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on April 8, 2013
If you've seen one SyFy Channel Original Movie, then you know what to expect from all of them. The simple formula consists of a couple of familiar television or genre actors, some type of otherworldly threat or attack, and some budget special effects that aren't quite as bad as what we get with The Asylum's movies. However, they still don't quite live up to the expectations set forth by years of watching films crafted with the help of ILM.

"Earth's Final Hours" is no different except for a premise that isn't quite as hard to swallow as an alien attack or over-used as a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Don't get me wrong; matter from an asteroid figures into the story. It's just not the size we're used to from years of movies like "Meteor," "Armageddon," and "Deep Impact."

The dense matter from a white hole in "Earth's Final Hours" is about the size of a soft ball and hits one side of the planet and exits through the other. This causes Earth's rotation to stop, leaving one side facing the sun to fry while the other freezes in darkness. One stripe down the middle of the planet will be inhabitable. Government officials want only the world's finest to gain a spot in this limited "Green Zone." A group of CIA agents and scientists are more concerned with saving everyone by finding a way to set the Earth's rotation back to normal.

I admit the concept behind "Earth's Final Hours" is way more intriguing than another film serving us more of the same collision course / end of the world fodder we're used to. Instead of pieces of flaming rock smashing into buildings and people, we get solar beams and flares that burn up everything in their paths.

The problem lies in the pacing of the movie. It gets tedious watching individuals run around shooting at each other in between momentary spatters of someone being incinerated. There has to be more writers can do with this concept than what they gave us here. Unfortunately, chances are there isn't on a SyFy Channel Original Movie budget.

Bruce Davison is the big-name celebrity for "Earth's Final Hours." He's starred in the "X-Men" movies as well as "The Practice" and "Last Resort" TV shows. Julia Benson is no stranger to SyFy Channel projects, having starred in "SGU Stargate Universe" and most recently "Chupacabra vs. the Alamo." Cameron Bright is recognizable by most as vampire Alec in the "Twilight" movies. Robert Knepper is on the CW's "Cult" and also had roles in "SGU Stargate Universe" and "Heroes." Roark Critchlow pops up on "Pretty Little Liars" occasionally and also starred in SyFy's "The 12 Disasters of Christmas" and "V."

The high-definition transfer of "Earth's Final Hours" does nothing to help its inadequate CGI effects appear any better. If anything, it highlights their limitations even more. As I said above, they're not as bad as they could be but still come up lacking. The 5.1 surround sound will help immerse the home audience into a dramatic world of explosions, gunfire, and other jarring sound effects.

"Earth's Final Hours" provides an alternative to the usual end-of-the-world scenarios we're handed. That doesn't mean its quality is any better as far as filmmaking is concerned. It will mildly entertain and serve as a distraction from real life as SyFy Channel Original Movies are intended to.
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on April 6, 2013
Bizarre radiation storms erupt when space debris blasts a hole clear through the planet. A federal agent, his son and a government scientist uncover a magnetospheric nightmare that begins to stop the Earth's rotation. Our only hope lies in these three to save all mankind.

Sure, it has your basic end-of-the world plot that you see in movies like this. Course, most of them hardly ever make any sense. Despite the fact that it, too doesn't make too much sense; it is a pretty good movie. Robert Knepper, Julia Benson, Cameron Bright, Bruce Davison, Michael Kopsa, Roark Critchlow and Julia Maxwell all brought believable performances to their respectable roles. The cinematography and whatnot was great. Special effects and CGI were great enough that they would rival any seen in a multi-million dollar movie(which is saying alot considering this was, indeed, a SyFy movie that aired way back in 2011).

There wasn't anything of note that I had any gripe with. Honestly, I wish more SyFy movies were made like this. Heck, I wish more disaster movies were made like this. I really liked it and enjoyed it. Recommended? You bet.
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2014
I don't think I will be spoiling the movie for you when I tell you up front the earth survives thanks to the determined efforts of a small group of people who won't take no for an answer. The problem they face is earth has been struck by a small but powerful projectile which penetrated and passed through the earth coming out on the other side and is causing the earth's rotation to slowly come to a stop. When that happens earth's magnetic shield will collapse and one side of the earth will be constantly exposed to the sun while the other side will be exposed only to the darkness of space.

The only available solution seems to involve the work of a man who, 15 years earlier, had been put in protective confinement (jail) supposedly for his own good and had been declared insane by government officials. The government determines that after the earth's rotation has stopped there will be a narrow band of habitable land surrounding the earth where darkness meets light. The government's plan is to use this man's work to make this band habitable and to limit access to those selected as worthy by the government.

Our small group of heroes bellieves the man's device can be used to start the earth's rotation again and save everybody. Most of the movie is about these two factions each seeking control of the man and his device, shooting at each other and trying to survive the increasing chaos produced by the gradual slowing of the earth's rotation.

Overall the movie moves at a good pace but does get bogged down at the end. I've seen it once now and will probably not want to watch it again although I'm glad I invested the time in watching it once.
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on April 7, 2013
I just read a stupid review after seeing this movie about this movie being leftwing, accusative. What is this person talking about. He obviously is trying to start trouble. This movie is an on the edge of your seat disaster film. It had great effects, a great story, good acting, and it's realistic. This will be one of those movies I watch over and over.
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on June 28, 2013
I just watch Earth's Final Hours. Well actually, I shut it off after the first 20 minutes. It's not just a bad B movie, it's a really bad B movie. And I would appreciate a refund from Amazon or at least a couple of pills for my head ache. One star because I can't enter 0.
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on February 3, 2015
Apparently the earth's final hours had begun long before this movie did because in Washington DC the cherry trees were in full bloom while vibrant fall foliage was at the same time peaking over the midwest (in the scene where John Streich's son, Andy, was hacking into the city government's computer system).

I think there are worse end of the world movies out there than this one. Aside from a couple of in your face immodest torso shots ( I mean, really) and ducking behind everything wood and metal to avoid getting shot at or incinerated by a wave of... (what was that thing anyway?) the movie wasn't like the last day of getting over the flu or anything. The best acting I liked was from Bruce Davison who played Rothman, the so-called crazy man who was being held captive by the CIA in a government run mental health facility...go figure. He pulled it off around a so-so plot and good actors trying to make it all work.

I can't say I would watch it again but I might have to because my wife fell asleep in the second half of the $2.99 movie. Looks like I'm in for another long fight scene.
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on December 10, 2013
Oh, dear. Well, for one of these kinds of shows, which I personally Always watch... it is Ok. Actually, the acting is better than the story line. It is an interesting new slant on the present hunger of watching ourselves destruct with hope for a shining saving. Will humanity always find a way out? Will we always be saved in the end? To the end? Will there ever be an end to these movies? I have to keep watching to find out!
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on September 22, 2013
The movie has an interesting story (in the similar storyline as the movie "The Core") and spins it with more of a scientific flare that reveals the heart of man more than science. The acting is non-inspirational and Very Low Budget, but it is interesting in examining the heart of politicians compared to those who care about all humanity.
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on February 26, 2014
Earths Final Hours - I don't really think of these rental films in terms of star ratings any longer, I judge them in terms of what’s currently killing Netflix and that is – how bad is this Flick and how much did I get stuck renting it for !

Right now films the other guys are streaming are so bad that Blockbuster, Target, Walmart and the others toss junk like “Earths Final Hours” into a great big bin of ten for a dollar buy them now garbage cans, cause they certainly could not ever rent them.

Earths Final Hours falls into this big ten for a dollar junk Flick bin category, but unfortunately I paid $2.99 to watch this piece of trash.

The low budget production “lets put the cameraman on roller-skates” technique to simulate action in the action scenes was used way-too often and Amateuristiclly at best. The plot, Simple Simon, to easy to say, Saw that coming, that’s just plain stupid, or why did he do that - that don’t make no-sense no-how – no-way kept slap’n me up-side the head. I almost didn’t make it to the end.

If yer look’n for a film to buy or rent and the price on Earths Final Hours is greater than Ten-Cents pass and find a different Flick!
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on May 6, 2015
I loved this movie-- it had all the right elements. Exciting story, likable heroes, terrible villains, happy romances for the good guys and justice for the villains. No bad language or behavior. A great cathartic and happy ending.
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