Customer Reviews: EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers, Set of 4, Brights
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on September 26, 2014
After looking all over for a nice bento-style lunchbox option, I finally got the Easy Lunchboxes and I'm so glad I did! What I love:
- Unlike some compartmentalized lunch containers with lots of separate pieces to wash, this has one sturdy base and one lid, so there is less I have to keep track of and less to wash (they are dishwasher safe!)
- They come in 4 colors so I can color-code my 3 boys' lunches. I've put full lunches together and stacked them in the fridge at night and in the morning I can just grab the right color for each kid, knowing he's getting the right lunch.
- They can be refrigerated and frozen. I've mixed up jello in the evening, poured it into the smallest compartment in each of my kids' Easy Lunchboxes, then set them in the fridge at night, and by breakfast their jello was set and their lunches all ready to go
- They are sturdier than they look. At first I hesitated b/c I thought these were like the Ziplock disposable containers I already own, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how thick the plastic is. They seem to be good quality. I've run them through the dishwasher a few times and they're still like new.
- They fit in a standard lunch bag. I lay a slim ice block underneath and I can even set a Capri Sun drink pouch and a GoGurt on top and still zip up the bag with ease.
- They're affordable! Other options would have cost me close to $100 for all 3 of my boys, but now (for much, much less) I even have one for my husband
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on August 20, 2011
We've been having fun with our EasyLunchboxes all Summer. What a perfect way to have a picnic. Either share a cooler bag for up to 3 people or give everyone their own bag with a container or two. With one to two containers in the bag, you can easily fit an ice pack, utensils and thermos.

Obviously perfect for sandwiches and hand foods, but also thicker items like potato or pasta salad. Deserts are simple, and my favorite thing to do is making jellos and puddings directly in the containers to set overnight. I have not had any problem with color stain. Even with red tomato sauce, it cleaned up without color left behind. These are not like those cheap ziploc things you waste and through away. Plus they are easy to open with a lid that's on just right. Typically lids for these kind of things are so tight, your food goes flying after prying. Their corresponding cases fits perfectly with the containers keeping everything secure, and the lids on tight. Especially with an ice pack or loose fruits.

Since the containers are part one of the system, the bags are part two (sold separately) and are a welcomed necessity. They have at least a half dozen colors. My two nieces chose the brightest ones EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag, Orange and EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag, Pink. We had a day last week where we designed and personalized their bags. All it took was a glue gun and some puff paint, and they were on creative project that they could not wait to show to friends. They glued on flower shapes they cut out and used a puff pen for their names. They also used fabric glue and sprinkled glitter on their designs. In other words, they look forward to going back to school to show off their new lunchbox. Anything made from home is certainly healthier these days.

I personally love my EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag, Dark Red bag for work. It's a nice dark maroon color. No glue or glitter for me, but a friend of mine actually embroidered my monogram on it. I have no idea how she did it, but it looks cool. I have been using my first set since Christmas, and I mean USE them. They have been in the office microwave and home dishwasher so many times, and they show no signs of wear. But I am back here today to get another set of containers, because I have found I have been using them for many other things like holding craft supplies and other materials.

I looked at some of the other reviews and I don't understand some people. It's very clear that you should not be putting soup in the containers and throwing them in a backpack! I looked at the description on this page, and it's very clear. This product does not deserve any negative reviews due to lack of common sense of the buyer. It's a lunchbox primarily for normal lunch foods like sandwiches and snacks. With the user photos, you can see what creative ways people are using them. As long as you buy the needed cooler bag to hold these containers, there are no "leaking" problems. I would never put wet things in it like salad dressing etc. But I do use it for salad. I just have this little bento bottle that I toss in the bag, and problem solved.

You should check out the maker's web site. I got a lot of ideas, and I love that it was invented by a Mom with the inspiration of making a healthier lunch. You see a lot of care and love in her work here. With rubbermaid and ziploc, not so much. Get the containers and a bag, and you are close to the free shipping mark. A great deal and a greater gift... as I plan on giving these to everyone for Christmas this year.

These containers are not meant to be used in anything but the easy lunch boxes cooler bag, sold separately due to many color choices. Once in their bag, they are locked in and good to go, even if just one container is used.
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on May 12, 2011
First, I'll address what I'm guessing is likely to be the most common question/gripe . . . Yes, they are certainly worth whatever-multiple-of-the-cost of those nationally available ones (whatever name-brand you choose). These are different!

They may be inexpensive enough that your blood pressue won't spike if/when your child loses one at school, but they are most certainly not 'take and toss.' You'll know that the moment you hold one; they're heavier, thicker, sturdier. We have had ours for a few weeks shy of a year now, and they still look/work like brand new. No stains, no etchy shadows, no warping at all (not the bodies, not the lids). I've never hand-washed them, they've been run through the dishwasher every time.

The only downside you may not know about to question/gripe . . . the lids are NOT water-tight (it is mentioned right there, under product features, but in case it gets missed or skipped over). I wasn't thrilled about that to begin with, but it's not such a drawback in my mind anymore. I can use press-n-seal wrap over the whole thing or individual section(s) if I need to, and it also means that the lid isn't so snug that my 4yo can't open it.

SO glad to see them available through Amazon now! With super-fast, free Prime shipping, I think we'll add another set into our rotation for next year (when there will be 2 packing daily lunches!).
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on February 18, 2015
I see a lot of complaints on here about leakage and lids not snapping tightly, and I'm confused. We've never had a problem with them, and we've been using them for the last 6 months. I regularly make puddings and pour them directly in one of the compartments while still hot so they set in the container - no leaks. Through the dishwasher many Many times, still going. So I wanted to suggest a good lunchbox for this. My son (11) uses a BUILT neoprene lunchbag, ( and the EasyLunchbox fits flat and snugly in the bottom, leaving lots of room for a bottle of water and a few other snack items. (IDK if the pictures show it well, but there is still plenty more room for another item or two after his lunch was packed) Maybe having it lay flat has been the reason we've been successful? If you keep an eye on Amazon, these lunchbags fluctuate in price - I've had to replace one because of a hole tore in the side (after at least a year of heavy rotation) and had to wait a month or so until it dropped to $18. Hope this helps! :)
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on August 17, 2011
I bought this product for my husband and myself so we could conveniently bring lunch to work. It had to fit an "adult-sized" sandwich. It had to fit in a backpack and not spill everywhere on our 10 min walk to work. (We did not purchase the cooler bag - too bulky plus we don't need ice packs.)

I think the price is right for the product. The quality of the plastic is much better than I expected. It's tough, hard plastic - definitely not like cheap, thin, store-bought plastic. Love the colors. The size of the compartments are adequate for an adult lunch. An "adult-sized" sandwich just barely fits in the big compartment, although I find it easier to build the sandwich in the compartment (then cut in half), than build it on the cutting board, cut and squeeze it inside compartment. The other compartments are big enough to fit a good portion of fruits or veggies, or crackers, whatever.

While I understand the lid was designed so that it's easier for children to open, it fails to stay put most the time. I want the lid to "click" or "snap" so I know it's secure. They seemed to work okay the first few uses, but seem to get looser and looser the more we use them. (We have only hand-washed our lunch boxes, as we do not have a dishwasher.) I have also found if any food is touching the lid, the lid just sits on top; it doesn't really seal. So I use a rubber band to keep the lids on while we walk to work. (I understand laying the lunchboxes flat, like they would in their cooler bag, is the intended use, but that's just not realistic for a lunchbox. It should be able to be upside-down and sideways without spilling.)

I understood from the beginning that it won't hold liquids or anything juicy. I tried the recommended "press & seal" wrap today with some oily veggie salad, and the juices still leaked. Luckily I wrapped the lunchbox in a plastic bag, so the oils didn't get all over my backpack. Plus, the "press & seal" compromises the lid's ability to stay on the bottom container. F A I L .

We'll continue using these lunch boxes when we have simple sandwich-non-juicy-fruit-and-veggie lunches, along with my rubber bands to keep the lids in place. Although I really wanted to love this product, I wouldn't recommend it to a friend, nor would I purchase it again.
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on July 2, 2011
I have used them for almost one year and the concept is practical as I can send one container at school for my daughter. However, here are my complaints about this product, 1) the lids don't stay in place, so we need to make sure she doesn't turn her lunch box upside down and 2) they don't seal, so forget about any type of "humid" food (exemple strawberries that start to release their juice or drained canned fruit, the juice will end up coloring the sandwich or getting the whole lunch box dirty). To be honest, I don't think I'll buy them again. The concept is good but I think the company could invest in improving the product so the containers seal right and the lids stay on. Just my opinion.
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I've been using my EasyLunchboxes for over two years now. I love that they are affordable enough I can get a few sets so I don't have to worry about washing the same expensive box daily, or go without if it gets left at school by accident.

They are also extremely sturdy. Unlike baggies (even re-usable cloth ones) rattling around in a box, our food doesn't get crushed or squished by a yogurt or water bottle.
And I've saved so much money! For my initial $14 investment (well, $24, since I bought an EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag, Dark Red as well,) I have not only reduced all the waste from 3-4 baggies or yogurt/applesauce cups each day, but I'm saving on my grocery bill. A box of baggies now lasts a year, instead of just a few weeks. And I can buy larger packages of food to make my own single-size portions.

One of my favorite features of these lunch boxes is how easy they are to open and close. We started using these when my daughter was in preschool, and she could open and close these herself, right off the bat. Every other lunchbox or container I tried was impossible for her to open or close on her own. I packed her a lunch for a picnic with her class one time, and while some of the shyer kids were still waiting for one of the few adults present to help them open their little single-serve packets of food, my child was almost finished eating!
Since many schools only allow 20-minutes for lunch, time wasted on getting AT the food is time not spent eating it!
This does mean they can leak, with runny or juicy foods, if not carried flat. Which has actually helped me pack healthier. I rinse the juice off of canned fruit, which not only means there's less juice to potentially leak, but also less sugar! And I switched to Greek yogurt because it is thicker and not runny, and also more protein than regular yogurt! And for anything else I need to send that might leak, I use the EasyLunchboxes "Mini-Dippers" Small Dip and Sauce Containers, Leak-Resistant, Set of 8, which are not only leak-proof, but also super easy for my daughter to open and close herself.

The only thing I wasn't in love with with the original EasyLunchboxes was the lid colors. I prefer brighter, more vibrant hues. I love looking at these "Bright" lid colors. It's hard to choose which one I like the most!

I just cannot say enough how much I love these boxes, and how they have transformed our eating habits. They've challenged me to include a wider variety of healthy foods to fill each compartment. I choose fewer "convenience foods," since they are so easy to use and pack ahead of time to have ready to grab and go. And the rigid shape keeps my foods from becoming flattened, crushed, or broken in transit.

If there were more stars, I'd give it a higher rating!
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on March 2, 2015
I ordered the Easy Lunch boxes. They are perfect for meal prepping. The three different compartments are a great way of separating the different food groups. I ordered the three different color sets. The reason being is I meal prep for my husband, daughter, and myself. So each person knows what container is their's. I have the classic color set, my daughter's set is bright colors, and my husband's set is the darkest. Everyone loves them and I get a lot of people asking where did I get them from. I only gave it 4 stars due to one of my bright color lunch boxes came chipped and will not close due to its broken.
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on November 19, 2013
I bought two sets of these for school lunches. I also bought their cooler bag to carry it in, which I will review separately. These containers are used daily and put through the dishwasher (no high heat dry), usually on the top rack. Overall I do like them--the size of the compartments is perfect for us. The medium compartment is a perfect size for a muffin, apple slices, or satsuma. The smallest compartment is good for a small cookie, dried fruit, or matchstick veggies. I like that everything is kept protected from being squished and it's easy to think in terms of a balanced meal with a variety of items in each compartment. The lid is snug enough to keep the food in while still being easy for little hands to lift it off.

One minor quibble is there are slightly sharp points on the underside of the lip of the container, I've been poked a few times getting the lid on. The main problem I have with these, however, for which I've taken one star off, is that the plastic is not holding up well. We've used these for approximately two months, rotating a new container each day (so each container has had maybe about a week's worth of use overall). In that time, we have had a container warp so the lid does not stay on. More importantly, we also had THREE containers crack on us, rendering them unusable. We aren't particularly hard on these, and have been careful with placement in the dishwasher, so not sure why the failure rate is so high. We'll keep using them as long as they last...

EDITED TO ADD: I've posted a picture of one of the cracked boxes we've encountered.
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on November 8, 2013
My dad, who lived in Australia for two years, said that Australians typically like to combine the flavors of everything on their plate in one bite. It probably makes sense in a place that usually cooks entrees that go together, like chicken, potatoes, and biscuits. I, however, grew up in Utah where everything is served with a side of Jello. (I mean, even if you just order Jello, your Jello will be accompanied by a second slab in a complimentary color.) Fed up with strawberry-tipped chicken cordon bleu, I sought out a solution. (Uh, these)

Now, when I pack lunches for school and work, I no longer have to worry about Jello sweat ruining my chicken wrap. And life is sweeter that way.

Unless, of course, you like Jello on everything. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.
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