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on January 19, 2001
If you have IBS, you MUST get this book. I have had IBS for 15 of my 31 years. I have spent time and effort reading about IBS, making food diaries charting how different foods make me feel. Most of the conclusions that have taken me years to find out on my own are in this book. I wish it had been given to me when I was 16. Most books give vague suggestions that don't help. IBS is treatable, but only with diet. Nothing else I've tried has worked. And I've tried everything. I always felt like I had some psychological problem that made me have these reactions to food, but it's clear I don't. I still experience stress, but nothing gives me an attack quicker than a glass of milk or a large plate of fried food. All of the suggestions that she makes are right in line with what it took me years to find out. I knew that I couldn't drink orange juice on an empty stomach, but I thought that was only relevant to me! To think, there are millions of others who could have benefitted from this same bit of knowledge. The diet is perfect for me. There are only a few other things that are different for me. First, I am able to eat yogurt (except not frozen yogurt) without added fruit without any problems. Second, I am very allergic to MSG ..., which means I have lots of trouble with soups (because of the MSG in the broth), frozen foods, salad dressings, many veggie burgers, and the like. Lastly, caffeine causes me no trouble in small quantities. Through the use of this book as a starting off point, a person with IBS can quickly find a new way of eating that will change their life for the better. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book. I am so happy it's been written. Hooray!
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on November 9, 2000
Anyone who has IBS knows that controlling your diet can be very difficult. This book helps address the issue of diet and foods for those with IBS. Eating for IBS is written in a simple and easy to understand way that makes it a pleasure to read. Also, the information in the book is not from a doctor it is from someone WHO HAS SUFFERED FROM IBS...this is what helps makes this book so good and honest.
The book itself has two main sections. The first is an overview of what IBS is and what foods work with and against your colon. Some of the great parts of this section are a list of trigger foods (and why they are trigger foods), an explanation of the different types of fiber and fiber foods, IBS kitchen essentials, and many other great tips.
The other part of the book is recipes. These are low residue recipes that work with a sensitive stomach. The categories of recipes listed are wide and include: beverages, appetizers and snacks, breakfasts, breads, side dishes and salads, soups and sanwiches, main dishes and desserts. The recipe section also contains a menu at-a-glance feature. The recipes in this book are great. They include flavor, great taste, and variety. The author of the book, Heather Van Vorous, uses many substitutes to make recipes that were normally unthinkable great for people with IBS. Also, the recipes included generally are easy to make. Another great feature is that each recipe has a very detailed nutrient analysis directly under it on the page.
The one downfall of this book is that many of the recipes require ingredients that aren't normally found on your local grocery store shelves. However, Vorous does respond to this problem by having a directory of resources in the back that includes phone numbers and web address of places where these items may be purchased. Another downfall of the book is that some of the recipes just seem to elaborate for an everyday meal--a few of them just seem so fancy they should be served at a dinner party.
Overall, this book is really fantastic. Although it has a few problems, as noted above, this book is well worth the cost. It can help people who suffer from both mild and severe IBS. The advice and recipes contained within the book help people with IBS realize that they don't have to give up great tasting food. This is a really good buy for anyone who suffers with IBS.
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on November 8, 2000
If you have IBS, you already know how frustrating and debilitating this disorder can be. It affects and often controls your whole life, and consumes time and money as you go from doctor to doctor, medication to medication, explore alternative healing modalities. Heather Von Vorous's book is the best $17 you will ever spend in an effort to learn to control your IBS symptoms. This is the only book on IBS written by a fellow IBS sufferer. Ms. Von Vorous is a sympathetic and understanding writer. Personally, I suffered from severe IBS and found no relief until I found Ms. Von Vorous's website..., which she has turned into her book, Eating for IBS. I followed her reccomendations and recipes to the letter for two months, and began to see my IBS in a whole new light. Not only did I greatly improve my IBS symptoms, but I discovered through this book a healthy, wholesome way to eat and enjoy food again. Ms. Von Vorous strongly believes that having IBS should not mean deprivation as far as food is concerned, but simply substitution. And her recipes deliver. Did you ever think you would be able to enjoy wonderful cakes and sweet breads without paying for it later with stomach pain and discomfort? Or eat gelato or Thai stir-fry without any consequences? Well, believe it! This book literally saved my life. Before I found this book, I weighed 87 pounds, could not tolerate any foods, and had IBS symptoms so severe I had to quit my job. Now I am gaining back my lost weight, can enjoy a tremendous variety of foods, and can live a normal, full live again. If you are ready to start managing your IBS and can open your mind to the suggestions and diet modifications that Ms. Von Vorous presents, you will be amazed at the results. As an IBS sufferer, I have infinite sympathy for others like myself who suffer from this awful condition for which there is no medical cure. This book does not propose a miracle "cure" for IBS, but it will aid you tremendously in managing it, so you can be in control of your life again! Heather Von Vorous' thorough, detailed and compassionate information and recipes are better than any pills, potions, or doctor's advice on this disease that I have come across.
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on July 1, 2004
In these days of low-carb mania, it's a real mind-bender to consider that red meat, butter, whole eggs, raw veggies and whole wheat bread might be bad for you -- and that white rice, white bread, and white pasta might actually be good. But for IBS sufferers (at least those like me, with diarrhea-predominant symptoms and lots of gas/bloating) this can indeed be the case. Following Heather's basic strategies has provided wonderful relief in a matter of days -- after months of invasive tests, ineffective medications, and futile advice from docs. Her explanation of the differing effects of soluble and insoluble fiber on IBS sufferers is the key to this diet, and many will find that they can add back "forbidden" foods to some degree after getting their gut stabilized. Who would have thought that eating things in a specific order (like eating the starch before the salad!) could actually have an effect on gut spasms? But for me, that's exactly the case.
The author's sage advice about various fiber supplements and their individual characteristics would be worth the purchase price. (Reviewers who complained that her diet doesn't work for IBS with constipation must not be following her advice about incorporating fiber supplements; I don't see how they could possibly remain blocked up under the regime she outlines.) On top of that, the recipes are great. I love food and cooking and had despaired of ever having fun in the kitchen again -- always worried that what I was putting in my mouth was going to cause great suffering an hour or two later. Playing around with Heather's recipes has brought back the old thrill, and it's stuff the whole family can eat without suspecting it's some kind of special diet. The book is also packed with many interesting and tasty items you'd enjoy serving to guests.
If you're wondering about whether all these reviews can possibly be "for real," or if this is just some stupid and possibly dangerous fad diet -- take the chance and buy this book. The recommendations are healthful, the diet's not going to hurt you, and you have nothing to lose except the hours of suffering currently caused by your IBS.
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on April 16, 2002
The recipes and advice in this book look great, and I'm eager to try them, especially since they are low fat. However, the author seems to be writing only for IBS people who suffer from diarrhea, and has ignored those of us who suffer from chronic constipation. Much of the author's advice -- heavy emphasis on soluble fibers like bread, rice, pasta etc. -- risk exacerbating constipation symptoms. I wish she would have addressed this more, as constipation causes just as severe cramping and discomfort as diarrhea. Also, based on my experience, the author's assertion that ALL oils are equally harmful for digestion is simply wrong. I urge other people to try olive oil in moderation -- it definitely is easier on the stomach than butter and other oils. I also question her advice to avoid all dairy products. In my experience, yogurt is very soothing on the stomach.
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on September 18, 2003
I am in tears and actually doing the happy dance at the same time as I write this. My IBS was so bad before finding Eating for IBS that I was up all night with cramps and throughout the day. I begged my doctor for some relief because the spasm medication no longer worked. He had no advice but to live with it and take more meds. What? No way! I searched the internet again. Then I found Eating for IBS and ordered it right away hoping it wasn't just another thing that wouldn't work but the price was very easy on my pocketbook and I thought it worth giving a try. The very first day I got relief and by the second day I had no symptoms at all. I can not say enough about this book. Everything I say seems pale to the results it gave me. The diet is so easy and fun to follow and the recipes are delicious! This is a diet? Not for me. For me it is a miracle and I stay free of symptoms and enjoy every bite of delicious food from the recipes that are so full of flavor you actually ENJOY eating instead of dreading it for obvious reasons. I can not thank Heather Van Vorous enough for writing this book, giving us a choice of great recipes and making it available for us. Don't let the oportunity to get well pass you by. There really is a cure
Don't be fooled by potions and pills that claim a cure for IBS. Believe me, I've tried them all and "Eating for IBS" is the only cure. Yes, I said cure!!! Not relief but a cure for all who suffer from IBS.
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on November 24, 2000
If you have IBS you MUST get this book. It will open your eyes, believe me. Finally I have a clear, logical, rational explanation of exactly HOW and WHY foods affect IBS. I would like to meet the author so that I could thank her in person. She has probably saved my life and definitely my sanity. I have been so sick for so many years and no one has ever helped me. Finally I now know why I get sick from certain foods, and I know how to avoid them. Even better, I know which foods I can eat safely. Why didn't my doctors ever explain to me how foods affect IBS? WHY do I feel like this information been kept in the dark? How come no one ever told me the things that are in this book? I have looked for help with my IBS for years and no one ever knew anything, not doctors or other self help books. Sometimes their advice even made me worse. NOW I KNOW!!!
Reading this book was amazing because I felt like it was written especially for me. Suddenly I had the answers to things I have been searching for for years. And best of all the recipes are totally delicious! I just made Thanksgiving dinner with these recipes and not only did my family love them (the stuffing and that sweet potatoe pecan pie is heaven!) but for the first time in as long as I can remember I did not have to spend my holiday in agony after eating. I truly think that my IBS will now be in the past. I have given copies of this book to my friends and family so they know what I'm dealing with. And I am actually looking forward to eating now instead of dreading it. So far I have made banana bread, Italian tomato and bread salad, lemongrass chicken, barbecued salmon, rice pudding, and mandarin chocolate cake. It would be enough to just eat again without getting sick, but this food was WONDERFUL. And I still have hundreds of other recipes to make! I am so grateful to have found this book. Thank you thank you thank you!
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on March 8, 2001
If you have IBS, this is the book you should get. After suffering from IBS for 6 years, I was getting more and more frustrated. I couldn't seem to make heads or tails out of what foods caused me discomfort and what didn't. After reading Ms. van Vorous' book and following her dietary guidelines, I feel 100% better. The reason for my giving this book 4 stars is because of the types of recipes that are included. I would have like to have seen less seafood & gourmet-ish recipes and more of the day-to-day fare that most of us eat. Aside from that, I would highly recommend this book.
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on June 21, 2001
I bought this book several months ago and it has helped me so much. I've had severe constipation for several years, and within the first week after I started this diet I was feeling better. Now I am almost completely back to normal, and I honestly thought this would never happen. I really wish the man who wrote the negative review would actually try this book's advice before he decides it won't work for his wife, because it will! The rice, pasta, and white breads are high in soluble fiber, which I never knew about before. They don't "stop you up" they push everything through, but without pain. These foods are what finallygave me my life back. For years I've been trying to eat bran (because all my doctors kept telling me to) but it just gave me awful cramps. Now I know why. Oh - and the recipes are to die for!!! I eat the honey snack mix every day!
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on November 11, 2001
I've suffered with IBS for approx. 5 years, my physician offered little help, and it was time to get results---somehow, somewhere.
After reviewing MANY books offered (...) for IBS related topics, this book seemed to stand out from the crowd--due to it's very positive reviews. I also noted that the author had a website (...) which I visited, and it too revealed MANY positive responses. Although there are various books available to become educated on the topic---I WANTED RESULTS, plain and simple. And this book DID deliver!!
I wanted to wait (4) full weeks before writing this review, to hopefully give to you a more valid, convincing perspective. And, I can honestly tell you, I've had NO IBS symptoms during the past 4 weeks by using the advice and recipes in Heather's book. I keep a diary of my symptoms, and it's the first time (in more than a year) that I went this long with NO symptoms.
Heather did an EXCEPTIONAL job--not only writing the book in a very professional manner, but with an AMAZING degree of research, which she clearly footnotes. The book is mainly recipes, but it is packed with MANY, INFORMATIVE bits of necessary information one needs when coping with IBS.
I can go on and on, but I will summarize by saying simply this;
if you want relief from IBS, you've found "THE book". If you visit Heather's website, you'll become even more convinced.
Good Luck, and I sincerely hope this helps!!
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