non of the games have had any incident at all.

So, no over clocking, no customized settings or water cooling, just a simple game-loving person who likes to play all recent games at highest details without any single delay or lag. This card satisfies all my requirements for above, and it is reasonably priced. I highly recommend it for enthusiast gamers.
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on November 29, 2015
I did not buy this here. I bought this when it was new, $669 roughly. I loved this card and will say it was the beast... I had it teamed up with 8 gig of ddr3 1333, an ivy bridge i5 liquid cooled mounted on the z77 sabertooth 1 TB HHD in the famous Corsair T60* whatever it was called... Looked like a stormtrooper. This machine was the best I had it play Ultra on every game past 2012 until my paycheck was lost in mail and had to sell it along with my computer for 900 that was including my 26 inch Samsung Monitor alone was 600 new in 09... Anyhow if I were to build a computer again it will always be an EVGA GPU!!!
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