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474 of 493 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2010
Another reviewer complained that the positive reviews here are more about the results achieved with earthing products than the book itself. I'll plead guilty to that. So far I've only read the first third of the book, covering the history of Clint Ober's idea and the initial research done showing its results. But I look forward to reading the rest of the book because I've been sleeping grounded for a week now and the benefits have been far greater than I expected.

I have sticky blood, caused by hereditary high levels of Lipoprotein (a). I've had two aneurysms surgically repaired. Both my parents died of aneurysms. Six months ago, following a four-hour plane trip, I got a blood clot in my leg. After six months on Warfarin, the pain in both legs was only getting worse during long periods working at a computer, and my feet were going numb. Intense exercise helped, but not the short breaks I could take while working. I was about to spend $1500 on an electronically controlled sit-stand computer desk so that I could work standing part of the time. Sitting barefoot on the patio in the evening hadn't helped, so I wasn't expecting much when my Barefoot Connections sheet and mat arrived last week. One night of sleeping grounded, however, took me--overnight--from my worst day in six months nearly back to normal. The pain and tingling haven't returned.

I heard about earthing from the newsletter of Dr. Sinatra, a coauthor of this book. I was skeptical. But when I read that sleeping grounded can so effectively thin the blood that it should be done by those on Warfarin only with frequent INR/PT testing, I had to try it. My six months on Warfarin were coming to an end, and I clearly needed to do what I could to thin my blood and promote good circulation in my legs. Earthing has not only nearly eliminated my leg pain, but my blood pressure is now normal without medication for the first time in a decade, something diet and exercise alone never achieved.

If most reviewers here learned of earthing before the book was available, so what? What could possibly be wrong with learning about this inexpensive, healthful practice by reading the book?
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284 of 295 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon May 21, 2010
An exciting, revolutionary piece of the health puzzle is connecting to the earth by walking barefoot or using "grounding" devices. Clint Ober was a cable guy without even a high school diploma. He observed that people walked with shoes that had insulating materials, such as rubber. They were not grounded. Through experimentation, he discovered that people sleep better, have far less pain, and are calmer if they are grounded. Together with health writer Martin Zucker and Stephen Sinatra, MD, Clint wrote the first book ever written that explains the importance of Mother Earth's natural "vibes" in keeping us healthy.

The authors state, "Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body. It's needed for health. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical `nutrient' in the form of electrons. Think of these electrons as vitamin G--G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well."

The Earth is full of electrons and these electrons work like antioxidants, disarming the free radicals that age us. Some of the benefits of "earthing" include weight loss, diminishing pain, healing of injuries, eliminating jet lag, reduction of muscle loss with aging, enhanced immune system and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome.

The book is divided into four parts: part 1 gives the description of the problem and why grounding is needed; part 2 includes the history of discovering the importance of grounding and doctors who endorse this; part 3 includes scientific studies on earthing; and part 4 discusses the earthing revolution and various products that are used, such as grounding shoes, a grounding bed pad, and a computer pad. There is even a product for pets. This section also has lots of testimonials from people who have been helped by earthing. People have found relief from or improvement in pain, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, wound healing , fibromyalgia, M.S. and many more ailments. Even children with autism improve in behavior, school work and social skills. Athletes have also improved their performance via grounding. For those interested in the science and technical aspects of grounding, appendices A and B offer interesting information.

Historically, people slept on the ground or in caves. Modern life has kept us from connecting to the Earth. When reading this book, you can't wait to go out and walk barefoot! Within as little as 20 minutes, you can feel the difference. Even walking barefoot on concrete helps you connect.

Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet
Beyond Broccoli, Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work
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on May 8, 2010
I started using the grounding bed sheet about 2 months ago. I have had Lupus probably for the last 10 years and even went to the Mayo clinic to try to get some relief. It started with my kidneys and over time some of the markers for lupus showed up in my blood work. This last year has been extremely stressful having to sell my house in a bad economy etc and so my condition became extremely aggravated. Signs of swelling in my face and constant fatigue kept increasing over the fall and into the new year. I felt desperate since the drugs I was taking gave me only temporary relief and then I had to deal with unwanted side effects. When I started sleeping on the grounding sheet I was hopeful both because of the clinical research studies and because of the logical explanation of how it can reduce inflammation by neutralizing the positive charge stuck in an ungrounded body. After 6 weeks I noticed I was feeling quite a bit better and finally was scheduled to go to my doctor for a checkup. When he looked at the report he said " Very Good! This is the first time I have seen your blood work come out normal. You no longer have any signs of Lupus." That confirmed my inner felling that the grounding therapy was indeed having a profound effect, way out of proportion to the simplicity of grounding and the relatively negligible cost for the sheet. I would like to thank the authors of this book for alerting me to such an effective yet simple way to dramatically improve my health! A Very Big Thank You!!!!

Kathleen McGuinness
Santa Ynez, Ca 93460
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80 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on May 12, 2010
I am 66 and have been reading about and experimenting with all types of health building options since I turned 50. I realized my health and my life were never going to get any better unless I took action and changed my lifestyle. Clint's invention is truly unique and its simple and it really works. I have been sleeping "earthed" (grounded, in electrical terms) for a while and for an older guy who could not sleep well its been like magic. My friends (one 79 and one 40-something) are also very pleased with their sleep. The book is exceptionally well written and organized, so it is easy to read. Like many people who discover something new, Clint has an interesting personal story to tell, but then he and his associates stepped up and made the effort to do some high quality scientific research studies. I also really liked the other stories shared by a wide range of people, some of whom experienced almost miraculous changes in their health. If you are at all curious about this subject or, maybe suffering from some chronic condition, do read this book!
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on November 8, 2011
I posted this on the earthing mat forum also, was asked to post it here also.

I waited 4 months before posting my results concerning this earthing "theory" just to be fair and give it a chance...

I read Earthing 4 times and found it so fascinating. Even though the anecdotal stories in the book are quite exciting, I figured at
the very least it might be a supportive health player along with eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, clean air etc.

I ordered the mat knowing I was going to be able to use it almost all day and night as I work at home in front of the computer and
would also use it while sleeping. Basically I was able to spend about 20 hours a day for 4 months in contact with the mat.

I first used it a couple weeks but experienced absolutely no differences in how I felt...good or bad. I assumed that maybe a placebo-
like affect would have at least gotten my body to think some good was happening, but nothing did. My lack of any physical differences were kind of
puzzling since so many stories in the book mentioned many positive overnight reactions to a few ailments, some of which I had been
experiencing myself for a couple years prior. Supposedly even that of the the main author were differences he felt in just one night. He
tells of how he hooked up metal duct tape to a grounded wire and slept on it for one night and noticed such a big difference in his sleep
and well-being that he apparently felt compelled to devote his time and money into more research. Obviously if it had been me sleeping on
grounded duct tape my lack of well-being would have had me immediately moving on to some other theory to test, but not him. Many stories
are included in the book about fairly quick changes in peoples health. I think I remember one story concerning Lupus which now seems
kind of hard to believe.

Since nothing seemed to be happening, I called one of the companies involved with the mat. Soon I was trading emails back and forth
with someone closely connected to the Earthing book and products. I don't want to give the name as I'm going to quote some of our
correspondence in this review but I want you to know that this is someone extremely involved with the book and the earthing products.

In the meantime I also spent another $40 dollars to buy a voltmeter after watching Clint and several others on youtube show how to
check to see if the mat is actually working correctly. Initially my first thought was the grounding wire was broken. But my mat tested
correct according to the youtube instructions, the voltage did lower when I touched the grounded mat. Of course the theory, according to
the book, is that this lowering of body voltage is supposed to be beneficial. I have tested my outlet and tested the mat.

I emailed my connection about why I wasn't noticing any differences after so many hours on the mat, why there could be so many other
people posting online about also not getting any benefit...was this just another scam to sell books and expensive sheets?

These are a couple of the actual responses:

"In many cases it takes 12-16 weeks for a good healing process." Ok, fine. I've given it many weeks/months, many hours.

"As far as the the negative reviews you saw at are concerned, they were written by idiots who never read the book but just
dismissed the concept out of hand. Best to read the positive reviews. But please keep in mind that nothing is 100 percent and works for

The last response pretty much got me figuring this whole thing is just a scam. I was experiencing no health differences yet I had
never "dismissed the concept out of hand", I knew I had read the book numerous times, watched every video online and was spending many
hours on the mat every day. Eventually I was asked about a long list of health issues I might have. I found this list of diseases that
apparently Earthing has no positive affects on, kind of strange since the book has numerous health challenges grounding seemed to affect
in a positive way in a fairly short amount of time.

So, I was told that negative reviews are only written by idiots.

I'm only writing this to share my experiences with Earthing. In full disclosure, I was eventually given the chance to return my mat
and get my money back. I didn't- as I know in several years I'm sure I'll be stupid enough to plug it in again once I move to a new
apartment...out of curiosity I guess.

For those of you who this legitimately worked for...Congrats. I just wanted the rest of you who innocently gave this a try and
spent money on earthing products and haven't experienced anything like what the book espouses--and written about it here...your not alone.
It was utterly worthless for me also.

And for those of you who think we were kind of silly for even giving this a chance...We/I aren't scientist. Granted there aren't
any legit scientific studies despite what the authors says, but for me it seemed like a common sense kind of thing. I watched Clint on
numerous interviews with Dr Mercola and he really seemed like a nice guy and he seemed to think this would help people. His sincerity is
what helped me decide to give this a try. After all, it was only a small money investment on my part...and I had plenty of time to give
to the mat. I'm not trying to cause trouble for Clint. He seems nice enough. I'm just not sure this whole thing is worth devoting time
and money to.

I live in a very large city where I haven't been in physical contact with the ground in over 11 years. So in my mind I wondered if
that was having any sort of negative health affects on me. Apparently not.

Good luck ya'll...good health, however you find it.
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72 of 78 people found the following review helpful
on May 30, 2010
I first heard about earthing two years ago from scientist James Oschman PhD, who as a world-class scientist researching and writing on the scientific basis of energy medicine has been exposed to many many of the various purported healing devices on the market today. So when he told me how excited he was about earthing I paid attention. I read his three journal articles on the science behind it as well. Fascinating. It is not hard for me to believe, given that we evolved in contact with the energy field of the earth, that it is a nurturing healing force in our lives. One that is largely absent in our modern lifestyle. My sleep pattern went from 5-6 hours per night to 7-8 from the first night I slept on the earthing sheets. I have a number of friends and acquaintances who are now earthing, often with remarkable benefits. One that was especially touching was that of a 90 y/o woman who had been incontinent for a couple of decades, and is now mostly free of that embarrassing inconvenience. There are other stories as well. It'll be interesting to see the statistics re earthing, as a population using these aids ages, given that chronic low-grade inflammation has been implicated in so many of the degenerative aspects of aging.
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75 of 82 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2010
I was introduced to "Earthing" by an article I received from a friend. It just made sense to me, and I couldn't wait to read the book. I have suffered with psoriatic arthritis (inflammatory type, like rheumatoid) for about 8 years. I stopped using some of the stronger drugs because of the side effects, and have been trying to control the symptoms with NSAIDs (Naproxen). The pain and swelling in my hands, feet, and knees were severely limiting what I was able to do, to the point of not being able to pick up anything with my left hand, or rising from a chair without help. At first I skimmed the book, reading the beginning, and all of the testimonials. Then I jumped into "earthing" with both feet, (well, I didn't really jump, it hurt too much!) using an "earthing" sheet, and electrode patches on the most painful areas. I try to be Earthed" whenever, and wherever I can. In two weeks,the benefits are profound. The pain in my knees is almost gone, and my hands are nowhere near as swollen or painful as they were. Yesterday I picked up a full cup of coffee with my left hand!! It's been over a year since I was able to do that. I put grounding patches on my 89 year old mother, and it helps the pain in her back, and my sister uses an "earthing" electrode patch on her foot. I am the biggest cheerleader going for "Earthing" and am eternally grateful to Clint Ober for discovering and researching this technology. I wish I could meet him, or talk to him to thank him in person. If the book doesn't supply enough technical knowledge for you, do your own case study. You might be pleasantly surprised. I know this review is more about the topic, then the "guts" of the book, but I want everyone who is suffering from any kind of inflammatory condition to know about the potential benefits, from such an easy technique. It can be as easy as walking outside barefoot. Now I'm jumping for joy!! (and I'm really jumping!!)
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48 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2010
Recommended by a friend who has substantial knowledge of alternative medicine and holistic health, I just finished reading EARTHING: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? And am I glad! This is one of the most fascinating books I've read in a long time. In fact, I couldn't put it down. Clint Ober's story is amazing. I now have such tremendous respect for his ability to have had an new idea about how we can improve our health - in the simplest of ways -- and up against all odds, ran with it for years against all that mainstream medicine believes is needed in order to prove its validity. I am now a believer! And not just in theory! After sleeping on his grounding sheet for little more than a week, I already feel the difference. I sleep better and wake with more energy, energy that lasts throughout the day. But the really interesting part is that I also feel calmer, better prepared with a clearer mind to take on the challenges of the day.

This is an important book and I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the knowledge within.
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62 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on August 20, 2010
I was given the book as a gift and I thought it was interesting. Definitely thought provoking but whether or not it stands up to rigorous scientific inquiry remains to be seen. The premise of the book is pretty simple, in modern societies where we rarely have any direct contact with the Earth, we build up an electrical charge in our bodies that causes inflammation. Going barefoot on the Earth or "grounding" ourselves releases that charge and thereby relieves the inflammation caused by this buildup of electrical charge. The authors do pitch their products which is a bit annoying, but they do often point out that anybody can reap the benefits of grounding by walking barefoot in the grass (any direct skin-to-Earth connection). The rest of the book presents evidence to convince the reader that grounding really does work. I can't say I'm totally convinced but it did persuade me enough to make me spend more time barefoot.

I went to pubmed to read some journal articles on the topic and not surprisingly the evidence was pretty scant, but I guess that's to be expected with any alternative therapies. Hopefully we will see some stronger studies in the future. I found the second study below to be interesting because you wouldn't expect any real difference in immune system activity and pain levels between the control and grounded group at all. But n=8, so will have to wait for a follow-up study to see whether or not those differences were statistically significant.

Some interesting but not exactly mind-blowing journal articles:
1) Ghaly M, Teplitz D. The biological effects of grounding the human body during sleep, as measured by cortisol levels and subjective reporting of sleep, pain, and stress. J Altern Complement Med 2004;10:767-776.
2) Dick Brown, Gaétan Chevalier, Michael Hill. Pilot Study on the Effect of Grounding on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. March 2010, 16(3): 265-273. doi:10.1089/acm.2009.0399.
3) James L. Oschman. Can Electrons Act as Antioxidants? A Review and Commentary. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. November 2007, 13(9): 955-967. doi:10.1089/acm.2007.7048.
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44 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2011
I was ready to get my affairs in order and then surrender to what I had to assume was the inevitable, I felt so deathly ill last fall...even tho' my Dr. never can find anything wrong and guesses that maybe I have Chronic Fatigue. Naturopathic testing has revealed that I am very toxic and allergic and that my liver is struggling most of all my organs/systems. I can't afford all the alternative stuff that would supposedly help. Now: while I'm still not well, I have consistently been doing so much better since learning about EARTHING and following through in sleeping grounded and keeping myself grounded as much as possible while I'm awake too, well...I quit thinking about dieing and simply feel at peace with living however long I do, grateful for the end of the constant waves of sweats and nausea and the pain and the sleeplessness that ended with my first night of sleeping grounded approx. five months ago.

I am NOT miraculously cured and no longer suffering or ill but I AM ABLE to go through my days and nights now happy to be alive because they are no longer excruciating for me in every way, and in fact, not excruciating for me at all any longer even though I still have 'whatever' that I still do not know. I'll take it. Whatever it is that all those free electrons are doing for me, month after month now, that they started doing last November...who knows what might happen for me by the time I've been grounded for a full year/two years/etc? I expect to gladly be around to find out!

This book explains, in layman's terms, what's missing for us in our modern lives that we cannot get from anything else but the earth, and how to get it: quickly, easily, inexpensively, inexhaustably, and even for free. Buy it, read it, do it. This one's a no-brainer!

UPDATE: 04/17/12 Still alive and well enough! In January I made some major dietary changes (no more coffee, sugar, chemicals of any kind in food, drink, personal and household products, and I'm juicing 16 oz or more of fresh juices every day plus eating a better than 50% raw diet with lots of veggies 'n fruits, 100% grass fed animal protein no more than 1X/wk, and the like. My 'issues' are slow to respond, but my house is more consistently clean and neat, and I have no more angina and racing heartbeat which Doctors couldn't find the why of. Now I'm starting some serious stress relief as well. The Earthing Inst says flat out that EARTHING cannot by itself compensate for the excessive stress that causes some people to fail to receive the most benefit from EARTHING. I had a session with a practitioner using a QXCI biofeedback machine that showed my level of anxiety is so high that it completely cancels out my very high level of joy...something she's never seen before that's perplexing to me but that I hope continued sessions with her will help. I'm also employing Somatics and Ressonance Repatterning and other basic stress and trauma relief methods I'm consistently. EARTHING is STILL the the foundation for me. It has brought me the consistent sleep, with rare exception; the one thing upon which I am certain that every other good effort on my part is able to be built.
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