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on June 19, 2000
This book is a good introduction to anyone who is interested in exploring origami and what it has to offer. The models in this book can be done by anyone, even if they have never had any origami experience. The diagrams are clear, concise, and to the point. By constructing the models in this book, one not only can create various paper works such as fish, birds, boats, windmills, but also learns basic origami folds and techniques which are fundamental to more intermediate and advanced folding, if one wishes to continue in this discipline. All in all, I highly recommend this book to beginners and newcomers to origami.
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on August 3, 2002
I teach an art program for children. Of the many glamorous origami books that I've used with my students, this is the book they always want - the book they grab and fight over! In fact so many of my copies have disappeared that now I need to order more! The price is right which is another great thing about this book. The projects are organized in a logical manner starting easy and getting progressively harder. Teachers: I always start my students off with guided instruction on the first few lessons, then they are usually capable of managing on their own.
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on September 2, 2005
My daughter used this book immediately on the day it was received and continues to use it. The instructions are clear and easily understood. It is an excellent beginning origami book. My 8 year old daughter has enjoyed it immensely.
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on April 15, 2004
This book is one of the simplest out there. I use this book with 4th-6th grade children who have never paper folded before. Although the direction key is at the beginning of the book, written instructions are still included with each figure enabling the reader to connect the symbols with the folding results. It such a great book to go at your own pace. The ease of the instructions allow the individual to begin to trust their own decisions of going back and redoing a particular fold.
A little disclaimer: The simplicity of the first few pages are helpful to increase the comfort of paper folding. However, because they are not elaborate in design, some of the objects require a little imagination to "see" the animal or subject.
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on January 10, 2004
I bought this book a long time ago and trust me I did not pay $3.95 usd for it. I think back then the Canadian currency was really bad so I ended up paying about $10 cdn. It's a great buy! If you are interested in origami and feel intimidating that it's hard to learn, do not worry! Like previous reviewers that have given it a perfect 5, this book definitely deserves it.
First off, if you have no idea how to make a perfect "square" with a standard 8" by 11" paper, put it horizontal to the 8" side making it a tall-building-like-rectangle. Let's call the bottom facing you Side A. Let's name Side B be the 11" side that is on the right side. On Side A, take the bottom-left hand corner and bring it across to the opposite-adjacent (Side B), until the center of page makes a vertical crease across the page. You will see a rectangle, left over on the top above Side A's corner. Cut this rectangle excess off and now you have a perfect square! ^_^
Okay, now back to the actual book ^_^; it includes a basic introduction step-by-step on "base" origami along with a "symbol" page, as in an loopie-arrow would mean to flip over or something. All of the origami projects are step-by-step with pictures! It's read from left-to-right since it's in English =P and has number steps. For each step there is a diagram (shaded in grey and white, to contrast the front from the back) and below gives simple instructions. I had this book since I was in grade 4 so it's that EASY! It's a very affordable price (aka cheap =P) BUT does not hold out on details for beginners.
After going through all these projects, it's time to promote yourself by buying actual origami paper. Trust me, after completing all 32 you will probably be bored with all the white origami paper around you. Thankfully Amazon sells paper but I'm sure you can find them at local asian area. There are a lot of paper-quality and are very beautiful like kimono patterns. I love the foil-sparkley-flower-pattern kind but they can be a bit more expensive than regular origami paper. Most origami paper comes in pretty colours and some even with simple patterns.
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on August 7, 2006
This little bookk, at a great price, makes a nice intro to origami. It is very basic. I found that most of the paterns in this book are repeated in Montroll's "Teach Yourself Origami," so I passed this on on to a cousin who was intrigued when she saw what I'd been doing. It's fine as far as it goes, but it isn't intended to go vary far. You can't beat the price. I thought it was a misprint.
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on December 23, 2015
Product true to picture. Good quality, simple to read paperback instructional book for origami.

This is a simple to read instructional book for paper folding/origami. The book is step by step picture instructions. I got this for my 12 year old son along with a pack of origami paper ( 40 Color Origami - 120 Sheets ). This is simple to read and easy enough for him to understand. This will be a fun activity for us to do together and on his own.
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on October 4, 2004
If ever there was a perfect harmony between a man and his folded paper, one example stands out above all the rest. This book is a great buy in my opinion if for no other reason than the origami penguin. The penguin is a very complex animal. Mr. Montroll takes all of its real world complexity and channels that energy into one of the most easily constructed origami projects.

As of the writing of this review, I have folded 162 penguins. The $3.95 makes up for itself in the money you will save on gifts. 133 of my 162 penguins have been doled out to family and friends on special occasions. The other 29 decorate my humble home. With a little paint work, the origami penguin traverses all religious holidays: Yarmulkahs for Hanukkah or candy canes for Christmas are both appropriate.

Sadako's 1000 origami cranes is easily within my grasp, I am currently averaging 6 penguins per day with an all time high of 14* (*the 14 were unpainted) in a single day. I will concede that Sadako was quite sick during her origami career. For this reason, I will consider myself the origami champion if I complete 1500 penguins.

I do have one caution. If you do not immediately fall in love with one of the 32 projects, the book should be discarded immediately. If you are as lucky as I was and are smitten by one of the projects, you too will find a lifelong friend in origami.
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on May 6, 2008
This is a good starter book as it claims to be.. but as I leafed through it I realized that anyone who has had even some remote experience with origami or paper crafts will find this book ... perhaps too basic.

I was hoping for at least a couple of more 'exciting' or slightly advanced projects at the end of the book, but the book stays simple till the end. Also, paper with both coloured sides looks better even for some of the basic designs.

Other than that, it offers exactly what it says on the cover.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 7, 2014
My origami skills are rusty, but it is something that I used to do. Then stuff happens, as stuff does, and here I am several years later wondering how to refresh my memory. The moment I decided I was too good for this book is the moment I knew I had to start here.

The dog, the rabbit, the tulip and stem... none of this is new to me. Simple projects, for children. And yet it's a great introduction and a fantastic refresher, with uncluttered shaded line drawings that turned out to be much easier to follow than photos. The old folds that used to be so easy flew off the page and back into my brain. And when I started getting new, more advanced books and digging out my old books, I realized that sometimes I'd come across a way of doing things in the "grown-up" books that was executed more simply, more efficiently, and more elegantly in this book. I've been looking back to this book to find better ways of accomplishing something, and applying those ways to more advanced projects in other books.

And when it's four in the morning and I can't sleep, I'm not worrying over kusudama or hexaflexagons, I'm grabbing this book and playing with the frog or the boat designs to see what else I can do with them (or how badly I can mess them up.)

The instructions are arrows and dotted and dashed lines, and single words or short phrases. I wish commonly used origami terminology was used a bit more in this book, instead of learning how to do the folds and remembering (or finding out) what they're called later. But the information is available in so many places it's not a huge loss here.

Get this book for the kids, but when they go to bed, steal some of their paper and start with this book. It's a clear and painless introduction.
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