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on January 29, 2013
I bought two of these cameras to monitor my isolated rural home and immediate area. first of all, I've been installing CCTV cameras and security systems for 30 years, I'm a retired Army colonel. Yes, the instructions were skimpy, but real men don't need no steenkin' directions! I had both cameras setup and viewable from anywhere in the world--in just 12 minutes! Total cost for both cameras was just under $100! I hardwired them both into my ethernet network, set them for fixed IP address assignments. I then set the router to port forward their addresses, and presto! Instant password protected viewing from my smart phone or any web browser anywhere in the world. Night time IR viewing is terrific out to about 30 feet, B&W in IR mode of course, excellent color in daylight.

Plus, its motion detection automatically sends about five photos, upon the setable alarm, to my gmail account! Should someone break into my home and steal my computers, the photos of the idiots are safe up on my gmail email account! I do have one local PC set to accept and store alarm videos (10 second clips in AVI format with sound!).

Yes, I have already recommended these cameras to my friends and business associates--and they've bought a half dozen so far!
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on December 24, 2012
The instructions for setting up the camera weren't the clearest. But once when I got the camera up and running 100% it is AMAZING, especially how it can email pics after the camera senses motion.

1. I would recommend using the install instructions from FOSCAM.. found here: [...] It just seems to be more clear.

2. Set your bookmarks (favorites) on your browser to the external ip after setting up port forwarding and figuring your non-local IP address (not the one that starts with 192..). Thus you can use your laptop/tablet/phone to access the cam outside of your local network.
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on June 16, 2012
I had been searching for a long time for better options to put in my baby's room to use as a baby monitor besides the audio only gadgets and the highly expensive video monitors which break down after only a few months use. I could've done what my ex SIL did by spending a fortune to have a security system installed in their home with a camera in the baby's room. But who wants to spent that kind of money?

I came across the idea of using an IP camera specifically for this purpose. After looking to see what was cheap and available, I settled on the EasyN brand of cameras. I am not a computer novice by any means but neither am I a networking guru. I bought this brand because it was inexpensive, there was a ton of support available on their website and, if I failed at networking the camera myself, I had the option of paying an extra $29.00 for a networking pro to help me.

I got the package, opened the box, started hooking up cable and gritted my teeth for what I thought was going to be at least a half day struggle because of all the reviews I had read about this camera. I was very pleasantly surprised. I had it done within the hour. And the only reason it took so long was because I read through all the tutorials on the EasyN website just to make sure I was getting it right the first time.

The camera works perfectly! It pans and tilts and there is audio. But what's not so great is the interference on the audio from my wireless network. I read that can be fixed by using a wired connection. But that wasn't an option for me as my baby's room is way down the hall from mine. The reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because of the GUI. My opinion is it's just ok. I've had it for a few weeks and still have not been able to figure out what some of the controls do nor is there documentation anywhere with instructions in english. Because of that I only use it for administrative purposes now. Instead, I use the camera wih Baby Monitor Foscam on all my I-devices.

I am able to see my baby now from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Not that I would ever use it in Timbuktu, but it's nice to be able to have that option. I am happy, my family is happy, and I even managed to impress the ex in-laws because now they can also see their grandchild from cross country anytime they want to.
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on February 18, 2014
I say this as someone who's generally regarded in my little world to have some idea of what I'm doing with computers. The user guide is awful, but if you have some basic knowledge of networking, firewalls, and port forwarding, then this is an excellent camera for the price. If you would rather have someone hold your hand through the process, you may want to consider another model. You should also have some tolerance of less than perfect written English.

I had no difficulty setting up the device. I used the CD that it came with for a small part of the initial configuration to get it on the local network, but after that, I just configured the device from the web interface because it was so much easier. The camera is still working great to this day.

As a quick tip, you can turn off the blinking green light that's always on by default. Just choose "been extinguished" from the drop menu under PTZ Settings. I found that constantly blinking light super annoying. Sadly, I haven't found a way to turn off the infrared lights.

The speaker and audio features only work in Internet Explorer with the use of an ActiveX control. If this feature is really important to you, please be aware that it does depend on IE. The device provides the following viewing modes then you connect:

1. ActiveX Mode (for audio features when using Internet Explorer)
2. Server Push Mode (Works well for standard viewing)
3. Mobile Phone Mode (Never used this)
4. iPod touch / iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad dedicated (Self-explanitory)

You can even configure separate logins for multiple users with different levels of access permissions, which is definitely a plus.

Video quality is fair. It's not very detailed, but it works quite well. It does what I need it to do. It's not bad, but not great either. It satisfies.

I would recommend this camera to someone with some networking knowledge and who is in the market for a cheap IP camera.
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on September 25, 2014
I use this camera to monitor my house and it works perfectly.

I have a dynamic IP address, this mean my ISP change my address few times per month and to be able to remotely connect to the camera I need to know this constant changing IP address, to achieve this there is a service call dyndns, but the charge 25dlls/year.
But this camera have the option "when the IP address change" automatically the camera send you a mail of the current IP, you only click the link and that's it, you are connected remotely to your camera

When the you setup the camera to be triggered by movement the camera send a mail whit a sequence of pictures. (5 pics)
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on January 25, 2014
I have three different brands of these IP camera clones and this one by far surprised me, very easy to setup with easy to understand settings except for one, the speed control for movement uses a scale of 1-10 with 10 being slowest and 1 being the fastest which goes against most thinking so be aware of that when your trying to figure out why your pan and tilt are on hyper speed. The picture quality actually makes me mad at my Foscam and Tenvis not having as good of quality. The mount on this camera is better then the ones on my Tenvis cameras and even better then the Foscam. The internal mic is amazing I can hear people in other rooms talking at normal volume. The speaker like all cameras of this type just plain out suck and is horrible sound quality to the point as not to bother. The only real con I have is that the power cord is short and I mean really darn short.
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on October 3, 2014
Ordered 2 and received them in good time. One looked like it had been opened and the power supply was missing. Was told to send it back for a refund. There was no way to request just the ps. The camera management software that will control 64 cameras and comes with the camera will NOT work on Win 7 64bit so it is useless but some third party software that can be found on the web will see and use the camera OK. This limitation of the software should be stated on the site when ordering. It could be a deal breaker.
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on January 1, 2014
This is my first IPCam. I researched everything on Amazon. Foscam was rated highly, and so was the EasyN for $20 less. I've only used if for a week, but so far I am very pleased. My wife raises chickens, so we wanted to be able to check on them out in the coop to make sure the foxes weren't guarding the henhouse! We can quickly check the status of water, food, and temperature. The wireless distance is about 100 feet. I changed the antenna to a +3dBi gain 8". And I have a +9 dBi on the router. These are available from Amazon and not too expensive. The camera worked with the original short antenna

The IR lights are great for about 5-8 meters, and they are basically invisible. A slight red glow of the LEDs can be seen. The image quality is good at 640x480 max. Color is decent in daylight and of course B&W with night vision IR's. Mechanically tracks quickly and accurately. The tracking speed is adjustable and up to to 15 preset locations can be programmed for one-click moving to a location. Setup was pretty straight forward:

1) Use supplied CD or download from EasyN, the camera finder and viewer software.
2) I first connected camera to router and laptop to router by cables.
3) Configured the camera. It self assigned the IP address and saved it as static so its always the same. I did not select DHCP option. Once setup and viewed in the cabled mode, I removed the cable and logged in again with wireless. Worked right away.
4) There are a number of options in the admin setup pages after you login using, or whatever your internal network IP's are. Netmask is typically - must match your network. Most setup options can be left unchanged. Note the IP and port number assigned. That's what you will use to login using your web-browser. Don't need the http://, just the IP:port# (81 default)
5) Internet Explorer and Firefox both work as IPCam viewers and motion control. The IE software version however, has a couple of extra options: Listen, Talk (add speakers to cam port), and Record.
6) Setup Android App. Its actually a decent app. Runs on your internal network. You can also connect anywhere using DDNS. A configuration comes with the software. And you can use any DDNS provider, such as

I don't know of any cons, really. I noticed a connection loss occasionally after not viewing for several hours (Firefox). Just a refresh of the browser tab seems to bring it back. My wife uses IE and says it never did that for her.

I'll update this review if there are any changes in performance or capabilities.
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on December 10, 2013
This camera states that it is for Mac and PC, but the application to actually assign an IP address only works in Windows, and poorly at that. The user interface is badly translated into multiple languages. I've used it in English Spanish and German, and I bet they translated the badly translated English to the other languages. Aesthetics aside, the user interface is robust in the features that it does provide. The camera will send you e-mail pictures when it senses motion, but you may want to put it about 12 feet back otherwise you'll see pictures and blurred images, That is to say you'll know someone came in the door for example, but they will be a blur unless you put some distance between the camera and the area you want to monitor. During live motion, performance is almost real-time on an uncongested wireless 802.11N network on 802.11 G, performance is passable when the network is uncongested.

I can't find any way to record video on my Mac, and I'm not comfortable with buggy web interface Recording in Windows, which still wouldn't be Mac. I can't really endorse this product for Mac users at all unless they're very technical and have a Windows machine handy. I wouldn't recommend it for Windows users either although they at least would have recording functionality.

If the manufacturer would release low-level information about the product, it could have a potential called following because of the reasons to come. If one could alter the firmware, or at the very least have a specification to build a different interface application this camera might be great for Hobby robotics.

Those shortcomings aside this camera does have its strengths, the price point being the major one. South of 100 bucks, you're not going to be making your next Hollywood production on an IP cam. Nonetheless more expensive models will send you a video clip, or pictures. This camera however provides low-level input output for alarm system integration, in my case this would be useful for an Arduino robot that takes the high signal from this camera to detect motion, and sends a high signal to trigger an e-mail with pictures if some other sensor has deemed it necessary. I have yet to put this use to practical application, but I do intend to try it out and let you guys know. The web interface lets you select between active high and active low. I do intend to test and let you guys know how it works setting off an interrupt on and Arduino.

For now, I'll give it three stars––I like some of the features of this camera, and I like the price, but I don't like it as much as I would if the menus were translated into better English (or proper Spanish or proper German for that matter)
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on April 23, 2014
FREE SHIPPING KaiCong Sip1602 P2P/Pan & Tilt IP Camera/Wifi Plug & Play/Motion Detection/Mobile View/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens (67° Viewing Angle)

let me start off by saying I bought this cam for $50 and I bought a KaiCon one for $30 and its the same damn camera! Only real difference besides the price is the KaiCong is in all Chinese. ha. this camera is good. the daylight colors are off. green turns to purple and reds to green. I don't mind. I really wanted it for my front door at night.
The Night Vision works great. you can see everything (in black and white) clear for only being .3 megapixels. the PTZ works great. I get a full 180 all around the room.
Easy to set up, but I HAD TO USE their software to find my camera... sucks. but I set it up with port forwarding on my router and uss IP CAM VIEWER (basic) on my android phone to view and to PTZ.
the two audio is a little off, it comes in all static, but eh. who cares. the listening comes in pretty clear!

hope this helps!

look at the KAICONG one for $30 if you want to start off with night vision and not spend a ton of money!
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