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I live in an area where we suffer several power outages every year (the most recent one being Hurricane Sandy). That's why I have at least half a dozen power failure lights scattered over the house. But somehow, none of them actually offer all the features I like to see. Some cannot be used in nightlight mode, others are not bright enough as a flashlight, or the runtime is too limited, and so on. Finally, I found this product (Eco-Lite 4 Function LED Lights) in a local warehouse Club, which seems to provide every function I want.

The Eco-Lite consists of two parts: the charging base station and the detachable flashlight unit. It can be used for the followings:
1. As an emergency light that comes on automatically in case of power failure, or when the flashlight unit is removed from the base station
2. As a nightlight that automatically turns on/off based on ambient light
3. As a flashlight with High/Low and blinking functions (10x 5mm LEDs on top)
4. As a work light (5x LEDs on the side)

When first turned on by the power button, the flashlight is in High power mode. The light output is advertised as '60 lumens', which is almost as powerful as a Mini-Maglite LED Flashlight (69 lumens), although the beam from the latter is better focused. The package claims a runtime of 3 hours in High mode. This is accurate based on my testing.

A seond click changes the flashlight into Low power mode. The light is much dimmer now, but its runtime is extended to 15 hours. A third click makes the flashlight blinks, and the fourth turns it off. By the way, when the flashlight automatically turns on during power failure, it starts in Low power mode. That way the battery won't be drained too quickly.

The nightlight mode is supposed to have one 'Hi' and one 'Lo' settings. However, I can hardly see the difference in brightness between those two settings. It is actually too bright for me as a nightlight in the bedroom. Fortunately, I can rotate the nightlight in the base station, such that its light points towards the wall.

The base station is an example of good engineering design. It uses inductive coupling for charging, so there are no electrical contacts. That means you never have to worry about corrosion or intermittent contacts. The flashlight unit can rotate freely in the base station while charging. Furthermore, the base station itself has a AC plug that can be rotated 270-degrees. That means you'll be able to mount the base station correctly, regardless of the orientation of your AC socket. Finally, it does NOT cover both AC sockets while plugged in to the wall outlet.

I measured the power consumption for the base station, using the Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor. Even while recharging internal battery and with nightlight mode on, the base station consumes less than 1W. That means I don't need to worry about energy cost while keeping the base station plugged in all the time.

If I have to think of one criticism, I will say the flashlight unit should be powered by user-replaceable NiMH batteries, since all internal battery pack will die eventually. Using Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack does offer the advantages of small size and light weight.

In summary, this product is everything I can wish for as a multi-functional Power Failure / Nightlight / Flashlight / Work light. I highly recommend it for any family.

[Update on Nov 25, 2015]
Both units I own are still working great after being plugged in continuously for two years.
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on December 14, 2012
I wish I could give this product 5 stars and as far as the idea and how usefull they are I would. I wouldn't tell you not to try a set, but keep the receipt. I bought 1 set at Costco and liked them so much I went back and bought another. About 2 weeks later I found that one from the second pack had a few bulbs go out in the flashlight part and got worse. I returned the 2 pack and got another and in about a week one of those did the same thing. I haven't returned that pack yet but decided to use the bad one in a room I was using it more as a nightlight. The problem with returning 2 packs is you have to return one that's good, to return one that's bad.

Jan 15, 2013 - Just thought I'd give a follow up. Another of the flashlights have bulbs going out, that's 3 out of 6 now. I see there are other reviews that are reporting the same problem.
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on September 4, 2013
I bought this because I live in a city with an old electric infrastructure that loses power at the drop of a hat. I liked the idea that they are night lights under "normal" mode, but the flashlights come one as soon as their is a power failure, lighting up like bright white torches. The lights comfortably sit in the top outlet without blocking the bottom outlet at all. I also have one in the top of a 4-gang outlet, and none of the 3 other outlets are blocked either. I quickly discovered that whenever I needed a flashlight for something, these two were always the handiest to reach, so 99% of the time these are the only flashlights I use in the house now. I ended up buying a set for my brother, who lives in Hurricane Central. Then bought a set for my sister because she liked them so much when she came to visit me. Most recently, I bought a 4th set for my father who is elderly and oxygen dependent, so he can set it on the table and it gives off enough light for him to clearly see where he needs to go, find the telephone, etc.

The first 2 sets I bought are an older version that do not have the lantern/worklight feature, and they don't have as many LEDs. However I have purchased the newer ones for my sister and father. These are slightly wider than my original ones, although they still do not block any neighboring outlets. They are also brighter, and the addition of the lantern mode is extremely helpful. When my father's power goes out, he relies on these (as opposed to candles which do not play well with oxygen). To me this is a safety issue and gives me piece of mind.

All models use induction charging, which means there are no exposed connectors on either the flashlight or the charging base. If the flashlight base gets wet, it's no big deal cause you just wipe off the plastic. I cannot really comment on how long it takes to fully charge these lights, as they are always plugged in and thus fully charged at all times. What I *can* say, is that I have had my original ones for quite a few years (at least 5), and they are still holding up well. I also cannot say how long they last because I have never drained one all the way down. I would say I have easily used them for an hour or more at a time, so I think that is a pretty good charge life.
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on December 17, 2012
I bought a set of these about two months ago. The flashlights are very bright and very light. They worked great until yesterday when I noticed one flashlight was only lighting 3 of the 10 LED's. The nightlight part was working fine so I know the battery was okay. Still, I put it in the charger and checked again today. Now only 1 of the 10 LED's is working (as of this writing, none of the LEDs are working on the flashlight). So now only the nightlight part of this unit works. I wonder how long til the other one dies too.
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on September 19, 2014
This was a third repeat buy as a housewarming gift for some friends who live in an older section of houses with lots of trees and old aerial power lines similar to where I live. They, and I, get multiple power outages of one to three hours when the wind kicks up. I like that the nite light function can be aimed in a specific direction. The power failure flashlight is aimed at the ceiling. When waking, our eyes have plenty of light reflected from the ceiling. We have two in the master bedroom, by our night tables. There are two at the 1st to 2nd floor and basement stairs. The bathroom night light is aimed directly to the commode seat-no surprises for either gender. There's one in the basement bathroom. It's night light points out the bathroom door to the white freezer and spreads the light around.
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on March 23, 2013
I absolutely love these lights. They turn on soon as you pick them up out of the cradle making nighttime snack runs and other things a cinch. Great in the event of a power outage as they automatically illuminate. There is literally no reason NOT to get a few of these for your house. They make life easier in the event of a natural disaster and could be used to light up a whole room no problem.
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on June 26, 2013
Before I got the set of Econo Lite at Sam's I had used several other emergency plug in lights but they seemed to fail often. I thought I would try these lights and I love them. I am fixing to order 2 more two packs through amazon to replace the last of my others and to add to the two Econo Lites that I have. I can't find them at Sam's any longer and am glad that Amazon is so easy to get things from. We live in a rural town in East Texas, is that enough said, and our power goes out about once or twice a month, 3 times so far this month. It is so nice to have light come on when the power is off and not have to grope around in the dark to find a flashlight, if the batteries are ok. I usually have to end up on candles if the power is off long enough, but these guys on low power will last the night and if I turn them off, they will last some the next night also if needed. I have used these two for over a year now, and gone through about 15 power outages in that time and they work each and every time!
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on June 20, 2014
These are surprisingly sophisticated although I don't know how much that adds to their value.

As a flashlight, it is very bright compared to the ones we replaced. But when lifted from the base it will not be on the brightest setting. You have to cycle thru the settings to get the brightest. I can understand using that setting for power failure mode but feel most people would prefer the initial setting for flashlight would be the brightest.

I expected the nightlight function to be an on/off proposition but it actually varied in brightness as the ambient light fades. In a room with lights on a dimmer, as you slowly dim the lights, the night light slowly goes from off to full on (choice of setting for the maximum).

There are two choices for the brightness of the nightlight but if even the dimmer of those is too bright for you, the light can be rotated 360 degrees to face any direction including back at the wall.

Pictures appear to show possible interference with use of the second outlet and I suppose it would interfere with many power bricks but there is plenty of room for any cord plug.

The base does rotate to accommodate outlets that are horizontal or vertical but the detents are not strong and could rotate if bumped.

It would be nice if these were offered in different colors.

The packaging is terrible. It's a thick plastic front and back sandwiched between cardboard. Hard to open and makes for grossly over-sized shipping boxes. It makes no sense to not offer these in cheap, compact, easy to open packages for on-line sales.
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on December 21, 2013
I bought a set of these nearly two years ago and I am very satisfied. They do everything they say and I have had zero problems with their functionality. Great night lights that come on perfectly when the lights in the room are turned off. The light can be turned in any position while in the base to adjust the light to your needs. They also work perfectly when the power goes out and can be removed from the base to use as a flashlight. I would not, however, use it as the only flashlight in the house. In my opinion, it is only there to provide you with a temporary light source until you can find your primary light source. (a true flashlight with longer life, a candle or a lantern) I bought a few more of these to give away as Christmas presents this year.
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on September 27, 2013
I bought my first set at Costco, and liked them so much I went back for more, but the didn't have them. I ordered through Amazon and they were delivered within two days. Makes me wonder why I didn't try that first. After two years a couple of LEDs died on my original set in the flashlight but I didn't notice until I read a review complaining about the problem. The LED problem doesn't really degrade the performance.
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