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Initial post: Aug 29, 2012 4:46:20 PM PDT
I R Mermaid says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Aug 29, 2012 11:29:19 PM PDT

Posted on Aug 30, 2012 12:14:07 AM PDT
Julian says:
I'm glad you two don't run our judicial system

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 30, 2012 8:53:02 PM PDT
D says:
I R Mermaid...ever been in the service? In combat, missions, training in coronodo ca for months after passing a physical endurance test lasting 2 weeks, psychological, mental, emotional, tests designed to scramble your brain, broken ribs, hands, acl tears, shoulder cuff tears, concussions, live ammo shot over your head, waterboarded, thrown in a pool with cholrine levels at 10.ppm to show you how to endure pain, had feet and arms tied behind your back thrown into the water expected to bob up anddown for extended periods of time, held your breath for over 3 minutes...etc to become a motivated, specialist operator to protect his country, put his family, wife kids, friends parents, life on the line and allow a maggot like you to express your free speech ammendment...and how do you exactly repay the guy who makes sure you sleep well at night? You do what you have always done since Vietnam-turn your back and accuse him of being a traitor.
Petty Officer Name Withheld

Posted on Aug 30, 2012 8:59:36 PM PDT
D says:
This information was already de-classified in the military 4 months after he was killed...the only highly classified missions which have security protocols and dereliction are ongoing missions or operations where there are active duty personnel and disclosure of these facts is a direct violation of your contract and federal law...and jeopardizes the safety of our special forces operators down range. everone else go suck an egg.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 30, 2012 9:41:35 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Aug 31, 2012 5:27:07 AM PDT]

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 1:34:39 AM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Aug 31, 2012 4:43:26 PM PDT]

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 10:40:57 AM PDT
Mrs J says:
I'm buying it just to spite IR Mermaid and other fools like him/her. I hope the author/SEAL makes a bundle because you know the military gets paid crap (I was Army).. especially after Nobama attempted(s) to take credit for the mission.

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 3:39:10 PM PDT
Glad to see a Navy Seal team really get the credit instead of Obama since he's trying to turn it into a personal re-election strategy to save his job.

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 4:44:02 PM PDT
Anonymous says:
I mean I hope they do release the book... Jeez. Post I replied to got deleted by the author...

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 31, 2012 6:59:54 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 1, 2012 2:08:25 PM PDT
Jeff says:
I R Mermaid...Easy for you to say from the comfort of you cozy living room. Give your brain a chance.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 31, 2012 9:24:55 PM PDT
H. M. Levy says:
You criticize him (and pretty much all Democrats) for being soft on national defense. But when he does something that takes guts (and don't kid yourself it did -- had the mission failed he would have heard about it until the end of time) you criticize him for taking a little credit. He obviously didn't do the mission himself any more than Admiral McRaven did. But he was the one who said "go". Why don't you save your negativity for the draft dodging hypocrites in the last administration like Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz who thought it more important to do other things with a draft deferment than serve their country. And how about Romney who thought it more important to take a jaunt in France spreading the "Mormon word" than serve his country. And yes, he was of draft age during the Vietnam war when I served.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 6:03:51 AM PDT
J. Igo says:
You and so many others have so much anger. Let it go. This country would be so much better off if people weren't so angry.

Posted on Sep 1, 2012 8:02:30 AM PDT
@ H.M. Levy, everyone you cited for being a draft dodger did serve their country in the capacity that suited them best. I couldn't care less if any of them took advantage of draft deferments. And criticize a man for following his faith? Bigoted.

Posted on Sep 1, 2012 1:03:51 PM PDT
JakeMG89 says:
I think what the author did was admirable. To be a patriot is to defend the constitution and sometimes when your government doesn't do that individuals will. Say what you want about Ron Paul, but to quote him "Truth is treason in the empire of lies". He did the honorable thing, IMO.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 2:13:52 PM PDT
Jeff says:
H. M. Levy... I have no respect for the rants of a bigot. Why don't you go hate Mormons somewhere else?

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 5:25:58 PM PDT
H. M. Levy says:
Mr. Jackson, my comments had nothing to do with Mormons or their beliefs or practices (although other Jews have had problems with the latter). They were strictly confined to Mr. Romney, his life decisions and perhaps some hypocrisy in his actions. Mr. Romney at least tacitly supported the Vietnam war. He at least once demonstrated against anti-war protesters. But he did not (as Mr. Kerry did) choose to fight in that war. He did his missionary work between the ages of 19 and 21 and received student deferments before and after. His Mormon missionary work could have been postponed until he was 25 or later. He could have entered the service and still stayed true to his faith... He chose not to.

My remarks were anti-Republican, anti-Bush administration, anti-draft dodgers and anti-Romney. They certainly were not intended to be anti-Mormon

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 6:21:57 PM PDT
CAPTJACK1954 says:
I'm with you 100% Levy. I'm a Marine veteran of both Vietnam & Desert Storm. My hat is off for everyone that was a part of killing that ----, Bin Laden!!! Semper Fi; Jack Special note to Steven Miller, it's apparent that YOU, could care less...!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 6:51:16 PM PDT
Well said JRogers40. We are free today, because of the brave men, and woman who serve in the military. Thank you for your service. All of us who served have a major roll for that freedom we have. I will read "No Easy Day", because of the dedication of all of our service members.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 1, 2012 10:38:21 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 1, 2012 10:41:57 PM PDT
Tommy G says:
EDIT: this post is in response to H.M. Levy...

Its absolutely hysterical, when someone criticizes this president, that there are SOOOOOO many people who want to answer that criticism by pointing to those in the opposite party accusing them of draft dodging. just because someone wasn't drafted does not mean they intentionally dodged the draft. IF your logic was correct, every male in the age group 18 to 39 (age limit at the time of the last draft) who did not serve were draft dodgers. The other thing that I find funny is that YOU, yourself, claim to have served (which is probably true, i havent found TOO MANY people who actually lie about this, so this is not a judgement against your comment, only the irony of the post) and are backing up a president in regards to claiming responsibility who never served a day in his life either, other than his civil service as a politician. NOW, with that said, you (and many, many people like you) like to use that as a "see, he served his country honorably" qualifying remark; yet, at the same time, those that you are accusing of never serving their country in the military are in the SAME EXACT circumstance as the man you are standing behind as an apologist.

You cannot, and I stress CANNOT, have it both ways, friend. It is absolutely ridiculous to snake tongue your way through justification after justification because you don't like the opinions of others, CHIEFLY those who HAVE SERVED AND EARNED THE RIGHT TO SPEAK THEIR MINDS, and you do all this with an ignorance is bliss apologetic mindset with regard to YOUR MAN. SO, either you believe that everybody who has not served their country in the military (I have, BTW, and just in case you think I'm lying to justify MY remarks, you can look for yourself in a book written by LTC Darron Wright being sold here on Amazon and released in OCT) are dodgers and magical ugly DUCK-lings in regard to their service, or lack thereof, or you DON'T believe the words coming from your imaginative world (where the consequences of ironic and two-faced remarks do not apply to you) and rebuke yourself through thought, word, and action.

Frankly, I am tired of hypocrites like yourself that coo and caw when they hear of the untold sacrifice and heroism of those dutiful service members who undertook that lifestyle and achieved literate immortality, yet turn on them as SOON AS THEY PUBLISH the accounts of that very heroism, calling for their immediate crucifixion while, at the exact same time, tell ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who can read, watch, or listen that they should stop their criticism of a president simply because the guy(s) THEY VOTE FOR are on the other side of the party line from yours, and as such, should be considered terrible, lying, draft dodging scum of the earth for the same reasons those against your opinion use to criticize YOUR guy.

Its about time members of our ALL VOLUNTEER FORCES receive their due glory and reward for their never ending sacrifice. As an Airborne Infantryman in the Army, having served in these wars, have sacrificed MUCH for this cause of ours, but even I have LITTLE in the way of comparison to MANY OTHERS. It makes me sick that you, as a former service member, would jump to the aid of someone who has not served by accusing those that WE choose as representation of technical treason because they, as well, did not serve. simply contradictory, and ironic, and I guess the door does NOT swing both ways.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 2, 2012 6:21:54 AM PDT
To be fair to H.M.Levy, his point was more along the lines of it's okay for Obama to take some credit and then he, somewhat disconnectedly, tries to tie that to his perception that some prominent Republicans were draft-dodgers. Oh, and he claims to have served in Vietnam so I guess that means we are to grant his words more weight. I understand your reaction to the general criticism of this books author but to attribute your post as a response to Levy gives his nonsensical rant far to much credit.

@ JRogers40, No I really couldn't care less about supposed draft dodging by those Levy referenced above. It's a non-issue.

Posted on Sep 2, 2012 8:20:46 AM PDT
In my brief 2 months at BUD/S in 1995, before being med dropped, I had just enough time to get a glimpse of the integrity of some of our Navy SEALS. With Rear Admiral Raymond C. Smith, Jr. as the CO, and Dennis Chalker as Command Master Chief- along with multiple BUD/S instructors- I watched, as each and every one of them, did, exceedingly well, everything they asked us to do. I was also honored with being a classmate of fallen SEAL, Jeff Taylor, while I was the class adjutant at the Naval School of Health Science, as we were both completing Corp School; Jeff was one on the nicest guys you could ever have hoped to meet.

I don't know what former and current SEALS think about this book, but I do know, that whatever they may feel, they are in a much better position, than I, to know how this book, may, or may not, impact current and future operations.

As an everyday guy, though, I'm anxious to read this book. I suppose, had Obama have been able to keep his trap shut, I'd have been just as happy, never have known anything other than the fact that Bin Laden was dead. However, he didn't stay quiet; he made a spectacle of the event, and, now, one of those who had his ass on the line, is possibly being held to the fire.

One has to wonder, had Obama never had uttered the word "Six", and then invited half of Hollywood to a briefing, would the author of this book have written and published? Seems to me, as though our President, paved the way for books like this, with his proud and bold (and revealing) announcement.

Posted on Sep 2, 2012 12:26:50 PM PDT
As it would appear none of the material in the book is classified, I don't see the problem. Not the first time someone from Special forces has written a book, after all.

Looking forward to receiving my copy as soon as it is published.

Posted on Sep 3, 2012 5:02:07 PM PDT
Ms. Gibson says:
I'm looking very forward to reading this book. I saw one of the interview clips from the 60 Minutes interview the author did and I believe what he says...he wrote this book to set the record straight. I don't think he is doing this for any malicious purpose. We owe him and all other veterans so much. I am so interested to read his story and learn more about him.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 3, 2012 6:00:25 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 3, 2012 6:08:39 PM PDT
Lola says:
HM Levy - What does Romney's mission or any other 'draft dodger' have to do with the price of tea in China? LOL! All BYU students go abroad - i am very pro going abroad to learn about cultures beyond our borders - and considering Obama didn't serve - not sure what the Romney dig has to do at all wit your argument.

BTW - it is a well known leak circulated through Washington and outside the mainstream media that Obama's plan B should the mission fail was to blame Leon Panetta for the failure - Valerie Jarrett doesn't even deny that she was campaigning against the mission and finally relented when the fall guy could be Panetta...

"Miniter responds, saying he stands by his sources: "The White House is objecting to a claim that no one is making. "Read in" is intel-speak for being briefed on sensitive technical details, such as flight paths and radio frequencies. My sources do not speak to the issue of whether Jarrett had access to that kind of sensitive intelligence regarding the bin Laden operation. But Jarrett met with the president repeatedly throughout the planning process (and indeed, more often than CIA director Leon Panetta) and participants told me that the three halts to the mission were called at her behest. Those are the facts. If they are in doubt, Ms. Jarrett should appear under oath before Congress."
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