Customer Reviews: [ALL In 1] EasyAcc® Portable WiFi Router & WiFi Repeater Wireless External HDD / Flash Drive / SD Card Reader 8800mah PowerBank Built-in External Battery Pack for iPhone Windows 7 8 IOS Mac OS Andorid Smartphones Tablet PCs
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on June 29, 2013
I was supplied this free to test and review.
Tested using iPad2, a generic Chinese Android tablet and a HP Windows 8 laptop.

I have not seen a gadget before that enables a tablet without expandable storage to have access to almost limitless memory for storage. In addition to this it can act as a wireless router and a backup battery for phones etc.

Out of the box it needs charging and comes with a usb charging lead to connect to your own charger as it charges 4 blue leds progressively light and flash until all 4 are on steadily and it is then fully charged and ready to use.

As the set up seemed quite complicated I followed the fairly comprehensive instructions which were enclosed. After downloading the "FTP Manager" from Google Play and installing it (I used the Android tablet first) I then followed the instructions and was met with the message "Server not Found". It is probably apparent to everyone except me that the server would not be found until I logged on to the Wi-Stor.

The easiest way to set it up initially is to temporary replace your router with this one turn it on and look for EasyAcc_4005DE and log on to it (At this stage it is an open network). Then download the "FTP Manager" and run it to complete the set up. You can then put your router back. If you don't want to do this you have to download the "FTP Manager" on your normal set up and then switch to EasyAcc_4005DE to complete the settings, once you have done this you will not need to do it again.

The next thing I worried about was security as admin and admin are not the most secure names and passwords. The router has quite a range and my neighbour was able to log into it quite easily.

Nothing in the instructions indicate that you can change the security settings, however it is easy, enter the Server Address into the command line of your browser and the home screen opens allowing you to view all the settings and make the changes you want. The most important being to make it secure.

Now it is set up I could use my ipad or android tablet to access a variety of memory devices that are connected to the Wi-Store I tried it with a 32Gb SD card, the maximum it will take, a 64Gb flash drive and a 1TB portable hard drive, all worked perfectly.
This device is a boon if you want to take files that total more than the capacity of the tablet, my little Android tablet is 8Gb with no expansion capability but with this I was able to watch a number of films from the portable HDD.

The other useful thing this does is to work as a back up battery it will supply 5V through a usb socket, to switch the battery on in this mode you need to press the power button for 3 seconds, If you want to know the state of charge press the button briefly and some of the 4 leds will light up one for each 25% of charge.

After playing with this on my tablets I thought I would try it with my laptop. There was no problem whatsoever using it as a wireless router but when I came to transfer files it was more difficult. It is possible to directly transfer using the server address in the command line but it was not the most straightforward way of doing it. I looked for an equivalent of the apps that I used for the Android and iPad although there are many I found that "Free FTP Manager 2.2" worked as well as anything and it is free.

In summary I am not sure if there are any other gadgets like this which allow you to wirelessly expand the memory of tablet devices, share files between tablets, act as a Wireless router and storage battery. It is a very useful addition to anyone who finds the memory in their tablet too limited.
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on August 22, 2013
This product worked exceptionally well for me. I am military and travel extensively. Normally I carry an external USB drive and a netbook but recently changed to a Nook HD+ to lighten the load. The Nook has no USB capability, so I bought this hoping I could watch movies, pull office files and keep other data at the ready for whatever may come up. Second options was to buy micro SD cards and swap them as needed. I am very glad I choose this over that option. This worked well paired to a 1 tb western digital portable drive and streamed video perfectly. Setup was relatively easy using included instructions. Added benefits are multiple. When we do long drives my wife uses this to stream video to her Acer Iconia and it provides backup power for our tablets and phones. Have not used any SD cards or flash drives but USB HD works great. Strong signal and flawless playback for me. I prefer the HD file Explorer app over the ES file explorer but both work just fine. I also tried this with an Iphone 5 and Ipod 4 and the results were just as good as the android devices. Other reviewers have discussed the default user name and password being admin so all I will say is be sure to change it if you want any security at all.

Overall, I am very pleased and definitely recommend the product.
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on September 24, 2013
I purchased this device because I wanted to view and copy pictures from my Canon EOS 18 MP Digital Camera SD card to my iPad, watch movies stored on my WD 1TB hard drive without needing a network connection (in car or airplane) and be able to access a wireless connection when in a hotel.

Before my purchase, I read several reviews of the EasyAcc 4-in-1 and almost all of them were awesome and the price was amazing. I knew this was the right one for me to make wireless transfers, stream media and get wireless connectivity. It was extremely attractive because most of my communications are wireless.

When I received the EasyAcc, it looked a little thicker and heavier than I expected. But it did contain an 8800mAh battery, which could be used to charge my iPad or some other device. The product had a quality feel to it, solid construction, a clean fit/finish, and a nice overall design. It had an SD Card slot and a USB Port to enable me to read the SD card and my WD hard drive. That was great! However, after several days of frustration, I can say I wasted my time and money.

Instruction manual:
The Instructions were poorly written and not very clear. It didn't include clear directions for accessing the device via a laptop and it didn't explain that before accessing a WiFi network you have to connect the Wi-Fi first, which make a little difficult to set up.

The battery capacity is 8800mAh. However, it only gave my Note 2 1.5 full charges and not even one full charge for my iPad 2. It also took a very long time to charge both my phone and ipad together. The output was weak.

Wireless Media streaming
Wi-Stor does not have its own APP to support itself, but they suggested an app, which was not intuitive. Connecting the WiFi from Wi-stor took a little bit of effort to accomplish. After connecting, I thought finally I can use it to watch a movie from my iPad. Then the worst part came, the signal kept dropping after just 5 minutes of use. I also tried it with my phone, iPad and my friend's phone with the same results. Disappointing! Streaming videos and pictures to my iPad was one important reason I purchased it. There are other devices out there that can stream videos, music, pictures, files, etc .for about the same price, so why keep this one?

The main reason I purchases this device was for transferring files. The Wi-stor only supports up to 32GB, which is not a big problem because I could at least transfer to my WD and empty the SD card. I was able to copy the contents from my ScanDisk 32GB SD card to my HDD. However, the firmware for this product is extremely inefficient and it took almost an hour for all the pictures to transfer (almost 16GB). I hope at some later date someone manages to build one these gadgets that operates at faster speeds!

The router is the one feature I loved about this device. Wi-stor features an Ethernet port allowing you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is perfect for hotels and coffee shops that only offer Ethernet connectivity for iPad, tablets. With a one touch setup (after initial setup) and no need to find a power outlet, I was ready to go.

In my experience, the whole idea of extended memory through Wi-stor is very promising! However, the product did not act as it advised or maybe I received a defective one. I have to say there still have a lot to improve on before it comes to market - firmware, software and instructions. Overall, I do not recommend this product.
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on February 18, 2014
Update to review below:

Samba(SMB)is now working fine. DLNA does not work, and according to, is not intended to. Too bad, but between FTP and SMB, there are a wide variety of clients that will work with this device for IOS and Android, as well as Windows and Apple computers.

The key to making SMB work was to disable UPnP in the "advanced" settings, and turn off DLNA in WIFI NAS configuration screen. UPnP is disabled in the factory settings, but I had enabled it trying to get DLNA to work.

Additional comments: Like many routers, making certain configuration changes causes a reboot of the device, and depending on how you are connected, you may lose the network connection and need to reconnect. This is not unusual router behavior, but if you are not familiar with router configuration, it is probably very confusing! I suspect this might be the source of some (many?) of the "can't get it to work" or "keeps dropping the connection" reviews and comments.

Also, you don't need any special app to configure it -- you can use any browser. Just connect to the advertised network name, which will be "easyacc_something_or_other" and browse to the ip address printed on the end of the case (probably The configuration menu will come up in the browser.

Lastly, thanks to EasyAcc support, they responded promptly and repeatedly to my email requests for information.

----------- END EDIT ------------------

I have been trying to build a portable music system with at least 1 TB capacity to hold my large collection of FLAC music files, located on a portable USB drive. No such device is available at any realistic price commercially. The All in 1 "Wizard" is part of my latest attempt (previously tried using a plug computer, Linux, and a couple different "music server" distributions, before I realized I'm not enough of a Linux hacker to get it working). So, for the low price, despite the varied reviews, I decided to give this a shot.

So far, it's **fairly** successful. I have gotten further than with the plug computer stuff. Right now, I have my music files on portable usb disk, plugged into the EasyAcc "Wizard", streaming using the WIFI NAS setup to my iPhone 5C, which is running the nPlayer app. Connected via a standard Apple thunderbolt camera connection cable to my usb DAC / headphone amp. Finally, music! Sounds pretty good, and very portable. Relatively easy to configure from browser connection to the Wizard config screens, if you know anything at all about routers.

PROS: works very well with FTP connection (see edit above). This setup does not transcode or sample the FLAC files in any way, so the sound is excellent. Haven't had any dropouts or connection problems at all. Running time looks like about 4-5 hours of music streaming and usb drive power from the very large internal battery in the Wizard. I am hoping to improve on thisby using a USB y-cable (separate power and data connections) for the USB drive, to reduce the current draw from the Wizard for the external drive.

Configuration is a mixed bag -- the vendor could and should give better directions on initial setup and configuration. I would say a bit more difficult to configure than your average router, but not drastically so. First issue was the unit came with a network password activated, so I couldn't connect to it at all. Some close reading of the minimal instructions, and playing around with it, along with reading the questions and comments here, revealed how to reset to factory specs, restoring default user, password, and unprotected network access. Note to others who want to do this -- have the WIFI switch turned "ON" before holding down the reset switch for 10 seconds, otherwise nothing will happen. If you do it right, it reboots with admin/admin user and pwd and no network encryption. At that point TURN IT OFF until you are ready to configure it, as it is an open invitation to drive-by hacking in that condition. When ready, turn the WIFI on, wait until the light activates, and connect to it from IOS or your computer with any browser, the ip address is engraved on the rear of the unit. Browser will boot into network config page. At that point, follow the written directions (such as they are) and set a secure network password and admin password, reboot, and reconnect. Once you are there, it's relatively easy to configure from the browser connection to the Wizard config screens, if you know anything at all about routers.

CONS: At this point, I only have HTTP and FTP working. [Neither Samba (SMB) nor UPnP / DLNA work.] ** see edit above, SMB now working ** Initial response from easyacc support says DLNA not supported. Note the configuration software has a setting for DLNA in WIFI NAS screen, and a setting to enable/disable UPnP in advanced settings...Also, a few people have said here in either reviews or comments that DLNA does work. If one of you is reading this, what settings, clients, etc. are you using for DLNA?

Support also claims SMB works -- [not for me, so far] ** Now working see edit above **. We will see how they respond further.

EasyAcc should finish updating their website, write a user manual, and generally improve the documentation for this product.

Summary -- I'd give it 4 stars if either SMB or DLNA worked. There are better music player clients available for those protocols than nPlayer, which unfortunately is one of the few useable player clients that support music streaming with an FTP connection.

For the low cost, and versatility -- remember, you are getting an 8800 mah battery pack for an incredibly cheap price here (probably worth the money just for that, if you compare against other external battery costs...) I'd say, if you think it might meet your needs, give it a try. Be prepared for a bit of struggle getting it set up. It's not plug and play, and if you don't know anything about routers, ip, and wireless network setup, you won't be a happy camper. For those who are moderately agile in these areas, why not?

I'll update this review once the SMB/DLNA issues play out. ** See edit at beginning of this review -- I did update rating to 4 stars based on their support and SMB working. Maybe a future firmware release will enable DLNA? **
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 15, 2013
The Wi-Stor is a jack of all trades, and offers a ton of functionality. If you're looking to reduce the amount of stuff that goes in your laptop bag, travel a lot, or you simply really like tech, this is definitely worth a try! The manufacturer sent me a sample of this device, this review is my honest opinion.

Please excuse the fact that I have written in bullet points - there's so much to cover that full sentences would have gotten tiring to read.

- Acts as as normal wi-fi router
- Charges a portable device's battery with the built-in 5V USB charging port
- Add 32GB of hard drive space wirelessly to any device using the SD slot
- Acts as a wireless SD card reader (studio photographers take note!)
- Add an almost limitless amount of hard drive space wirelessly to any device using the USB port

- The sheer functionality of the thing!
- All operations can be run on the internal battery or a USB power cable
- That I can add my own hard-drive via USB
- Sharing SD photos just got a whole lot easier
- Portable router? SO many problems solved

- Instructions aren't great, if you don't like to tinker this may not be for you
- Suggested app is not the most intuitive - I think EasyAcc would be wise to hire an app developer
- Had some sluggishness with video playback...SD card is rated for 90MB/s and wifi speeds should handle it so I have to assume it's the firmware?
- A CF card reader would be SO great, especially for pro photographers who tend to use CF over SD

I took a star off for some polishing that needs done, but this is a solid start to a device with lots of potential. To use an analogy, this is like the Swiss Army Knife of tech gadgets, except the blades of this knife need a little sharpening. With a dedicated app and some firmware improvements for handling large files/video, this would be an easy five stars. For the price, recommended, although for the non technologically-inclined, there may be some frustration in setting the device up.
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on February 20, 2014
I ordered this device on Amazon the first time, but as soon as i got it, i quickly noticed that the Ethernet port was faulty. You plug in the network cable, but it never locks in. It keeps slipping out. I thought the unit i got was defective, and so i returned it and ordered a second one. I got the second one yesterday. Guess what? Same problem! Returning the second one as well.. Very aggravating. The concept is very promising. The implementation: mediocre at best. I really hope this problem gets corrected in the future. For now, the device is unusable and unreliable.
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on January 30, 2014
this device would be so much better wih upnp/dlna. the fact that it requires a specific application and convoluted entry of iP address, etc make it cumbersome to those who arejust not techy. if there was an easier wizard and easy use through upnp/dlna, this would be one of the greatest devices ever, especially for travelling families. send a firmware update to correct this and i'll definitely change my tune.
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on December 29, 2013
The Wi-Stor wizard is fully charged after it's received. It is not working for me even though the wifi signal coming from it is very strong. It's paired with Samsung S4 but can't make connection between the two. The message indicates on the S4 is "can't make connection due to internet connection is slow", so whatever it is trying to do, the connection falls back to my default network. I give up after a few trials. Another thing, the SD card memory doesn't stay locked in the slot, you can take it out after it's pushed in. That's a bad thing.
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on March 9, 2014
I have 3 issues with it:

1. You have to purchase a software from AppStore to your iPhone for them to communicate. And it is not the software mentioned in the instruction that came with the device. You have to ask their support. The support, BTW, is quick and courteous.
2. The device only support FAT32 and NTFS devices.
3. I tried to transfer photos from an SD card to an attached hard-drive (which is the primary purpose of purchasing this device), and it was very slow, and stopped in the middle: can't transfer 4Gb of data from the SD to the hard-drive. Disappointed.

Update on March 12, 2014

EasyAcc Store promptly responded to my review above, and refunded me for the iPhone app I had to purchase, and told me that they are updating the user manual, and creating a new, free, app. So, as I said, the support is good. And they are trying hard to make their customers happy. If I can rate the seller's support separately I would give them a five-star.

For the device itself (In regards to my 3rd point): I was told that it doesn't support direct data transfer between different ports (SD reader and USB port), everything has to go through the Wi-Fi device. Though I can understand that the device is mainly designed for media streaming to Wi-Fi devices, omitting such a basic function severely restricts its usability. Considering that the device fulfills its advertised use, I'm willing to raise the score to a four-star, but with a strong warning to potential buyers that it cannot transfer data directly between attached devices. If and when they add this feature (and is able to update my device with a firmware upgrade), I'll give the device a higher score.
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on January 17, 2014
So I bought this after reading several reviews and was looking for a device like this.

It's a tad larger than I excepted, but it is built well, doesn't look like it's made out of cheap plastic.

Not all of the features I could get to work.

For the portable battery feature I was able to charge my Nexus 10, and Galaxy Nexus with it, but my PS Vita would not charge with it at all. I wish the amperage was a *little* bit higher, as the Vita needs 5V - 1.2A and this thing only does 5V -1A

The Wi-Fi repeater feature I could not get to work with my router at all. It would sometimes connect to the router but never get an internet signal.
on the webpage we go to, to config the router, I sure with they would have made it mobile friendly. Trying to zoom in around it navigate the menus was very frustrating on a phone screen.

Have not tried to use it as a regular router yet, as I have my own router, though I guess it would be handy if traveling.

I did get the wireless digital hub feature to work with both of my nexus devices, but one of my friend's could not connect to it using her Samsung Galaxy S4. I didn't care for the recommend ES File Explorer app, but pretty much any File Explorer app will work if you use the right settings.

Overall good for the price, I just wish the included "manual" was better for setup/troubleshooting and even the support website listed [...] did not work. Also wish the amperage was higher so I could charge the Vita. Also several emails to their tech support, and have not had any replies yet.
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