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Format: Video Game|Change
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on February 19, 2014
I'm not going to go into the history of the series or anything here. I will keep this brief. If you are a fan of EDF, you need this right now. It looks better. It sounds better. The buildings blow up better. It has more guns. It has more enemies. It has more missions (around 90 based on completion percentages). It has hilariously stupid ragdoll physics. It has four unique classes that have very different play styles. It has split-screen and four player online coop. This is the best EDF has ever been and it's glorious. Hours and hours of mindless, bug dismembering (a new visual touch), robot dismantling fun. Everything that made 2017 one of the best coop experiences ever is back in full force (I'm pretty sure it's based on the same engine, in fact), but even more fun than before. It even has customizable controls and auto-saves! If you need some ridiculous, explosive fun with infinite ammo and a missile launcher called the AIR TORTOISE that works exactly like its name would suggest, look no further, because this is the gold standard for big, stupid B sci fi movie awesomeness. Prepare to vaporize thousands of Giant Insects and don't let those pesky buildings stand in your way. Join the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE.
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on March 20, 2014
The frame rate can get terribly bogged down.
The graphics can look a bit too simplistic.
The enemy web projectiles can clip through buildings and hit you blocks away.
The controls are sometimes extremely terrible.

But that doesn't matter, because we are the EDF!

Charge forth with only your wits and a grenade launcher that shoots 25 grenades at once.
Speed is life as you fly around as a swimsuit model with a fighter jet smashed on to her, raining down lightning as a thunder god.
Break through the shield screen in power armor and smash the enemy with a giant hammer that does 12000 damage.
Allies await your call to deliver rail gun tanks, laser-shooting helicopters, giant mechs, or a missile the size of a skyscraper.

The enemy is covering the earth. Fight and take back the sky!
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on February 21, 2014
I saw this game a few years ago on my Japanese PS3 account and thought it looked interesting. I, however, did not know it was coming to the U.S. as well. Being a person who has never played the series nor heard of it till this installment, I had no idea what to expect upon playing it.
Upon starting the game, the first item that appears is the option to create a save file, standard game setup. Once you have created a file to your liking, you are then brought to a screen where you have the options of offline missions, online missions, and versus (pvp). Offline missions allow you and/or a friend to go through the game. Online missions allow the player and/ or friend to go online and play co-op with others online in the same missions as offline mode I believe. Finally, versus mode sounds exactly as it sounds. You and a friend go one on one in combat to see who has better skills. Going back to the missions, they can takes place across levels featuring destructible environments, taking place in settings such as cities, beaches, hills, underground tunnels and more. There is no penalty for collateral damage that is inflicted on the environment by the player, for instance when buildings crumble after sustaining a few hits from a rocket launcher or grenade. Other EDF soldiers can be recruited or followed, and attack enemies on sight, as well as provide radio chatter. There are several difficulty levels. More effective weapons are dropped by the enemies in the game at the higher difficulty levels, encouraging players to repeat the missions. In addition to weapons, armor enhancements which function as permanent maximum health bonuses are dropped along with healing items.
The difficulty levels are:
• Easy
• Normal
• Hard
• Hardest
• Inferno

Before you start a mission on any mode (not sure about Vs. though), you will have options to start the mission, change class and weapons, and game options. I was very pleased with the class options and the choices for weapons. The weapons start few in number but grow more as you play the game. On the other hand, each class feels very unique and useful in their own way in combat. The four “new” soldier classes are ranger, wing diver, air raider, and Fencer.
• The Ranger is composed of foot infantry capable of using several vehicles and mechas. The weapon selection for the Ranger class is the most versatile out of the four. Using assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers, missile launchers, grenades, flame throwers, acid guns, the genocide gun and more. Many variations of each weapon type are also available to the ranger. The Rangers travelling speed is average.
• The Wing Diver, the airborne class composed exclusively of women who use high tech weaponry and jet packs. Their weaponry is primarily based on plasma and laser technology. The Wing Divers travelling speed is average, unless the class is using the jet pack. In which case, the Wing Diver has the fastest travelling speed in the game.
• The Air Raider, class specialized in the assistance of infantry and airborne soldiers. He uses special explosives and grenade launchers. The Air Raiders travelling speed is average. He is also capable of:
o Deploying health recovery field generators and force shields.
o Summoning vehicles into the battlefield
o Ordering air raids over designated targets.
• The Fencer, a heavily armored class with a variety of weapons. He is capable of taking four weapons into battle. The Fencers travelling speed is slow. Unless he is using his thruster. In which case he is faster than both the Ranger and Air Raider. His weapon selection includes:
o A deflective shield that cuts all damage taken while readied, although it overheats and goes offline if used for too long.
o A blast-hole spear that fires high-pressure plasma into anything you can stab it into, destroying it from the inside. It also has a side thruster that lets you thrust-dash around at high speed.
o A handheld Gatling gun that your suit is just powerful enough to carry around. It takes time to spin up and doesn't boast tremendous accuracy, but its rapid-fire properties are reliable in a pinch.
o A vibro-drive hammer that smashes anything in the vicinity.
o An armor-piercing hand cannon that deals a powerful blow, but leaves you unguarded for about a second after firing due to recoil absorption.

However, if you are a person looking for detailed customization of these characters, this is not the type of game for that. The only option for customizing is the characters’ armor color.
The game uses several vehicles such as:
Ground vehicles
• SDL1 Motorcycle: a motorcycle with a sidecar capable of transporting up to two players.
• Armored Ambulance: armored ambulance that transports ammunition and heals up to four players.
• Armored Personnel Carrier: an APC that can hold up to four players.
• Multiple Rocket Launcher: a one-player MRL vehicle.

• E551 Gigantus: a one-player tank.
• Epsilon Armored Railgun: a mobile railgun vehicle that can carry up to three players. One player uses the railgun and the other two use turrets to shoot enemies while the railgun recharges.
• E651 Titan: a tank that can carry three players. One person fires the Requiem cannon and the other two use the side turrets.

• EF24 Bazelato Combat Helicopter: a one-player combat helicopter.
• EF31 Combat Helicopter: a one-player advanced combat helicopter.
• HU04 Bruto: an armored helicopter with two turrets players can control. While they can shoot enemies in the sky, the Bruto’s side turrets can’t aim downwards. Up to three players can ride the Bruto.

Power Suits
• BM03 Vegalta Standard Ver.: One-player bipedal mecha that can take to the skies using jets on its feet and back. Armed with a Gatling Gun and arocket launcher.
• BM03 Vegalta Close Combat Ver.: One-player bipedal mecha that can take to the skies using jets on its feet and back. Armed with aflamethrower and a shotgun
• BMX10: Bipedal mecha armed with railguns and missile launchers.

The extraterrestrial invading forces known as the Ravagers are composed of two types of units: biological and mechanical.
Biological Units[edit]
• Black Ants: giant black ants that attack in vast numbers. Known attacks: bite, acid shoot.
• Red Ants: giant red ants, with stronger attacks and resistances than the black ones. Known attack: bite.
• Flying Ants: winged giant black ants. Known attacks: acid shoot.
• Spiders: giant tarantula-like creatures. Known attack: spider web shoot.
• Retiarius: giant spiders. Known attack: spider net.
• Bees: giant flying bee-like creatures. Known attack: sting shot.
• Giant Spiders: larger version of the spiders. Known attack: spider web shoot.
• Dragons: giant Chinese dragon-like monster that can fly at high altitude and walk in four legs. Known attacks: mouth flames, bite.

Mechanical Units[edit]
• Gunships: flying mechanical units. Known attack: energy shots.
• Red Gunships: flying mechanical units. Known attack: energy shots.
• Hectors: large bipedal robots with an assorted variety of weaponry carried on their arms. They can be deployed by carrier airships. Known attacks: energy shots, plasma shots.
• Giant Hectors: larger, stronger version of the regular Hectors. It is hinted that some may carry new defensive measures, such as force shields. Known attacks: energy shots, plasma shots.
• Unidentified flying vehicles: flying winged mechanical units. Not much is known about them.
• Shield Bearer: four legged unit capable of generate large force fields that can be penetrated only at slow speed (i.e. walking inside the protected area). Known attacks: none.
• Walking Fortress: giant four-legged, heavily fortified vehicles that can deploy biological and mechanical units. Known attacks: Plasma shots, laser shots.
• Carriers: giant airships that can deploy biological and mechanical units. Known attacks: none.
• Red Carriers: giant airships that can deploy biological and mechanical units. Known attacks: none.
• Mothership: gigantic airship that can deploy gunships and are armed with several laser cannons and a super cannon at the bottom. Known attacks: energy shots, laser shots, giant beam.
• UNKNOWN: mysterious ground mechanical unit. Known attack: laser shots.

Lastly there is DLC for purchase. Some DLC is exclusive depending on which system you have it on (PS3 or XBOX 360).
My overall final thoughts on the game are as follows:
• Very unique game-play
• Great and odd enemies
• Funny kills/deaths
• Interesting setting and plot
• Good replay value
• Fun online play (could add more)
• Unique classes
• Good controls
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on February 24, 2014
The new #EDF Earth Defense Force 2025 is a great game.

Many people played Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon which was well made but didn't capture the mayhem and the fun of Earth Defense Force 2017. 2017 however was very very rough. Piercing sound effects and camp that went past funny sometimes to just looking bad, especially with the front facing polygon method for collectibles.

EDF 2025 does not look as good as the latest Battlefield but the visuals are no longer distractingly low in quality as they often were in 2017. 2025 also picks up where Insect Armageddon dropped off and brings back both an astounding 80 levels of content but also the great fun of loads and loads of weapons.

Weapons are semi-random drops from killed enemies and the dropped items are more powerful the higher the difficulty you play. Variances are NOT nuanced. You'll find yourself doing quick math to see what rifle has the highest dps based on rate of fire and damage per round, reload time and even accuracy that can greatly change a guns usefulness. Rifles are only one type of weapon and things range from grenade launchers that are semi-auto 10 shooters to lock on missles that take out half a block but only go 2 miles per hour.

Long story short, Play it!
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on August 5, 2014
Spent about 4 hours playing split-screen co-op with my buddy. Let me be clear, the rating does not represent the graphics (barely better than games that came out 10 years ago), or the depth (your starting weapons are better than 90% of what you unlock), or anything about the actual programming/game.

It represents how much we were laughing at the bad dialogue, simplistic gameplay, and crazy levels in the game.

To be sure, we had a blast playing because it was almost like being inside of a B movie, and as bad as all the gameplay elements were in and of themselves, as a whole the entire experience was FUN.

I think this would be an awful game for single play, but when playing with friends I don't think you can go wrong here.

I'm sorry if this review sounds contradictory, but this was actually a really fun game to play DESPITE all of the issues.

"GIANT INSECTS!" and "AFTER SEVEN YEARS!" were two catch phrases we kept repeating and guffawing over the entire time.

Definitely recommend this as a rental or something to play through over a couple of weekends. Replay value is meh... with all the other games coming out, but I definitely don't regret the purchase.
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on February 26, 2014
Never played previous versions before and I instantly fell in love with the chaotic world of bug smashing. Imagine the Dynasty Warrior game but with ten times the destruction and chaos.

The game is packed with a lot of tongue and cheek dialogue with voice acting that reminds you of the old Resident Evil part 1. ("You are trained to fight giant insects! Stand your ground!") While the graphic quality and in many cases, the programming and gameplay reflect the same level of unpolished, small studio quality, trying to complain about this game is like trying to complain that Starship Troopers is a cheesy movie. Know that this game is more about fun than quality, and you're good to go.

My girlfriend who doesn't play much action games were able to instantly pick this game up and play split screen with us, which is a testament to the fact that this game does have the gameplay and fun factor for the average gamer, not just hard core geeks like myself. :)
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on February 26, 2014
Despite all the reviews you may have seen on the gaming sites, don't believe the negative reviews about this game. This is a follow up to Earth Defense Force 2017, that being said you can't miss out on this newest version. This game is so much fun, and it gets addictive. Once you get into it which takes about an hour, after that you will find yourself hooked in, just like edf 2017 this version is even better! The giant space ships, the hundreds of giant insect monsters! It's all in here plus more than 500 weapons and new character types. I've played it for a week and it's one of those games where you find yourself saying, "just one more round." It's that good.

-The Graphics, the graphics are really good to me, this isn't Crysis and it's not supposed to be, this is an engine that is meant to be broken apart blown up and destroyed! Everything you see is just temporary once the action starts, just like any Monster movie set the City is there for the sole purpose of crumbling down into piles of dust!

The best part about the newer engine is that the monsters and insects all blow apart, loose limbs, heads, abdomens everything gets blow apart! Now you really feel like you are destroying everything with your weapons. When that 40 foot robot comes crashing down, and then seconds later BA BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! It blows sky high in a tremendous screen shaking explosion you will have a smile on your face!

I can't explain it enough. When you hit that giant ant with a big missile you now get a violent blood blast explosion that blasts out of the insect, it's really got a good impact and the weapons really pack a good punch!

The buildings collapse and come down on more detail too! It's breath taking to watch, when that missile sails into a small building and it blows the walls out, or when a big weapon hits a 100 story sky scraper and blows out a wall then the rest of the building comes crumbling down, you will just say DAMMMMMNNNN.

-Sound; oh boy the sound effects, very cool and fun, this adds to the atmosphere of the game, the NPC's constantly talk about the ongoing war minute by minute with updates about encounters with new monsters and interesting battles taking place out there somewhere. Hearing about a big encounter on the Moon, and battles elsewhere on the earth is so cool, you can just imagine what's going on. Scientists periodically chime in with the results of research and tests, and data that they've been studying. Your fellow EDF soliders sing as they charge into battle after battle, they talk about home and other things, and chant EDF! EDF! it's all so cool you feel right there in the game. They fight the monsters right there with you and help even the odds.

The NPC civilians run away stumbling screaming and falling trying to escape the carnage and the monsters, and you really feel like you are there facing a huge threat.

The weapons are equally excellent, from the Air Diver's laser weapons to the Rangers Missiles and Sniper Rifles! You will have so much fun! Plus there are so many difficulty levels and on the harder levels you unlock stronger weapons!

So worth the $50!!! Don't even get started on the Multiplayer...

Oh and the Air Diver can basically fly... You have to earn some weapons to give the air diver some punch but once you do her weak body is backed up by her powerful weapons, like continuous fire laser beams and giant plasma cannons... LOL

All in glorious third person view too so you get to see the weapons modeled on the characters and everything.

I could go on for another page, but i just want to say one thing.
SANDLOT! Yesssssssssss! This is IT! If you've been on the fence about buying this, go ahead and get it. I was reluctant because of so many boring games recently but this is from a company that seems to know what their formula is and they don't stray from it. You'd think it would be tiring to keep destroying monster after monster but everything melds together so well that each thing supports the other. I also think adding in the Havok engine's ability to rag doll everything and blow the insects apart really adds to the random appeal of the game, it no longer feels like ugh 500th ant or spider because they now die in so many different ways!!!

Sometimes you can blow them completely apart...

This game is so good for you shooter fans! Get it you won't be disapointed, this is for the EDF 2017 faNS and anyone wanting a good arcade shooter!!! Trust me!
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on February 24, 2014
My husband had bought this so that we could have something besides Diablo III to play together, and at first, I thought I would get frustrated due to my past experience with dual control (Both analog sticks), but so far? No frustration. We've been playing on easy so far, that way I can get used to aiming with the right stick and such, and its been a real joy to play this game. Graphics aren't what Xbox One has, but I don't care. Why? Great game play, ease of control, fun story line, and many, many options for each class. My favourite class is the Ranger, and I find it funny when I accidentally set off an explosive round too close and end up dying! This game has encouraged me to explore other dual stick control games, and I plan to play ED through entirely, on each difficulty level. If you're looking for a fun way to relax, and wind down for the evening or on the weekend, this game is it!
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on July 28, 2014
This game is a great combination of what made the first Xbox 360 Earth Defense Force game a cult classic and the variety of the second Xbox 360 game. It is retains all the ridiculous dialogue, over-the-top insect and robot destruction, and huge array of unlockable weapons. The weapons, as is tradition, range from totally ridiculous and useless to epically destructive and hilarious. The 4 classes are each fun in their own way, and each one has a very clear role. The bottom line is that this game is a huge amount of fun and playing cooperative mode online or offline is even better! Highly recommended!
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on May 27, 2014
yep i'm pretty sure this is the best game ever. This game has 81 levels and downloadable packs for more levels. just a fantastic game. One of my favorite games of all time. despite simplicity i mean it's just fantastic. Don't get into it for the graphics. not great quality visuals but still very pretty. Best game for people who have mature children and teenagers. It has violence but no cursing that I can remember. If any it's quite the minuscule amount. the M rating is really nothing to be afraid of considering its simply because of all the blood... the insect blood and I'm pretty sure all of us have killed bugs before so its nothing to trip over. Just bug juice is all. The wing diver is a little scantily clad but still cooler than it is slutty and you'll find worse dressed women in children's anime (such as misty from Pokemon in her short shorts). It's a good game for anyone 9-91 years of age.
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